Setting up contextual advertising for the USA


Contextual advertising in the USA is a rather powerful tool for promoting its products and services, because it is in the American advertising market that Google tests and implements new promotion mechanisms and algorithms.

This is due to the fact that AdWords advertising occupies about 55% of the entire US advertising market, which is undoubtedly the top priority. Therefore, working in the Google contextual advertising market in the USA, you need to keep abreast of changes in algorithms and continuously adapt your advertising campaigns to them.

Specifics of contextual advertising in the USA

Context advertising in the US

Google’s advertising market in the US is the most expensive, but at the same time the most profitable, so it’s only natural that serious battles are unfolding for the right to succeed in it. The most profitable segments are IT-technologies, mortgage, insurance and loans markets. But, as in any other area, working with contextual advertising in America has its own characteristics:

  • Relatively high transition cost. Pay-per-click (PPC) in the US sometimes reaches $100 in high-demand categories. If the semantic core is properly configured, it can be reduced to $10-15, and very successful advertising agencies manage to get $3-4 per click;
  • Fine-tuning is the key to the effectiveness of the campaign. It is possible to achieve good results in the US contextual advertising market only by using the maximum capabilities of the applied algorithms and advertising account settings;
  • Using direct calls to action. “Buy now!”, “Order!” – those appeals that they try to avoid in the Russian-speaking segment of the advertising market work great in America;
  • The mentality of the nation and the peculiarities of local legislation. Before entering a certain advertising segment, it is useful to study the rules of work in it. Not a single American will work for “maybe”, he will act strictly according to the rules and laws, remaining within the legal framework of his state. For example, to work as a realtor, he will need to obtain a license and work in one of the real estate offices. Therefore, when urging him to enroll in realtor courses, this must be taken into account;
  • Using slang. For the competent construction of the semantic core of queries, it is simply necessary to immerse yourself in the environment. Since Americans use slang words a lot and with pleasure in everyday life, transferring them to search engine queries.

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The benefits of setting up ads for America from Adwservice


Given all the peculiarities of working in the American advertising market, it would be most expedient to order company setup from an agency professionally engaged in this type of activity. Setting up contextual advertising in the USA, promoting goods and services by Adwservice specialists, has the following advantages:

  1. Competent writing of advertisements. When compiling the core of requests, we focus on the interests of the American user. If it is necessary to attract a Russian-speaking audience, it is possible to create advertisements in both languages;
  2. We analyze the actions of competitors in the segment of interest. Based on the results obtained, we quickly make changes to the campaign settings, making it the most effective;
  3. Constantly optimizing campaign settings. We are constantly looking for opportunities to minimize the cost of the transition, which ultimately allows our clients to get more value from their ads while reducing the advertising budget.

Cost of setting up contextual advertising for the USA


The cost of contextual advertising in the US is the most expensive in the world. It is not uncommon for a campaign budget to be spent in just a few hours when working in the most demanded segments of the advertising market, because the price for one click, with a rough and non-optimal setting, can reach $100.

Setting up PPC for America

A campaign set up by promotion specialists, with competent and “jewelry” fine-tuning, taking into account all the nuances, will allow you to get a fee for one click within $ 3-4, in the most popular market sectors, and $0.3-0, 5 in all others.

When ordering customization services from an agency, the cost of PPC customization for the United States will be approximately $500. Therefore, in order not to lose your own funds, use the services of professionals!

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