Full instructions: connect Performance Max to Prom.ua

Підключаємо Performance Max на Prom.ua Prom.ua

Hello everyone. My name is Yana Lyashenko and I am a Google-logist. I am engaged in the delivery of the target business audience with the necessary parameters. And that means helping businesses scale their online sales using Google advertising tools. So, in today’s video we will consider what we need in order to launch the same Performance Max on the Prom.ua platform.

What should you pay attention to when registering Google accounts?

It is important to remember one important nuance. More precisely, several important nuances. Setting up Performance Max includes several stages. Well, first of all, this is the creation of relevant Google service accounts. Before you create any Google advertising service, remember that it is desirable to have one e-mail for entering all services. That is, before you do anything, please create an e-mail under which you will definitely enter the Merchant Center, the analytics in Google Ads and Search Console. I will tell why each service is needed.

Configuring Performance Max includes several stages. The first stage is, in principle, one of the most difficult and longest in terms of the entire work, it is the creation of the Merchant Center, confirmation of rights to it and, accordingly, passing of moderation.

What is Merchant Center? This is a separate service through which you, as a store, will undergo moderation and verification, and thanks to it, you will, in principle, run this advertisement in Google Ads. Why is this the most difficult stage? Because, firstly, the moderation of your site can take at least three days. This is an average of 72 hours. Plus, if you’re not aware, Google has been blocking pretty much everyone in a row lately. All pass through manual moderators. Some are allowed to advertise, some are not. Well, I mean, you have to just consider it, that it’s just one of the longest stages, basically, in this whole setup.

The next step is to connect the analytics service and install dynamic remarketing on the prom.ua website. It is not difficult enough. There will be either a separate video, or it will go together in a complex. There is nothing complicated there. This is literally creating an account. It is done very quickly. Nothing affects the verification, your moderation. They copied a piece, a piece of code. In the prom, they inserted it in the appropriate place. Everything was forgotten. Everything is beautiful, beautiful, almost like on Shopify.

The next stage is the direct creation of Performance Max. I will show one of the fastest options for creating Performance Max, the most proven, with fewer problems. In principle, the most proven option with which you can simply start and work. So where should you start?

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Create Merchant Center

We start with the longest stage. Because it will still take some time and you, accordingly, after completing it, you will be able to move on to other stages. So we will create Merchant Center with you. Remember that you need the same e-mail to log in to Search Console, analytics, and Merchant Center. Why? Because Merchant Center is a service that can be attached to the site only in one variant. That is, one Merchant Center can be planted, tied to one site. It is very important. Because you can put a lot of analytics on the site. You can create a bunch of Google Ads, but Merchant Center must be one. We will now step through the important nuances that you need to pay attention to when you create this Merchant Center account. But in any case, you should have one e-mail through which you will create access to all Google services that we will consider.

So we open our Merchant Center link (https://www.google.com/intl/uk_ua/retail/solutions/merchant-center/). Click “Create account”.

Further, directly, we immediately “Sell” “Shop for buyers” here. For example, I don’t have any. So I choose “No”. If you have an offline point, you can choose “Yes”. Further. Insert your domain. And click “Continue”. Then you can definitely read something here, re-read something. Here they write out the requirements. Then “Receive”. It’s always good.

New Merchant Center Next interface, how to switch to classic

Let’s move on. Yes, one of the important nuances that you need to remember is this interface that you see now. It is being created as Google Merchant Center Next. In most of the instructions now on the Internet, you will see an interface part that does not refer to Merchant Center Next, but simply refers to Google Merchant Center. Is it super critical for you? No. But if, for example, you are confused by this version of the service, you would like to watch some more relevant videos there, then you can transfer this version of the new Merchant Center to the old interface.

How is it done? You go to the “General account settings” of this Merchant Center Next.

Turn to the very bottom. Click “Delete account” and here without anything, without any ticks, click “Switch to the classic version of Merchant Center. All. And you will switch to the old version, which will be quite good.

Filling initial information in the Merchant Center

If you’re just starting out with your ad launch, where do you start? You immediately have a certain block of sections on the general information that you need to fill. And here is your task to approach this one by one.

Let’s start with the company address. It is very important that the address you enter here, including the zip code, completely matches what you write on the site.

