Case: cosmetics online store. How through screams, pain and tears we fought for the client’s project


Service: Google contextual advertising

Theme: online cosmetics store

Region: Ukraine

Duration: 1.5 months

Ad budget: UAH 26.5 thousand

Initial data:

The client previously had contextual advertising that was set up by a freelancer, but the client wanted more leads.

Self-managed account – 3.5 months. Expenses – 17.5 thousand Conversions – 215 pcs. CPA – UAH 81.8

Original media plan recommended at launch (metrics for one calendar month)

Initially, according to the media plan, we predicted that we would get 243 conversions at a cost of UAH 28,703.

For promotion in contextual advertising, we used:

  1. Search ad campaigns
  2. Dynamic search ads
  3. Remarketing
  4. Dynamic remarketing
  5. Shopping Campaigns

Problems before launch:

  1. Low-margin categories for launch (on average, the product price was 120-130 UAH). Although the assortment of the online store had more tempting positions for promotion.
  2. The agreed allowable price per lead is UAH 170, and with the cost of goods at UAH 120-130, this raised many questions, but then there were two options – the client would close this issue with additional sales during communication, or several commodity items were sold with one appeal.
  3. The site has a lot of diverse discounts and cashbacks that are summed up. In some cases, it reached a discount of 45-50% and, remembering the average cost of goods at 120-130 UAH, all this was even more embarrassing.
  4. Site loading speed. Even visually, it was clear that both mobile and computer versions take a long time to load. This was confirmed by special services.

for 3G

After analyzing the traffic by device, it became obvious that the mobile version of the site needed to be optimized, which was reported to the client. The answer was: “The site is good, it is impossible to make it better.”

Launch problems

We started without call tracking, as the client had problems with the contractor. After setting up call tracking, there were problems that the client had too much traffic to the site and support from call tracking recommended setting at least 20 substitution numbers, which the client did not agree to. The client wanted to completely abandon it. We insisted on the need for call tracking. After a certain period of time, all parties agreed that we would replace only the context and only 5 numbers (i.e., according to information from the contracting contractor, there were not enough replacement numbers).

Launch and Maintenance

The first information about the result appeared on the fifth day after the start. During the first four days of work, we received 19 conversions for 108.5 UAH, which is 61.5 UAH less than originally allowed. But the client was not satisfied with the result.

During this period, three campaigns consistently received the “Budgeted” status. In order not to cut off traffic, campaign budgets were constantly increasing. We also fell into a certain daily budget (up to 666 UAH)

In addition to those adjustments that are normally made at account launch, the bids were increased for the keys that received conversions, as the average position for them was quite low.

Over the weekend, the client insisted that a -50% adjustment be made. We did not recommend doing this, as the analysis of the conversion time indicated that you should not lose positions on the weekend, although direct conversions were not profitable. But users bought the product in addition on weekdays. The adjustment was nevertheless made and, as it was originally supposed, had a negative impact on the result: 13 conversions for UAH 157.68 (days 6 and 7 after the launch).

It also seemed to the client that there was a serious overspending of the budget (it was agreed that we should not spend more than 660 UAH per day), but the Analytics data did not confirm this. Based on the statistics, we recommended setting a daily budget of around UAH 1100-1200/day, but this has not been agreed upon at this stage. To relieve stress on the issue of the budget, they proposed to make adjustments to the schedule of shows.

Most of the spending in this period was covered by the product campaign and two other search campaigns (they were consistently “budgeted”).

It was decided to shorten the display schedule for the product campaign.

And also reduce the frequency of impressions for remarketing.

Suspended some keywords.

So the first 7 days passed, during which we received 52 leads for 111.41 UAH. Here again there was information that the client was not satisfied with anything. The reason for this was that the client insisted on his edits in the introduction of the account, ignoring the recommendations of the team.

This despite the fact that the percentage of received impressions in the search was only 29.33% with a 64.93% loss due to lack of budget.

In addition to the standard adjustments, several changes have been made.

+10% for keywords that received conversions.

The budgets for campaigns were raised, as they constantly received the status limited by the budget.

In order to somehow optimize costs, despite the fact that we did not have the necessary amount of statistics, I started turning off campaigns.

