Google contextual advertising in the UAE

Setting up contextual advertising in the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is a state on the Arabian Peninsula along the southern coast of the Persian Gulf. This is a country in which, in addition to sand, the sea and large deposits of oil, there is an even greater concentration of solvent people. The country has a population of 10.2 million and a GDP per capita of $63,590, which is a very high figure.

The high level of income, the focus of local authorities on technological innovation and the high level of English proficiency among the local population makes the UAE an interesting market for launching e-commerce projects. Also, a tool with a quick and good payback is contextual advertising in the UAE.

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Peculiarities of setting up contextual advertising in the UAE

Before setting up a Google Ads campaign for the United Arab Emirates, you should take into account the peculiarities of the local culture, determine the target audience, etc. These factors influence the marketing strategy and the choice of advertising tools.

Language targeting

Despite the fact that the UAE is an Arab state, there is a very high percentage of English proficiency among the local population and numerous visitors. Also, due to the large number of immigrants from poorer countries (Pakistan, India, the Philippines, etc.), Hindi, Malayalam, Pashto, Urdu, Tagalog and Persian are widespread.

Thus, the Arabic language can be used both by the local solvent population and by immigrants with lower incomes. English in most cases is used by locals or visitors with high incomes.

All other languages are more likely to be used by people with low incomes. But there is an exception to any hypothesis, for example, one of the top managers of a pharmaceutical company from India can come to the UAE on business.

Therefore, when setting up Google Ads in the UAE, you need to create at least 2 different campaigns – one for English and the other for Arabic, this will allow you to cover almost the entire solvent target audience.

Audience targeting

High per capita income among local residents allows them to use the services of service personnel from countries with lower incomes. When setting up audience targeting in Google AdWords, this audience needs to be divided into different groups, because they will be interested in completely different products and services in completely different price categories.

International airports

In the United Arab Emirates, these logistics facilities are especially important, as millions of solvent passengers pass through them every year. So, in 2015, approximately 78 million people from a number of European, Asian, African countries, Canada and the USA passed through Dubai Airport alone in 2015.

Target your ads to this audience if your business is related to car rentals, taxis, hotels or tourism. Conversely, exclude the airport from the target locations, leaving only remarketing lists if tourists are not your target audience.

How much does Google Ads contextual advertising cost in the United Arab Emirates?

Google Ads CPC in UAE

The total price of contextual advertising in the UAE consists of two main factors – the cost of the work of a marketing agency, a full-time specialist or a freelancer, as well as the budget for traffic from Google AdWords.

CPC in Google Ads allows you to indirectly understand how high competition is in the subject, what site conversion and marginality is needed to make a profit. Here are the bids per click in the United Arab Emirates in popular B2C niches as of June 2022:

  • washing machine repair – $2.91;
  • ventilation cleaning – $0.14;
  • Plumbing services – $2.25;
  • beauty salons (manicure) – $1.12;
  • carpet cleaning – $3.07;
  • permanent makeup – $2.29;
  • dentist – $2.21;
  • refrigerators – $0.55;
  • Korean cosmetics – $0.99;
  • shelves for cats – $1.21;
  • dog food – $0.58;
  • fertilizer for flowers – $0.62.
Note. In your advertising account, you can see other figures, the final cost may differ from the forecast one, both up and down by 50%. This factor depends on many related parameters (ad quality, account age, landing page parameters, CTR, etc.).

Also, specialists from our company can provide you with consultation services for your employee involved in Internet marketing. To order a consultation, fill out the form on the website – the manager will call you back, announce the cost and agree on the date of the video call.

Google share of total search traffic from the United Arab Emirates

With a population of 10.2 million, the share of Internet users in the UAE in 2021 was 9.84 million. This is a very high figure – almost 95% of local residents actively use the Internet.

At the same time, Google has an absolute monopoly among search engines in the United Arab Emirates – it accounts for 96.03% of all search traffic. For comparison – Bing, which ranks second, is preferred by only 2.97% of local residents. Other search engines do not collect even 1% of users.

This makes Google Ads contextual advertising in the UAE really profitable – using this traffic source, you cover almost 100% of all search demand in the country.

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