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The recording has begun. Hi all. My name is Sergey Shevchenko. In the video, I want to talk about the launch of sales, the choice of a second country, online stores, Google AdWords advertising. Who will benefit from this video? The video is useful for those who already have their first successful project in Ukraine. Business wants to scale, thinks about which of the European countries to choose, how it will increase. How to increase sales and then launch countries to put further on stream. Let’s go.


Which blocks will be considered?

What blocks? What are the blocks in the video? The first block is the main stages of the project, so as not to lose the picture, the vision of the project of everything that lies ahead. Let’s focus on the risks. Another big block concerns what is needed for the minimum necessary for the test. Perhaps then repeat on the second circle and further. What else to dig into the depths? Let’s dwell on the points that help on the way to reach the end point, project payback, profit. What are the alternatives? It may not be necessary at all.

Item “Project. Main stages»

When a business has a question about what is needed, points arise: market research, localization, taxes, legislation, delivery, logistics, distribution, sales. When you look at the points it seems well, the block is not lifting, it is big. You understand that the path is long, and sales, payback at the very end. How to do it in order to reach, firstly, to the end of the road, to have results, not to give up earlier and not waste resources.


Risks block

Now let’s move on to the risks. What are the risks? We will spend resources, we will quit before we get profit, result, payback. Wasting time, wasting team time, wasting money. We take the resource from the team by the time of the current one. Does not develop the current project in Ukraine or in the country where you are. They didn’t reach, they spent resources, three months, one month, six months and did not reach a good result in a new country.


The risk, one of the main ones, is choosing the wrong country. Poland must be written and immediately crossed out. Think you need to go to Poland. If you think that Poland is needed in terms of test results, then 90 percent do not need Poland. You need to choose another country.

Risk of not doing the test before choosing a country. How to do the test – we’ll talk separately, without entering the country. How to do the test separately, physically, without leaving the country where you are now. Without leaving Ukraine, how to make a test in another country. The subsequent stages are already up to obtaining permits, licenses, hiring an accountant and then bring it further.

One of the mistakes is relying only on the current command. A common example is when you ask a business: “How are you? Are you scaling to new countries? Answer: “Yes, they opened it in Poland a year ago. Made several sales to friends. Now we pay an accountant. There was an office. They closed the office. There is no physical presence there. It needs to be developed. We plan to develop. It stopped there. They didn’t do anything. Spent some time back at the beginning, but did not start the process. Cash flow failed.

Block 5W

Another block. Let’s move on. By orders. Let’s start with the main block of five marketing questions. In marketing literature, English goes like 5W: What? Who? Why? When? Where?


1. What?

Meaning – What to buy? The semantic layer of the site. The semantic layer of the product card was read. Have you closed the page? What meanings, ideas remained about the product? What is the product about? The main recommendation is to write this information about the product in the data feed if in doubt, whether to upload it to the product card or not. Better write. A common mistake, almost 50 percent of businesses – not only in Ukraine, poke any country in Europe. Merchant centers can be filled better, more beautiful, juicier. If there are any characteristics of the goods, doubts, do not write, just write. Not superfluous.

2. Who?

Who is the target audience? Let’s talk below on the example of Poland. At a minimum, this target audience should be represented as the hottest traffic. If it’s hard to stop at three priority portraits of the target audience, stop at one general one, covering 60 percent of the market as a whole. Already good. One general portrait of the target audience. Let’s dwell on it a little further.

3. Why?

Why buy from you? The question is important. You can ask a question within the team, at some consultations. Why buy from you? This thing can, must, must put the improvement of the thing constantly on stream. The question is the same price as everyone else or the minimum price. Thus, there will be no profit. You need all the rest, if you want to sell at the lowest price, the rest of the items in the project should be 5, 5 plus. Due to the turnover you need to do. In the beginning, when you break into the market, enter the market, you want to have sales, well, it’s a bad idea – “we have cheaper.” Better not come.

Why buy from you? Delivery terms. Like others. If only yours is different, great. It has already been found first. The warranty conditions are the same in the online store as in others. The point is important enough, return to it. From practice, I can say that if three good arguments to answer the question “Why buy now” are posted on the site, in fact the conversion layer of the site is peach, then you will start selling in the upper price segment and the number of sales will become higher in the market compared to a competitor. It is important. Three good “why buy from you” killer arguments are great. Work on them constantly. In the block of ideas on reviews, I will try to return to the question, if I do not forget. There is a note.