In addition, pay attention to such points as if you have a Google My Business, and it is desirable to create it. We will not go through that here. If you have Google My Business, then it’s better to copy the address you have from Google My Business, in the order it is on the site, and set everything up accordingly. This is mandatory, the address and zip code must match.

Please also note that if you are in Kyiv, then in the region you also enter Kyiv, not Kyiv region. Because according to the administrative-territorial system, Kyiv is considered a separate region. Well, that is, there is a separate Autonomous Republic of Crimea, and there is Kyiv. It is counted separately from the Kyiv region. So don’t forget. This is such a nuance. Saved, closed, forgotten.

Phone number confirmation

Next, you must confirm your phone number. What important nuances can I say here? This phone number must match the same phone number you have on the site. Fundamentally important. This is exactly what Googlers compare when checking.

The next important nuance. Please make sure this phone number is unique. That is, he did not google on Beagle, OLX, or Prom, there is such a platform, on Prom, somewhere on other sites. So that it is not found anywhere, so that it is as unique as possible. Because Hindus who… Well, suddenly you’re going to come under some extra scrutiny. Although I have hope that everything will be okay. They can trick you into finding your phone numbers on other sites. So be careful with it.

How is the phone number confirmed? Enter your phone number. Click “Confirm”. There, you choose by voice what code or SMS was dictated to you. Enter this code. You keep All. Already half done, almost half.

Registration in Google Search Console

Yes, now what do we need to do? Confirm rights to our online store. Remember, at the very beginning I said that you need one and the same e-mail to access various Google Ads services. This is done so that this connection of all these services, coordination of data transfer between them takes place like this. In one minute, conditionally, without any problems. Because what are we doing? In order to confirm the rights to the site on Proma, what should be done? This is what almost all of you will most likely need. To do this, register the Search Console service for yourself directly. We will need to create an account in the Search Console service.

You will need the Search Console service in any case. Therefore, you create it and forget about it. What should we do? What do we need to do to create this service? Enter our URL. Click “Continue”.

Further we will have a long code like this.

You just need to copy it.

Then we go to our admin. We write to the “Webmaster Tools” block. We are looking for “Webmaster Tools”. And here in the block “Verification code for Search Console” you paste this code that you copied in the previous steps and save the changes. It necessarily. Well, that is, there will be nothing complicated about it.

What happens after that? I will not do it here, because I am showing it on an already confirmed active online store, so you will take my word for it. Immediately after you do this, you will see one already confirmed address, this tick “Address not yet confirmed”. Especially if you choose this method, add. That is, we entered Search Console under the same Gmail account. Click “Confirm rights to the site” and after that the button “Declare rights to the site” will be available to you. Well, I won’t have her here, unfortunately. Because I don’t have everything done here, but I’m showing it on an existing store. In order not to cause him trouble with additional Merchant Centers, I am showing you approximately this. Click “Rights claimed”. Also do everything. It happens very quickly. You will be surprised. I may not have some stages. If you have any questions, you can always write to me. I have the link, so I will help you if anything. So we did a bigger piece of work for Merchant Center.

Specification of information about the delivery of goods

Everything. Now your task is to add two more blocks. In Ukraine, he quite actively asks to add just information about the delivery of goods. That is, you just need to create a delivery method. It is created quite easily. Remember that this delivery option is available for address delivery. What does “Delivery address” mean? If you do not have such an item as delivery to an address on your website, then you need to add it. It necessarily. That is, it is not for delivery of Ukrposhta to the branch or something else like that. No, this is direct delivery. Well, this is important for Google. We choose for some or all products. Click “Continue”.

Then we choose the time until which you process the order day by day. Be sure to pay attention to the time zone. You choose yours.

Next is the order processing time. What to display here? I think that everything will be clear to you in a few days. Monday there, Sunday, Monday, Saturday or some days. What do “handling time” and “shipping time” mean? “Processing Time” is the time it takes for you to process your order up to the time you submit it to the delivery service. That is, this transportation time is the term for which Nova Poshta, Ukrposhta, I don’t know whether your courier delivers this product. Well, Nova Poshta is usually there for three days. So, conditionally, it will be like that here for 1-3 days. That’s all.

What does “processing time” mean? Well, conditionally, if we process orders there 24/7, then we can write 0-0. If, for example, we process orders there until 7 p.m., until 6 p.m., there until 11 p.m., then, most likely, we process some of the orders you received after that time the next day. Right? Then, this will be the optimal version of the completed delivery information.

