The second site in Google Ads advertising: what to consider

Второй сайт в рекламе Гугл Contextual advertising

The recording has begun. Today I want to talk about an interesting topic in a video. Not difficult, but in practice we encountered nuances that led to the blocking of the second site. I would like in the video to become useful further, in the future, to speak the main points. What should be considered when launching a second site, a second online store in Google Ads? Consider the blocks, the pros and cons of the idea. Some items are in all blocks. Why? Let’s talk separately. Implementation, how to quickly do it and what nuances to set. What should be exactly what is desired. Let’s talk a block about the limit of duplication of sites – 2, 4, 6. It depends on what. Let’s talk, at the end we will touch on the topic of alternatives to this story. What does it look like, what percentage, what does a successful online store consist of. What should be in it already. For better understanding, it is worth duplicating now or later.

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In short, duplication of an online store, you need to make a preamble at the beginning, is a cool idea to launch a second project in this niche for the second time. You need to understand the nuances for a fairly easy increase in the number of sales, so as not to get burned with the second project and the desire to continue doing this does not disappear. You need to understand the basic nuances at least for the successful launch of Google Ads advertising in the same market, for this niche or a neighboring one, for this target audience or for a neighboring one. Let’s go.


1. Sales add-on. Own audience

Let’s look at the pros. Pros are a good help when now there is a site already in Amazon, Etsy, Rozetka and we are talking about Ukraine. Rozetka appeared in Poland. The stores did not have a key, projects can be listed with a comma. All stores, marketplaces do not allow you to install a Google analytics code inside, then this audience that you generate for an online store does not belong to you. Marketplaces show audiences inside their own internal projects for other market neighbors, this audience is located on this platform. Paid to drive traffic on Etsy. Placed, you need to understand the difference. Your site, then the audience is more owned by you and other market neighbors. Do not share within the platform.

Obviously, there are nuances, disclaimers Google can share and share it indirectly. We will not leave this. Google – 90-95 percent of the traffic on the market is in search. In the USA, in Ukraine, in European countries – above 90. You can see last year’s blog articles. Seen by country.

2. Niche for target audience, communities, higher degree of trust

Another plus. Nichevanie under the target audience, the creation of some kind of community, the higher the degree of trust – the higher the margin and profit. Any niche, any creation of some kind of community is needed for what? Spent on attracting a client, could sell more expensive or at the top bar. Not at the average price, not at the minimum price. Could sell the average plus some percentage of the market, man, there will be more margin. We created one community with one site on the market, you understand – the target audience does not stick together, it fits in with another target audience and you can separate them.

A good example is motorcycles. How would the sale of motorcycles is one story. Look inside the sale of motorcycles, which can be, classic (road), tourist motorcycles (tourer), sports (racing), motocross (enduro), cruiser (biker), chopper. When they say cruiser (biker), the image of a biker and jokes about incompatibility with other types of motorcycles, for example, sports ones, are well remembered. Different worlds, different way of life. Putting everything into one story about the sale of motorcycles on the site – well, no. It’s better to create a separate story where users will be in the community, you will love them, allocate time, attention and the community will feel some kind of alignment, uniqueness.

3. More leads/sales/turnover/revenue

The next item. More pieces of leads, sales, revenue turnover. This is a plus. Of course, we do everything for this. To launch and get a second sale. As a rule, a dog is in my head when a potential client says: “I want to create a second site.” Thinks it will be fast enough x2. Need to watch. Let’s get back to this.

4. Higher expertise in understanding the target audience of the entire market

Another plus. The higher the expertise in understanding the target audience of the entire market, the higher the adaptability. With the second project, you can sharpen the project closer to the target audience in order to sell not at the lowest price. It’s just that when an online store has the first arguments and the only ones are cheap and good, then this is a bad story. There must be something else. 3-5 reasons why to buy from you, what makes you different from others. Alternatively, community. As an option – some more unique related activities, services, bundles, combinations that only you have with similar conditions. The million dollar question. You constantly think about things, how to build up from other neighbors in the market. There is the main profit.

5. More search results in Google

Higher percentage of search results in Google – higher probability of a click, fight for attention. On the market, the hottest audience is in Google search, when entering the query “Buy such and such a model” or the request for an identified need “I need a corner fireplace insert with such and such parameters”, apparently, understandably in Kiev. It is clear that a person wants and the probability of buying is high, close. Maybe higher when a person enters a specific model, brand. Understands what is needed.