Adjustments were also made to the APE campaign. Initially, we had one general campaign, which had good results: 6 leads for 66.61 UAH.

But we decided to break it into several campaigns in accordance with the directions. A few days later, they were suspended due to further changes at the request of the client, and we did not receive a result on them. If we take into account that the conversion rate for the total DPO campaign was 3.45%, then, for example, for the DPO_BB_cream|SNC_ADW and DPO_Patches|SNC_ADW campaigns, literally 9-10 clicks were not enough to get a conversion.

Also, based on the traffic analysis, several individual lists of negative keywords were created: for the DPO and Torgovoi campaigns, the Brand List and for the Wholesale campaigns. In total, we used 12 lists of negative keywords.

The first two weeks of support are over, for which we received 82 leads for 102.58 UAH, which absolutely fell into the initially agreed price per lead. Associated – 48 items from the search and 3 items from the CCM.

In search ads, we received the highest percentage of impressions among competitors. Although this is not a big indicator of the possible potential.

You have 57 competitors in your product search results. Here we got 33.37% impressions.

At this point of control, the client was told what to look out for. A list of recommendations and proposals was downloaded, which were only partially implemented after a while.

Then the client had a move and we constantly “pulled the account” – then turned it on, then turned it off. The offer to leave on a permanent basis at least the client did not approve of remarketing. The result of inconsistency in the movement of the project according to the media plan led to the following results (result for 17 and 18 days).

On the 19th day, we once again proposed to change the strategy, as we constantly had problems with a lack of budget. Budgets were renegotiated, and the google shopping campaign was fragmented.

A week later (23 to 30 days after the launch of the project) – of which we showed only 4 days) we had the following result: 21 leads for 265.19 UAH. Again, the situation with the “twitching” of the account at the request of the client was repeated, although initially the project manager agreed that we did not limit / stop the account for a week (in order to collect the necessary statistical data), and all changes are made at the discretion of the team

Assisted conversions – 18 pcs

As a result, we got more expensive CPA, which was affected by the constant “twitching” of the account and the lack of advertising budget. Therefore, three more options for the development of the situation in the account were developed. The strategies were developed based on the statistical data that the account received, the observations of the technical specialist when maintaining the account, as well as the analysis of auction statistics. One of them was proposed to the client and implemented:


1.1. We leave in the Search a campaign for Wholesale and a campaign for brand queries of one brand of cosmetics.

Based on the statistics collected for the analyzed period, it can be seen that the Otpu campaigns and the products of one of the brands performed well.

1.2. In the Shopping Campaign, we left the category for branded goods (the rest were disabled) and launched all the other products that are on the site in the Shopping Campaign (we had already launched all the products from the site for testing and got good results).

1.3. Individual products were constantly turned off, where the cost per lead was too high.

1.4. Left in work Remarketing (all types: General, Dynamic, Remarketing_opt)

2) We launched new categories of products in the search (2 brands and 5 products with a cost of 500 UAH).

On day 32, allowable amounts per conversion have been agreed. For wholesale campaigns – 100 UAH, for branded goods – up to 70 UAH.

As a result of all the changes, we started with the following set of campaigns:

According to this strategy, we launched on day 32. Until day 45, we had the following results: 214 conversions for 42.28 UAH. The proposed strategy was implemented in full and the client, thanks to the work of the project manager with him, stopped making adjustments to the work of the team, which made it possible to implement all the necessary adjustments in the version in which the team saw it.

Of these, 76 pieces at 53.5 wholesale.

For branded goods 27 at UAH 39.95

And the last week (from 38 to 45 days) was 125 to 33.09 UAH.

Our cost per lead has leveled off and we absolutely hit the desired cost per conversion. Finally, we have achieved the desired indicators for both the client and us. Although they could have received them already in the first week of maintenance, if the adjustments regarding the site and account were made in full and according to the recommendations of the team.

An optimization option for this strategy was proposed at the control point. The option of changing the time of impressions and geo was proposed. It was also proposed to launch several new RKs – Abandoned Cart, Smart Shopping and GMS for those who received, but did not use, a promotional code.

