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Hello. I’m Yana Lyashenko – Google Logistician. I am engaged in the delivery of the target audience to the business with the necessary parameters. Today I want to talk about how to run Google ads on platforms like Amazon and eBay. Is it necessary to do it. Are there pitfalls? How to launch this ad so that there is a really good profit, they get a lot of profitable sales.

Amazon and eBay traffic features

Let’s go. The advantage of platforms lies in the fact that a fairly wide mass, an audience of users, knows about them, who speaks directly. He says that traffic comes to the platforms on its own, so you don’t need to worry about it.

 Amazon and Ebay

There is a small, and for some online stores – a big snag. The catch is loyal traffic directly to the platforms – to Amazon and to eBay. Not to you, as to a separate online store, a seller on the sites. For buyers, you become almost faceless. Just like on a price aggregator, people go, look for the best deal and buy. A profitable deal in terms of price, terms of sale, guarantees, etc. is determined.

The audience is loyal to these two platforms, not to you. Let’s say it’s not critical. It becomes critical at the moment when the platforms begin to finish the algorithm for displaying various stores, sellers in the search results.

I come to the Amazon platform, looking for a massager. Now the most hype, popular, in the form of a pistol with manual vibration. Are there many results for massagers, in principle, now I see? Its darkness is darkness in a different price range, different brands, models, equipment, etc.

Upload by request on Amazon

We take the Amazon platform – there is an internal search engine optimization system. The seller with the best rating among the rest will go to the first issue, the top one. If you are a young store, you want to go there, of course, everything is different from niche to niche. If you tinker with it, it will become easier. Basically, you will start showing up on some subsequent pages, but not in the very tops. Simply put, it reduces the amount of audience that goes directly to Amazon and could buy. Critical or not critical? Not very critical. In principle, you can help by launching other traffic channels for the goods that you place as a seller on the platforms.

 Product card

Traffic Generation Issues

A nuance emerges. What kind of traffic to run? You can run inside Amazon ads. From many I hear more negative from her. In fact, I’m not an expert in it and I can’t say for sure. The second and third channels that are usually mentioned when mentioning advertising are Google ads or targeted Facebook ads.

 Targeted advertising on Facebook and Google Ads

Choose among them. There are nuances. Many similar platforms like Amazon, including Amazon, they have a rating system. If you generate too much traffic with a high bounce rate, then the rating in the eyes of Amazon, inside, as a seller, will begin to slide down. There are clues, nuances.

Next minus. For some, it may not be particularly critical. Do you agree? My rating will decrease – I will receive sales. I will generate traffic directly.

Now we will complete this moment in the following paragraphs. The second minus that can emerge from this situation. Advertising with Google, generating Google ads on Amazon. These platforms and other platforms – do not allow you to put the possibility of fixing deep analytics of user behavior on a mini online store. Mini compared to Amazon. Right?

What do I mean by deep analytics? There is no need for a reversal of crazy statistics on scrolling, page views, etc. You need to understand how many products were added to the cart, how many users completed the order, at what stages they fell off, and so on. Already these two platforms will not allow tracking using Google Analytics services. By giving Google information about completed orders, Amazon is essentially sharing a huge amount of statistics. Amazon is one online store. You are placed on it. Information about how people place orders on the largest platform. Pretty confidential information.

We drop out of the deep analytics fixation block. I hope many can say if I can see the quantity, order volume, in CRM or the same Amazon or eBay account. That I won’t see how many goods have been sold, what needs to be sent and how much I have earned? No problem. Here you need more information to optimize your ad account.

When we talk about launching super-effective Google ads, we always talk about launching advertising campaigns for automatic strategies. Is always. This is the most optimal advertising option, a priori. At the manual rate, you can vary. It will still lead to the fact that Google will force you to switch to some kind of automatic strategy.

He will start blocking on manual bets. These are the conditions of the auction. He wants more sales so he can invest more in Google ads. How to get invested in Google ads? Give more profit – it will proportionately add to the needle of this efficiency.

The main snag. For the automatic strategy to work correctly, you need statistical data in a good sample of exactly those actions that you want to achieve. What do you want to achieve? Selling a commodity item, receiving a sale.

If we are talking about the market in terms of Google advertising launching effective advertising, then we are also talking about smart shopping. For smart shopping, it is especially important to understand how the audience that makes orders on the site operates.

If you set up dynamic remarketing on your site, on some other site, put the conversion tag, etc. on the final page “success”, “thank you”. This list is collected and will be collected – smartshopping will use this information to make it easier to find an audience.

Initially, you get good profitable sales from smart – it means that you understand who converts.