4. When?

“When to buy” should be rephrased as “Why buy from you now.” Don’t delay, why buy now. Think about how to make this information, do not delay the purchase. The site’s conversion layer is increasing.

5. Where?

They usually forget the “Where to buy” block. For online stores – obviously: “Buy here”. I advise you to think. Perhaps the difference is that you will start selling, conditionally, 80 percent of the goods with delivery, like others. Some 20, 10, 15 percent, conditionally, if the clients are cosmetologists, you can do some kind of event once a month, on Saturday. Where you not only sell goods, but carry out some kind of activity. Some kind of community that meets once a month and share some new information, invite speakers. Some additional benefit, not necessarily related to money. For example, the supplier makes some goodies, conditionally, a visit, a tour of the factory. Every six months makes two free invitations. You can play invitations. Play among customers not only by turnover, but by the delta of growth, how quickly they grew in the number of orders month by month. You yourself choose the conditions under which to play this bun. One of the ideas.

Site localization

It is important to spend. The block is important for tests. Now we are talking about important, necessary blocks, the answers to which need to be understood. You give minimal answers at the beginning, digestible, but we clearly emphasize the localization of the site – not a translation! This is not a translation from a translation agency in Ukraine – it must be a native speaker. Necessarily. How to take it? Where to get it? Find. There should not be an acquaintance who knows the language Polish, Romanian, Italian, that lives in Ukraine. There should be only a native speaker. Write texts for the site. Register on one of the freelance exchanges, any. In every country. It will take 10 minutes to find the name of a freelance exchange site in a given country. Register. You place an order, for $10 a person deducts for $15.


How to make it easy and be sure of the quality? Give the task to two people, three people. Pay each 10, 20 dollars, consciously make mistakes in the text yourself. Three people or two, when they read it, will give feedback, corrections. You will see how well you read it, you saw mistakes, you didn’t see what you made yourself. Plus – subtract the text. The text will become beautiful and will not be… Prepared native speaker’s text. There is no question with incorrect texts, that people do not buy, that “yes the boss”, “follower”, the question will be completely removed. You will be sure of it. You will know for sure that the reason is not that.

Three priority target audiences

One more point. Who are the three priority target audiences. Ideally, understand the three priority target audiences. At least one target audience is common. Focusing on… What are you focusing on? It’s not clear where to start. Some clients are in Ukraine, there may be others. The remark is correct. Start with the audience that is hottest in search, introduce branded model traffic, identified need queries and target them, these people and describe one general audience for them. Ideally three. On the example of Poland, you can use the brainstorming method. Now there are 2 million Ukrainians in Poland. It is necessary to single out three priority target audiences. Select who is interested in who has integrated into society.


If integrated into society, immigrants from Ukraine or those who are temporarily displaced. There may be pedicure masters, cosmetologists who work there, or buyers at service stations, or service station workers. The target audience is perhaps the entry point, they have already integrated there. Can be advocates for the sale of goods within the company. We must think in this direction. Should, ideally, see which queues to dig further development in depth. You don’t need to dig into the depths now for the test. Ideally, such outlines can be seen how to further develop this audience, how to work on it. Who is the second line, who is the third line of customers. These may already be directly Poles, professionals.

Maybe they will be here first of all. You need to think, just develop a priority. At this point, it is important not to get lost and not to go digging into the depths, but to focus on the priority portrait of the target audience, which is needed for the first test of this country. Okay.

What is our product?

You need to understand – the mechanics of setting up Google ads itself depend on this, in particular, and the approach that is needed is not needed for the test. If an impulse product, impulse demand up to $30, up to the cost of a burger, up to 30 euros, then they buy on the site. In 90 percent no one calls. Everything is already big, obediently filling out forms, leaving orders. Everything suits – they pay and go.


If the goods are regular consumption, they must take into account the fact that the cost of the test, the cost of the lead, which you will receive after the test, can pay off from the second, from the third sale, and there are consciously companies that go to zero from the first sale. Conventionally, pizzerias have been working on a similar mechanism for a long time, if attracting a client for the first time to the company is definitely a minus. The second time in the negative. The third, repeated order of the client – the pizzeria is already starting to earn.

Your niche is related to B2B sales, B2C sales or B2Government (for the sales state). It is important to understand at the beginning. Perhaps the test format of the structure of advertising campaigns will differ from the main messages for them.

