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Hello everyone. We check. The recording has gone. I want to record a video on the topic “5 main questions of marketing”. How it intersects. How the theme intersects with the layers of the site. The video will be useful for anyone who is now considering starting a new project on the Internet for advertising, including Google advertising. Who wants to see an existing project in its entirety, if you haven’t looked before, maybe find some new points of growth.

Overview of considered blocks

There will be blocks in the video. Video recording is in progress. The first block, consider the risks. Don’t waste time. Well, why waste time. Block “5 main questions of marketing”. Another block to which we turn, the layers of sites in the process of affecting the answers or theses, in my opinion, to the five main questions of marketing. Let’s consider alternatives. When it is not necessary, at what stage of the project you do not need to spend time on this, think about it.

Video is not the last resort. Add ideas, thoughts. What is the purpose? A big topic, set some basic priorities. To make the launch of a new project unbearable, and going by priorities, it is possible to quickly implement, launch, and bring it to payback. Further – for profit.

Risks block

Risks. Why waste time? We don’t understand why the customer doesn’t buy. We do not understand the main components of the formula, then we communicate in terms of “Magic”. Somehow people buy, it is not named, there is no control, improvement, there is no opportunity to develop further, scale the project.

If we don’t understand such things, there is no understanding of priorities. What to improve? Where to begin? The business needs to prioritize what to allocate team time, resources, and what points to improve in the first place. The rest may fold up automatically. If some, on some key ones, you will make the main emphasis for the niche, customers, in the eyes of customers. Fine. We talked about risks.

Block “5W”

Next. Another block. That’s 5 why, 5W questions. They sound in American, English-language literature. The last 10 years, with the development of 20 years, with the development of sales on the Internet, the question “Where?” forget. It seems to be forgotten in vain. Let’s get to him. Maybe a business opportunity. Answering, not forgetting the answer, to “Where?”. We sell on the Internet, the question is “Where? For what?” Now they are buying, delivery will do everything.

First question “What?”

The first question is “What is it? What are we selling? What product? What service? What product are we selling? The semantic layer of the site is responsible for this. As a rule, the owner in combination with the marketer is responsible for the semantic layer of the site. The answer to the question “What do we sell?” as a rule, the director, the owner, sets the main outline. Based on this, the work of the marketer is already moving on to subsequent questions.

Answering the question “What? What do you sell?” Just normally, in a human way, write down the points that are an integral part of the product, service. Information from suppliers, in the case of an online store. Write in simple words, through a copywriter’s rewrite, Gpt chat, it doesn’t matter. Write down this information in plain language, as you tell a friend what you are selling. It is advisable to indicate when you are selling, if it is possible to smoothly answer questions that go further, smoothly intersecting. Can we indicate the amount of benefit in what is being sold. Measurable, not measurable. If measurable in some cases, then describe.

There is already a bridge to… “Why buy?”, sort of makes sense. Don’t say, “Buy from me because.” We will return to this later in the lines. The size of the benefit, if we measure it, we will indicate cases, examples in such and such cases for such and such an audience, such and such a result. Add this information. What? What are you selling.

Now, it seems unreasonable to talk about the five questions of marketing, they forget that in the eyes of the client, the product that is being sold, or the product, very often, especially if B2B, especially piece goods, designer goods, still depends on who sells . A product can have individual, functional or service facets. It is important how people want to buy from people, it is important to understand who the selling person is. Possibility to make a separate question. At this point, we can consider and stop getting confused. It is important to understand who the selling person is. The ideal situation is when a business owner can record videos and tell about himself. Questions, either the chief engineer, or it is better to have the owner. This thing, if an employee, you don’t know, may want to build some kind of career separately from the company. You are a business owner. 24/7 videos will work on the pages of the site about the company, information on the YouTube channel is a great opportunity. Why not use it.

It is desirable that the owner gives an answer to the question: Who sells? Who is this man? What is the real experience of a person, a company? Why did you start in this niche? How did you get to the niche? Ideally, hook on the emotional component. Why does a person like to engage in a niche? Not only about the fact of sale, margin, profit, repeat. Emotionally attached to a niche. What is the binding. What results has the person achieved? What results can be achieved in the future? What future does the niche see? What future does he see? You sell B2B products – the customers that buy want to see the future of the niche with their eyes. They become part of history when they buy a product. Important things. It’s just best not to forget them. Spent one hour on things – they will return with interest further in sales, profits.

Second question “Who?”

