Google contextual advertising calculator

Calculate profit in Google Ads contextual advertising campaign. You need to specify the monthly budget, the level of competition in your field, the average check, the margin, the conversion of your site and indicate the investment in marketing.

How much are you willing to invest in Google Ads traffic per month:
Enter your monthly advertising budget
The level of competition in your field:
The higher the competition, the higher the cost per click
Laboratory analyses, motoblocks, mini tractors, RTI repair kits, translation agencies, part of auto goods, humate fertilizers.
Cargo transportation Ukraine, Transcarpathian hotels, industrial reverse osmosis membranes, industrial water treatment plants, log houses, mobile repair and PC repair, stoves, fireplaces, fireboxes, appliances, flower delivery and others, installation of air conditioners. Service station in Kyiv, HBO installation.
Dentistry, International cargo transportation, racks and storage equipment, furniture hauling, Osteopath, beauty and health services, Jur and Bukh services, sale of cabinet furniture, upholstered furniture.
Kitchens to order, Turnkey design, Conference halls Kyiv, Apartment renovation, landscape design, contextual advertising, SEO.
Average check:
Site conversion into sales (ratio of orders to total traffic):
For example, if 100 people visited the site, and ordered 1, then the conversion is 1%.
Advertising support investments:
Agency commission or specialist workplace (minimum value 1)
Other investments:
(call tracking, payment for programmer work, etc.)

Deciphering the Values ​​of the Advertising ROI Calculator

Target ROAS для гугл шопинг (товарных объявлений): как считать roas google adsTarget ROAS для гугл шопинг (товарных объявлений): как считать roas google ads

ROI (return on advertising investment). This indicator shows the profitability of the project. The calculation takes into account the margin from each sold unit of goods or services, as well as all advertising costs. In marketing, ROI is often referred to as ROMI, advertising return on investment, or rate of return.

ROI is calculated using the following formula:

ROI Formula

ROAS (from English Return on Ad Spend) – shows the profitability of each dollar invested in advertising traffic. For example, if the ROAS is 6.5 to 1, this means that for every dollar invested in advertising, we received $6.5 in revenue.

Formula for calculating ROAS:

ROAS Calculation Formula
Контекстная реклама - калькулятор окупаемости ➤ ADWSERVICE ➤Сергей ШевченкоКонтекстная реклама - калькулятор окупаемости ➤ ADWSERVICE ➤Сергей Шевченко

What factors affect the growth of the project in the number of sales and the reduction in cost per sale?

  1. Tools. What set of tools do we use in Google Ads contextual advertising:
  • Setting up a Google Adwords display campaign block
  • Setting up a personalized AC based on the passport of the target audience (customer avatars)
  • Multi-level remarketing at every stage of the sales funnel
  • Budget management at the level of individual categories of goods/services
  • Google Adwords dynamic remarketing setup (online stores only);
  • Setting up a Google Shopping Merchant Center (Google Shopping Ads already in Ukraine) (only for online stores);
  • You can see the list of tools that we are implementing in more detail at the link AdwService contextual advertising agency services
  1. Strategies. It also affects the result, what kind of marketing strategy for promoting on the Internet we have adopted. As a result, this will influence the formation of a promotion strategy in Google contextual advertising (the list of tools that we will put into operation, their launch sequence, intensity …)

Important! What we need to consider when launching your project: the cost per sale in the first month after launch can be 20-30% higher than predicted. Further, the accumulated statistics on calls, applications and sales in the first month and our reconciliation of the result in Google analytics with you and the actual result of the sales department allows you to get the desired net profit indicators already in the 2nd-3rd month.

As a result, when starting the project:

  1. You should be ready to ensure 100% fixation of all requests in the project (for example, install any call tracking);
  2. You should have a margin of patience and financial strength for at least 2-3 months.

I want a more detailed formation of a media plan for calculating profit and return on investment in Google Ads contextual advertising


I already have Google contextual advertising in my project

  • I want to increase the number of sales by 2.5 times, but I don’t know how?!
  • I want to reduce the cost per sale by 30%, but I don’t know how?!

I want a Google Ads audit and a more detailed answer. How will we increase sales of my project?

It will be useful for everyone who has selling sites and who spends from $500/month in Google Ads.

You need: 15 minutes of communication at the beginning, access to Google Ads and Analytics, 30 minutes to present the result.

Term for preparation of the audit, media plan and strategy 3 working days.

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