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Hello. My name is Yana Lyashenko – Google Logistician. In today’s video, we will analyze what Google came up with at Google Marketing Live 2022, what interesting things they presented, what will become the main trends in Google advertising. In marketing in the next year, at least, and maybe more. It was an important conference. Those who watched, for example, do not have enough technical knowledge, might not be able to understand the general concept. See. Presented Google Marketing Live. Honestly – I like it less than the previous one, since most of the presented functionality is in the “coming soon” section, close to implementation, but not launched. All the functionality is cool, cool, at the moment only for the US market. It is not known when he will come to us. Taking into account the dynamically changing events in the world, I would not be surprised if they update massively, for all kinds of markets.

Today I will talk about important things, trends from the conference that are read between the lines. You can see what was voiced at the conference, read from the censuses. You google the output. Read anyone. Let me tell you what you read between the lines. Important points that should be taken into account now, what to work on directly. It will allow you to run a few kilometers ahead of your competitors until they come to this. Google will also press them. It is important. I will voice what is written between the lines of the conference. As perceived as a specialist, what to prepare for. Plus, I’ll announce some of the news now. Performance Max is also hooked. Let’s proceed to the consideration.

Data collection security

The first important block that I want to prioritize. I’ll give him some time. Plus, Google bypassed it, but also allocated a piece of time for the presentation. This is an important trend. In short – data collection security. Say, well, damn it, what’s special? You add a privacy policy, say that I do not collect or transfer data, etc. Not! In short, friends, there is a change on a larger scale than you think. There are a number of countries that want to ban Google analytics at the legislative level. Of course, Google analytics in the context of Universal Analytics, this GA3 or GA4. From a legal standpoint, I don’t know. At the moment, only in the news to procrastinate. Of course, I did not consider the details of the legal case. At least France, Italy wants to do it in Europe. Another one country, if I remember I’ll write it down here. I’ll insert an insert from the news so that they don’t think that I came up with it.

US wants to ban Google Analytics The EU wants to ban the Google Analytics system Google Analytics ban in Italy

In short, in order to understand, there is a ban on Google analytics. You have known for a long time that iOS users can block data collection. Some guys in targeted advertising felt this very strongly in terms of effectiveness. It doesn’t matter. In short, there is a fight for data security. Naturally, Google, which constantly advertises automatic strategies, understands that, Facebook, too, that it cannot hook advertisers on the needle for constant replenishment, spending money without automation. Fortunately, unfortunately, only Google robots, not robots, automatic bidding strategies, allow you to make more output, more profitable in large volumes.

Without good analytics, how users behave, interact with the site, what conversions they make, what goods they take, add, remove from the basket – it is impossible. If there are countries that ban Google analytics, then “Will we work?”

Using the Google ads conversion tag

I will recommend one thing. I have never seen a ban on the type of conversion, which is called Google ads conversion tag, in the news, public, or some kind of showdowns. Now they don’t block. Regardless of the volume of conversion of the topic, now think about setting this goal directly to the final page, to some important nuances on the site. It’s called Tag conversion Google ads. I think it won’t be super important for the majority in terms of fixing the conversion. This is important.

Google Ads Conversion Tag

You advertise in those markets where Google analytics is blocking the moment, immediately put the purchase tag and don’t worry. If you are engaged in services, then completely different conversion tags. There is a whole set of settings to use.

Purchase tags are not pretty in terms of Google ads analytics. Google avoided this in this block, did not specifically voice anything. The only point raised was that there would be a kind of sandbox. All data will pass through it. Through the sandbox, it will be possible to use Google analytics analytics. They said they were concerned about safety. Haha, Google and Facebook, who listen, record the location of movements without permission, at any request they ask permission, to allow certain use of services. At the same time, if you do not allow it, they will not allow you to use the service. As if soared about privacy and security. In short, Google and Facebook will still find workarounds. Especially Google for data collection. You don’t have to worry too much about this. If possible, in those markets where Google analytics will be banned, use the Google ads conversion tag. Not prohibited yet.

