Franchise: sales growth points from Google Ads advertising

Точки роста продаж из рекламы Гугл Адс Contextual advertising

Hello everyone. Today I want to talk about franchises. A question arose from one of the potential clients last week. I would like to expand in the video to use it further. Video disclaimer, which we’ll talk about later. We need here. What is already in the project. Let’s touch on the challenges, customer avatars. Where is the starting point for business now. What can be improved. Let’s take a look at Google ads. Let’s go through the categorization, other items. As a result, those who see what is not in the video can already form actions, technical specifications for programmers, checklists. Let’s continue or start.

Sales. Franchise sales. Let’s talk about the markets of Ukraine. Sushi. Sushi can be written three times. What can from the options for starting a business, the sushi option is chosen by, well, 30-40 percent, maybe half of all franchises they are related to sushi, with delivery. Also popular are pizzerias, VR rooms, game clubs, kebabs, maybe burgers, Asian food, beauty salons, barbershops, service stations for installing gas on cars, dentistry, implants.

Categorization of franchises

What to add? I would divide the franchises into those that directly depend on the point, on the location, on the traffic of the place. A beauty salon, a barbershop, if not well-known, some kind of network, and not directly dependent on the traffic of people that pass through this point. One option.

The second option is when they can serve people, as in a small room. Or not serve at the point, on the square. Sushi is small only with delivery. Some delivery within a radius of two or three kilometers is possible. Expands greatly opportunities for potential customers. Therefore, potentially, those who will buy this franchise are also thinking, trying on those points, options for areas of residence where they would like to launch this franchise, in which city, regional center. Here is the disposition.

The question was: is the site already franchised, we are selling the site, sales experience, the site has already passed the baptism of fire, what would you advise on Google advertising, how to scale, improve, guarantees, options.

What is already there?

Let’s take it apart in order, let’s clarify what we already have in blocks. It’s important to understand the business before you start… Let’s wrap it up for now. A little. Later we will dwell on avatars in more detail.

1. Website/packaging/positioning

Starting point, don’t sell through OLX. It is possible to sell through OLX. It’s OK. If beautifully packaged via PDF files – commercial offers. The starting point is your website. Then it is possible to talk about Google advertising. The site has ideally already passed the baptism of fire with traffic. He already has – it’s clear that some kind of conversion is small, there were some attempts to launch Google ads, Facebook traffic.

He may be getting organic traffic. Perhaps there is some kind of packaging. Implies both the packaging of meaning in the site and the commercial offer. You see, positioning is for whom, with whom you will not work, who is your client, who is not yours. Basic option. Do you understand? Excellent.

2. Information/sales video

I separate the informational video and the selling video separately. Ideally, something that 80 percent of people no longer have. Any business selling a franchise, I’m sure you’ll get it. After adequate communication with the majority, you will understand that these are adequate people, I want to meet and, possibly, buy in the future. No video. Photo of the owner and not signed by the owner. Informational video from those people who packed. From people who will accompany this franchise for six months, a year. Important.

Ideally, a selling video. Perhaps a Q&A video, classic questions. 20-30 classic questions frequently asked by clients. Record a video once, 20 short videos or in a half-hour, hour-long video, tell people the answers to classic questions, where with time codes a person can open the ones they are interested in – additional Google traffic. Why stop there? Let’s get back to the feature video. Where is it possible to use? Why is it good?

3. Google Ads Account with Statistics

It allows you to understand how the site is adequate to the market. How appropriate is the packaging? To what extent people are willing to buy the offer. The ideal situation is that you come already and there are already break-even sales. Come, we make the project much better. With settings, with quality support. Starting point – the site is adequate to the market, it works at least break even or with a small profit. Starting point is good. You already understand, not just a created site, a business card or an informational one that does not understand how to sell.