Designer’s product, a strong personality, perhaps you should not create a website at this stage, but choose an alternative. We’ll talk at the end.

Product, product, linked, not geo-linked? If there is a clear binding of the product, the demand for the product or from the category. There will be several categories in a certain region. You need to understand, take into account, conduct tests accordingly.

Perhaps, the product, the product is bought through specialized offline conferences and there are already people who are runners, native speakers are physically present. In this case, the advertising model may be different. It is necessary to immediately set up advertising campaigns by points, by dates when large conferences are held, a thousand, five thousand people and runners, in theory, should then motivate the holding, at the time of the conference itself, which is suitable, motivate those people who are handed out materials to go to the site . Google advertisers should collect this into separate bins by audience.

Here are some quick sketches. You need to understand that some kind of base is common, which will be useful for everyone, to dwell on it, you need to understand that on other points it is more or less comparable. It was important to walk.

Local payment systems

One more point. Local billing information. Desirable item, but… The local payment system may be associated with obtaining a license, permit. It is expensive. The challenge is to test. Preferably, because it opens up the possibility, performance max shopping campaigns to test them. This may entail obtaining permits and licenses, starting a business, accounting, and all other things after the fact. He is desirable. If you don’t have it, you can do without it.


Test each country in Google/FB Ads

Go to the “Test” item. Prepared this information. We chose four countries, three countries, seven countries in Europe for the initial test. Do not spread thinly. Pick some manageable amounts. What amounts to choose? If the cost per click plus or minus according to the Google planner forecast is $1, then at least spend $500 on that country, ad campaign.

How to do it? Now let’s talk. The purpose of the test is before there is a physical possibility and legal permission to sell in this country. Physical ability to deliver, test with traffic, understand the cost of a dirty lead, the cost of a target lead separately, preferably in each category in this country without physical delivery. How to make it less painful? Write after receiving the application that they did not open and will open later. Give me some discount. Sorry. Say that, some more, you will provide a discount at the moment when you open, now you are testing. Respectfully explain to people. Those hundred people or 50 leads who leave applications. In order not to lose them and, perhaps, they will become the first customers when you physically enter this country. Perhaps that is what should be done. Leave their contacts and write: “Follow us. Information on the site will be displayed by launch date. Now we are preparing. Your feedback on improving the project is very important to us.” Involve this person in improving the project.

About Google advertising itself. When we stopped at one country, we continue to look at … What do we need? We need from these small amounts, hundreds of thousands, hundreds of dollars, hundreds of dollars for a launch, for a test in one country. How to get hundreds of dollars so that we want better quality. We want to spend money on the hottest traffic. Where to get? Is in Google search for the hottest traffic. There is a Merchant Center, then we add Performance Max and trade advertising companies. There is no Merchant center, payment options on the site, then we add only a block of search advertising campaigns.


What are search ad campaigns? By keyword type, brand-model queries, queries with identified needs, with a clear geo, we indicate our niche, geo and selling queries are questionable. You can’t take them. They may be overheated in the market. Look at the budget.

Stop. You don’t need much. Stop at 120 keywords. Maybe 50. Download lists of negative words from the same niche. Now downvote them so that you don’t pull unnecessary traffic onto yourself. Do you want to spend this amount only on the hottest traffic and understand the cost of a lead from it and limit it by geo.

Better start… Test day one run for 3-4 hours in one big metropolitan city or just a suburb or smaller city. Think over the strategy you choose and limit yourself by geo so that you don’t have time to spend $500 at one time, but on different days. To make some changes and, perhaps, new hypotheses will appear.

If possible, we launch the second Performance max trade and advertising. It will be cheaper. This is not accurate. Why not exactly? As soon as branded traffic gets, and perhaps 20-30 percent, into the performance block, it becomes dramatically cheaper. Usually not exactly more expensive than search advertising campaigns. Maybe two times cheaper than classic search advertising campaigns for hot traffic. In a boosted Performance max account, trading can take from 40 to 60 percent of sales.

An ellipsis next. Depending on the niche, additional zatest offers may differ. There may be requests for neighbors in the market. There may be tests of some video options, funnels for warming up. The cost of attracting a client is cheaper there. You can spend some small amount to test the video for this audience.

Google advertising was launched, we have test data. Collected applications. The situation was explained to the customers that they would not receive the goods. No one was forgotten, they told the way how to follow us on the opening day. We may not open in this country. All clients have been informed. Perhaps they will be the first customers when we open.