Choosing options and indicating the cost of delivery

Next we need to choose the cost of this delivery. Is it free or paid, or is it free for orders over a certain amount.

If you are in Prom and you have address delivery from such and such an amount, because it is always calculated at some cost, then you simply set a single rate, for example, UAH 80 and that’s it. Because there, from the price of the product – we have very little of this. From the weight – you need to load additional attributes, which you will bother with. You don’t need them. That is, a single bet was chosen. Everything.

What does free shipping mean for orders over a certain amount? That is, you display free delivery, delivery for orders above a certain amount, there is UAH 5,000. For all others, this rate is, for example, UAH 70. All. This entire history has been preserved. We went further. All. Here.

Adding products to the Merchant Center

That’s it, if you do, that’s it, almost 90% of the Merchant Center design work is done. We have one more important block left. This is to add products to our Merchant Center. This is one of the more important things. Because after the date of adding products from Merchant Center, you will immediately start checking your Merchant Center. Well, these are the longest ways of verification, these are all stories. Products are always selected from the file. Because from Prom, the most frequent, most popular option for unloading goods is through a link generated by Prom itself.

How do we generate a feed for our Merchant Center. You go to your “Goods and services”.

Click “Export”. Choose “Export all”, some selected positions. Please, you are playing with this whole story yourself. Next, be sure to select the xml format for the data.

Click “Generate link”. We copy this link that was made to us.

After that, we return to our Merchant Center, insert the link to our files. Taxi, then “Continue”. We are waiting for Google to start processing the goods. Here he started processing our goods.

What will be your task? First, change the update frequency to “Monthly”. Why do it for monthly? For one and only reason, until you pass moderation. That is, all products will be uploaded, and the process of approving your Merchant Center will begin. And here you will see all the statuses. Is everything okay with your Merchant Center or is everything bad? It’s locked, something like that. This is the longest, in general, the longest option, the longest stage of the launch of these Performance Maxes, conditionally. If you pass in 72 hours, great, great. So what can you do next? That’s right, create advertising companies. It won’t be difficult enough. It will be easy enough. So don’t worry. Therefore, in principle, we are done with the basic Merchant Center. The only nuance is that you just need to go through verification and moderation, of course. Therefore, take into account such a nuance. Pass this moderation, check – everything is great. So you will continue to advertise.

Installation of the fourth analytics on prom.ua

And in today’s video, we will consider how to put the fourth analytics on the prom.ua platform. So what do you need for this? Well, first of all, open your prom.ua admin account. And secondly, you need to create a Google Analytics account on the fourth. To do this, follow this link and you will have approximately the same situation with creating an account as I have here, for example, it is indicated in me. You will need to name your stream. Always use the account name, at least as part of your domain name. Why? Because it is more convenient to search for them.

Previously, it was possible to search by identifiers of analytics, by number. Now by name. Then you can check all the boxes. Let’s go further. “Resource Name”. I also name it so that it is clear to me that it is my domain name. Next, we choose the country we need. Ukraine. UAH. Ukraine. It doesn’t matter what you choose here. UAH. Yes, further.

In this block, you can fill in everything you like or don’t like. This is not supercritical, conditionally. Check the boxes. “Create”.

Then you have to agree to their terms of use, of course, unfortunately or fortunately. Next, select “Web”, necessarily.

Here we usually have all check boxes selected automatically. But check just in case. Insert your domain name and name your domain conditionally “Stream name”. I will call it prom. Because this is my test for your site. “Create stream”.

After that, it will either immediately take us to a window with tag settings. Here are the setup instructions. Or you close this window. And all you need is the ID of this data stream. Because everything is optimized at Prom. There is no need to invent anything for this. Let’s go back to our site admin. After that, we go to the block “Analytics”, “Web analytics tools”.

And here you find a small window. You need to confirm everything that, for example, Prom may ask you. But, conditionally, what will need to be done? You need to go back to your analytics account. Press the “copy” button.

Back here and paste in confirmation code for Google analytics your code and save changes. All.

Extended e -trading for your site is set up. No more there are specific nuances to adjust you to do here at all. That is, they are all in the form they are. So they will, practically, function. This is in principle easy. So earlier, once on Shopify, you could put the analytics code and practically worked. That is, it is implemented here in this way.