4. Successes / Leads / Meetings / Sales

There are fixed successes, leads, meetings, sales. If we are talking about a franchise, the average check is usually $25,000, $20,000. The franchise starts from 16 thousand dollars – small sushi places without places to eat inside. With a delivery radius, just more sushi – 25 thousand dollars, there are such franchises. There are more expensive ones. There are already received leads. Launched an advertising campaign. A month has passed. 10 leads. Of these, 5 meetings. 5 leads – either junk or non-target, not yours. They’ve been filtered out. There were 5 physical meetings and one franchise sale. Spent some small amount of money on advertising. Already breakeven. This machine works. It’s good when friends and acquaintances bought this franchise after talking. Ideally, when we already have reviews of satisfied customers.


Let’s move on to one more item. base block. Fine. Great. Go ahead. What are the challenges? Why does a business usually have a request when a business is applying, or when a business at some stage thinks about scaling up sales and increasing in the future, about the prospects of six months, one and a half years, three years. How can it be improved? Where to pull additional sales? Call. There may be more. Those that I see, feel, hurt business.

1. Uneven sales, leads per month

There may be several months, sometimes two or three sales per month. Can, when zero. And leads are uneven throughout the month. Irregularity throughout the year by months.

2. A small number of leads / sales for analysis in the Google Ads account / in the sales department

Next call. What do I mean? I mean any algorithm that works at Google, employee or independently, uses some kind of data set. 10 leads, better 50, 100 leads to improve, redo creatives, improve positioning, swap pages for landings, raise some video higher. In a different way, start communication with the client, add something to the sales department, questions to the checklist, so as not to waste time on the wrong one. Initially, it is difficult for a business to understand until half a year, a year has passed, how to improve what is now. Statistics are usually not collected enough.

3. Unlikely to re-sell on referrals in another region/city/district

What do you mean? Here is Lvov. There is a microdistrict in which a friend or potential client bought a land franchise. In the microdistrict, the second franchise, do not sell it to a friend who lives nearby. Let’s say a better example, a district center for 12,000 people. In the center, such points, as a rule, will be in the center. When one person in the center has already delivered sushi, then the second friend, acquaintance, godfather, who wants to recapture the franchise in 10 months with an income of $ 2,000 per month, then earn a net profit every month, it’s not a fact that he can get money. Profit from the second point will be less, share in half. At a lower percentage for sure. We are talking about small towns, microdistricts where they are located, two points of land of the same brand will be located side by side.

4. Decision time can be long

We spent two months investing in traffic generation, Google advertising, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, email marketing, various other types, as a result we got 50 leads. We understand that for 80 percent of targeted leads, you need time to think. The decision may take 3-6 months. 10 months before the decision is made, after the meeting or after the first visit to the site. Time is stretched for analysis. You don’t fully understand in the middle of the period, after a month of starting work, how much you are willing to spend for a dirty lead, a target lead, a final meeting and how to further improve this mechanic. After, say, a year, you will begin to understand. It’s okay, don’t worry, it’s normal. Now they are ready to pay, conditionally, such and such an amount for a lead, to receive such and such an amount for a meeting at the exit. We understand that sales will catch up in 2-3 months, in six months, in such and such a percentage. Already tested. We understand for each category of requests what works. We’ll focus on Google Ads guidelines later. Let’s talk more about categories.

The challenges may vary depending on the specific niche. There can be not only sushi, but a specific niche, region. Specificity. They need to be talked about, about the people buying this franchise. Much will depend on how they implement it, what they thought about when they bought this franchise. What they wanted to have, they thought they would just sit around doing nothing, and everything would be done for them. They had an adequate idea of ​​strength and resources, that it was necessary to invest not only money, but also time resources, acquiring new skills.

Customer avatars

What are there? Let’s see, I sketched it using the brainstorming method. New options are welcome. Perhaps there will be more, or there are too many now. Let’s talk about when we get to Google ads, why there are too many for a PPC specialist in the first stage.

1. Earned/l abroad, want the same income in Ukraine

One of the first portraits of the target audience – they earned money abroad, the family, together, traveled, earned money in Poland, in another European country, the initial capital is 20, 25, 30, 40 thousand dollars. They want to return to Ukraine, work in Ukraine, in their native small town, microdistrict in Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, open a pizzeria or sushi. Get no less income than they earned in Europe. Earn income in Ukraine and live here with your family, with relatives and friends, already with a new quality, with a new level of income.

