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Order contextual advertising setup or create a campaign yourself?

Many business owners ask this question, and it’s no wonder – Google Adwords is the largest online advertising network in the world and the most powerful tool for driving targeted traffic to the site. For example, for Ukraine, 90% of search traffic comes from the Google search engine.

You may get the impression that contextual advertising is a magic button, by clicking on which, you will be covered by a tsunami of customers and orders. But this is only possible if the campaign is set up correctly. Causes:

  • Unfortunately (or fortunately) you are not alone in your niche, which means that you will have to share the “wave of orders” with someone else;
  • Incorrectly configured advertising can work “to zero” or even bring losses to the company;
  • In order for a campaign to pay off and start generating income, an inexperienced specialist often needs to “drain” thousands of hryvnias of the advertising budget for tests.

In order to get the most out of contextual advertising (as many conversions as possible at the best price) and not waste precious time and budget on independent attempts, we recommend entrusting the setting up of a Google Adwords advertising campaign to professionals who, through trial and error, have learned how to do it most effectively.

How many calls and sales will I get by ordering contextual advertising from you?

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What should be taken into account to effectively set up and maintain contextual advertising?

Google Adwords Contextual Advertising Settings Professional setting of contextual advertising involves:

  • Defining the goal of an advertising campaign. One of the important points is that the strategy and budget depend on it. The specialist can work on: increasing the number of orders, increasing brand awareness, increasing targeted traffic to the site (another resource), etc.;
  • Correctly assembled semantic core. This will ensure that only targeted traffic flows to the site. Why spend money on the request “I will buy a house rose” if you have an auto repair shop?
  • Campaign targeting (geographic, temporal, behavioral). It is important to always understand where your target customer is, at what time he is looking for a certain product / service, where to show him an ad based on his interests, from which device he accesses the Internet. For example, if your auto repair shop is located in Kyiv on Obolon, you can set up impressions within a radius of 3 kilometers from the desired address and get the “warmest” customers who will be most interested in advertising;
  • Tracking the performance of written ads. Are ads bringing in customers, are ad quality scores growing;
  • Deep analytics to track overall project performance. The selection of words, the creation of banners, ads, videos is an important and obligatory part of the work, but it will not bring results if constant analytics is not carried out. Which sites were most effective, how to distribute the budget more rationally – only an experienced analyst will answer these questions;
  • Constant analysis of competitor activity. One of the most important factors in setting up contextual advertising. The pie has to be divided among those who fight for it. If we know how a competitor behaves in the market, we can beat him.

How do specialists of our agency set up Google contextual advertising?


Working with the Adwservice agency, you get a team of certified specialists with more than 5 years of experience in setting up ads on Google as partners. Here are just a few of our capabilities that we apply to our clients’ campaigns:

  1. We predict the results of the campaign even before the start of work. How many clicks the client will receive and how much it will cost him, a contextual advertising specialist can predict even when analyzing the client’s subject. If the contextologist has already had experience with similar Google Adwords campaigns, he can judge its effectiveness and predict how much to invest to get the required number of orders;
  2. We work with any Google tools. With us, you can not only order the setting of Google contextual advertising in search results, but also advertising in the CCM (on partner sites), YouTube video ads and more;
  3. Transparent reporting. In order for our clients to be able to monitor the expenditure of invested funds and the effectiveness of the advertising campaign, they receive access to reports 24/7, Google Analytics;
  4. Effective analytics. We track user behavior and analyze what stopped them from placing an order, at what point they decided to place an order and why;
  5. Composing attractive ad texts. They should be short (less than 100 letters), but at the same time they should interest a potential client in 2-3 seconds.

Checklist: how to check a contextual advertising setup specialist?

Checklist: Checking PPC Specialist Performance Order contextual advertising

You ordered Google Ads contextual advertising: what’s next?