Creating Google Ads Advertising Account

Before you create advertising campaigns, you need to make Google Ads your account. Then add dynamic remarketing, fixation. After that, we can already create advertising campaigns, directly. So where to start? How to create this Google Ads advertising account? It can be created in several ways. You can go to your same Google Merchant Center. There will be a button “Start”, “Create a new advertising account”. I have already here, I have made a connection, conditional. You can create your Google Ads from it.

or you go just on a search line, kill Google Ads, go to the first link. You will start to start and immediately translates to the interface part in which you will already directly fill the following data.

Our task, in principle, run quickly through these stages. For what? To get to fill in payment data. Because at the beginning, he always offers you to create an advertising campaign. You can create any advertising campaign. This is not particularly fundamental. The only nuance is that the only complexity is the use of payment data. Why? The first thing is to pay the payment data whether you will pay from the card or on the account, whether you will pay the NDS, whether you will pay the NDS. And, most importantly, how easy it is to go through the procedure, the procedure for checking the personality of the advertiser. Because it is also the most difficult as it turned out to most advertisers.

why? Because when checking the personality of the advertiser, they make a lot of different mistakes. I have, in principle, a series of videos for a legal entity, for FOP, for an individual how to get these payment data. To make it easier for you to go through this personality check. Because you just serve documents and all.

Therefore, if here we have Google Ads now thaw, we go “log in” and then we see the following. Such is the story. What does he want? He wants us to create at least some advertising campaign in the first place to continue to produce payment data. Or if you are already in this Merchant Center Next and you go to the advertising campaign. Promote to “tie”.

see here or connect with some existing advertising account. Remember the e-mail under which you can go to different versions or we can link to a certain Google ADS. This should be entered with a ten -digit Google ADS account code. He’s up to you. Or you can create a new advertising account.

I am not available here in this Merchant Center Next because I have not confirmed the right to my own site. Accordingly, this will look a little surprisingly, but you can also create a new directly advertising account. Here is, for example, if you have to “tie your accounts”, because it has already started the procedure for creating these all things. Well, I started Google Ads conditionally. I opened this first window here. Crossed. He was already tied here. I will press “tie”. “Tie down accounts.” Wait for Google Ads Developed.

nuances of payment data in Google Ads

And what should be done? Immediately add payment data. With payment data in most projects, the largest shoal. Why? What you need? How does they get? Remember that there are payment payments, there are automatic payments, translation of the average, the bill you will pay for the IBAN, there are exactly 20% of the NDS or add a card. And here with a legal entity. There is a legal entity. There is an individual. An individual is both FOP and is an individual.

You need to fill everything as you will have according to the documents you will submit for the advertiser. This is in some videos. My only recommendation: be sure to fill in all these blocks according to those documents that you can then submit. You will make your life very much easier. You will continue to continue. An advertising account is created. There is a ligament and everything is fine, everything will be fine you will.

Creating Google ADS separately, not through Merchant Center

Then you pass all these stages that you need. If this does not work out and you want through such an interface, then you will need to call this whole story a little. Yes, our task will be with you to put something, here you see a connection with Merchant Center.

You can tie the phone number. We press “Next”. See here you can fill everything at once. And you can not all at once. So we have a situation where he has transferred to us to such a block. Be sure to choose the “second type of PEOPLE” so that it does not transfer you to some other Google Ads interface that you don’t need at all.

Yes “purchases”, “Next”. And let it be “maximum efficiency”. Let him invite these hook objects here. My suggestion is next – to put something in order to just pass this whole stage.

that is, you can put 11, there 22, 33. Tax, short, long description of the picture. Now it will quarrel if the pictures are not loaded. This is not super important to us. We will then remove this campaign. It is not absolutely important to us. We do not need it. We will feel great without it, exist. Wait the logo. This I show you different options.

what you can face the stage of creating an advertising account. That is, you can jump it. Because we will be making an advertising campaign with you, which is much better. Value. The budget we will ask 1 UAH. Necessarily 1 UAH

And here we will also translate to filling the payment settings. Be sure to do it. The same structure. The same story. This is the stage you go on yourself. You finish it. The campaign you will see there will be removed. Everything is clear?