In this case, the search query can get the percentage of impressions given to Google, the Google report opens and the percentage of impressions received for the advertising campaign, 85, 90, 95 percent. You won’t get a higher position. Plus the percentage of impressions received, not all impressions, purely psychologically, people do not all advertisements, organic results will click. One of them, each person looks at the ad diagonally. With this item, we show that we increase the probability of getting a click (transfer) to one site or to a second, duplicated one.

6. More likely to buy

One more point. More likely to buy. Out of 100 requests, 10 will actually buy the product. Let’s get back to the index. At one of the Google conferences, this indicator may change. 100 people entered “Buy a hair dryer”. Of these, he will actually buy 10. I would start from this figure. Close, may differ. What is all the fuss about? Only 10 people out of 100 who wrote “Buy a hair dryer” will buy or were interested in a hair dryer with some parameters. Will only buy 10. When we create a second site, there is a higher chance that more people will end up either on one site or on the second. As a result, there will be more people who will buy.

We understand that the conversion of sales sites, interesting numbers, if we talk about why it happens that 100 people came to the site. In fact, I bought it there, excellent site conversion, 1-2 percent, depending on the niche, on the cost of the goods. Impulse shopping, not impulsive. A purchase per 100 requests for a target site of one product is a very good indicator. Other stores, weaker than competitors, perhaps 0.5. You need 200 people per site to make one sale of this product. We finish the block. We go far into the depths.

7. Easy to get first 1/5 sales

Next. It’s easy to get the first 1/5 of sales. Those who have been involved in Google advertising and have worked with it for a long time already know that Google AdWords has a certain bonus given to a beginner. You can easily get some portion of traffic from Google search results, from the display network through Performance max. Google is interested in maintaining diversity and not making monopolists, one or two monopolists. The first portion in the algorithms is enough, there will be a terrible Google AdWords account, just go to the ad and some first one. From practice – close to 20%, 15% quite easily get targeted traffic to the site. Such a number of sales, if you do everything on a four, not bad, good and will be sold. Further, more growth, already more difficult. We need to talk about the quality inside the Google advertising account. One-fifth of the sales that a boosted account gets from Google search ads are easy enough to get.

8. Second YouTube channel

Audience. Block added to expand. The advantages that the creation of a second YouTube channel allows a second site can be divided into alternatives. You can get an audience by creating a second Youtube channel, linking with the second project. A cool thing that allows you to increase the likelihood of selling to an audience.

9. There is a programmer for this CMS, the experience of the team

Next point. There is already a programmer for this CMS, the experience of the team. Some resources every month in the first project, mainly in the online store, spend on maintenance, maintenance of the car. The gears are spinning, lubricated, watch it. Everything is fine. You understand that the second project on the same platform will be quite cheaper to launch. Basic expenses, already have a programmer or even easier. Difficulties have been overcome. There will be nuances. In the minuses and criteria, let’s see, let’s get back to them. Need to be careful. Plus, if there are these teams. Then they did everything right – this is a great opportunity.


1. SEO downgrading. Double Google

Another block. By cons. Minuses. SEO downgrading. Double Google. The second site that was launched, if done untidy, at random, anyhow, let it be – the site may not receive traffic from organics. It was on the first site, never did SEO or did SEO, well, there was some share of sales. We never did SEO on the first site, but filled the texts with high quality, wrote information. There are links, mentions by users in social networks, reviews are written, and Google gives 10-15 cents of sales from organic SEO, it is understood that this will be the case for the second site. Absolutely not a fact. Just copy everything one to one – the site will not fall out in SEO. The video is more about Google Ads. Forced to touch him. An important block for business.

2. Complaints from market neighbors

Let’s move on. Complaints neighbors in the market, if the second site. It occurs, but in particular on the Ukrainian market, to a lesser extent in European countries. I met complaints from competitors that neighbors in the market recognize, call, understand for themselves, for example, the addresses of all contacts are completely different, the faces of the team are different on the second site. They understand that the same site, after placing test orders, communicated with some other logic or with suppliers. In such a case, a complaint to Google may result in one of the accounts being banned. There have been similar cases in practice. It is important to consider it potentially and how to work with it.

3. Google Merchant Center block

When a completely identical account, the second site may be blocked. It needs to be taken into account. How to avoid, let’s talk further in the implementation.