In this case, you should understand how to set up ads separately for this story. What kind of targeting. What period of the year is the most intense? What part of the year people can be in what part of the world. If workers from Zahidnaya Ukraine, then there is a high probability that in April they will come for three or four weeks, for 3-4 weeks. They will arrive before the Catholic Easter. They will come to Ukraine. They will spend more money. They will start buying some … household appliances, new washing machines, some other things. They will spend money in Ukraine. Before that, they will be interested in questions with the settings of the Ukrainian or Russian language. To be in Poland, in other cities of Europe, working there, earning money.

2. Woman Serial Entrepreneur 35-45 years

Perhaps this is not her first business launch, but her second, third. She does not need to communicate, consult with her husband, man, dad, with someone else. Will make a decision on his own. Possibly divorced. She understands what it means to fill bumps when starting some kind of initial business that she did. He understands what he pays for. Relevant requirement. Fine. Another approach.

3. Male serial entrepreneur 35-45 years old

The same. Close to the previous portrait. May differ in emotional attachment. It is more that the sales department understands how to change accents when communicating. To convey the same information in terms of meanings, but with different accents. A woman joins the brand more, and for a man, facts are important, figures, indicators in the first place. Sometimes, you can’t say that they are not important for a woman, a serial entrepreneur.

4. Wife, son / daughter, you need to take their time with “cool work” until the age of 30

Perhaps this franchise, business, this point will be bought – this is the fourth example, the wife, son / daughter are not busy. You need to take a cool job in the opinion of the buyer who invests in this franchise, a cool job. They are 25-30 years old. They want to give a load of business. Say my son, my wife, my daughter, they bought a business, they now control it, they work. Another mood. Decision making comes in symbiosis. This must be taken into account.

5. An alternative to unstable incomes (not always white)

Messages, other creatives, alternatives over unstable income, not always white. There were some, conditionally, officials who received non-white incomes, they want to receive a less profitable, more stable income. There are similar people on the market. For the second family member, they want to start a business. Maybe a network of businesses in the city, in the district center.

6. Professional, master, chef wants to work for himself

Similar to the first portrait of the target audience. Made some money. It refers to this as a favorite business of life. Emphasis on quality customer service. Messages. Calculation cards have been worked out, worked out, if for a woman of a serial entrepreneur, a man, you will start to say that the regulatory sheets, well-established processes. When somewhere there is a failure in hiring employees in all places of things, in the case of a professional, a master will need to be done … A sushi chef who has earned 25 thousand dollars that he wants to invest in … A chef working in another – wants a pizzeria, then you need to focus on regulation, product quality, approach to organizing production activities. This will be more interesting. Emphasis on creatives, emphasis on the website, emphasis on the video. It is possible to do it separately. In fact, record different videos for each of the portraits of the target audience.

7. Legacy first business attempt

Customer avatar. Got an inheritance. It doesn’t matter, man, woman, young, older. First attempt at starting a business. Would like to start a business like this. He also has rose-colored glasses. Maybe not your client. Worth checking out. To do this, it will be necessary, then we will talk about the categorization of customers.

8. Wealthy person, there are assistants immediately wants a network of points in the city / cities

Wealthy man. Assistant, immediately wants a network of points in the city, cities. What is the nuance? A wealthy person may be interested in investment options, conditionally, VR rooms, if now in a trend, virtual reality rooms, gaming halls. He wants to immediately put five dots or three dots in the city for 300 thousand.

It is not a fact that he will search. Perhaps there are already assistants in the business that is working now. He will prepare this information. Of the 10 franchise options, call, ask for commercial offers. There is a separate format of communication, how to communicate with them. The sales department already knows, if it has come across such customers, how to communicate with them. How to access the decision maker. In most cases, do not get access directly to the decision maker willing to pay. Start communicating with those who prepare the information. To go through this stage and get to this meeting, to communicate with a person, you need to understand how to achieve, on what conditions.