Setting up and maintaining contextual advertising on a turnkey basis involves two stages. At the first stage, the account is initially prepared for work, the goals and strategy for the project are agreed with the client, the list of keywords and the target audience are approved:

  • We start work on the project immediately the next business day after the invoice is paid. Account manager and web analyst make up the terms of reference;
  • Our specialists select keywords (queries) that potential customers use to search for your product on the Internet. As a rule, in the first month of work, we recommend choosing the most converting queries for launch in order to take over a part of the market as quickly as possible at the start, starting with the hottest traffic in the search advertisement campaign;
  • We agree with you the list of collected keywords. Separately, we highlight the conversion keys separately;
  • We form text ads for keywords and agree with the client. We create texts of advertisements based on the strengths of your company;
  • We discuss the choice of banners and text ads that we will use and the main settings (display time, geography, audience lists);
  • We set up comprehensive analytics for all channels and traffic sources: setting goals, microconversions, Call Tracking goals, finding out the site’s conversion rate;
  • Setting up a “Google My Business” profile (if there is an existing one, link Ads to the “My Business” account). This will allow you to add office addresses to advertisements, find you by those who are nearby, and show your location on Google Maps;
  • Creating remarketing lists for macro and micro conversions;
  • We create adaptive banners for remarketing (suitable for any size of advertising space);
  • We develop a strategy to achieve the goals set for the advertising account (to be specified with the client);
  • We give recommendations for improving the site (behavioral factors, conversion growth);
  • Place ads on the search and display network;
  • To set up analytics and fix conversions, to perform other technical tasks for the project, the participation of a specialist from your side is required, who will be able to perform the work we need in accordance with the provided terms of reference.

How is the advertising campaign conducted (supported)?

Content and optimization of contextual advertising After the initial setup (the first 10 days of work on the project) and throughout the entire cooperation, we carry out a contextual advertising campaign. Support involves a set of work on improvements to the project (increasing conversions and minimizing the cost of one application). For this we:

  1. We display ads in the optimal position in the advertising issue;
  2. We monitor the position in the advertising issue and adjust it if necessary;
  3. We conduct A/B testing of ads in order to increase their click-through rate;
  4. Adding new keywords and disabling ineffective ones;
  5. Updating graphic banners;
  6. We are working on a quality indicator to reduce the cost of traffic;
  7. Filtering non-target requests, systematically working on cleaning traffic;
  8. we are working on a list of negative keywords (in order to stop inappropriate impressions). In the process of constant support, we fill the account with more and more new lists of such words;
  9. We eliminate internal competition between requests within the account;
  10. Manage your advertising budget;
  11. We monitor expenses and, if necessary, adjust them;
  12. Analyze received conversions (applications and calls);
  13. At your initiative, we prepare and launch promotions. We monitor the dynamics of achieving the main goals of the account;
  14. We analyze the most effective advertising campaigns and optimize or disable ineffective ones;
  15. We conduct intermediate communications with the client, discuss the results achieved in the form of the quality and quantity of potential orders (leads) and their cost. Furthermore, we agree on the advertising budget for the next period;
  16. We give recommendations on improving the selling characteristics of the site based on the data received from Google Analytics.

Popular Questions

  • Accompanying a campaign is just as important as setting it up. An experienced and conscientious specialist regularly updates the lists of negative keywords, tests new creatives and ad texts, analyzes the effectiveness of sites on the Display Network and removes ineffective ones from the lists. Working with a good contractor company, you regularly receive proposals for improving the performance of the AC, and recommendations for optimization. The result is a consistently low CPC and only targeted clicks.
  • Google wants to make contextual advertising as effective as possible so that it only shows to targeted users who have an intent to make a purchase. Therefore, the display of ads depends on many factors, including the personalization of the issuance. The system analyzes how often the user enters a particular request, what requests he clicks on, which pages he goes to and where he performs targeted actions more often (leaves orders). Therefore, the most reliable way to check if your ad is showing is to go to the AdWords advertising account and see the statistics. There is data on the number of clicks and impressions for a certain period.
  • PPC Specialist can only provide a certain amount of traffic to a site. It cannot guarantee that the user decides to order a service or product from you. To get conversions, you need to work with the landing page – analyze how user-friendly it is, whether the information is presented in an accessible way, whether there is an adaptive version of the site. Compare your prices and delivery terms, guarantees with competitors and try to do better than theirs, and constantly work to improve the site and then the result will not be long in coming.
  • Despite the popular belief that setting up contextual advertising is not a difficult process, it is far from being the case. Yes, anyone can launch an advertising campaign, but the price of a mistake is too high, especially in competitive topics, where the cost of a click can be from $1 and more. If with small budgets, advertising set up by a beginner can be acceptable and even perform its functions, then for large companies with large budgets and competitive niches, self-configuration can negatively affect the return on investment and profitability of the business.
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