4. Blocking Google Ads account

This is less common. As a rule, online stores, when everything is copied one to one, can block Merchant. Blocking Google Ads is unlikely, this kind of thing can happen. Let’s talk about concerns. In implementation, how to stop the risks. It is possible to block Google Ads if a second site was copied from a sensitive niche with a medical theme. The programmer says there is a ready-made website template, before I did cosmetics to another client, I will do it, I will copy it. Ay-yy-yy, maybe if the programmer didn’t clean up the data on cosmetics, medical equipment, some things in the old site, template, the second site can easily, when a sensitive niche is turned on, Google can block Google Ads. It’s not just to reject a product or block a Merchant, these are fairly easy topics, but they can block Google Ads. This leads to blocking the domain and start over. You need to be careful. Some kind of lightness in the eyes of a programmer may turn out to be, who has not encountered what will be blocked. Such an important point must be taken into account.

5. Linking GMB account

I met such a story. It is especially unpleasant now, when in Ukraine since the beginning of the active phase, a year ago, hostilities, Google My Business has banned editing data in Google My Business. New reviews are not added. Could see it. Clients leave reviews, but do not pass moderation, are not added to Google My Business Account if in Ukraine. We touched on this topic, made some changes a month ago, six months ago in the Google My Business account, moved, the phone changed – just this point will disappear. Better don’t do it. Let, put call forwarding on the phone. Let the old address remain. You won’t be able to change it now until the end of hostilities until Google lifts the ban.

Maybe Google My Business glued together when the second site was launched. It will merge two companies into one. This was met when clients, in fact, different companies providing services in the Kyiv market, are local businesses. They stuck together in one line, although they had once worked together before. Work, their offices, industrial premises. I keep thinking about how to get around, not to name a niche, so that you can then understand which of the clients work in the same warehouse. These are different companies. They were glued. In order for them to be pasted back in Google My Business in points, it takes time for Google to allow Ukraine as a whole to change information in Google My Business and write reviews. So far there is no such thing. This is important to consider. To avoid gluing, let’s talk further in the implementation how to reduce its probability. Need a personal point of issue on Google maps store point. If you do not need it, there is no question.

6. Resources for maintenance, domain, hosting

One more point. Resources for domain maintenance, hosting, team platform. It may be cheaper if a similar CMS website platform. There will still be more costs than paid for a single store. Will have to pay. This is a minus. You need to understand, consider and already make a decision whether to launch a second, third site or not.

7. Second YouTube channel. Resources

The same. The introduction of a second YouTube channel, which is a plus, as for the second site. Second brand. You create a second full-fledged brand with a second website and a second YouTube channel that look like different brands and promote them. This is also a guide to the second YouTube channel resources.

Why am I talking about the YouTube channel? It deserves the trust of customers. About higher margins, business efficiency and efforts. Let’s return to the issue in alternatives. Let’s look at the numbers.

8. Already have a programmer. Inattention when duplicating

There is already a programmer for this CMS, the experience of the team for platforms. Inattention when duplicating, creating a second site can lead to blocking. What was said could happen. The example above is given.

There is an ellipsis in both pros and cons. Will vary depending on the country where you work, niche and specific situation, specific uniqueness that makes you different. The ellipsis is in both paragraphs. Live process.


1. SEO and/or PPC challenge

The first thing to understand when creating a second site is a second project, do you want it just for SEO, or just for Google’s PPC paid advertising, or do you want both? Most will say for two. I also want to use Facebook, e-mail marketing and everything.

Simply, recommendations will go further, criteria – clearly important for Google’s paid advertising. If you want to promote the site in SEO, then you need to fully hire an SEO team, tell the team: there is a second site, we want to make a unique project. It’s easier. He will tell you how to get a share of sales from SEO on the second site.

2. Paid Advertising Criteria

According to Google paid advertising for the second site. What are the criteria? Payment details are different. Important. Your Google Ads account may be blocked. In the old Google Ads account – one details, in the new Google Ads account – other details for payment.

The site design should be different. They will be like twin brothers – they met more than once when such a site was blocked and Google Ads was blocked. They must be different in appearance. Another design should be on the second site.

Important, product description, title and metadata are all different items. Product description – one story. The title (title) of the product is different. The title of the product, the title may differ, the programmer, SEO – experts know better.