I will now show how to do it in another interface that relates to the classic Merchant Center interface. If you suddenly want to go to it, you will be enough to press the sixth, “common account settings”, “Merchant Center”, “switch to classical”. Because everything else we have completed in principle. Next, the algorithm for creating advertising campaigns will be that here, which is the same. I, since I show it on the already created account, I want to do it on an example, so a second, in the example of more or less something, which has already passed moderation, everything else.


What do we do? Taxes, before you create any advertising campaigns in Google ADS, it is advisable that you put dynamic remarketing on the site. What do we need to set up our famous Performance Max?

You need to put further dynamic remarketing on your Prom.ua platform. How is it done? You go to the Market Mandatory or Looking for this block or adding an application from a market. This thing is called “Google Ads Appendix”. When you press it, you translate you to a completely different one here, or you go to all these applications. If we are an application, marketing app, no matter how you or enter Google Ads. Here is one single or immediately find Google Ads love one of the options.

What will you need to do? Open your advertising account. You create an advertising account directly on your own. I have separate videos after you get there for different types, there are legal entities, FOPs and individuals some parameters in payment settings, conditional. I will not hang on that. Because essentially you are the only thing you need to do is to get the payment data correctly. Everything else will go to Nat. Well, if we have created our Google Ads we need to go into “tools and settings”.

You can go to Audience Manager, to the audience manager, select your data sources. Here will be the kind of block called Google Tag.

It can be in this form, the type is still inconstructing and you need to press the Set Up butt. If you have nothing here, you need to press the Set Up button. Then fill in the following parameters. You have remarketing here, choose to “collect data of specific actions of people”. That is, this second block. Be sure to choose a scream or retail as it will be called “rail” – “Save and Continue”.

that is, they did it. Next is the following. You are sure to go to Details, you are scattered in Tag Setup. Go to “Use Google Tag Manager”. And you will have this digital value.

You copy it, return to your prom and here this block is inserted into this number with Google ADS. After that, be sure to tick the “tag of the” tag and press “Save”. All.

Basically, everything you need to know for the settings of Google Ads dynamic remarketing, even with the mistakes with which the prom to work out. All. We put. That is, what do we do now? We have indicated “Collection of certain events”, the events we need for dynamic remarketing to record the site. We then tied it with Google Ads. And this whole information will now be transmitted to your Google Ads advertising account. By dynamic remarketing it is all.

Accounts of accounts in fourth analytics

the following. You must make several settings in analytics. First, we remember that we have the same e-mail to log in to analytics, Google Ads, Merchant Center and everything else. We go to the Administrator. We go down. Looking for “related accounts”.

You will have empty here. I already have a pile. You are to “bind”, “to choose accounts”. And already looking for your Google Ads ID. He should come up with the Google Ads in which you will create advertising campaigns. You are ticking, “confirm”, “tie”. All. Went on.

Creating an audience

The next thing you should do, go to your audience, press “Create Audience”, select “Buyers”.

Choose here for example a period of 180 or more days. To call this audience, save. Yes, everything.

Imports of conversions from the fourth analytics

still with conversions. Note that we will always automatically have a Purchase conversion. It is always automatically created in all analysts. It always exists and it is with us. We go back to our Google ADS. Be sure to go to the “Tools and Settings” section. We choose the “Conversion” section and we will need to import this conversion from the fourth analytics. The only caveat – it may be that as a fourth analytics – it is not at all the tool that is a direct super -fast transmitting any information on Google ADS, you may not immediately appear. It’s not super critical. So do it the next day, conditional.

What do you need to do? We download our page. We press “new action”, “import”. We choose the fourth analytics. We choose “Web”. We choose to continue and here you will definitely have Purchase. You put a tick on him, this Perchase “import and continue”. It is a must.

imported this conversion. After that, be sure to find this conversion in your list. For example, I have here. And you change the attribution model to the last click. These are the only adjustments you will need to make with it. We come back. Yes, everything. What did we just do? One, marketing is, conversions are imported. If you did not see this perchase immediately, then wait some time. It will appear. You are being imported later.

Creating advertising campaigns at Merchant Center

We will now create advertising campaigns. We go to our Merchant Center or Merchant Center Next. We find the marketing section and there will be advertising campaigns. Here it will look like something about: “Marketing” – “Advertising campaigns”.