9. You already have your own premises/premises, an alternative to renting out

The ninth option. There is already room. The property is an alternative to renting out. The owner of the premises of some or a network of premises. He thinks that in this place the stars converged, the magnetic fields, that a pizzeria, sushi will work there anyway. Will be successful for the ninth portrait of the target audience if one franchise. It may not be worth spending time on it if you immediately see after categorizing the client that the client is not suitable. The franchise will not suit him, or you can tell the criteria by which he can understand whether he is suitable or not. You need to think about how to communicate with such people, what are the criteria for continuing communication, spending time on it. Each commercial offer – may be a waste of time or perhaps there is some preliminary version of the commercial proposal, the general one that you send. It’s fast. Okay.


The next item. Geo block. It should be considered separately. This is a potential source of performance improvement for Google ads when viewed from a slightly different angle. Small towns in Ukraine are undeservedly overlooked. The conclusion I can draw Start a business in a city with a population of over one million, a regional center. Not everyone understands that B2B products can also be in demand. Not massively, but the market, let’s say, like a blue ocean. If there is some kind of regional center, 10-30 thousand people, in which there is a pronounced center, if it is Western Ukraine. There will be more money for people. The district center, small towns are undeservedly overlooked in Ukraine. There people have money and this audience can be singled out separately in Google targeting. They can be separately, increase the cost per click, increase the probability. Very often a situation may arise when traffic is called out in a day in large cities. In the evening, at the end of the day, when people from the regional center want to look, there may not be money left for them. Perhaps it is worth separating these things, on the contrary, lower the cost that they are willing to pay per click. Ideally. To draw a conclusion after three or two months of work, after collecting statistics on leads that were categorized, the sales department as target.

Conclusions from this thing. It is possible that million-plus cities are separating. Perhaps you single out regional centers, then you need to look separately. Other, depending on the niche, there may be some other things, the initial ones need to be analyzed. fine. We will collect things. Next, another point.

Next block. What needs to be controlled? In what things, what to improve? We move on to the second block when we understand the basic starting point. How do we start now, where is the project, business, at what stage of growth and development. Completely naked, barefoot or there is some basic information, a site, running traffic for the first month, two. 10 leads received from Google Ads. There were five meetings. There was one sale. There is a packed PDF file. Great. No video. There is no deep study of the target audience. What worked and works. How to improve?

1. Market share 80+%

Let’s talk about Google advertising. First, we control the team’s market share, the percentage of impressions received inside Google Ads ads is 80.85 percent for those queries that are hot. Up to the maximum with the identified need. What requests?

The first block is requests with an identified need “Buy a sushi franchise”, “Sushi is a ready-made business”. A ready-made business is perhaps a separate category. Completely what needs to be worked out. Perhaps not all requests from them are needed. People want to buy ready-made premises, which have some lease terms. There are already employees there and all things are a little different. You need to look in this direction of requests.

Also the category by geo. Sushi franchise Kyiv, sushi franchise Lviv, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk. fine. Great. There are requests. According to them, you control the team or do it yourself. How clean the traffic is, minus the obvious garbage. If in doubt – better minus. It is better to leave money for quality requests. There is a lot of time in the day and people can, before going to bed, at 10 pm go in to read the information. You need to understand, for people – a dream. The embodiment of a dream – own business, work for yourself, own income. They can read in the evening, at 10 pm. Can read at work when there is a break. In transport, while traveling, study this information. Hot queries must have a budget in your ad account.

Important. Ready-made business was stolen. Need to test.

Competitors. Market neighbors. Beginner, wait until the neighbors in the market to spend money. You already feel more or less confident – launch this category, select your market neighbors. Under no circumstances, in ads do not say that we are this company. Write the strengths, separately control the advertising campaign, for each keyword – how expensive the transitions are.