The main problem was that the account was constantly twitching and a lot of changes were made. It was impossible to collect at least some adequate statistics.

Issues and controversies in maintenance

1. At the start, chaotic and absolutely not systematic filling of the lead table. It practically didn’t fill up. The lead table is necessary in order to understand the quality of the received requests, as well as how many of these requests were closed by transactions. This is an additional source of information for the analysis of a technical specialist when entering and setting up an account. The client agreed with the reasoning why it needs to be filled out, but the situation has not changed. And a week after the start, they stopped filling it at all.

2. A question that concerns one of the forms on the site. It looks like this (i.e. the client received the necessary contact information)

But, as the project manager found out during communication, that the client does not use the data from this form, arguing this way: “If someone needs it, he will type it himself. Do you like being called? Me not. It’s all on the site.”

He also insisted on not fixing this form, since it does not bring him results. Our counter offer was to remove this form completely from the site if it is useless (according to the client), which was categorically refused. From this they concluded that somehow they still use this data.

In addition, with regard to this form, the following option was proposed for working with this form: to record those who received the promo code and those who then used it. Technically, it was not difficult to perform, so we made the necessary settings in the analytics.

With this we tried to understand:

  1. how many people actually use this promotional code;
  2. what percentage does not use and why. We wanted to know the answer to the second question from the client, but (we remember his attitude to calling back, etc.) we did not receive any information;
  3. it was also suggested to make a separate campaign in the Display Network and chase those who received this promo code, but did not use it, with the appropriate message;
  4. also offered options on how to use the received numbers and mail (organize mailings in messengers, use email marketing, organize sweepstakes, etc.), but this initiative was not accepted by the client.

3. Another form that has caused controversy is the registration form on the wholesale page.

It was added after the launch of the project on our recommendation. We were not immediately informed about its presence, so we did not record some of the requests.

This uniform was seen twice in different versions at the boarding station. Here were all the data necessary for further communication. We have consistently seen an increase in conversions on this form. This was also confirmed by the client that there were more forms. But, after a few days, we found out that there were fewer wholesale sales.

Trying to compare these facts, we thought that some non-target applications were sent, but there was no way to analyze the lead table, since it was not filled out. But, as it turned out, the reason is not in the quality of leads, but in the fact that the client and his managers do not process these applications, referring to the fact that “everything is detailed on the site, why call.”

4. Another moment that really caused a storm of emotions was the client’s comment “I want it, like Rozetka’s”. Very obvious questions arose: “How about Rozetka?”, “Where did the information come from, like Rozetka?” and the question of the communication channels that Rozetka uses. Another favorite client comparison that has reached me several times is “like a make-up”.

For starters, you should understand that Rozetka and Makeup are already well-known brands, so loyalty to them is much greater.

These campaigns have been working on recognition for a very long time. In this regard, we proposed to the client to launch a video ad to increase brand awareness (if there were good commercials), but this initiative also did not work.

Let’s make a small miscalculation. For example, to get 200 conversions per day, with a conversion rate of 5.16% for contextual advertising, we need to receive approximately 4,000 clicks. С учетом средней цены за клик в 2,2 грн, нам нужно 8 800 грн в день, т.е. месячный рекламный бюджет должен составлять около 264 000 грн.

В итоге по новой стратегии:

За весь период у нас 214 конверсий по 42,28 грн.

Как видим, если делать то, что советуем опытная команда, то и результат получается соответствующим, который всех устраивает.

Не все рекомендации, которые где-то описаны, могут хорошо сработать, так как каждый продукт/услуга и рекламный аккаунт индивидуальны и требуют критического и аналитического подхода опытной команды. Очевидно, что если бы изначально аккаунт велся согласно рекомендаций команды, то гарантированно результат в 217 конверсий по 42,28 грн был бы в разы лучше.

Говоря об эффективности нашей команды, видно, что по сравнению с предыдущим подрядчиком мы получили рост конверсий на +50,16% при небольшом снижении СРА (-0,55%). Но, если учесть ситуацию, которая происходила в данном периоде сопровождения, то становится очевидным, что количество конверсий могло быть гораздо больше, а цена за лид практически в 3 раза ниже.

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