Context advertising for Poland: DSA or search?

Hello. My name is Yana Lyashenko, Google Logistician. In today’s video, we will deal with a rather interesting question. It goes something like this – should you combine search dynamic ads in an ad account with regular search ads? How to detect their weaknesses in their work directly in an ad account, and what mistakes can you make when running two types of advertising campaigns in one ad account?

Let’s see the answer to the question on a specific ad account. I remind you, he is in Poland. Manufacture of advertising and marketing gadgets. Just launched two of these advertising campaigns.

Why I raise the question and the client, in this case, who ordered the analysis of the advertising account, raises whether they need to be combined and whether it is worth combining. Here the situation is not particularly critical. The account that was today for a consultation – his combination has reached some limit in reasonableness.

What was the limit? That the percentage of impressions received on DSA, dynamic search ads I will call DSA, was about ten percent, and classic search was 20-30 percent. At the same time, which one you don’t easily enter, we cannot see ourselves in the search results. We cannot see ourselves in the search results – naturally, the percentage of impressions received is even lower than those that Google directly demonstrates.

The situation is not particularly critical, but it is similar to the ad account I was talking about. Firstly, the percentage of impressions received on DSA 19, on search 30. For the last 30 days directly. The percentage of impressions lost due to impressions is high everywhere.

Percentage of lost impressions due to ranking

Why did this happen? Of course, it depends more on the settings used by the client. Now let’s get to them. An important point. We must always remember that in the eyes of Google, DSA is the most relevant type of advertising campaign.

In order not to tell Google that they do not compete, the auction itself will judge who has a better, who has a worse auction ad rating. How much I work with DSA – I see that inside, even diagnostics, the system prefers DSA.

Look, now let’s go to the keyword level. Let’s point to the status “Accepted”. Of course, ads are not shown here for search queries, because the adjustment costs minus one hundred per device. The diagnostic tool is very bad to work out. Now let’s try.

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Duplicate keywords in different Google Ads campaigns for Poland

I remind you that Poland is here. All languages, but I will choose Polish. I select computers. What will I see? See. First, look at what she draws. First, it says that the search term, the keyword that is added as a separate targeting type, matches four more keywords. Okay – there are duplicate keywords. Easily solved thing. One, two turned off and forgot.

Duplicate keywords

What do I see? My dynamic search campaign. This means that we do not set the keyword in the DSA. The client does not have these keywords. The system says that supposedly the word is already a duplicate in the DSA. Important.

There are plenty of problems, snags in DSA. Let’s consider them further. This is a confirmation that DSA will actually compete for the main keywords that you add as a separate targeting method in the main auction. You won’t feel this competition until you switch to some kind of automatic strategy. Target CPA, Maximum Conversion or Target ROI, no matter which one you choose, you’ll hit the competition.

What will this competition lead to? Now I’ll show you what it can lead to. Let’s select the query opaski silikonowe in the exact match type. Cost per click is almost 2 PLN. Now we take opaski silikonowe in the DSA. Search query. What is its cost? 0.42.

Of course, the bulk of the CPC reduction comes from mobile device targeting. In Poland, few people make a plus adjustment on a mobile device. Often they do in the negative. Because of this, the search is not as expensive as in other niches.

See what? First, CPC is very different. Well, foremost, it has to do with the bidding strategy. In DSA, the target price is PLN 10, in the classic search engine PLN 20. Naturally, the system has more variability in setting rates. CPC will be lower in DSA. Always below. Now we see 0.67. Here – 1.78.

CPC in dynamic search ads and organic search

Plus, they will begin to compete with each other. Which of them will enter the auction in this case depends directly on the settings of advertising campaigns, adjustments and other, some other points. I take classic keywords – I see directly the targeting of the main search advertising campaign. I take some other product categories – a DSA is issued.

This is due, foremost, to the fact that a different strategy costs. Proceeding from this – a different percentage of the received impressions is exposed. Let’s take them under the same conditions, put them into absolutely the same bidding strategy with the same values, or transfer them manually with the same values – DSA will start to win.