Metadata. Important. Metadata is what search engines, Google robots, Bing, and other search engines see about a page. They do not always match the data that is displayed visually on the page. It is important that the data that metadata – description, title, differ on the page from the data that was on the old site, is minimal. Now let’s talk about how to do it easily, we’ll get there. 5000 goods and immediately the business owner gives up. As long as you do everything uniquely – a madhouse. It’s not so scary.

Would add – product ID must be unique. A product can often match, it will always match, if there is only one supplier of goods in the country, then MPNs, some manufacturer codes, categories in which they are located, color, parameters, price. By the way, the parameters in half of the business may not be filled. Half of the business simply does not have a well-filled Merchant center. If you just fill in the information that the supplier sends for the goods, you can already sell Google ads better.

Product IDs on the second site must be different. Renumber the internal project. This is a different project. Absolutely. To have an internal product ID… What is a product ID? Internal number in the product project, internal code. Well, how can this code be the same for Amazon and Rozetka or some site on Prom? There must be different codes. This will reduce the likelihood of blocking the Merchant Center.

3. The domain name is different

The domain name is different, of course. Should not be a subdomain, but another domain name. The domain name must be different. How much? Already thinking, communicating specifically for the project. Indicates that this domain name is different, in full or within a group of some groups. A group of companies such and such, two different projects. We’re talking officially. Whether or not you should do it. It’s not worth it, then fully domain names should not be similar in characters inside, according to the words inside the domain name.

4. Other CMS platform

The CMS platform is preferably different. You can use the same. There are no eligibility criteria. It is less likely that programmers will mess up if you start using a different platform. If you choose some platform, in Ukraine –, and now the first site is written on WordPress, then reduce the likelihood of dragging errors from the old platform to the new one. If not, you need to carefully set the TK to the programmer. Be sure to talk to him so that there is no copying.

CMS and site platform are the same. First WordPress site, second WordPress site. There is a temptation for programmers to simplify the work, to copy what was not needed, to do the same in the second site. It will become clear to Google robots that the site is completely identical, according to the codes that are not displayed. This point is important to consider.

5. How to make filling a new site easy

How to make it easy? The business owner will think and say: Wait, 5000 products to do all this, resources will go away, 2-3 months of team work. Not everything is so scary. 5000 items, usually 15, 20, 50 different groups. What are 50 different groups? You can upload all products from the site to an Excel spreadsheet. In an Excel spreadsheet or Google docs, and in an Excel spreadsheet split. It’s better in Excel so that Google doesn’t have this information inside. Inside Excel – a parameter about a group of goods, maybe not one group, but nesting two or three groups of goods. Set the task of changing texts to a freelancer or employee.

People will ask a question either to a marketer or directly to you. What changes to make so that product descriptions, product names differ. Let’s look at the name of the product. The title will consist of two three different parts. Some kind of direct name, some kind of binding to it. It is possible to highlight in the description and in the name of the product, some parts that are the same for the entire category.

Only you understand this, you see this connection, you understand that you need to deliver more than five thousand technical tasks. Dictate to a marketer, set a task for 50 groups. In practice, start with five priority product groups, whatever you want, according to the Pareto principle. You don’t need all five thousand at once. Choose 5 groups in each of 10, 20 products. It will be fairly quick and easy to do. Make the next portion later, uniqueize. For these five groups dictate the differences. All products must contain these three, five words. Offer in the description of what is in the group. Will differ completely from the content of the old site. Another combination is narrower.

For the title, than will also be different. There is also on the YouTube channel, I will try to add Yana’s recommendations on uniqueizing the description of goods in the Merchant Center in the product feed in the description of the video.

More. You can entrust this task to freelance exchanges. This will speed up the work. Pay for a project for the freelancer’s time. He will do, check the result, and the programmer will check. After that, the Google Ads team will check. Then pay him and do not hire a person or load people with unnecessary work. It’s easier, cheaper and faster, practice shows. We approach changes categorically, everything is categorical.

Plus, do not forget that the main page, company contacts, delivery and payment should be different. These pages should… Well, Google’s smart advertising team will usually say so. This is what we say to our clients. Texts must be different. Should not be licked one to one. The team will ask the same. You will have to spend time on 4-5 main pages: home, contacts, delivery and company payment. Or the marketer will have to spend time and put technical specifications for the main categories of goods, as they should differ. This significantly reduces the time for unifying the project.