Features for collecting dynamic remarketing

By the way, this also applies to the collection of dynamic remarketing. There are mammoths who continue to collect dynamic remarketing lists through Google analytics. I strongly recommend switching to collecting dynamic remarketing for the Google ads tag. Your direct advertising account. Don’t give Google ads, create an ad account anyway, set up listing collection through it. May come in handy in the future. Shopping will start running. It is important. At a minimum, you can launch dynamic remarketing at any time on ready-made lists, rather than start collecting in a hurry, on a new one in some situation. Clients know, and the guys who come to the consultations know that we put dynamic remarketing only on Google ads, if there is a possibility of a Google business vertical, if we are talking about retail. For other niches, in short, there are completely different parameters, attributes. That’s it.

About local data collection requirements

Another nuance. If there is a desire to enter new markets for some sales, this is especially true now for the majority of Ukrainians who launch online stores in Europe, the USA, Canada. Remember that there are certain legal requirements in certain local markets for data collection, data security, etc.

Let’s say there are separate options for California. There are certain things in European local markets. If it is not possible to hire a lawyer or understand a niche, we open twenty competitors for your products, look at what they prescribe, according to privacy policy, terms and conditions in various variations. It’s important to remember. In short, with a privacy policy, security, in short, finished, completed.

Omnichannel and diversification of channels/traffic sources

The second, important trend, by the way, is something that cannot be abandoned. I’ll call it omnichannel. In short, you need to diversify all traffic channels naturally, as an effect of sales channels. Whether you want it or not. There are two reasons.

The first reason is the ongoing events in the country and which you may encounter in almost every country, depending on the legislation. Now the world seems to have gone mad. You need to be ready for anything.

The second reason is that Google is now radically reworking SEO results. Issuance on a mobile device. If earlier … I’ll tell you the background why he wants to do it. Of course, the useful experience of using the Google search string by the end user comes to the fore. Want to improve experience, experience of interaction through Google. You will be satisfied, you will constantly use it. Google is a corporation. The investor is not interested in five Google stars, but a little bit of other things.

Their task is to increase, scale profits. How can they do it? On the one hand, 30-40 percent, depending on the market, of people who fundamentally do not click on advertising results. There is such a bzdyk. There was a negative experience in the past, they just have a negative attitude towards it. In short, it doesn’t matter why they don’t click. There is a percentage. Think about how to get to them. First, the percentage. On the other hand, there are users who do not care whether paid or not paid issuance. We are looking for a solution to the issue. How can you squeeze money from users. Why squeeze money? As if advertisers pay money, but Google earns it thanks to clicks on ads. We spend advertisers’ money, which does not fall into users’ accounts, but into Google accounts.

You can squeeze a little more money from us. How to do it? The only logical option is to increase the volume of advertising issuance. Well, you see, it’s easy, just realizable. In short, we fix these two constituent elements. What needs to be done?

Firstly, for the first category, you need to blur the search results so that they do not understand that it is an advertising issue. The second one doesn’t care. They clicked on different results without a difference and will continue. We need to increase the amount of issuance. These are personal speculations. Maybe Googlers will look and say – “cook”. In fact, everything is not so. I think so. In short, if you want to believe, agree or disagree, please unsubscribe in the comments. Somehow the monologue goes in one direction.

In short, they are changing SEO results now. It will be intertwined as much as possible. Twisted to the max. I will show examples of the issue that was shown on Google Marketing Live. If you look closely at this output, compare it with the output that was before. Before that, there was a paid trade issue at the top. Then they could go, let’s say conditionally paid text ads. Then Google maps, a little bit of video and the usual SEO results. At the bottom, perhaps again, a paid ad block. So in a circle.

Ad Google output

Easily calculates where paid, free, useful and not useful, conditionally. Now everything will be blurred, rethought, shuffled among themselves and you find yourself in a new reality. Why should you diversify your traffic sources? To take more issuance. Do organic work, add Pinterest, some other resources, forums, blogs, Youtube, your information. This allows for one iteration of the show to take more issuance, if, of course, they were engaged in this. It is important. Hear.

