Google contextual advertising in Sweden

Contextual advertising in Sweden

Sweden is a country in Northern Europe with a population of about 10.3 million people. It is one of the three Scandinavian countries, in which it neighbors Denmark and Norway. The standard of living in the country is above average, so setting up contextual advertising in Sweden will be of great interest to medium and large businesses that want to enter foreign markets.

According to the World Bank, GDP per capita in Sweden in 2021 was $51,925.

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Peculiarities of setting up contextual advertising in Sweden

When setting up an advertising campaign for Sweden, it is important to take into account the national characteristics of the citizens of this country and the distinctive features of the target audience. For example, in 2000, the construction of a tunnel through the Øresund Strait was completed, which connected the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, with the Swedish city of Malmö.

Google Ads for Sweden setup specifics

This caused a large surge in daily commuting between these countries. Many residents of Malmö are in Copenhagen for work during the day. This feature must be taken into account when setting up contextual advertising. If your target audience is among these people, it would be advisable to expand the geographic targeting of your advertising campaign to them.

When setting up Google Ads in Sweden, it is also important to consider the language spoken by users in that country. Swedish is recognized as a native language by 90% of the population, and it is also the state language.

Despite this, we have had many successful projects (usually online stores) in English, which showed good sales results in Sweden. Although, of course, a better solution would be to localize the site and translate ads into Swedish. This will definitely bring more conversions, especially for local businesses.

An interesting fact! In Finland, children learn Swedish even in secondary school (the specifics of contextual advertising in Finland are described in our article).

How much does PPC advertising cost in Sweden?

The cost of setting up contextual advertising in Sweden starts at $750 per month and depends on:

  • type of advertising campaign (search ads, Google Shopping, Display Network, remarketing);
  • account size and number of ad groups;
  • project type (corporate website or online store);
  • tasks that a business sets for itself.

If someone quotes you a price before they understand the objectives of the project, then expect an unprofessional approach when working with such a contractor. Leave an order on the site, and we will be able to announce the exact price for setting up and maintaining contextual advertising in Sweden after 20 minutes of communication.

Useful campaign setup materials are also available on our blog and YouTube channel. In addition, an hour online video consultation with our PPC specialist is possible. Its cost and possible time can be clarified by leaving a request on the website or by phone.

Google CPC for Sweden

The approximate cost of an advertising campaign can be found using the average cost per click. You can substitute the resulting cost of the transition into our contextual advertising calculator and calculate an approximate project media plan yourself.

Click bid in Sweden for April 2022:

  • washing machine repair – $1.08;
  • ventilation cleaning – $2.10;
  • Plumbing services – $2.88;
  • beauty salons (manicure) – $0.62;
  • carpet cleaning – $0.84;
  • permanent makeup – $0.56;
  • dentist – $1.35;
  • sale of large household appliances (refrigerators) – $1.17;
  • Korean cosmetics – $1.11;
  • shelves for cats – $0.74;
  • dog food – $2.10;
  • fertilizer for flowers – $0.50.

Important! The cost per click is based on averages for the whole of Sweden. The actual price can vary greatly, both up and down, depending on the quality of the ad and account structure, the quality of account maintenance, the quality of the landing page on the site, the chosen bidding strategy for a particular advertising campaign, and the selected portrait of the target audience.

How do we set up Google Ads at AdwService?

The price of traffic from Google Ads for this country is quite high, therefore, when setting up an advertising campaign for Sweden, installation of analytical systems on the site is mandatory.

Our analysts track not only which campaign brought the target visitor to the site, but also by which keyword he found the company’s site in the search engine. In this way, our team can effectively manage the campaign budget and allocate more funds to those advertising tools that really work.

We separately track the total number of leads, how many of them were targeted, the turnover within each category of goods and services. This approach allows you to scale sales from which the business receives more profit by taking into account the marginality of the average check in each specific product category.

In addition, within each category, we use different promotion strategies for at least 2-3 product groups. This is due to different price ranges within the same product category. Accordingly, different cost per click and target audience profile are used for impulse purchase products under $30 and products that cost more than $300.

At the stage of acquaintance with the project, we determine which products are the locomotives of sales, and which are related, which goods or services are needed constantly, and which are one-time. The client can track detailed sales statistics in real time using convenient online reporting in Google Data Studio.

12 interesting facts about the online advertising market in Sweden

  1. There were 9.88 million internet users in Sweden in January 2022.
  2. Average mobile internet connection speed over cellular networks is 59.61 Mbps.
  3. The average speed of a fixed Internet connection is 98.69 Mbps.
  4. There were 9.25 million active social media users in January 2022.
  5. Facebook is used by 5.90 million people in Sweden.
  6. Approximately 8.73 million Swedes use YouTube
  7. Instagram has over 6.15 million people.
  8. TikTok is used by 2.85 million people aged 18 and over in Sweden.
  9. Facebook Messenger has an audience of 5.05 million in 2022.
  10. According to GSMA Intelligence, there were 14.37 million cellular mobile connections in Sweden at the beginning of 2022.
  11. 10% of users made their first purchase online during the 2020-2021 pandemic.
  12. Among the search engines in Sweden, Google is the most common – its audience is 94.5% of all users. Another 3.28% use Bing. Yahoo! choose 1.24% of the Swedes, and the DuckDuckGo service accounts for 0.7% of the total audience. The remaining search engines in the aggregate are chosen by no more than 0.3% of Swedish Internet users.
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