6. Don’t copy another site

The next item. Partially affected him in the minuses. TK to the programmer, when you expose, set the task not to copy, be sure not to copy another site. Especially with a sensitive niche. We met history when we created the second site for the client. The CMS is not the same as the first site, but the programmer took and copied it when he created the second site. I copied it from another project where I worked before. There is a sensitive niche associated with either medicine or cosmetology, when terms were used that immediately fall into the Google filter.

It was not visually visible on the second site to the client. It can be seen in the metadata, in the description, in the descriptions of the goods that shone for Google robots. Google sees, wait, a description of some things for Google robots of medicines, active substances. Screwdrivers are here. There is no such thing and there should not be. The site and Google Ads are blocked. Domain name – blocked. Do not allow, do not stuff bumps on simple things. It is important to talk about this.

Any sensitive areas in which moderation is more difficult than in others: medical equipment, cosmetology. Everything related to health: pills, equipment, clinics, tests, or weapons, or a hunting theme, everything related to security, weapons. Subtle topics in which you need to be careful. In the content that you fill in, from where you copy the content, if there was such a thing. If not, great.

7. Uniqueness of contacts, addresses

So that there is no gluing Google. He spoke. Gluing Google is possible if the addresses are the same. An example that was different was simply the number in the shop. Room number in the shop. The address is completely identical. Google stuck together and no matter how good. Then you need to talk to support. Ask to be shared. Prove that different legal entities URLs.

What is the limit of duplication

Three blocks have spoken so far. Pros, cons, implementation and what is the limit of duplication.

Another block. What is the limit of duplication. Excellent, duplicated the second site. Third, fourth – not so.

1. Are there more/less than 10 orders per day?

Why? We remember and return to the point that out of 100 people will actually buy 10. At some point, we will run into an indicator that we will spend more money on maintaining the project on another site for duplication, for unification and maintenance, than we get net profit. I would ask a question: more than ten orders on the first site or less than ten orders.

Subtle. You need to look at turnover, marginality, B2B, B2C client. If there are more than ten orders per day, then launching a second site is expedient. Well, with reservations you need to look. Maybe start the second project, also an option from an easy implementation. In the first project, if you look at it, then according to the Pareto principle, 10-15 percent of all items will bring 80 percent of sales, or 10 percent of product items, maybe less, will bring 60 percent of profit.

You can stop . Copy these 10 percent of the goods for the second project and start from them, make them unique, beautiful. Build communication for a second target audience. Sharpen, as they said at the beginning about motorcycles. Sports motorcycles and biker motorcycles are different worlds, people, attitudes towards life are completely different, they do not understand each other and they are not interested in communicating on the same sites, writing comments and buying in the same places, other characters, lifestyle, approach.

2. Audience

Next. What a big audience. European countries with 5-10 million people, no more than two sites. If this is a large European country, more than 25-30 million people, Germany, France, Ukraine, then it is advisable to talk about the launch of the second, maybe the third. By the way, there are some differences. When we talk about the launch of the second site, in Ukraine, as a rule, those who launched the second site in Ukraine and brought it to the indicators, in Germany or France, it will be easier to do this. There, at least, this was the case with other clients who launched a second, third site, either for a local business or for an online store. It was easier to bring the site to payback and further increase profits than in Ukraine. In Ukraine, the competition is higher if you want to duplicate. More requirements from the target audience, what is buying to what the site should be different in order to earn trust.

3. Geo

Geography. Definitely needs to be taken into account. Perhaps you want a second site for the target audience. In Ukraine, this is clearly expressed. Our district centers and towns are underestimated. An example with the same franchise, with the sale of a franchise. The franchise looks good. It will probably sell better in regional centers, where the population is 10, 15, 20 thousand people, 30 thousand people, than in big cities. Business saturation is high, and they want to buy a sushi franchise. Consider geography. Perhaps for the second site of the online store you want to create one that is aimed at an audience in small towns. Consonant with Poland. The stereotype in Ukraine is that the economy, money flows only in big cities, a good salary. In Poland, the situation is reversed. People in small towns also earn good money. This must be taken into account.

4. Maintenance resource, domain, hosting

What else is important to consider? Support resource. Domain, hosting. What has been discussed has already been touched upon. At some point it will become inappropriate to duplicate further. On the third or fourth draft.