When talking about the second marketing question Who? – Who? We are talking about those people – buyers who buy. How is it expressed on the site? On the site, the question “Who?” goes, we can often see when we go to the site, a breakdown into blocks, three tabs on the second screen – for B2B, B2C and B2G Government (state) a separate line of service. Broken into three basic portraits of the target audience. Thus, offers, proposals, problems, pains that solve products or different products for this audience are different. Or there will be three different screens. More people will stop. Especially if closer to the screen. Expressed in the appearance of the site. Meanings will be laid down. They will intersect with the semantic layer of the site.

Conversion messages, different messages, argumentation, answer: “Why buy now?” or “Why do you have?” may differ, depending on the three priority portraits of the target audience. Now it’s hard – choose one portrait of the target audience. Write in more detail. Then after a while, a month, a few weeks, you will add for the second portrait of the target audience. Gradually it will be, just immediately enter the market.

If the brain boils in business, you don’t understand where to start, start with one priority portrait of the target audience, then write beautifully, in detail, as if you were writing to a friend, told. It will be better, from the start, when launching a project into advertising, video advertising, SEO, Facebook advertising, immediately more site conversions, more calls than after you spread it into three portraits of the target audience, write what others have.

What differences do we see when working with different audiences, with a specific audience, do we want to understand which audience we are working with? Install quiz forms on the site. Based on these quiz forms, the sales department would clearly understand the prioritization of work with the client. The client answered 5-7, let 5 questions with 4 answer options. It is already clear, in 80 percent of cases, to the sales department how much time to allocate to the client, to the commercial offer. Yours, not yours. Interesting to work, not interesting. In what order to dial, if now there is a blockage on calls.

Answers the question of who the buyer is. It’s clear. What is special, unique. Emphasize that uniqueness, peculiarity of the audience that you understand. Understand the difference from other categories. For whom do you want to be understandable, useful. Tell a little about understanding the audience so that they can more easily relate to themselves.

When you take reviews, ask people to explain in the reviews, write one sentence who they are, from what position they ordered, so that people who read the reviews can find themselves emotionally in the reviews. When you take feedback, ask a question about the results you have achieved. You can immediately see the emotional attachment from the reviews that you read. It’s a bad situation when a hundred of some, it’s not clear where taken, reviews are nothing. 5 stars. “Guys, well done.”

Or the second option. 10 well-researched high-quality reviews from real customers that painted answers to selling questions. They created a beautiful selling review, with an emotional connection, with results, with their thoughts, what they chose, did not choose what result was eventually obtained. Some resource for improving work – fixed. As a result, we are satisfied. A review like this will earn more than 10 like reviews than 100 out of nowhere 5 stars for all the good stuff.

Third block “Why?”

The “Why?” block The block is the most important. If with the previous blocks “What? Who? When to buy? still business, as a rule, copes quite easily. There is supplier information. Understanding if the service is a product, you can paint the stages of the product. Who is the audience – more or less no problem. Why buy – the question is that no matter how much time is allocated, improving the answer to the question “Why buy from you” will pay off x10. Time invested in the “Why buy from you” argument or building up the argument, say.

Well, what examples? I’ll try to make it shorter now. Ideally, there should be three reinforced concrete class arguments. More is better. Three at the beginning. Why buy from you cool enough? With a probability of 80 percent, the conversion of the new project, like the others. This will allow the team, according to Google advertising, to make good results if the team is smart. Or the conversion from the site will be higher. For example, Youtube channel, where you talk in great detail, show expertise.

For example, there is a cool blog where you show your expertise or order other market neighbors in the market. Well, competitors, not the right word, market neighbors order training from your team of specialists. Cool? Cool. Confirms your expertise? Confirms expertise. Write that they order, that there are training courses. Booked training consultations. Don’t be afraid to teach your market neighbors. Always keep track of some novelties in the US and European markets. Implement them first. Test, share.

So show this thing. Or you have a quality control department within the team. This is a feature that they implemented on their own, no one else has it. No need to stand with a whip over employees. Interested through bonuses, to achieve not only the fulfillment of tasks of high quality, but also in terms of the number of conversions achieved, in terms of cost. Write about it. Give three great arguments. They will more than pay off the time that you invest in them.

It is worth the choice to record 10-15 videos on YouTube in three months, short, 10 minutes each, with basic questions for customer answers. They are few, as a rule. Businesses have 10, 15, 20 questions covering 80 percent of doubts, clarifications that the buyer asks. We recorded a video, the owner himself recorded it. Once I spent, relatively speaking, a week of time on the video. They work 24/7. Many times higher, you can see who the owner is. The video traces the values of a person, which is not all the same to customers. Video – the load on the sales department is already being removed. No need to repeat 80 percent of the information to the same clients. The video is ready, where it is laid out on the shelves, it is told. The owner himself tells.