Analysis block

The next block. analysis. We want to understand, and the key point is not this contest, not only the cost, the price of the lead that we received, but the key point is the ratio. Seven countries tested. From the countries we will choose some, in which the cost of including a client is cheaper. Perhaps the cost will surprise you unpleasantly. In terms of what will be high and you will understand that there are two times the markup that was set for the product. It shouldn’t be scary. The task is to choose, because when an already launched site, an improved site, there will be a built-up advertising account and smart guys will accompany it, then the cost per lead will already become lower. By training an advertising account, by introducing permanent, a block of weekly work to complete. This cost will decrease.


At first, the task is to choose where this path can be passed more easily. Cost per attracted lead in European countries, launch 15, 20 countries, there will be 10-20 percent leaders in terms of ease. They are the first to be looked at. Further, the cost may differ, well, as if in one place it is 1 dollar, in another place the cost of attracting a client may be 3-4 dollars. Up to three times, up to four times the cost can easily differ in the same niche.

It seems that, well, Europe, they live close, the mentalities are similar, the markets have developed plus or minus the same speed, but in fact they haven’t. Bulgaria may turn out to be much more fun, more interesting or Romania than Poland or the Nordic countries. Small ones, they can prove much more interesting, Norway, Sweden … Sweden, Finland, Denmark are added here than Poland. This point is important to consider.

The key is not the price of the lead, the second point said, but the comparison between leads.

More info: Leads are about site errors, not purchases. What he was talking about. Site localization is important. The cases that were analyzed at the Google conference on the Polish market are the launch. The site was poorly translated without localization. They just translated the translation agency and 20 applications fell in on the first day. The information is written by the Poles: Correct the errors on the site. We analyze and leave the opportunity for users to write a comment on the order, on the application, what they wanted to be clarified. You will see directly it will be written: “Correct the errors. The words were spelled wrong. Don’t distort our language.”

Perhaps, at the stage of analysis, we should add some… Let… So as not to scare the video. Now, without leaving your office in Ukraine, you can create a cool video that will sound in the speaker’s native language. Some video tutorial, some that will sound. Let’s get to the possibilities that the native speaker will voice, infographics, order sequence. The structure of the video was created, drawn in the infographic of the video in motion here in Polish. Describe how to do it. Text in Russian, written in Ukrainian. Translated crookedly. The native speaker read out a beautiful text for 15 minutes, 10 minutes of video. They put his voice on video. It turned out to be a cool thing, a video, which increases the conversion of the site.

Perhaps, it is worth adding some points in the country related to social activity, that you participate in some funds. Very often in European countries, all the goodies and items that are added within the country depend on culture, the level of social development, and mentality. In this country, many people want other people to help. You can make some percentage of deductions to some fund in some fund. Write that you still do not have sales, you want to test whether this wildly expensive cost for attracting a client can somehow be reduced. Go to competitors’ websites. You see that some things are connected with the action activities. They make some contributions to the theme, the agenda of greening the planet, contribute some penny to some fund, participate in other charity.

It might be worth adding the face of the team directly and adding the face of the team member who is in Poland. Think about how to do it.

The task is to test. We will not sell anything to anyone. The task is to physically test the market without leaving, without spending money. Understand which of the 7 out of 10 countries to choose first for … and became successful. You can place here. I don’t see a problem. The decision is for everyone. As a result, you will not sell anything. Be honest about this with people. Test and understand whether you can get closer, at least to the profitability of selling to zero.

Team faces, short storytelling, why you love what you do. Why love? If pets are a niche, then why do you like to do it. Any binding of personal motivation to it. The analysis was carried out. We looked at the countries.

Second round of the test

You might want to do a second test. Choose one or two countries as a result. You want to make a detailed second test. This block, why did you allocate so much time – the block is quite important. Without it, the unit of time spent on the test will return x10, maybe x50 and x100, that just get to the result, do it, it will start.


Perhaps, they expected to conduct the test in two weeks. It will be held in a month, in a month and a half. At a minimum, the data will not be pink ponies, but received by a real response, a real response of the market. Expensive it costs for relatively sane money. Not in any country, they didn’t open an office, they didn’t hire employees. All this was done through remote specialists, checked. For local business, you can set a task for a person – to walk around, find out prices at points. Will give a result. There are opportunities, without leaving the office, in the country where you are currently working to test, to know no worse information, if you were, about the launch of a new niche project. Necessary – we do the second test. Clarifying for one country, for the target audience within the country. Ideas will appear for sure, the team will have after such work.