5. Google Ads Algorithms. Auction Rules

In one moment you will start to compete with yourself. You will warm up with projects inside the auction. If, conditionally, there were 15-20 neighbors in the market that were advertised in the same niche. Launch the second one there – it’s profitable.

As soon as you start the third, fourth launch, on the same semantics, where four projects intersect, there will be 30, 40, 50% in one niche. You yourself will begin to warm up, overpay in each of the projects two, three, five percent for the final sale. 10, 15 each. You have to look. At some point, you will begin to compete with yourself. Why is this needed?

6. Minimum copy margin without reviews, brand and high trust

Now let’s get to the alternatives. I will stop separately, I will try to show in numbers. When you copy, simply copy a new project, you run into the fact that they are no different. Like all. Buy, as the cheapest and good. This doesn’t work. If you want to earn normally in a niche, you need to earn trust. We need to create something more than just the minimum price and for all that is good. At least three parameters should be different from your neighbors in the market why buy from you.

Successful online store

1. SEO from 30% to 60% of all

Another block. Now let’s talk about a successful online store. What parameters would be affected. There is the first successful online store and you are wondering: is it worth spending resources, time to launch a second online store. In this form, it is not always advisable. If the project is already receiving, in addition to Google advertising, another 30-60 percent of sales from organic SEO. Great! On the right track.

2. Google Ads 40-60% of all

The first project is already doing well. There’s a third of sales from organics. 40-60 percent of sales from Google ads. This is, well, something else from the rest of the tools that is missing. already parameters. In Google advertising, usually the cheapest way to get sales for a big, beautiful Google ad project is Performance max shopping ad campaigns. Previously, there were Smart shopping advertising companies from Google. Now trading. The second tool is Performance max, relatively new. Let me remind you that Performance max is advertised not only in the issuance of Google image, the price is the same as the trading one, but also on partner sites. Advertised with picture, price. The cheapest tool to get sales is them. The pumped-up cool project in Google advertising has 40 percent. It is important to understand this from Google advertising.

For a month, 200 sales, then 100 of them from Google ads, then 40 out of hundreds of sales should be in shopping ads. The indicator may fluctuate. But the ratio is approximate. Half, or 40 percent – trade advertising campaign Performance max. Up in Google Ads, add 20 or 20 percent of sales from Google Ads to 40 sales. Search advertising campaign. The figure may be higher. It can reach up to 40, up to 50 percent of all Google advertising sales. At a minimum, a block of hot queries, such as brand-model traffic, queries with an identified need, advertising on competitors, neighbors in the market, should be in Google search. You should separately track the effectiveness in different advertising campaigns and calculate how profitable it is to get target leads from here.

You count separately the dirty lead, what is the cost, the target lead, which is confirmed by the sales department in the product category and separately the sale, taking into account the return. How much did the sale cost and what is the return percentage in the category. In Italy, you run ads in 16 European countries and one of them is Italy. It will always glow with the highest return percentage. 15-20 percent return from all European countries. People in Italy buy goods, measure them, look at them and return them. A very large percentage. This must be taken into account.

One more point. It’s cool when you get 10 percent of sales from YouTube in a pumped up successful online store. Why cool? If you get, you were able to achieve 10 percent of sales from YouTube – it means that YouTube videos are on product category pages. Classic 15-20 questions that people ask: how to choose a motorcycle, endurik or another. Classic repetitive questions, and the sales department says the same answers to the question every time for customers. Post answers on YouTube channel and video in product categories, on each product. Remove the efficiency of the sales department, increase it by almost half, by a third. Questions will be removed. Will be viewed, chewed by the audience. If something doesn’t suit you, they will write in the comments.

When we ask the question: which is the second largest search engine in the world, concerns Ukraine, European countries, the USA, what is the second largest search engine after Google, someone says Baidu Chinese. No! The biggest search engine in the world is YouTube. People are looking for the answer to a question there before choosing a product. Find out what to buy, what you need, why you need it, and then go to Google. You can be both there and there. Plus, you get the fact that when uploading a video to YouTube in 4-6 hours, and Google broadcasts the video in English, Russian, Ukrainian. He sees the text of the video.