Commodity advertising

It’s not easy to have some kind of organic link promotion, in text form, but also Youtube, a video format. Possibly Pinterest. Well, look, now I’m not talking about Instagram, Facebook. I rarely see results where some posts are indexed, articles from Facebook, even more so from Instagram. This item is not indexed. Some may agree with me, some may not. Of course, if you write “Instagram Google Logistics”, then Instagram Google Logistics will give out.

Search, conditionally, let’s say: “Which growth stimulant to use for an orchid.” You won’t see Instagram or Facebook. There are big blogs on this topic, and you can see YouTube in any way, Pinterest and some blogs, forums are quite active. Plus blogs, forums will be very active to get right into the issuance of the visual component. Well, let’s get to the visual. Look carefully at this new issue, from the point of view of the prism, and what to add now to the promotion strategy, so that you can do it, now it is shown. Of course, they will dilute this with paid advertising and, as it were, the first category, which in principle did not click on advertising, no matter how much options will remain soon. Anyway, the Google dragon will make money.

This is the second trend – the general dynamics. Not local some requirement only for US market. This is waiting for everyone. Think about it. It may be worth looking at SEO blogs, which will decipher everything in more detail. As soon as we touch on the Youtube visual, I’ll decipher it a little from the point of view of paid advertising.

Youtube is a mandatory platform for placement

The next trend and an important block, which was given a fairly significant piece of the presentation on Google Marketing Live – Youtube. Now many will say that they have already heard about Youtube. Yana, are you all right, are you all right? Farther. Nope, guys. I will name a few important points why you should now pay attention to Youtube, if you have not paid attention before, if you have already paid attention, then slightly improve the work, interaction with this platform. Remember that Youtube is the second search engine in the world after Google. “Want to be where your audience is – online video must be bought.” Fixed.

Advertisement on YouTube

This is the truth, not contested in any way. Product search starts with this search engine. We change places. First, we google on YouTube, and then we go to Google search to search. Those who are attentive will immediately begin to build an advertising strategy specifically on the YouTube site. Let me give you an example now, who did not understand the coolness of this thing. In short, look, conditionally, I want to buy a washing vacuum cleaner. The example is primitive, point another one – I’ll tell you something else. Washing vacuum cleaner. Look, washing vacuum cleaners are different, for different tasks.

  • Conditionally, I want to make money on cleaning apartments, on general cleaning. You need a powerful washing vacuum cleaner for a large displacement, with many nozzles. Do you agree? Time.
  • Second, I can be a housewife who is obsessed with cleanliness, wants to lick everything in the house. Two.
  • Third, there is a child, a set of children of 5 things conditionally, who are always littering, conditionally plastering a sofa, bed, wallpaper, etc. I want to clean it, because dry cleaning is expensive, as it needs to be done often.

I named at least three different avatars. First, if we take some of the avatars that are not familiar with the niche of washing vacuum cleaners. What will they do? First go to Youtube, see which washing vacuum cleaner is suitable for such and such purposes, or about what professional washing vacuum cleaners are. Someone just walked along the Epicenter, saw a Karcher vacuum cleaner. Karcher seems to be pronounced that way. And specifically, I think, now I’ll look at the reviews about this washing vacuum cleaner on YouTube. See how much difference? In all cases, Youtube will be the first communication platform. The same story with baby carriages, with some specific cups, hard drives, if you install them, with glasses. All this can start with Youtube. This is important.

Ads in YouTube

What can we post on Youtube? There are several formats for posting on Youtube. You need to fix that Youtube is the first platform to buy. Want it, don’t want it. Do not go here – you will lose quite a lot. Everything is a comedy with sales.

Types of advertising on Youtube

How to post on YouTube? There are several delivery formats. Well, the simplest is video ads when we post a video. Quite a worthy option.

Second, product delivery. Merchandise may vary. Previously, smartshopping just showed some kind of issue. Now they are forced to switch to performance. The performance can be shown in several variations – a video with the issuance, in shorts, it can show Youtube short, an analogue of Tic Tok, and in several other variations. Just a commodity issue, who came looking for something right on top of the commodity issue in the middle, at the end it can flash in the carousel. Under the video there is also a trade issue. In short, there are many options for paid advertising.

