Setting up Google Adwords mobile app campaigns

It’s about promoting your mobile application on the Internet. Where the goal may be to increase the number of app downloads in the Google Play Market, user registrations in your app, linking user payment data to the app.

How mobile app ads work:

Almost everyone has mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) in the modern world. To find information on the Internet, as statistics show, more and more users come from such devices, and also use various applications to search for what they need: from information search, games, useful applications to purchases through applications.

App Annie has released a startling report: in 2018, the Apple App Store and Google Play saw 113 billion app downloads with a combined value of $76 billion. 3 hours of own time. The result indicates positive growth, as in 2017 this indicator was lower by 10%, and in 2016 by 20%. What to expect from the future, you ask? App Annie estimates that the mobile app market will reach $6.3 trillion in 2022. From the above data, an indisputable fact follows: mobile applications are the future of business.

If your target audience is active users of mobile devices, then the question immediately arises: how to distinguish your mobile application from millions of others? In this case, mobile app advertising is exactly what you need!

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Things to consider when setting up Adwords ads in mobile apps:

Tool strengths:

If you have a quality application, the referred users can interact with them for a long time and keep in touch to increase loyalty.

Weaknesses of the tool:

Ideally, the improvement of the application should be ongoing, which requires the resource of application developers.

How can setting up Google Adwords for mobile apps help a business?

If you have a mobile application and want to increase interaction with it or sales through it, or just promote it – advertising in Google Adwords is one of the best ways. You can place application ads both in search and on the display network, youtube. Mobile apps have huge potential. With their help, you can increase the number of sales, increase brand loyalty, create your own platform for blogs and advertising, and so on. As of now, there are more than 1.5 million applications in the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Standing out against the background of great competition is quite a difficult task. But Adwords advertising will help to cope with it.

Ad example:

Mobile app advertising

Examples of the results achieved in our projects (taxi app advertisement):

Ad campaign in taxi apps

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