Audit data feed for product campaigns

In this short guide, we’ve put together a list of items that you can improve in your Shopping campaign feed to get a lot more sales for the same cost, and in some cases even cheaper.

These points are based on the experience of the ADWSERVICE team:

  1. Optimization of Product Titles (names of commodity items);
  2. Optimizing the product image in the feed;
  3. Categorization;
  4. Filling product items in the feed with additional attributes;
  5. Using Custom labels (Seller’s labels);
  6. Product catalog hygiene.
Марафон #гуглшопинг:  оптимизация фида мерчант центр [adult], [color], [age_group], [gender] и др.Марафон #гуглшопинг: оптимизация фида мерчант центр [adult], [color], [age_group], [gender] и др.
Оптимизация гугл шопинг: additional_ image_ link, brand [марка], gtin [gtin] в google shoppingОптимизация гугл шопинг: additional_ image_ link, brand [марка], gtin [gtin] в google shopping
Оптимизация гугл шопинг: product_type  и google_product_categoryОптимизация гугл шопинг: product_type и google_product_category
Оптимизация гугл шопинг: description [описание] в 2020Оптимизация гугл шопинг: description [описание] в 2020
Оптимизация гугл шопинг: TITLE [название] готовые шаблоны 2020Оптимизация гугл шопинг: TITLE [название] готовые шаблоны 2020
Оптимизация гугл шопинг: работа с изображениями в 2020Оптимизация гугл шопинг: работа с изображениями в 2020

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Optimization of Product Titles

Optimizing the Product Name (Titles), will increase coverage by an average of 230%, and increase conversions by 135% *

The product name is the first thing a customer sees. This is one of the most important elements of the feed structure for the Merchant Center and Google Shopping advertising campaigns. Its name and content determine the coverage (impressions) of your product, the conversion to a sale from an advertisement, the cost per click and the cost per sale.

Product Title Optimization

What is Product Titles?

Product Name or Product Title

Product name is the first thing a customer sees. This is one of the most important elements of the feed structure for the Merchant Center. Its name and content determine the coverage (impressions) of your product, the conversion to a sale from an advertisement, the cost per click and the cost per sale.

What is included in optimization?

Optimizing a product title involves either adding or removing certain specifications/attributes from the Title to increase their impressions/conversions. Specifically: in the Title / name of your product combine attributes:

  • brand;
  • color;
  • size;
  • gender;
  • product type;
  • relevant keywords and more.

Optimization includes 2 stages:

  • determining the optimal Title for starting work;
  • Adding the necessary relevant keywords to the Title part.

Optimizing the product image in the feed

An image is one of the basic elements of a sales ad that a potential customer sees. The volume of traffic attracted by this product to the site and its conversion depends on how we present our product and the quality of the picture. For example, a picture of low quality is associated with cheap goods or inflates the bounce rate. If you have an online clothing store for women of different sizes, the click-through rate of your ad and the conversion to a sale depend on the image.

Product image optimization

IMPORTANT! The user spends only 2-3 seconds viewing the image to decide whether he needs this product or not.


If your goal is to get more relevant traffic to your site, you need to use Google’s product categorization in your feed. It is used in text or digital form.

What is it?

Attribute definition google_product_category [google_product_category]

All products are assigned a category from the Google taxonomy, which is constantly updated. Determining the right taxonomy from Google will allow you to get more coverage, conversion and effectively launch Smart shopping (due to the correct categorization of products, Google will reduce advertising costs, because it will only show it to targeted visitors). There are more than 6,000 Google product categories. They are entered in numerical or text format.

Product categorization

Filling commodity items in the feed add. attributes

What are additional attributes?

The rule in the sales funnel of shopping campaigns: the more detailed the product feed is, the better the results in reach and sales can be obtained. Often, for most online stores, feeds are filled with mandatory attributes (product name, description, price, final landing page, etc.). Increase the value of your sales, increase the conversion to the sale of your products with the help of other attributes (brand, color, size, gender, etc.).

Adding additional attributes that fit your products will increase reach by 200%, conversion to sales by 50%.

Using Custom labels

There are 5 seller tags available to add to your product feed. Proper use of Seller Tags will allow you to structure your product catalog according to your promotional strategy in your sales funnel.

What is a Seller’s Tag?

This is an additional way to categorize products. You can fill it in text, digital or combined form.

What can you do with seller tags?

  • separate products by price tag (for example: “from 100 to 500”, “from 500-1000”, “from 100-5000”;
  • highlight the products that are on sale in order to make them either a separate advertisement, or make adjustments for a more active entry into the auction;
  • separate products by margin to get higher-margined products to more impressions, which means more sales;
  • separate products by seasonality, by holidays (for example, New Year / Christmas / Black Friday / March 8, etc.).

Product catalog hygiene

The quality of the displayed data in your feed determines the user’s trust in you as a store and the conversion to a sale.

This is why it’s important to make sure the directory doesn’t look cluttered, contain errors/typos, or contain information that isn’t needed. For example:

Cleaning the product catalog

The feed needs to be filled out in such a way that the experience of buying from you as a store, for the consumer, of course, is simple, informative and credible.

Indicating your product names without errors increases CTR by 260%, conversion to sales by 44%.

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Our goal is to help businesses grow and maximize their profits with Google Ads, by working more efficiently through the regulation of all processes within the team and the introduction of a quality control department.

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