Do you need a sales department?

One more block. We want to dig into the depths and the question will arise, have you chosen a country. fine. Do you need a sales department? Yes or no? If the product is more expensive than $ 30 and people will call, leave a request on the site a smaller percentage, a larger percentage calls. Well, of course it will be needed. It would be better to hire not a person who knows, conditionally, the Polish language, is located in Ukraine, but directly a Pole. It is better for those who do not know Ukrainian or Russian. Find, believe me, how to convey the main essence with him.


The main task is that if such a person is needed, then it is better to change one or two, fire, retrain, than the person who is here. Knows Italian, but lives here. Does not live in Italy, shove kicks there – go to Italy, launch it there, do it. Need a local person there. Let part time (partial time) in the day he works there, will work for you. It’s better to follow this path. Think better how to do it cheaper with the help of the same freelance exchanges. Do not abandon this idea aside – well, here is the brother, the husband of the wife and knows the language, then he will help. Bad way. Well, at least that’s what people in the business community say.


You can see how the tests were done in the next step. It is important to understand that there are not only direct competitors. There are indirect ones. Displacement goods that compete for the same money in the customer’s wallet. Hidden competitors you don’t see clearly. A person bought a product – the need, the need for the product, disappeared. It is important to understand and take into account. Perhaps some, the team come up with interesting strategies on how to get sales from there at a bargain price.


What can we improve?

Another block. Back to the third question in a million: “Why buy from us?” What other ideas? Enter a niche, see the minimum number of reviews in the cosmetology niche. Based on 100 reviews on the market, you think: “The team needs to spend a large resource to get 100 reviews. I’ll buy them, I won’t buy them.”


There is a better way. You can focus on 10 testimonials that have already reached the launch stage. Focus on getting 10 reviews from the first 20 customers. By hook or by crook, ask people to give feedback. Not just in the format… Not just in the format of “Yes. For all the good you 5 stars. ” And in the format of answers to the questions: “What were you guided by when we were chosen? What options were considered? Give an emotional attachment in a full detailed review when a person writes it down with answers to a question. 8-10 questions for a selling review, what you ask him. In fact, it will turn out to be a small storytelling, a small story with an emotional part, with an understanding of what target audience the person was, what emotion he experienced, what task was before the purchase and what was the result? What are you satisfied with? If there was any resource improvement? You can say this: “there was a resource improvement, but everything is cool. 5 stars.” Live, great review. Such 10 reviews, which will definitely be better than 100 reviews on the competitors’ website.

Approach through quality. You cannot compete with others at the start. Irrational. Expensive. Start competing with quality. You can do all the reviews for a portrait of the target audience. Take them from one portrait of the target audience, reviews, and then the likelihood of attracting similar customers and from the product category for … The portrait of the target audience will become much lower. It will definitely be easier to sell when all the reviews are sharpened to this person, in this product category. He comes in: “It’s all about me.” Will buy better than if you smear reviews on everyone in a row. Focus on the priority. On one portrait of the target audience that was chosen. Or three priority ones.

Another stage. Do not improve another 90 reviews. Better, let’s say, go to another a little bit. Write down, ask people to record the answers to the questions on video. Chat with them. Think about how you can interest them. Let them give short reviews and put 10 pieces on the YouTube channel and on the pages with categories, on the product pages. You can record a video tutorial. How to do? Sketched ideas. You order info, video infographics of various forms, conditionally a mind map in which some blocks change places after a while. Video infographics where you set the structure. Ask the native speaker to voice, subtract the meanings. You get a finished video in a week, what can you do… What mistakes do people make when ordering goods? What are we facing? How do we solve such bugs? From the video tutorial: “How to buy from us? Why buy from us? Similar 3-4 videos. Videos can significantly increase the conversion of the site.

If in doubt about what topic to write down – the topic that is important to one portrait of the target audience. Record a video, video tutorial without a face, without a person. No need to tie people to that native speaker that you buy on a freelance exchange. Write down an infographic. Tell text. Let the person speak. Just take a vote from him. No need to bind to do this person. Customers to a person that do not know will become, will not work with the company tomorrow. He only needs a voice in the video. Chip, relatively inexpensive. Hundreds of dollars to test and create. Not thousands, tens of thousands of dollars for the team, office, accounting, permit, logistics, shipping, office utilities.

