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Google Ads contextual advertising services in Kyiv and Ukraine

Google Ads contextual advertising is by far the most effective and conversion type of advertising, as this tool allows you to show ads to target visitors not only in Google search results, but also on numerous partner sites, YouTube video hosting and etc.

Contextual advertising from the Adwservice agency is:

  • Extensive experience in the most competitive niches since 2014;
  • More than 1000 audits of advertising campaigns carried out;
  • Together with you, we will identify growth points for your business and guarantee an increase in sales.

Get a 21-point account audit and see what’s profitable and what’s not today.

Get an audit for $270
Cколько продаж вы получите заказав у нас рекламу ADWSERVICE➤Сергей ШевченкоCколько продаж вы получите заказав у нас рекламу ADWSERVICE➤Сергей Шевченко

How many calls and sales will I get by ordering contextual advertising from you?


I know the conversion of my site


I need to calculate the conversion of my website


Calculate potential ad revenue

When do you need a contextual advertising service?

  • Do you conduct contextual advertising yourself or order from an agency, but are not satisfied with the result?
  • Is the market size in your area growing, and the number of sales is stable?
  • The season has come, and the conversions on the site have not increased, but decreased?
  • Think it’s impossible to calculate the result of an online advertising campaign and separate it from your offline sales?
  • Don’t know which 20% of your customers bring in 80% of your profits?
  • Would you like to have access to transparent reporting on the costs of contextual advertising and the income it generates at any given time?

Then you definitely need the services of the contextual advertising agency Adwservice!

Just call the phone number on the site or fill out the feedback form, and together we will decide how we can be of service to you.

We can only process 17 applications per week

Benefits of contextual advertising in Kyiv and Ukraine from the Adwservice agency

  • Focus on working with Google Adwords. We have been working with Google advertising for more than 5 years and keep abreast of all new algorithms for setting up advertising campaigns;
  • Transparent working conditions. Our main principle is “The client always knows what he pays for and sees a positive result in the growth of sales and conversions on the site”;
  • We advertise on your account. The client not only has full access to the control panel, but is also the OWNER of the advertising account – we are for complete transparency and openness in work;
  • Quality Google Partner support in Poland. Allows us not only to quickly resolve emergency situations, but also be the first to know about updates in Google advertising;
  • Professionalism and experience. Our team has brought together experienced professionals who have Google Partner certificates in contextual advertising and web analytics;
  • Responsibility for the result. Our credo is “promised – then done”.

Video gallery

Продвижение Интернет-Магазина Основные Инструменты для Раскрутки  Google Logist, Сергей ШевченкоПродвижение Интернет-Магазина Основные Инструменты для Раскрутки Google Logist, Сергей Шевченко

Why is it profitable to work with us:

  • Speed

    Launching a new project from 4 to 10 days
  • Individual promotion strategy

    Based on Google Analytics data audit and your business goals
  • Efficiency

    Analytics clearly shows which sales we have led, and which ones we have nothing to do with
  • Budget Savings

    Allocate money only for those tools that bring calls/orders
  • Guarantees

    The owner of all accounts is the customer
  • Bonus! 3500 UAH for Google Adwords advertising budget


Contextual advertising of bus tours

Bus tours

Travel Agency Bus Tours


Number of leads: 12

Lead cost: 544,48


Number of leads: 147


Lead cost: 373,15

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Google ads for auto insurance

Auto insurance

Auto insurance Ukraine


Number of leads: 43

Lead cost: 847


Number of leads: 127


Lead cost: 143,95

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Damage Assessment After an Accident


Number of leads: 37

Lead cost: 346


Number of leads: 80


Lead cost: 95

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What should I consider when creating ads in Google Adwords?

Today, the share of Google contextual advertising in the Ukrainian market is more than 80%. This tool, when properly configured, can make an advertising campaign truly effective.

In order for the client to get the maximum economic effect from contextual advertising, we always use in our work:

  • Geo targeting. It is important to determine as accurately as possible the region in which the client’s business operates in order to attract only interested users to the site;
  • Semantic planning. At the stage of collecting keywords, the semantics are distributed among the landing pages, taking into account the maximum final conversion. Be sure to work out negative keywords to get only targeted clicks;
  • Creativity in writing ads. We focus the attention of a potential customer on the benefits of the offer, add ad extensions to increase clickability;
  • A/B testing and analysis of results. We are not resting on our laurels and are constantly working to improve the quality of ads and reduce the cost per click;
  • Required target definition. Effective advertising is only one that has an ultimate goal. For the client, this is the receipt of a target action from a site visitor (registration, purchase, call, application download). We ALWAYS agree on the campaign objectives with you and set them up in Google Ads and Analytics.

If you are now thinking about creating a new or improving the effectiveness of existing google contextual advertising, then right now fill out a brief on our website or leave a request, and our manager will call you to clarify the goals and objectives of your project.

Send request

After 2 working days, you will have a detailed commercial offer with an assessment of the traffic market in your area and a promotion strategy for the first two months.

We can only process 17 applications per week

What are the features of contextual advertising in Kyiv and other cities?

If you launch contextual advertising in Kyiv, Kharkov, Odessa, Lvov, Dnipro, Zaporozhye and other large cities of Ukraine It is important to take into account certain regional features of each city in order for the advertising campaign to work effectively and bring results.

However, these features will only be relevant for certain types of businesses (which are tied to the physical address of the company, which the client must visit to receive the service). Examples: dental clinic, laboratory tests, fitness club, restaurant, food delivery, beauty salon and others.

In order for Google advertising for such businesses to work effectively, you need to consider:

  • Pendulum migration of the target audience during the day between city districts;
  • Opening hours of public transport and the presence of traffic jams, for example, when setting up contextual advertising in Kyiv for a sushi or pizza delivery service;
  • Take into account the cultural and behavioral characteristics of each city. If for the southern part of Ukraine more clicks will collect ads in Russian, then for Lviv or Ternopil – in Ukrainian;
  • In many areas, when maintaining an account, it is important to take into account fluctuations in the number of applications during the week. For example, in pizzerias, a large influx of orders arrive on Thursday afternoons and Fridays;
  • If the ad is running for a large chain of stores throughout the city, you can segment the target audience and show each segment in the ad the address of the nearest store.

Popular Questions

  • Contextual advertising is ads that a visitor sees in Google search results or on thematic sites after he enters a search query. Ads can be both in text format and in the form of a media banner or video and always contain a link to the advertiser’s website.
  • Contextual advertising shows results on the day of its launch. One has only to choose keywords, create ads, replenish the account and pass moderation. Search promotion is a long process. Its results are usually visible after 3-6 months of the specialist’s work. The principle of advertising is PPC (Pay Per Click). This means that the customer pays only for real clicks to the site and their number can be predicted. With SEO promotion, payment is taken for the work of a specialist and the number of clicks cannot be predicted.
  • Perhaps you think so because the ad is set up incorrectly and does not show the proper effectiveness? We offer our clients a free express audit of an advertising campaign, which allows them to understand what mistakes need to be corrected in order to obtain good results in almost any field of activity.
  • Advertisements are shown before the Google search results, and after it (at the bottom of the page). A special display ad format is also available, containing text and an image, which is displayed on Google partner sites and the ability to display ads in videos on YouTube and similar sites.
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Our certificates

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