This is a ready-made article on the site with this text, which only needs to be combed and beautifully designed by the copywriter. Google SERPs, you could often see a link to a specific minute of the video in the zero Google SERPs at the top. Google, in response to the request “Buy a hair dryer in Kiev”, can give out some kind of video that will help you choose which hair dryer you need, indicate a specific minute, if the answer to the question is what was written. Additional traffic. Visual pictures, videos in zero results, greatly increase the likelihood that they will click. The first task is to get traffic, to introduce our company to a potential client. Here is a video. Plus, they increase the likelihood of a purchase when you post a video on a YouTube channel. The conversion of product pages, category pages increases into sales. 100 people came, they will buy not half a percent, but one percent, one and a half.

3. Facebook 10-30% of all

If you get it from Facebook, don’t ignore it. Percent 10, 30 sales. There are exceptions when only Facebook works. This needs to be discussed separately. Niches where the visual range goes much better, and text advertising goes poorly. This is at least an exception. If you receive from all sales 200 per month. They gave an example above, talked about it above. You get 10 percent of sales from Facebook, which means that you are already swinging and it’s quite possible to think about a second online store, or a second project.


1. +5% to the price = +50% to the profit?

According to a successful online store, the fifth block has already been completed and the block is an alternative. You may not absolutely need to run a second online store in Google Ads. Let’s get a look. There is an average price of goods on the market of 102 dollars. One item is for sale. It costs $102. The lower price bar is $100. The upper price bar is $108, $107. Take, for example, $108. What is the nuance? The nuance lies in these 100 dollars, they include the cost of goods, marginality, markup on goods. The cost of goods is $80, the markup is $20.

There is a very interesting situation in these $20. I say simple things. It is important to say them to the part of the audience that does not fully understand or does not calculate the value of each dollar, adding the final sale price. There are 100 dollars. $80 cost. $20 company markup. That $20 is for marketing, marketing team, Google advertising, light, electricity, utilities, crew, salaries, logistics, returns. The result is a profit that could well be $10, or $5 out of $100. In this case, it was, let’s say 100 dollars, the cost of goods is 80. Up to 100 dollars, the cost of goods, the sale price. $80 cost. $20 mark-up, of which $10 net profit, 10 percent. Suppose we see and understand on the market that the same product is sold from $100 to $108. Let’s suppose that now there are online stores, you think, so, now I’m selling a product for $ 100, at the lowest price. I want to increase.

Not the second site you want to create. Do you want to increase your net profit per month. You understand that at the same time there are online stores where the same product, from the same supplier, is sold for $105. They would sell for 100 dollars, for 105, then it increases sharply. What is 5 dollars? 5 percent. Price difference.

Google research has shown – depends on the country. Maybe in Ukraine now is not such an indicator. Five percent more expensive to sell goods at the final price. Doubling. You get 50 percent more net profit. Now from 100 dollars not 10 dollars net profit, but from 105 dollars – 15 dollars. Almost one and a half times. Plus 50 percent to the profits received. You understand that now there are players in the market.

Perhaps it is worth going to when people start paying $105 for a product, when there is more trust, some goodies, bonuses. Perhaps not necessarily related material. A community that offers some kind of activity, the same motorcycle, if there is an endurik motorcycle. Some gatherings once a month, a training club, some kind of story that gives a profit. After buying a motorcycle from an online store, you can subscribe to get free access for the whole time that you come to the club on weekends. This store is cheaper or free.

Is there an argument why it is worth doing this? Either there is some kind of community, or a Telegram channel where new items are released. It can be seen that the owner of the business, or the company lives by this. Tracks some nuances, novelties in the foreign market or changes and shares it. Obvious profit why is it worth paying $5 up? 50 percent increase in net profit. The opportunity to further develop a much better project. Opportunity to get out of the rat race in the project.

2. Marketplaces

And marketplaces, don’t forget them. There is a first project, perhaps you should not get involved with Google advertising. Perhaps it is worth launching a second project on Amazon or Rozetka. The outlet has opened in Poland now, you can test it, enter the market much easier, put the goods on the outlet, on the Polish outlet and get it faster. Moreover, New mail gave there from Ukraine. And delivery from there. The final result – the one who has a higher degree of trust earns.


Those main things that I wanted. Everything is already there. Said the points that I wanted to mention. Points, theses are not final, not the last resort. Please complete this information. Share your experience. Those that coincided with people stuffed bumps, I tried to voice them. Share video. Subscribe, share your own experience, as in blocks or maybe you missed some block, you managed to do it better, with better efficiency. Bye everyone.

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