You will definitely pay more than the owner of such a competitor’s business directly. It will be beneficial to receive targeted leads from there and start talking about the strengths, in comparison with it, then test it with some adequate amount, understandable. Get the cost per lead. Do not rush to conclusions. Get the cost of the target lead. It is desirable to meet. Then you draw conclusions to continue spending money on it or something needs to be changed.

For the search group, the main thing for the business owner is to control the market share of 80, 85 percent, the percentage of impressions received. The basic task in Google advertising is to collect all the hot traffic that is. Don’t waste money on trash. On it to acquaint users with the site, with the packaging. This is the first task.

3. Performance Max, remarketing

Next, we can talk about the launch of Performance Max advertising campaigns with a picture, with information. Test impressions in search results, on partner sites. You can talk about remarketing. Ellipsis. Ideally, with the accumulated statistics, launch multi-level remarketing. As a rule, due to the small number of users, it is difficult to launch multi-level remarketing for such narrow B2B segments. If you already feel confident, you have several franchises: sushi, VR rooms, dentistry, kebabs, pizzerias, you understand that if one franchise option does not suit a person at a point or in the area where you are, you can offer another franchise option, what will beneficial. It will pay off, even if not in 10 months. Let it pay off in 12-15 months. Then it will open up and start earning more. Build a client base.

4. Video of the RK

The video of the RK is important. Allow what was said in the first part of the video. RK allows for 4 cents you can introduce a potential client, if not hot, warm, cool, a potential client that just thought or talked to someone about this topic. Got into targeting. Introduce him to the video. This allows you to get traffic to the site for a small amount, earn trust. At first, you don’t worry about making some expensive videos, expensive, rich. Do just the basic things. Write them down, tell us about you, tell the answers to the main questions that customers ask. Tell who is your client, who is not yours. Introduce a potential client to you. This cooperation is enough for a long period for a person, and he must understand with whom the relationship will take place 6 months, 12. Well, the video said.

5. USP, targeting

I see. These things can be improved. Change the unique selling proposition to match the avatars of customers that were spoken before. Change targeting. Take into account district centers, regional. Consider… You can talk not only about geotargeting, but also about the income of people in Google advertising that are collected. Geographic targeting. Take into account the pendulum immigration of people. They may be interested in launching sushi not only in the suburbs. Sushi franchise in Lviv – people are in the suburbs, or they may be in another country, in a completely different country.

Take this into account when setting up geographic targeting. Pendulum – the migration of people who are needed. Adjustments for cost per click by region. Great. Be sure to use automatic strategies. Change with manual. Don’t jump to conclusions if you’ve seen manual strategies work well somewhere – just use them. Only automatic. Only them. Combine in different types of advertising campaigns. Use differently. Looked for 10, 12 days there was no result or seven – change, play around with the settings so that Google’s algorithms start looking for slightly different people than those they were looking for before. Use look alike audiences to launch too. Here are the main things. To sum up the block of recommendations, according to Google advertising – the block of search queries is hot. The percentage of received impressions in Google advertising is 80-85 percent. Launched informational video with an inexpensive cost per click in geographic targeting that is needed or by look-alike audiences. As a result, you get hot customers who got acquainted with the site and new potential customers who were introduced to themselves through the video, and already under the video you go to the site where a person can get to know the condition in more detail, leave a request.

Important understand – you are not selling a franchise. Selling an appointment. Website, sales department – sells the meeting. Videos sell trust. Build trust and sell the meeting. When it becomes clear, it will be a little easier to set up an advertising campaign. Don’t sell the franchise. Perhaps something will change soon in the market. Until now, this is how it works. There is a lead, a call. After the whole meeting, if it came up. After the meeting, some kind of conversion of the sales department, conversion, if you sell, into the final deal. Okay.

Lead categorization

It’s not clear, I see a similar question from a business that unevenly distribute the time of the sales department or the time for, there is no lead categorization. Everyone spends the same amount of time, or they don’t spend the same amount of time. What am I talking about? As a rule, in a running business, category A customers. 10 percent of customers willing to pay now. They are with money. Trust after communication. Ready to negotiate a deal right now.