Don’t overload the sales team. Its efficiency is higher. They repeat the same thing. 50 percent of communication in call tracking, if you listen to it, consists of answers to basic 10, 15, 20 questions. Reduce the term, time of team communication from 10 average minutes to 5, 3. At the same time, you will see something that you have not seen before. The number of hits to the site can increase by 30-50 percent. There was a conversion of 0.5. Will become 0.8. Or one percent. Leads will grow significantly for the same money. People will have an answer to the question. They will want to ask about other personally important details.

What kind? When we talk about a product, product, service, what problem does the product help to solve for the target audience? Perhaps, as they said in the first part, the breakdown goes to three screens, three tabs on the second screen. Answer “Why buy from you?” Feel free to allocate your time, teams. How to improve, push in a team inside this reasoning “Why buy from you?” Put some kind of motivation for taking selling reviews from customers. It is necessary to record a video “How to take selling reviews, what technique to use.” Interesting, then write. I’ll release it sooner.

The fourth question “When?”

When? The marketing question “When to buy?” I would reformulate it a little differently: “Why buy now?” As a rule, the whole business that sells, in 95-99 percent of cases, we want to be bought now. It is possible to sell fur coats in the summer, if you get confused, think about how best to do it. The trend for fur coats is already leaving, consumption is changing. Depending on which countries you need to watch. In Europe, in America it decreases. In other countries, you need to look.

Why buy now? A question placed on the site’s conversion layer. Perhaps in the form of a timer, in the form of how we go to the booking hotel, write down “Today, 10 people were interested in apartments, hotel rooms. Already 11. You may not have time for these dates.” She motivates latently. Indicators are small chips. 3, 5, 7 features on the site motivate you to place an order now.

It is possible to add answers to the questions “What will you get? What are the possibilities if you buy the product now. Postpone the purchase for six months – there will be no such opportunities. Through positive motivation it is possible to argue “Why buy now.” Ideally, if we say: “Why buy now”, the site is not tied to dates, the timer is 7 days. Bad story, will work poorly. Better get attached to some holidays, that every week, two weeks in the calendar of any country, to some holidays within the sphere, to some funny days. Doesn’t matter. If the holiday, we understand, the next time will come only in a year, and the likelihood that a person will take seriously the reasoning “Why buy now” on the site increases many times over.

7 days now delivered. After seven days, put back the bill for 7 days. Holiday on the 22nd. There is one or two days left. The next holiday on the 22nd is only a year later. More likely to be ordered. It is possible, if it suits the niche of value, through negative motivation. Let’s say that what opportunities you will lose, you will lose if you do not buy now three positive motivations, one negative one. It is possible to combine information in messages, in creatives, on the website, in videos.

Fifth block “Where?”

Another big, or rather a small block, but they undeservedly forget – “Where to buy?”. Where can I buy? Why forget? For the last 15-20 years, in 90 percent of cases, buy now, here. Access directly by mail to some course that you bought. Either we will send it within two days, you will receive it, or you will receive the goods physically through the mail within a day. Where to buy – the question is removed.

Not really. A good starting point for the project. What examples can we give? Sale of apartments near Kiev and the company works all month, all advertising accounts work, they sell apartments near Kiev, houses of various types. Once a month, on the first Saturday every month, offline events are held where potential customers of any kind are invited. No entry requirements. Video, advertising. Come, we invite you. Take a walk. Look, we fry sausages, shish kebab. We treat. Children play, ride.

You can simultaneously see examples of houses at different stages of construction or completed houses, what materials are brought for construction. The owner comes, the chief architect comes, the chief foreman comes. Three people come or some two people come to the event, show physical tactile sensations.

Plus, you already see potential neighbors, possible in the future. Plus they give motivation “To everyone who signs the contract for the house on this day, we will give a gift – a terrace for free. Let’s build a terrace. Class motivation? If you don’t want to buy, don’t buy. In fact, 80 percent of all sales are made per month. Sold on other days as well. 80 percent of sales go through, or two-thirds, sales go through that day. Emotionally, physically attached, you see the area where houses are being built. Perhaps a cool point of growth for the project. Or, if spinning sales, you can organize some offline contests once a month, spending time in nature with the community, all the people who bought ocean spinning rods. Invite some speakers. This may be inexpensive. Well, the company allocates conditional 200-300 dollars once a month.

Well, the time for two specialists to be 6-7 hours together with people, to talk, to walk around the event. If you think about it, everything can be organized without money. Invited speakers may be able to pay for participation. The audience is concentrated for some products, conditionally, you don’t install air conditioning – you can invite a company that will pay the cost of all buns, cutlets, burgers. In this form, you get a net profit. As an example.