The Merchant Center Next immediately has an advertising campaign section. What are we doing here? We find a “Create Campaign” button. In my case, this is the New Company button. Next we have four fields that we can fill in.

included products here are selected on the label Fidom. If you have one fid, as we poured at the beginning, then you do not have to choose anything here. There are some categories or not to run. This can be further raised at the stage of the already created advertising campaign on Google ADS.

select Google ADS account. Where to get it? If you have a few accounts under the mail, as I have a menu here, then you just choose the Google Ads that you need. That is, you look at the top of this Google Ads and look for it in this list. Select it.

Further, the average day budget is exposed to 1 UAH because we will continue to rule it.

and the name of the campaign. With the name of the company you can creating as you want. For example, I will have the name All Items, because I run all the goods. Yes. And that’s the test. This is the creation of the company, we are pressed to create a company. The Merchant Center Next will be the same procedure. Well there a little bit can interfeus it will be different, but the scheme is the same.

then go to our Google Ads. We restart our page and find our campaign. If you have a lot of campaigns, for example, you choose a Performance Max in this account. And here in the “Campaign” section, where you will have there. Because there can be a new absolute Google Ads interface, because there is a lot of things now. Looking for the Search Bar so much and looking for your name.

Here, for example, I am all. Here he is all test. We choose this campaign or immediately suspend, or immediately adjust it and start it. Well, I better suspend, set the right settings. Then I turn it on.

Advertising campaign

What settings should you set? We start with the goals. Be sure to select. Well, not super necessarily, but it is advisable to choose the purpose of “purchases”. Store.

Be sure to scroll through the setting of the location campaign. If we create a company with a Merchant Center, it will always be for all countries. That is, your task is to choose the right geography. Here you will be your soul. Someone elects all Ukraine, but you consider that there will be shows in Donetsk, Luhansk region and Crimea. It is impossible to exclude them. Some people there bring only regions, region to certain. Therefore, it is from your business can, conditionally, choose.

to the account of languages. Whether you need to leave all languages whether only three languages should be selected: Russian, Ukrainian, English. Be sure to choose at least three of these languages. Because due to the fact that we have a very large part of the audience from the country to the country. And she already uses either the same English in the interface and is governed by English, or she already uses completely different languages. These are the additional conversions that you may have. So I would leave “all languages” in your place. If you were targeting Poland there, then there would be questions. For Ukraine “all languages” will not be a mistake.

The following are “automatically created objects”. What is it? Automatically created objects are, conditionally, dynamic search ads. I recommend that you do not clean at the first month at all, do not add them. Because if you add, for example, you need to call some URLs. Blogs are excluded, if you have some pages with information, for example, there are not indexed and semantics are not indexed. But if you leave it like this, nothing critical will happen, believe me.

Determining the budget and specifying rates

Yes, next is the budget and bidding. Which budget to set? It all depends on your scope, volumes and the average check you run. On average, I record videos on average for everyone, your starting budget can be from UAH 120 or more. If we take the average value, then somewhere around 10 dollars. This is a good starting budget. Provided that you will set limits in the betting strategy.

You have only two betting strategies. There is on conversion, and there is on profitability. Also with a limit. What to start with? If we saw from the Merchant Center that this “Increase the value of conversion” strategy is created, then accordingly start on this one. Because we have previously set up e-commerce with you on Prom. Your task is to set only the ROAS target. This is how it should be displayed initially.

The only caveat is that you should not consider it as ROAS, which should and will be achieved by Google itself. You will have to play with him. You can start with some average values in the market. This is 500, 600 or 700% and then decide to reduce or increase according to the indicators you will receive. For example, the starter with a small budget, even 400 UAH, can be used there, but usually it is somewhere around 370, the equivalent of 10 dollars, it will be 370 UAH. Well, so as not to get confused.

Remember that I shoot this video on average around the hospital. If you have a specific average check in your account, it is either very low, for example, 50 UAH, or very high, from 50,000 UAH. These are, of course, individual situations that need to be considered separately. If this is relevant for you, write in the comments. I will tell you what the profitability is, how to work with them for such checks. Because I shoot on average, as they say in the hospital. So on. Increase or decrease profitability? And you will understand from how actively spending on advertising campaigns went in principle.