If the smart sways for a long time, then in more than half of the cases this is due to the fact that this list of those who made conversions in dynamic remarketing has not yet been completed.

Here’s a snag. Platforms will not allow you to collect a remarketing list under pain of death. It turns out that we will not be able to optimize advertising campaigns for profitability. In terms of traffic, we can generate it. What is needed is not the volume of traffic, but it is necessary that the traffic is converted into orders.

I don’t argue. In this case, it’s a hype product, it’s now on a super-discount, then without any problems you can generate Google ads on Amazon and eBay and this will start to give a profit.

Option to create your own online store

If we are talking about stable advertising, stable scaling, increasing, of course, profits or entering new sales countries, we still have to come to the conclusion that we will have to create a personal online store.

For what? Collect these analytics and statistics. Then let the automation scale the current result. Manual bid adjustment is the most versatile bid. After the advent of smart shopping, after a year of finishing it, Googlers are constantly finishing it. I think smart shopping is the coolest thing right now. It has no analogues now, in principle, in terms of generating sales for online stores. There are no analogues to this sales channel, in principle.

Even on Black Friday, it can make big sales and moreover, profitably. When everyone else says that during Black Friday, go for manual adjustments. There is a lot of traffic, sales can become unprofitable or automation goes crazy. Smartshopping hasn’t gone crazy. This was very surprising. In 2020, during the Black Friday period, the only type of advertising campaign that made a profit was smart shopping.

Black Friday Sale

To be honest, I launched it just for the sake of testing. No longer hoped to get sales. Before Black Friday, quite a lot of traffic poured into this niche. Sales have already gone down. There was no hope that smartshopping would help in this situation. He interrupted this story with minuses and made an absolute profit for the client.

If we are talking about launching ads on Amazon or eBay, we can talk about direct targeting of Google ads to product cards in only two cases. First, don’t chase rankings on platforms. It doesn’t matter where you show up.

Second, here is a really hype product at the best price. The best price is not always the lowest or the biggest discount percentage. The most favorable price is an optimal middle price, at which people will buy to a greater extent.

Otherwise – if you want to make something more systemic, scalable from this – you need to saw the site in parallel and run Google advertising. Let what’s on Amazon be on Amazon. It will be generated separately for the site – it will give more profit.

The advantage of starting your own site is that you will start doing your own branding, positioning, you will be with maximum flexibility in placing various elements, you can cut the design for yourself, you can rewrite texts as you want.

If the branding and positioning of an online store or certain product items is well defined, then the audience that came or will buy is already more loyal than to some impersonal platform, such as Amazon or eBay, etc.

Running Google Ads with Direct Traffic

Can I run Google Ads with direct traffic to eBay or Amazon? Can. Thinking about turning a system, easily scalable – it’s better to think about your own site.

According to what types of advertising can be run on eBay – in principle, almost any. Smartshopping can be launched on Amazon. The problem is the effectiveness of smart, which will tend to zero, since there are no statistics on the collected conversions. Its efficiency is not very good.

Run traffic – just make traffic. We need to develop our own internal, some criteria for assessing the quality of traffic. The quality of traffic is the most targeted now. Not the types of the company, but targeting that goes not to data, but to targeted traffic. Targeted traffic should go to landing pages.


In short, to summarize. In an ideal situation, if you are thinking of generating traffic from Google ads to eBay, Amazon – create a shim website. Sounds ugly. Truth? Laying site. Kind of a landing page. From it you can collect statistics on the collected conversions, additions to the cart if a person decides to place an order. There will be no pure statistics on the collected money, etc. This is more variability in statistics than if you just led to Amazon.

What is a laying site? Mini online store, you can file it in any format. Simply, when a person wants to add something to the cart or buy some kind of commodity item, he will already be redirected to the product card on Amazon, eBay. Ideal if you do not want to create your own online store, you want to generate traffic on eBay and Amazon.

Some may say that this is a completely outdated scheme for generating traffic and, accordingly, getting sales from these two platforms. I think that this is an old proven scheme that gives more profit. On this site, it is possible to make your own branding, create your own visual, which is different from Amazon, prescribe any conditions, chips, goodies, rewrite this landing page in the form of a landing page, add videos, etc. Make it beautiful, conversion.

The advantage is that it is possible to put Google analytics on the laying site and collect targeted actions. You will not collect orders if we generate from the site of the laying of a person on Amazon. A little more statistics than if there were analytics from Amazon and eBay itself.

If the video is helpful, please like it. Spending less than a minute is useful for me. If something remains incomprehensible, new questions have appeared, you want some niche, history, a question to sort out on the youtube channel – I’m waiting in the comments. See you in new releases.

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