Setting up Google Shopping ads in Kazakhstan

Google Shopping in Kazakhstan

Advertisers in Kazakhstan have had access to placing contextual ads in one of the largest Google search services for several years now. To implement marketing activities, this system offers companies a new convenient tool – shopping ads.

Important! Google Shopping in Kazakhstan is a relatively new tool. This type of contextual advertising makes it possible to promote the products of online stores on the network. Ads are published at the top of the search results and are distinguished by high conversion rates and low cost per click – from only 4 tenge.

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How does advertising on Google Shopping work?

Sample Shopping Ads

  1. A potential buyer enters a key phrase in the search, for example, “buy a washing machine”.
  2. At the beginning of the search results or in the module located on the right, directly above the competitors, a Google Shopping ad appears: an image of a product, accompanied by its brief characteristics, cost and store name.
  3. If a potential buyer is interested in the ad and clicks on it, they will be taken to a page with a detailed description of the product, possible payment and delivery methods. After reviewing the information, he can buy the product online.

What are the benefits of advertising in Google Merchant Center?

  • Wide coverage of potential buyers. Trade advertising is present not only in Google search, but is also displayed on the partner resources of the system.
  • Visual appeal. Such an ad can be accompanied by an image, which will make it stand out against the background of large blocks of text content. By adding information about the cost and characteristics of the product, you will enable the client to make a decision and make a purchase as quickly as possible.
  • New ad format. This type of ads has not yet managed to set the teeth on edge for regular Internet users. The blocks look quite fresh and interesting for a potential buyer.
  • Low competition. Shopping ads in Kazakhstan are rarely used by advertisers, so choosing this format can give you certain advantages. Compared to contextual campaigns, the competition here is softer, which increases your chances of being significantly more noticeable than competitors.

Cost of setting up Shopping ads in Kazakhstan

The price of Google Shopping advertising consists of two parts: the agency’s remuneration for the standard setup and maintenance of the campaign and the advertising budget itself, from which clicks are paid to the search engine.

A typical Google Shopping setup typically includes uploading a data feed, listing negative keywords, setting up analytics, setting goals, and registering with the Google Merchant Center. Further support is the refinement of the list of negative keywords, the analysis of intermediate results, the creation of a list of new queries, etc.

The cost of setting up commercial advertising in Kazakhstan ranges from 30-50 thousand tenges per month and depends on the complexity of the work performed by the agency. For example, you’ll pay less if you order shopping ad customization for an entire category, rather than for each item separately.

The size of the advertising budget for clicks on advertising starts from 50 thousand tenges per month. This amount is very approximate, because the total cost of advertising is determined by the area in which your online store operates.

What is included in the price of setting up shopping ads?

Setting up product advertising in Kazakhstan

The service of setting up product advertising campaigns for our customers from Kazakhstan include:

  • creating and setting up accounts in Google Ads and GMC;
  • implementation of automatic loading of product requests (product feed) from pages of certain categories or the entire website of the customer;
  • Google Analytics connection, tracking and analysis of incoming traffic based on the information collected by this system;
  • adjustment of cost per click in accordance with the campaign optimization strategy;
  • increasing ad reach;
  • splitting the campaign into several smaller ones in order to optimize targeted actions and refine targeting;
  • determining the most effective phrases, places and ad positions based on indicators of the actual number of targeted actions, funds spent and the effectiveness of each product group;
  • providing recommendations when it is necessary to develop additional or optimize existing landing pages to improve the effectiveness of advertising;
  • implementation of A/B testing for managing bids in product campaigns;
  • connection of rules and scripts developed by our specialists, which allow automating campaign management as much as possible;
  • Providing detailed monthly reporting
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