Optimizing the parallel use of DSA and ads in organic search

Is this a significant stumbling block to work in an ad account? We always launch both DSA and in parallel an advertising campaign for keywords. We see that DSA wins in the auction for targeting, by keywords – you need to strictly regulate this CPC and convey a certain message to advertisements, because DSA gives out on the site. By Lezaki z logo – Lezak reklamowy, Lezak z nadrukiem, Lezak drewnian. Good, perhaps we can manually create some kind of ad more attractive than what is indicated in the DSA. We just do a kind of cross-minus. The keywords launched in the classic search are added as negative keywords in the DSA. Due to this, they do not particularly intersect.

An important nuance. You see that the DSA is not converting – you can just turn it off. There is a significant minus one big. During the first two weeks, you need to strictly filter traffic on it in search queries. Targeted, non-targeted, everything needs to be cleaned up to the maximum. It takes quite a lot of time. These are the first two weeks before it is transferred to some kind of automation or its profitability stabilizes.

We look at the profitability – DSA now wins in comparison with the classic search. Percentages are completely different. At the same time, the number of conversions on DSA is higher. An significant nuance is to look at the type of conversion generated by the advertising campaign.

Of course, both generate an add to cart – Purpose. Because of the goal, we see attractive indicator values. In fact, this suggests that we are losing a fairly large percentage of traffic that could turn into conversion types.

Conversions from contextual advertising in Poland

If we set a target CPA of around PLN 10, what would be the easiest target to achieve? Of course, adding to cart. Adding to cart are micro conversions. You can add it only if you know how to work with microconversions with optimization on microconversions. Only when you are sure that fixing and optimizing for this type of conversion will lead to the final result.

I don’t see an increase in transactions, which is directly related to adding to cart. For the rest of the goals, I allegedly do not see much growth, if we take the last 30 days. Let’s calculate, well, practically, all conversions, except for adding to the cart. Can accumulate 30 pieces, maybe 40 conversions. This is not a large amount of conversion for a whole month from the possible potential. This is due to the fact that the target cost per conversion is assigned, and it is activated not quite according to the correct type of conversion. This is a different story, affecting the distribution of impressions and traffic between advertising companies in different ways.

Set search values from mobile phones

Another important point. On the classic search on a mobile device, there is a correction of minus one hundred.

Mobile Search Ads

Actually, I don’t know about the whole story why the decision was made to make this negative adjustment. At DSA, if we look at it, the cost per click on mobile devices is quite low. Moreover, if they were shown under organic, it is lower – 0.28. At the same time, on computers, 0.94 plus or minus goes to the cost that is in the search. Of course, it is more expensive, but CPA, of course, is now PLN 20. The cost per click is much higher, but still on mobile devices, without much adjustment to the minus, the cost per click is quite low.

It is better not to exclude phones anywhere in automatic strategies. The phone is 60-70 percent of all traffic. People start searching from the phone, they can complete the order through the computer, they can order from the phone. Exclude mobile phones – you lose quite a large piece of the conversion. This is lost profit. Better train campaigns to get targeted conversions without micro conversions.

It seems to be a transactional duplicate, but I’m not sure – there is no value in it. I assume that this is a double based on approximately the same number of achievements, plus or minus one thing differs. Seems like a good idea to remove stuff like this. If you remove it now, there will definitely be a collapse in efficiency, because you will remove a sufficiently large amount of data. Now I do not see that it works well enough. Perhaps a lot of calls are generated through this. It turns out to be a completely different story. It needs to be considered in a completely different way.

How to add and combine DSA with keywords in Google Ads?

When answering the question – can I add and combine DSA with keywords? Can. Make sure that there is a minimum of competition. Firstly, the cost per click will be pumped up automatically. Classic search, more expensive than DSA. Second, keep an eye on the effectiveness of your DSA. In this ad account, it still makes the profitability higher than the classic search. It seems to me that it is still far beyond a cost-effective advertising campaign when we evaluate on the basis of a transaction as a goal.

If some other goals have value, then perhaps it pays off, it leads to a good conversion. Follow. Difficult, there is no time for optimization in the DSA – just turn it off temporarily. You need to work with her.

DSA. What are its advantages? It covers all low-frequency traffic that keyword targeting can’t. Plus, selects the most targeted landing. Due to this, its conversion rate is often slightly higher for some goals than in the classic search. It’s about the opposite here.

Further – it always gets a CPC much lower than classic keywords. Why do keywords always get higher CPC? There are two basic reasons for this. First, they can compete with each other. CPC may increase in terms of keywords within six months.