Commodity output below the video Ad insert interrupts main video Google Shopping ads on YouTube video hosting

Creating your own Youtube channel

The second option that I recommend doing. Like it or not, it concerns the second trend about diversifying the source of traffic – your Youtube channel. Difficult, painful, someone will resist, scream. I don’t want to, I can’t get it, etc. You or a competitor. What to overcome? Laziness or competitor. A competitor will do it – excellent.

Understand, there is absolutely no competition for eCommerce on YouTube. Who do you want to compete with? With some bloggers, reviewers? This is not competition. Most of the users have long known what bloggers get for these ads. Most bloggers can’t explain the concept of using a product. Freely, without the feeling of great competition, we go to Youtube and shoot videos.

The goal is to scoop up all the traffic you can. High frequency, medium, low frequency. Low-frequency is raked out even easier. What do you need to do?

Firstly, not for hitting the tops in YouTube, conditionally for washing vacuum cleaners. So that the videos are in the organic Google search. Remember, about the blurred output of Google and Youtube will be there. Youtube will be many. Videos will become plentiful in the coming years.

We must remember – a well-optimized video with a good concept gets into the tops of two search engines. Here he did not make it to the top, but in the second he can easily get there. Remember this. Youtube is now a base without which, as it were, eCommerce … What are you guys hoping for? Without Youtube – everything. Believe me, create Youtube, then in six months you will begin to regret that you didn’t start it. Many people think that I impose Youtube because I run Youtube.

Firstly, if you want, I will tell the goal why I created Youtube, what I get from it. If you want, write in the comments. I advise, because this is because it works for e-commerce. Works for services. Works for everyone. Not only because you reveal the product better than on the site. And for, at least, the reasons in the first block voiced. Issuance. The output increases proportionally. Especially for free.

Emphasis on quality visuals

Another trend. Let’s get back to the performance. Let’s touch on performance a little further. Visual. Now the SMMs will cheer, they will say, they said, they said, let’s take a picture. Joke. Some will appreciate it, others will not.

Photos goods Ad Creatives Product Reviews

In short, visual. The visual will become an important component, an important trend. The visual will be pulled up in SEO results. The visual works even in product cards when you bring a user there. Now I’m not talking about a super system, some kind of fictitious visual. Conditionally took a puncher. Somehow they took an unusual picture with a perforator. Now is not about that. About a high-quality visual, a high-quality picture, a picture from different angles of a heading. Several times I came across a situation where there is little photo content on the product website or the photo content does not show how to use the product or the product item itself. Now not about the perforator. Guys, not about the perforator.

We take jewelry. How they look on the neck, how the earrings look in the ears, conditionally. clothing. The same story. What else? Strollers. Same story. Bags, clothes, computers, phones. anything. Vacuum cleaners. Photo content is important. Let’s take the same example that I’ve been procrastinating in posts and stuff for a year now. Add just a high-quality picture to the site. There are situations when you go to the site – you see just a pixel image. Terrible quality. I understand that you take pictures from suppliers somewhere. So hammer the supplier to tighten your ass and correct the photo content. Or make photo content yourself.

Let’s take the theme of the New Year. New Year’s garlands. Horror! You look at the issue – a white garland on a white background, on a light gray background, tightly twisted. Tell me, how do you buy a garland? Type of times chosen and all? No, the garland is bought for the visual. How it will look on the Christmas tree, thick, not thick, how it glows – yellow, white, gray-brown-crimson. This is the reason why garlands are sold very actively in subway passages. They include in the socket – the garland glows. These are marketing techniques that have been invented for many centuries. Just a visual demonstration of how the product works. Don’t bother with the video. Take a photo of what it looks like. Will give back.

Guys, this is actually an important part. Maybe on some things, conditionally compound feed for animals is not a particularly important story. With this, for most niches, you will have to bother. Especially if you sell clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories. As for essentials. Why clothes are not the first necessity? You can conditionally buy a basic set and wear it. Need a visual. Want, don’t want. Accept simply, swallow, start doing at last.

