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Sergey Shevchenko
Yana Lyashenko
  • 01/10000+ hours in marketing
  • 02/20+ niches/business areas that promoted
  • 03/300+ projects launched and scaled for 6 years
  • 04/introduced a unique project management system and Google Ads QA Department within AdwService
  • 05/70% of clients referrals
  • 06/200% – average growth of clients in conversions
  • 07/30% average cost reduction in ad accounts after our audits
  • 08/Top 3 fastest growing agencies in 2016 according to the internal rating of the mini MBA training course from Google Rising Stars
  • 09/6+ years on the market contextual advertising

About AdwService

We are a certified team of search engine promotion and contextual advertising specialists. Our task is to reduce the budget of companies, while increasing their efficiency.

Adwservice mission

We are happy to help our clients prosper by contributing to the effective solution of Internet marketing problems. Glossary:

  • Help – take a proactive part;
  • To be useful – to benefit the client;
  • To be effective – to achieve the desired result with the minimum expenditure of resources;
  • Internet marketing – using all aspects of traditional Internet marketing.

Adwservice corporate culture

Core values of the company


We are happy to help the prosperity of our clients, bringing benefits in effectively solving the problems of Internet marketing.


Our team achieves its goals, and is built on the basis of trust, respect and mutual assistance. Honesty – Always tell the truth. Positive attitude – to create a cheerful and open atmosphere. We treat everyday work with joy and humor, we want our customers and partners to be in high spirits with a smile after talking with us.

Continuous development and proactivity

We are constantly learning. Proactivity – to arouse a sense of admiration among customers and partners at all stages of contact with them. Exceed their expectations!


“promised – done”, we are also responsible for failure to fulfill our promises and obligations, for a gross violation of the company’s values.
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