Motoblock case: reduced cost per lead by 50%


Sphere: Sale of agricultural machinery

Geo: Ukraine

Goals: getting the maximum coverage and getting 30+ leads per day for walk-behind tractors. Desired cost per lead – 500 UAH.

Tools that were launched: Search, Display Network, Remarketing

Period: May 17-September 2

Budget for the entire period: 169,507.32 UAH

Initial data:

  • ACs were created in an existing account, which the client maintained independently before contacting the agency
  • Account had 1487 keywords
  • The account structure consisted of 10 campaigns. Each ad group had one key in two match types.
  • There was one ad in one ad group without dynamic insertion.
  • It is worth noting that during this period there is a decline in interest in this topic, since the demand for goods is seasonal.
  • There was one Keyword Display campaign and one Remarketing campaign


What was done:

Search network

  • Account structure changed to more detailed one;
  • The semantics for motoblocks has been expanded, low-frequency queries have been added;
  • Collected the general list of negative keywords that was used at the account level, and negative keywords at the ad group level
  • In the text of the ad, emphasis was placed on the client’s USP. Ads have been added so that there are at least 3 ads in one group, one of which is with a dynamic insert;
  • The following extensions have been added to ads: site links, general clarifications, structured descriptions, prices, address
  • Ab testing of ads and work on CTR was carried out. Variants of ads with special characters were tested, which showed that special characters do not always contribute to an increase in the CTR of an ad. In this example, ads without special characters received a higher CTR.

Search Network Ads


  • Remarketing campaigns were created for all site visitors
  • Responsive ads were created with a focus on the customer’s USP to show users who were already on the site benefits from buying in this store



  • Campaigns were launched targeting keywords (including competitors), interests and topics both individually and in intersection
  • Responsive ads were created with a focus on the customer’s USP

Advertising on the Display Network

What did you get

  • Leads: 656 leads
  • Cost per lead: 256.37 UAH
  • google / CPC drove 96.61% of all users and generated 85.86% of all conversions

Traffic sources

  • Search and display ads also actively participated in assisted conversions. Search ads accounted for 41.52% of conversions, and Display ads accounted for 29.09%.

Associated Conversions

  • At the same time, the graph shows that the number of conversions fell at the beginning, and increased again by the end of the period.

Conversion dynamics

What is related to the dynamics of interest in the topic, according to data from Google Trends for the query “buy motoblock”.

At the same time, the growth in the number of conversions at the end of the period significantly exceeds the growth in interest in the topic in the same period. At the beginning of the period, the popularity of the topic was higher than at the end, however, the conversions at the end of the period, according to the graph above, were higher than at the beginning of the maintenance period.

The dynamics of interest in the query “motorblock buy” according to Google Trends is shown in the chart below:

Motoblock searches

  • Percentage of received impressions in search was above 90% most of the time. Its drop at the end of the period was due to a budget reallocation and the creation of new campaigns without an increase in total account spend, and as a result, some campaigns had to be limited in budgeting and could not receive full coverage. It is also worth noting that during the same period, interest in the topic began to grow, which also required an increase in budgeting to obtain maximum coverage.

Impressions in Search

As a result, although the number of leads received was less than the planned number. But their cost was two times less than planned. Coverage all the time received the maximum, except for the last weeks. If at the time of the increase in demand, more budget would have been allocated, then we would have been able to maintain high coverage and would have received more leads from both search ads and media ads. We also note that the number of leads and the conversion rate from search ads were higher. CPA was lower than display ones, so search performed slightly better in this situation, although it’s definitely worth using both search and display.

Number of leads by different sources

In search, the most leads were generated by general queries with the addition of the word “buy”, and in the Display Network, the most leads were received by remarketing, which suggests that the audience in this topic needs to be pushed to buy by showing benefits from buying in a particular store. Perhaps, for this audience, the question is not what model to buy, but where exactly to buy it.

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