Benefits of creating Performance Max with Merchant Center

Why did we create this Performance Max from Merchant Center and not in the Google Ads interface. Well, first of all, we did not go through this whole story again, in a new way, with these objects, assets and others. You see, they are empty here. And this means two points. First, you have more control over how this performance works. Because you will be sure that it will be only product advertising or in the form of dynamic remarketing, reprimands of some kind or product delivery. It will be much less than with objects. With objects, it can be the most diverse KMS. These can be videos. It can be a search that is generally non-converting for you, for example. That’s how many countries I don’t launch without objects, it comes in with a bang and I immediately understand whether it’s a cool feed or a bad feed, whether my friend will convert, or she won’t convert. It doesn’t matter if it’s Germany, France, Britain, the United States, Australia, Ukraine. It always goes everywhere. You can add objects a little later. If you really want to, you can add them if you think it will add confidence to your performance. And signals. They are also created without signals.

It’s simply the fastest way to build Performance Max for any situation. Literally, I entered “New campaign”, set the budget, adjusted the settings. All. Next comes the advertising company. All. Objects can be a little more complicated there. It is necessary to watch and monitor whether he is not siphoning off funds or embezzling funds. This is a completely different situation. It has an individual touch. That is, in your situations, you can be with the object and you have nowhere to go. At a minimum, you can detect showers by switching to the table, look at clicks at the level of groups of objects and at the level of groups of information. If you see that there are significantly fewer clicks at the level of a friend than at the level of groups, the lens. Congratulations. Something is melting somewhere in you. Well, that is, we do it for this, so that it is, well, at least something close to the smart shopping of a smart trading company, exactly.

Selection of products in the campaign in Google Ads

Next. If we need to select some products, you do it on the “Groups of information” tab. Press the plus sign. Here you select either by the type of product or by the name of the product, please there, by brand, whatever you want.

Do you need to set signals in campaigns?

So is the final. Do you need to set a signal in your campaign? See one important nuance here. The better organized your feed is, the less likely you’ll need a signal. In general, you may not need it at all. What is a good feed? Well, first of all, you can check out my playlist in the marathon, there is a whole series of videos on what a feed should be in order for it to work for a friend. Second, if you don’t have at least the titles for all 4,000 product items there, “Picture for living room”. And you have, for example, at least “Fitness plastic flask with such and such a volume for sports, for running, for cycling” or “iPhone 14 there is such and such a gigabyte”. Then, plus or minus, it can be considered that the feed is still acceptable for advertising.

In what cases should signals be set? What can they consist of? First, you can set your remarketing lists in signals. The most basic thing is former customers. You and I have set up dynamic remarketing and our buyers from the fourth analytics that they did before that. Or you can specify search topics. The search topics are out of beta. By the way, this is a new, slightly modified functionality that existed before this. Don’t add too many searches here. And if you have a very diverse product range, most likely this setting will not suit you. Well, conditionally, you have a lot of categories there. In each of the categories there are one or two product positions, as it happens, for example, household goods there, all in a row. Then there is no point in specifying these search terms. You can play with remarketing lists and that’s it. And if the feed is good, it will work even without signals. Adding signals is already necessary in order to optimize, for example, to reduce the price per conversion or to increase the profitability of certain categories of goods. Everything.


If you start with one campaign, as we wrote here, the base to get the first analytics, sales do not come in, this will be enough for you. There are a lot of online stores that have launched one campaign, everything is fine and they are satisfied with it, everything is fine. That is, I shoot a video for the basic conditional middle peasant, weighted average, conditional. in every situation there are exceptions. Somewhere, accordingly, something needs to be asked, not asked. But this should be considered individually. In your case, according to the analytics that you receive after the start of your campaign. If you have made all the changes – do not forget to enable this advertising campaign.

In short, you and I considered the basics of how to quickly, well, relatively quickly, set up analytics, create a Google advertising account, create a Merchant Center, fill in products there and set up these Performance Max. Do you need to create a regular sales ad campaign, start with it, then switch to Performance Max? At the end of 2023, I officially declare to you – no. You can immediately start with Performance Max and nothing in it will, will, will, will, will not be critical. This is the same smart trading company that takes analytics from your site and feed. The better your organized feed, the better the system understands what your products are about, the more presentable your advertising will be.

Everything. At this stage, I have everything to create Performance Max for prom.ua.

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