The second important point is the law, the rule of targeting in Google advertising. The more targeting you choose, the higher the CPC you pay. There are no such restrictions in DSA. There is a lower cost per click. Smarts have no limits. CPC is always lower.

You see, that one type of advertising campaign works worse – remove what works worse, regardless of what you think you will lose. In fact, if they overlap in targeting, if you set up your bidding strategies correctly. The correct bidding strategy after removing the objective, CPA, would be to switch to manual CPA. Now I see from the target CPA simulator, it will offer to increase the target CPA. We will not see the result, as it were, proportionally in income. We see already Google focuses on the profitability of advertising, and automation generates adding to the cart.

Campaign Level Target CPA Simulator

What problems might you run into when you run both of these two types of ad campaigns, besides not getting completely wrong conversions? The fact that you do not clean the traffic. In DSA, you hope that it will bring the most targeted traffic – I would doubt it very much. You see, the requests are targeted, they do not lead to conversions – you need to clean them out completely.

Think that a request that generated a certain number of clicks fit into a certain cost of expenses, here it is small. You can see that it will not lead to conversion in this advertising campaign. Let’s say the conversion rate is 6.14. Let’s take 6.14. Yes? 1 divided by zero integers is 0.0614. It turns out that for every 16 clicks we should have a conversion. Already 22 clicks. No conversion expected. Multiply by 0.59. 16 times 0.59. The final CPA should be PLN 9. We see that it is more expensive. Already spent PLN 13.

We understand that the cost of the estimated costs exceeds the reasonable established limits, then the request should be excluded from this advertising campaign. If you want to be shown on it, add it as a negative keyword, and in classic search advertising, add a separate keyword as a targeting method.

So don’t remove the keyword from impressions, huh. Second, you narrow down your targeting in DSA a little, but at the same time you get impressions for the keyword of the classic advertising campaign. Leave only DSA. Everything suits – you are working on its buildup.

Be careful about the goals you assign – DSA data. Carefully look at what kind of category, pages, what you add as a targeting method, results in conversions, in the conversion value, if you are targeting it. It is important. Plus, keep an eye on your overall budget. In this case, in most cases that I observed for several days, DSA is shown to a greater extent under the organics for the main share of queries. It can be seen that half of the impressions were organic.

Good or bad? In this case, it’s bad. Under organic, we practically don’t get conversions, again. Second, the cost per click is not very different. CTR is different. Lost conversions hidden in traffic.

How can I find out the number of lost conversions? 2.238 times an estimated CTR of 15.66. 350 clicks. 350 times the conversion rate of 0.0699, whichever is shown. Lost an additional 24 conversions. DSA needs to be monitored even more carefully, because search often does not have this, to a greater extent. Let’s look at the classic search – conversions at the bottom of the page, or rather, under organics. At a cost per click, it is slightly cheaper than impressions over organic. This should be carefully monitored.

Summary – what to choose for contextual advertising in Poland?

DSA is a good tool. Requires careful analysis in its optimization. Plus the next important point. Find out that you always show up in the context of DSA in search results – from Google prefers DSA. So the keyword needs to be removed, tidied up or added as a negative keyword if you think it should be shown separately in the context of a personal described ad. It doesn’t matter – turn off the keyword that competes. At the beginning of the video, I showed that for those added requests, DSA acts as a targeting method.

The most critical moment. DSA is not a panacea everywhere. Here she converts. There are many projects where she cannot convert, bring sales. At the same time, the cost per click is low. Due to the low conversion rate, advertising becomes absolutely unprofitable. You see that DSA does not bring results – turn it off, switch to classic keywords.

Summarizing: can they be combined in a single ad account? Can. Keep a close eye on the performance of the dynamic search engine. In what cases to clean – described. Does not work, dear, inappropriate traffic, you see that there is no time to optimize it – you can turn it off. You can see that classic search works better – remove conflicts between them, focus on classic search. That’s all I wanted. In the concept of what, I wanted to give feedback to the question on DSA.

By the way, guys, if the video was helpful – I’m waiting for a like at the top, a comment at the bottom. I like these releases – less than a minute from you, but I’m pleased, and you will help video promotion. See you in new releases.

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