Photo goods in 3D format View product from different angles Adding quality photos to the ad

I draw attention. I’m not talking about some super-duper, fictional visual. When a supermodel is photographed with, conditionally, some kind of repair kits. no. I’m just talking about good quality visuals, good quality photos in advertising, in the Merchant Center, on the website. It is important. Captured the moment.

Automate all types of advertising campaigns

Let’s go to another trend. Full automation of advertising. We are moving towards the fact that almost none of the advertising campaigns on manual rates will work. The reason is not that they configured it incorrectly, but the reason is in Google. What he wants to plant on the needle of automation. Whether you want it or not. On automatic strategies, we get better results, more.

Automatic strategies in Google Ads

What about performance max? I will say that in the presentation they stroked him a little, they said that oh God, innovation and moved on.

This is due to the fact that the first – the tool is not completely finished. They announced that a cool tool will be shown in a variety of resources in the form of search, discovery, video advertising, shopping, in short, remarketing, locally. In short, wherever it can be shown.

Performance Max gives 20% more conversions

The cases that were cited, to be honest, are rather weak for our market. Brought Ordinary cases. Facial cosmetics. Not budget, by the way. Boasting cases five to one. 500 percent. Such cases… Open Google, read the cases that they write. There are no cases for which you want five thousand percent, twelve thousand percent. There are no such cases. It’s not about that. This is a big bell, a bell that Performance max is not the saving tool that is being positioned. The way they sound. Secondly, performance max is a type of advertising campaigns that you cannot decompose into components. There you need to do everything to the maximum quality.

As prepare ads for the Performance Max campaign

What does maximum quality mean? We add awesome cool banners to the visual. Come up with a different banner concept. Do it, add not blurry, not pixelated pictures. Get confused, make at least three sizes. Three sizes are easy. A rectangle, a square and a skyscraper of a kind – 960 by 1200. It’s hard to call it a skyscraper. 1200 by 628, 1200 by 1200 and 960 by 1200. Get confused, make a good quality picture. Do it.

Why focus on this? You can’t imagine how much advertisers upload there anyhow. Exactly anyhow sho nebut. There is a robot vacuum cleaner, conditionally, they sell it. A pixelated picture of a vacuum cleaner robot where you can’t tell it’s a robot vacuum cleaner. Get confused by good visuals. This is important.

Performance max hacks

Second. There is a life hack in Performance Max. More precisely, two life hacks that you can use. First, add a video. Now, another video. Zadolbala! Guys, for Performance Max it is desirable to create separate creatives. Video rules. Video in performance helps. Do not add a video, the performance itself makes a video. Believe me, the quality of installation is so-so. Well, just pictures one after another go. Well, what a montage. The video should be added to the performance with the maximum conversion. With a call to action. Not “in the distant future, in the past they dreamed of the existence of such and such a product.” Or – “what a blue sky.” no. Clearly, to the point. Selling a coffee machine. price. Where could I buy. What are the deadlines for the end of the promotion, when the promotion. Clearly, to the point.

If, conditionally, you sell cosmetics, make a six-second, 15-second, 30-second with a clear advantage – “removes that, age spots, peeling, black dots.” Clearly, to the point. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Make a super creative montage, for $2,000, do it yourself, with a phone, it doesn’t matter, in short. The concept of installation – no difference. The main conversion sense. Good picture, naturally, without the 3-megapixel camera on the Sony Ericsson filmed. I guess it goes without saying guys. No need to be reminded of this.

Another life hack to add. Always add one of the headlines less than 15 characters to the ad. Believe me, the quality of the ad immediately takes off to a high level when you add this little short. Such a lifehack.

An important element. Think carefully about the structure of your performances. The cases that Google demonstrates are not very cool. Well, maybe some large advertiser makes big profits on large volumes. If a small advertiser, medium and now soar over the payback, there are few options. You need to work with what you have, squeeze more out of it than you need. It is important to monitor the payback of goods, especially in performance.

