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Search Ads is the display of ads in search results for specific keywords. Unlike other promotion methods, only targeted organic traffic is attracted, that is, users who want to see information for a specific search query.

Search advertising sites

Due to its ubiquitous availability, search advertising is now hugely popular around the world.

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What is website search advertising?

Advertising in search results

The principle of operation of search advertising sites is as follows – advertisements are shown in response to a user’s search query. Query and impression match is determined by the match of the keywords chosen by the advertiser.

For example, you provide design services. The goal is to attract the maximum number of interested visitors to the site. At the same time, there is a user who is looking for designer services on the Internet. In the process of searching, he enters the query “order the design of something” in the Google search box. In order for an advertisement to be shown for this request, an advertising campaign is set up according to the required list of keywords.

A feature of the Google search advertising service is the ability to pay only when the user goes to the target site. The minimum price for one click (transition) in Google is from 1.5 UAH and depends on the subject in which you work.

Main Benefits of Google Search Advertising

  • Quick start. Contextual advertising is a great way to quickly get to the top of search results. As soon as all the settings are made, the campaign is paid and launched, the ad will start showing;
  • Reputation Maintenance. Only the most high-quality and relevant sites always appear in the first positions of Google search advertising, as the service always checks them. It also builds brand awareness;
  • Only interested users see ads. When displaying ads, not only the words in the search query are taken into account, but also the interests and preferences of the user, the history of his search and other activity on the network;
  • Analytics. The search engine offers a wide range of metrics by which an advertiser can evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. For example, the location of the user, how much time he spent on the site, which pages of the site he viewed, what type of device was used, etc.;
  • Warm and hot traffic. Keywords can attract heterogeneous traffic. The words “buy”, “order” and the like will generate hot traffic, while the words “free”, “inexpensive” will generate cold traffic. Accordingly, the hotter the traffic, the better for the advertiser and the easier it is to convert it into real purchases and orders. Contextual advertising allows you to do this as simply as possible due to the ability to select and configure these keywords, as well as indicate negative keywords, that is, those in the presence of which the advertisement will not be shown in the search query.

How is the search advertising service set up?

Setting ads in search

In order for the search advertising setup to be as effective as possible, the specialists of our company use the following algorithm of actions:

  1. Analysis of business and main competitors. We study the specifics of the business, its competitive advantages, the target audience, the activities of competitors, together with the customer we determine the advantages and weaknesses of the brand;
  2. Developing a placement strategy. We define the goals for the advertising campaign, as well as the indicators by which the result of its implementation will be evaluated;
  3. Create advertising campaigns. To create a PPC ad, do the following:
  • Define the semantic core – a set of keywords and negative keywords, select the most relevant pages for all groups of queries;
  • Add unique UTM tags to all links (to track the source from which the order came in analytics systems);
  • For each ad or ad group, we set up bids, determine the budget, and all the necessary display parameters (time, frequency, etc.);
  • We are separately developing a strategy to attract mobile traffic users;
  • We analyze the behavioral factors on the pages.
  1. Ad optimization. At this stage, the achievement of the indicators defined earlier is analyzed. To do this, the semantic core is analyzed (irrelevant keywords are replaced by others), conversions and, if necessary, targeting is adjusted;
  2. Campaign analysis. Using the Google Analytics service, analytics is collected on the effectiveness of the advertising campaign (the number of applications, the effectiveness of landing pages, advertising ROI) and, based on the data obtained, changes are implemented to achieve higher targets.
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