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Today, a third of the transitions from mobile devices are navigational. And there is a constant trend towards an increase in their number. To promote a business with a physical address, you need to register a company in the Google My Business system and pay attention to the design of the company’s personal page in this system.

You can add contact information there: physical address, phone number, company name. The preview image on Google Maps directly affects the CTR. In addition, the rating is also affected by the presence of positive reviews about the company and comments. Setting up a company profile in maps correctly can take a long time, but it is really important for attracting customers.

If your organization’s profile is not shown high enough on the maps, you can set up ads on Google Maps.

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What does contextual advertising look like in Google Maps?

Context advertising in Google maps

In Google Maps, you can not only get into local searches, but also use local ads for your company. They can be seen in the front rows of the issuance, and such ads are marked as advertising. When setting up contextual advertising in Google maps, you only need to specify information on where to redirect the user after clicking.

What types of clicks are there on Google Maps ads?

CPC applies to local search ads for Google Maps PPC ads. The advertiser pays for the following types of clicks:

  • Transitions to the landing page – the cost is debited if the user, having made a click, got to the page with the product;
  • Clicks on interactive numbers is an action during which the client tries to contact the advertiser using the specified phone number;
  • Routes – by clicking “routes” a person can find out how to get to the organization correctly and conveniently;
  • Location information – by clicking on the ad, the client expands it and gets more accurate information.

In Google Ads, you can view statistics for all types of clicks in detail. This can be done like this:

  • Go to the desired section called Campaigns;
  • Then click on “Ad groups”;
  • After go to “Ads and Extensions”;
  • Next, go to the “Keywords” section.

In the last section, you need to click on the “Segment” icon and select the type of click that you are interested in. If an advertiser plans to attract a lot of customers at an organization’s location, then Google Maps is the ideal option for creating an ad. Creativity is not required, and advertising itself will be relatively inexpensive.

How to enable ads on Google map?

Google My Business

Owners of “My Business” pages often wonder how to create and customize the display of contextual advertising in Google Maps. It will not be possible to purposefully create such an advertisement and guarantee the number of views either, however, the advertiser can increase the likelihood of the ad appearing on the map.

Advertising appears on Google Maps under the following conditions:

  • In the “My Business” section of the Google service, the advertiser must have an account. The page should contain full information about the advertised organization;
  • In Google Adwords, you need to configure the “Addresses” extension. To do this, link Google Awards and the “My Business” section. When an ad is displayed, its address will be shown, however, if there are several addresses, then you will need to use filters;
  • In the Google Ads account, you must activate the display of advertising on Google partner sites;
  • It is also necessary to set the average position for the target query in the TOP-3.

If you follow the above recommendations, the client will see the advertiser’s ad at the time when he is near the organization, he is interested in the goods and services provided by it.

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