In the performance, I’ll probably shoot a separate video. Some certain important points in the performance that should be considered. Performance, the first, is not a panacea, judging by the case studies that have been shown. Second, they want to put me on the needle. The needle is quite deceptive. It is not clear where the performance will take profitable sales in order to fulfill the interest. The third component – for performance, as well as for other types of automation, conversions are needed. Without conversion it will be hard. Well, if they go right away. If not, it will be a little more difficult in your niche. We’ll have to scrape through the bottom of the bottom of the conversion to make performances work well. Such a story with performances.

We ran through everything, they said awesome, create a signal, add objects, there will be a miracle. As practice shows, not fifty-fifty. For some it works, for some it doesn’t work. If everything is fine, great – cross yourself or pray to someone, say thank you.

There is a large part of advertisers who do not get access. Well, conditionally, a friend came for a consultation. Waited eight weeks, spent ten thousand dollars, got ten sales totaling three hundred or five hundred dollars. All. Here is a performance case made according to the instructions of Googlers. They say to wait at least four weeks, and then they say six to eight weeks, ten to twelve. In short, it doesn’t matter. Don’t think it’s a panacea. Captured the moment. The performance is certainly cool, but it would be better if they left smart – there would be an opportunity to choose what works better. At the moment it has been taken away. Such a story.

Another nuance in the performances. Since the type of local companies is used, when there are physical points where you connect Google My Business, you make sure to link Google My Business with Google Ads. There is a physical point where people can go, but there is no Google My Business – we create Google My Business.

To be shown as local companies, if there is no physical point where a person can come, conditionally, the office is located, but there is no service, the goods are beautifully arranged – don’t do it, don’t hook up Google My Business. Will make it worse. Makes visits there. They are not needed. There are local points – it is possible to load offline conversions in Google Ads. There is an opportunity, if you want to get confused – get confused. There will be more arrivals in the physical store. Here are a few things to know about performance.

Performance, I promise, will work better. Now the performance has a lot of failures. All smart transforms into performances. The auction is changing, the competition is changing. We will watch, observe the performance. How, what it is, what kind of animal it is and how to fight. These are all trends to consider.

Comparison of Performance Max and DPO

I can add one important nuance to the performance. Remember, in the past Google trends said that they will file some kind of tool that is automated for search. I thought that they would throw it out, throw out some kind of DPO, dynamic search ads that would work. Partially turned out to be right. This is the setting to direct URLs to relevant pages on the site, which is in the performance – this is approximately the analogue of DPO.

One big nuance. DPO did not work well for everyone. Firstly, it depends on the quality of the traffic that it generated. Poorly SEO optimized site – traffic will be bad. Conditionally, you sell repair kits. Lenses, parts, headlight lenses or other by type. Yes guys? And the lenses for the eyes will start to go. Google will assume that the exact type matches, the lens words are similar. Due to the tightness and heaps in the performance, it is not always clear what will work and in what form.

Since she said that DPOshku automate, just slapped her in Performance max. Blinded something. Now DPOshka can work somehow. In a performance, you can’t segment by placements where you want to appear. Perhaps the problem with the performance is that the DPO cannot work, it gives bad traffic when the cost per click is high. One of the ways that the ad rank is very bad is to work on the feed to improve the landing.

Site Optimization and Performance Max

The most important of the elements. If you think about creating a performance – please buy a couple of hours from a SEO specialist, ask how well to register, optimize the site so that Google correctly reads the keywords from the site. That’s it, do not spare money, find a SEO specialist, consult. It is better to hire a SEO specialist that will do it. Will affect the exhaust from the performance. Whether you like it or not, the search is stuck there. The search is quite aggressive. In most cases, search is more expensive in cost per click than product.

If a performance has gone crazy in terms of cost per click, dipped in profitability, wasted money, then with the keyword optimization part, the problem is with the landing page, not the feed. It doesn’t work precisely because of this, more precisely, the performance fails to select the right traffic.

Such nuances, guys, mini trends for the next year or two. I will not talk about the functionality of the innovation. It is purely for some local markets.

We caught a few insiders, recorded something – like it, write thanks in the comments. Less than a minute spent, great benefit to me. Spent so much time. I also considered Marketing Live. For two hours stretched a bunch of garbage. See you in new releases.

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