Another block. What to improve? Not in the last instance. Write in the comments. It needs to be expanded and added. Lots of chips. In each niche will be. More. As a base. Where to start to generate ideas? It may or may not become a strong point.

Where is the product produced now?

Manufactured, local production – an advantage or not for the market? In many countries, the feature “Produced in our country” is an advantage. No – it’s necessary. If yes, it will be produced locally. Great. It is produced where everyone has it – in China, in India, in the Philippines, in one of the countries of Africa. Goods are produced, produced in 90 percent, in one place, it is good. We do not focus on this on the site.


If production is in Ukraine, then in Ukraine, what do you leave? Raw materials, personnel, capacities? How to present? Should this information be brought to the fore? For the customer will be conducive? Now there is a desire of European countries, an interest, at least, perhaps, a desire to help. Many have a plus in a niche or a minus. You make some wood products and part of the team is in Poland, and the main production is in Ukraine, designer wood products, some cool designer furniture, then it is quite possible an advantage. Thus, you help Ukraine if it is popular in the country. Enter ahead.

What helps?

Well, endless. Further ideas, options. What helps in the way is to ask questions in the moment, while observing the businesses involved, how to shorten the time for the test.


You understand that the team is starting now and you are stalling on the launch of the project, you ask the question: “Next action. It helps to scroll through the test faster, to make a test for a given country. Or does not help, lengthens. If not, we cut down three portraits of the target audience to one. From the geography of the whole country, to one city or suburb. We start only with a suburb or a point with a radius of 30 kilometers. Then we will expand. We see – there is little audience, little is spent. We’ll expand tomorrow. Decided twice. Did not help? Added some cities.

Ask a question: “It helps and/or doesn’t help to get a test result faster.” Until we talk about money. We are not talking about physical sales. We want to get tested quickly. The first thing we get is a real response from the real market, and not fictional pink ponies and not connected with reality. The experience in Ukraine is absolutely not the same experience in the local country in question.

Use locals with knowledge of languages or relatives, compatriots with knowledge of languages? Already said, only local. Thinking how to reduce the cost of this story. Use local for part-time, freelance payment exchanges. Only them.

The question is: “To test or not to test.” So the question should not sound. The answer is unequivocal – to test. Only the question should sound – “How can I make the cost of this test cheaper?” Reduce audience. If the whole country remains, then we will leave only less, 5 keywords. We will test 5 keywords, test in the account. We’ll skip the rest. We make beautiful announcements. Let’s make a beautiful website. Let’s fill. Let’s test 5 ads. Let’s spend $200.

We understand that, well, damn it, there were already 300 people on the site and there were no orders. In any case, you need to make changes to the site. It can’t be. Screw up the replacement of information on the site to the second test and run it again for $ 200. Already get some digestible value, the cost per person is comparable to the cost of the goods. Far from zero payback. You will already become, they approached this deer, from 100 steps to 50 steps. Well, the recommendation is this.

We talked about the project, the main stages. What are his? Where does it begin? What are the risks? What is the least important for a zatest? What would you like to add for the test? Where to dig further? Further points can increase.


Now let’s touch on the issue of alternatives. Perhaps not worth it, no need to spend time on it. We chose the Polish market – take, at least, information for the last month or two. The outlet opened in Poland. A new post office opened in Poland. Test the market with Rosette. List products on… or other local marketplaces. Designer Goods – Log in via Etsy, via Instagram, via Tik Tok, via Facebook (visual), via YouTube Shorts video. We don’t need a website right now. Want to test. need information. Do the parts about communicating the message, the quality of the product, why buy from you. Communicate in video, in texts through other channels. If it’s designer stuff, go straight to Etsy, great for handmade items. By alternatives, everything is basic.



I’ll repeat myself. You add ideas. Add some new stuff. It will be interesting and people have asked. I’ll write it down. If you want to write faster, write in the comments. An interesting video on choosing a city in Europe for a local business. The request was received: “Our settlers, immigrants choose another city to live in Europe. Before choosing, they want to understand where, what city they are moving to, where it is possible, what, which one, using the example of some local business, delivery of balloons is conditional, choose a country, a city for moving. Moved. You understood that there would already be a basic income in a small business. Interesting – write. Before I put it on the list of video recording.

Thank you for your attention. Subscribe. Thanks for the sponsorship. Have a nice day, good mood.

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