The opportunity once a month to make excursions-opening to the plant for the production of, conditionally, premium cuisines near Kiev. You invite everyone, they took two buses, if necessary, one bus drove several times from the metro point, took people, invited them by car, when the premium segment, then there are already cars for a long time, they will come, they will watch the “open day”. They will tell you, and the probability of a deal, give this opportunity, to conclude a deal right now, so that the contracts are ready or with a deadline, within three days, give some kind of discount, so that you are interested in making an order for the next three days. He needs to choose this kitchen.

The question “Where?” either a closed group is possible, or participation after a closed Zoom session, if online. You can sell people some conditions that the video was watched. You can’t rewind it later. Only at this second, after an online event, or after watching a video, you cannot rewind the video further. You can’t watch it a second time. If you reach this point, you can place an order. On the 5 main questions of marketing briefly, not briefly, I don’t know, walked.

Site Layers

1. Meaning layer

Another block. How it was intersected by the layers of the site has already been touched upon. What are the layers. The semantic layer of the site. In practice, the leader is usually responsible. He is helped by a marketer to draw out meanings. What did they say “What are we selling?” In a human way, write what is included in our service or product. Ideally, write who sells. I would just add it. This is the semantic layer. We closed the site – we understand what it was all about. The company is engaged in the sale of water treatment for industry in Ukraine. We closed the site, we understand that the owner’s name is so-and-so, they are engaged in such, great experience. We did a lot of projects, implemented cool ones. There are licenses. the manufacturers themselves. We closed the site – we understand – the meanings remained in my head.

2. Conversion Layer

The site’s conversion layer is usually the responsibility of the marketer. This is a consequence. The product is chosen by the owner. Next is the story “Who is the target audience? Why buy from you? Why now?” Three main questions. The marketer spins them. In cool companies, there is feedback from the sales department, from marketers to change the product itself, the properties of the product itself for the target audience, for the need, for the future need. We see a new season, a new need. It wasn’t there before. Marketers give feedback. There will be demand. Ideally, it’s cool that this works.

3. Technical Layer

Another block. The technical layer of the site. The programmer is responsible for it. I would also add image compression – a content manager. 80 percent of the site load slowdown is overweight, uncompressed images. Or programmers can help with this. Write this question, since it is universal for downloads. Or content managers can keep track of the information that is uploaded to the product pages on the site, not overload with excessively heavy pictures.

The technical layer of the site, ideally, the client should not notice. The site loads in 4-5 seconds. 5 or more seconds, there is a high probability that 15 percent of clients are from mobile. Mobile – two-thirds, now maybe 80 percent, depending on what niche. You can lose two-thirds of your customers if it takes a long time to load – 10 seconds. 5 seconds or more – you can lose 20 percent of customers. They paid money for a click, but they didn’t read what was written for a long time to load. closed. Ideally, the technical layer of the site should not be noticed.

4. Design Layer

The design layer of the site. The designer answers, or the platform you use. Or a content manager, a marketer who fills in information. If you ordered a site from scratch, then the designer.

5. Analytical Layer

Analytical layer of the site. The marketer is responsible for this. Analyst, or a team for the Internet, for Google advertising. Ideally, we should refer to things once a month, look at the main indicators, after issuing a link to Data Studio to clients. By clicking on the link, you can 24/7 watch not only Google’s main advertising indicators, check the lead table with the fact of reality, what was in the sales department, while the first month of the advertising campaign is being adjusted to analytics, understanding the error, and also watch indicators on the site from other channels , the share of Google advertising that ranks in all indicators. Convenient link from phone. Date studio – make this possible for the client.

Do I need a programmer and a designer, a designer? no. There are many solutions. Shopify for online stores, in Ukraine Prom, Horosop, other companies that provide a ready-made platform. Just do not overload them with heavy pictures, get confused on the human schedule of what you sell.

There is a block of alternatives left. What alternative exists and at what stage it is not worth wasting time on it. Ideally, understand blocks. Now, for example, we have launched sales via YouTube, sales via Facebook, YouTube, but you do not have time to process it. Handle at the beginning of the sale that will start to subside. Then come back to this thing, start through the block “Why buy from you?” Just then you will understand, analyze why the argument, why they bought from you. Sales are coming – no need to think about it. Already reached some kind of plateau – return to the question and add after three fourth argument “Why buy from you – unique to you.” Great.

This increases the conversion of the project. You can earn more by spending the same money. conversion, the conversion cost will be cheaper. Give the Google Ads team more tools to leverage more tools to drive customer acquisition.


The main blocks voiced. Add thoughts, ideas. The key thesis sounded like in this rather voluminous topic. Not difficult. Bulk is simple. What priorities to build. Where to start first so that the site quickly pays off.

If you have ideas, add them. Subscribe. Share. Have a good day. Bye.

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