Category B. 70, 80 percent of customers with money. Suitable, but need motivation “why now?” They don’t understand “Well, I’ll buy it in six months? Well, I’ll think about it in a year. Now I’ll invest money in an apartment, and then we’ll collect some time and return.” It seems like the main category of the client gets everything.

Probably category C. Not suitable. After categorization by some conditions.

Category D. Random people who scored. They are not interested in the topic. A, B, C category – they were interested in the topic of the franchise, they hit the right place. They’ve been categorized, sales department. Category D – junk leads that have nothing to do with the business, with the request. When you categorize them, it will become a little better in what form to spend, how much time for this categorization.

What am I talking about? When packed, the presentation is universal, you can slightly change the packaging for different portraits of the target audience, a PDF file that sends the final commercial offer or a miscalculation that you make individually to the client after categorization. That’s it for this block.

Website conversion layer

Quiz form, video information, calculator. There are actually more of them. You can go to the site to see how the contextual advertising payback calculator was created. It allows a person to independently, incognito, poke buttons, enter parameters into the payback calculator and understand for what period he has, understandable estimate, understandable … Basic information that is entered. Visually engages a person in communication. It already teaches a person, like a small child, to poke fingers on the site and this brings them together.

Informative video. Talked about them. I will stop again. Allows you to earn trust. One informational video for a minute, according to the degree of trust, can replace a site of ten pages that is packed and painted. Video – facial expressions, communication, a different level of trust. Therefore, video.

Quiz form is a great helper. I’ll give you some tips on how to do it well. Up to 5, up to 7 questions. Better up to 5, up to 4, up to 5 answers to the questions asked. Classic sales department questions after three to five questions/answers to understand the amount, what the person wants to invest, how close the purchase is. Just one of the questions you can ask, if you want to invest in starting a business: the next month, the next quarter, the next six months, the next year or the timing has not been determined. Four possible answers, which will already say a lot. You are looking for a point up to 16 square meters, up to 20 square meters, up to 30 square meters, or you are considering investing in a franchise network in a city, district, in different cities. Possible answer. This is a different degree of interest in a potential client.

Variants of questions in the Quiz form. The quiz form will take 30 seconds. Answers to this form, which will become the second screen on the site. Repeat below or make a transfer to it, submitting the Quiz form data. Quiz form will allow the sales department to respond to these leads more selectively and qualitatively.

Technical layer of the site

We made a great site. The programmer made it in such a way that video pictures are loaded in 4-5 seconds. 30, 40, 60 percent of traffic comes from mobile. People meet on mobile. Some part leaves a request directly in the mobile version. Some of it goes to the website. He comes from the computer, finishes studying this information, leaves a request from the computer. Google just always tries to link these client-id, unique user parameters, users under different accounts, in order to understand that this is the same person. With what intensity in the issuance of advertising to show, marketing to repeat.

Technical layer. Moved a little to the side. technical layer. How to improve your finished practical terms of reference at this link. – improving the landing page for the site. Allows you to tell the programmer, set the task: I need you to bring my site out there, in the green zone, is it possible? He will say for sure, perhaps about improving the quality of the pictures. It is possible to improve the video, make the download according to the script so that the picture is shown at the beginning, a screenshot from the video. And after clicking on the button – the script started downloading the video. Because it pulls the place. You can delay the launch of the Google tag manager there or move it after the visible part of the screen is displayed so that people do not leave. The main goal is to improve the technical layer, so that users can already see, better before, the display of information on a mobile phone after two seconds. In Google PageSpeed, right in the tab, there is separate information for the mobile tab, separately for PCs, for computers and separately for mobile phones.

The task, if done on some platform, is standard. The site, at least, you can optimize the content. Pictures are usually a pain. You have an overweight picture that you have twisted or images – no need, it will never be the right size. The picture needs to be reduced, optimized without loss of visual quality. Bring the technical layer of the site into the green zone by a programmer for Mobile and for PC.

Packing a second business into a franchise for the purpose of upselling

We are talking about what can be improved, then there was that situation in the calls when we hit a sale. Low chance of repeat sales. The profit from the launch of the second point in the same area, region or district center of the second land franchise, the profit from the two points will be divided, conditionally speaking, in half. If only there was one. It is hard to scale the launch of a second business (franchise) makes upselling to people. When you can sell a non-competing second franchise to the same person you bought, or to a friend you know, a brother who liked it, godfather liked working with you. You say, but he bought. Live in the same area. If you want to make a franchise, start not a sushi place, but a pizzeria. Pizzeria franchise. Or, if the area in the city is saturated with sushi and pizzerias, launch a game room, a virtual reality room, or some other. Two offers, three offers, you can increase leverage, increase profits, the effectiveness of investing money in one target lead.

The main point of this video is that we are not selling a franchise on the site. We earn the trust of a potential client, introduce him, inform him about the product. We are trustworthy and, after that, we sell the meeting. As soon as it becomes clear. It will be easier to generate creatives, establish categorization in the sales department. After that, it usually gets more fun. You understand which of the leads should be given more time, and which should not be spent on.

This is the main thing. We talked about the search block. Basic moments. Will there be questions? Ask. As a result, the actions that you take to improve beyond what was said are the TOR for the programmer, where you throw a link to Terms of reference for improving the semantic or conversion layer of the site, or the technical layer of the site, or for changing the creative for portraits, avatars of customers. I got some ideas.

Number of customer avatars

Thing I haven’t touched. This is by perhaps the number of customer avatars for Google to advertise them. Yes, it is impossible, at the initial stage of launch. There are definitely too many of them. An advertising campaign will not have time to fire up, so it is ideal to assemble it, as in another B2B segment, where there will be requests. What you collect in a month can be collected in a week, in two days by the number of leads by traffic, by the number of clicks, impressions. They have a much higher intensity of collecting statistics. Containers with data, with client-id sets, will have time to form separately. There are 100 people, 200, 1000 people of users who clicked on ads, which will allow you to launch multi-level remarketing separately according to the portraits of the target audience.

At the initial stage, if we are talking about the Ukrainian market, there are not enough people in the first month . It is possible to set up the collection of two, three, five audiences by the time people visit the site. Either by gender, or by age somehow cut. Don’t crush too much. Let’s say, for a quarter, for a month it will meet. To do this, such an audience gathered faster.

The advantages of informational videos

I recommend launching additional informational videos. Advertising on them, so that they additionally pop up in SEO promotion. What’s the plus. What is the second search engine in the world after Google in Ukraine, in the USA, in the developed world in terms of the number of requests? Until now. correct answer. Not Bing, not Yahoo!, not Baidu. This is YouTube. People search YouTube for quite a lot of queries. The Google search results show that many have seen in the zero search results at the top of the screen a YouTube video is shown with a link to a specific minute of the video, where a person begins to speak the answer to the question asked.

You can additionally arrange the video that was posted on the YouTube channel at the bottom. Write three paragraphs about what the video is about. Briefly tell. You can make timecodes or Google will tie up timecodes at the bottom of the video. Decrypt video. This can be seen from the presence of subtitles. 3-6 hours pass, the video uploaded to YouTube gets subtitles. You can use the application to download, upload and the finished article on the site additionally for SEO promotion, possibly with unique content that can be brushed up a little, any copywriter, or soon perhaps artificial intelligence, brushed it up a little. You have a video that you can place not only on the page, but also on the main page on any other YouTube channel page.

Google results in zero results. The video can be shown if it is well filmed. You will feel and see which videos will be shown over time, the answer to the customer’s question in the text search results additionally. Plus, an increase in the conversion of the site on the site.

Recommendations are basic. Where do you need to start, what to focus on in order for advertising, the project to be more effective and understand at what stage of growth it is already possible to talk about scaling. In the beginning, we got sales, tested, got breakeven and some small profit. Then talk about scaling, increasing the result more.

If you have any questions – write in the comments. good fortune. Bye.

Сергей Шевченко
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