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Гугл реклама для локального бизнеса в США Contextual advertising

Hello everyone! I am Yana Lyashenko, Google Logistician. I am engaged in the delivery of the target audience to businesses with the necessary parameters. In today’s video, we’ll talk about what kind of advertising you need to run for a business, such as plants repairing, home appliance repair, Driver cleaning or carpet cleaning, directly for a local business in the US and Canada markets. The block of recommendations is formed on the basis of consultations and clients that were directly from these markets. Similar niches for other countries have similar strategies and concepts. Of course, they have certain local nuances. If relevant, write in the comments. I’ll make a separate video. Today we will talk directly about this. What types of advertising campaigns need to be launched in order to get orders as quickly as possible, at what cost, approximately what result can be targeted.

Types of Google ads for the fastest results


Let’s start with the very first question. What types of Google ads you need to run to get the fastest result. For the service industry of such a local business, there are two basic, it seems, the most important types of advertising campaigns. This is a keyword based search advertising company and performance max.

You can launch the first one right away in your ad account, and the max performance a little later. This can happen towards the end of the first, second or even third month of advertising campaigns. This is a mandatory type of advertising campaign, because it can give a jump in the growth of orders much more than classic search advertising campaigns. Now we will all talk, watch.

Classic search ad campaign

So, the classic search advertising campaign is a proven type of advertising campaign that you can start with. From a zero ad account or already have an existing old ad account in Google Ads. Doesn’t matter. Proven type of advertising campaigns.

1. Keyword Selection

Why? If you choose the right keywords, you can show up for the hottest customers. The correctness, the correctness of the selection of keywords. Keywords are queries that we upload to the Google system and ask them to show an ad. The correct selection of keywords always affects the primary result. It is important not to chase the volume of keywords. No need to make lists of three, four thousand keywords. For the niches listed, 10, well, a maximum of 20 keywords will suffice. It is desirable that the keywords directly relate to the subject of ordering a service.

There is a big difference, conditionally, between the request “Call, conditionally, a master”, “I am looking for a master, conditionally, to repair household appliances”, for example, for a dishwasher and, for example, the request, “Such and such an error popped up on the screen in the dishwasher “. Requests potentially resulting in an order. The second request is not entirely targeted and it is better not to launch it in advertising in the first place. Why? A person is looking, conditionally, for an understanding of what such a mistake means. Not looking for a master. Maybe he is looking for how to solve this problem on his own or just starting to search for it. It doesn’t matter.

Urgent requests when a person needs a master or service to maintain the entire story. If we are talking about b2b projects, then all the more so they will clog some kind of story, a request that is responsible for the call. This does not say that the keyword is needed, the word “Call the master” should sound straight.

But the request that you choose should correspond to the understanding of the concept, approach, not the approach, but the image that the person is ready to order you conditionally. Rather than looking for some kind of error or how conditionally some pipe burst, how to solve the problem. The oven is broken, how to fix it. Clogged ventilation, or something like that. A lot depends on the quality of keyword selection in a niche. The worse you choose keywords, the fewer orders you will get.

2. Conversion settings

The second most important thing to do is to set everything up for maximum conversion. Conversions – fixing the target action on the site. Basically – the moment of transferring contact information from the client to you or your manager. This is sending forms, calls to, perhaps, some applications, callback orders, etc. This is an important conversion.

What is it for? First, it will allow you to see the number of orders against each of the keywords. Maybe 20, 30, 40 keywords and only two or three percent of them bring in applications. Perhaps the situation is such that almost 20, 30 keywords bring some applications, conditionally. You see that in fact most of the applications may not be targeted. When you can set up all the conversions, fix them. You can use analytics to compare it with your own, calculate a group of keywords that bring non-targeted leads and you can just turn them off.

Performance max

Another element. Due to the fact that you initially set up all conversions correctly, all fixation to the maximum, up to outgoing calls. Set it up. Further, by collecting conversions for targeted requests, for targeted applications, somewhere by the beginning of the second, possibly by the third month, depending on the market size, on performance, you can launch the second type of advertising campaigns that give more results even faster, but you need a base. The company is called performance max.

Google it on the Internet, you will come across cases related to sales for online stores. Performance max is a universal advertising tool that Google is now actively improving. This is an automated ad campaign powered by machine learning.

What does this mean? Means that the system is based on your base. And the base – conversion, collected conversions, quality of conversion data, client profile – the quality of search queries from search advertising campaigns. Can search faster for target customers. Classic search – what is it? Conventionally, the client now googles a certain query in the Google search line, looking for the answer to this question. Performance max can go beyond. First, the limited volume of search queries. Secondly, with the highest degree of probability, based on statistics, he will find a person who googles the same query “What does an error on the washing machine mean such and such conditionally” or “The door does not open”. Will know that a person will order a washing machine repair specialist.

Can you feel the difference? Just fight on a similar request for everyone – who is looking for a master, who is not looking for a master, conditionally. Machine learning already understands that this person will order this service. Question: you or some other person. This performance max definitely needs to be run. This is a must, more growth, faster to do than a classic search campaign.

Performance of advertising campaigns

Third – performance. No types of advertising campaigns are needed. No need to run video ads, banner ads. This is not necessary. These are two, not remarketing companies – all this is not necessary. You need two, two given foundations, two pillars that should be launched. One after the second. When there is already statistics collected, of course, it is possible to run two of these tools at once without any problems.

What will be the performance in terms of order volume, cost per order? Depends, of course, on the location conditionally, on which you want to target, advertise. How big is the city, area, relatively where you want to target. All local businesses operate within a certain radius. It makes no sense to travel to some areas or out of town, conditionally something like that. This primarily affects performance.

Impact of site quality on ad performance

The second thing that affects performance is the quality of the base of the landing page. Now you can say that this means again my site is to blame. See. The site is… I would compare Google ads conditionally from the moment you go on a blind date. You conditionally get a description of the person you are going on a date with. It may be written there – beautiful, not beautiful. Comes in, doesn’t come in. As described, everything is perfect. Conventionally, when a man, we take the average statistics: tall, leggy, blonde, model appearance, smart, beautiful, earns money herself. Come on a blind date like this. In fact, it could be anything. It may turn out to be the same as in the description of the text, or it may turn out to be completely different. The man deceived in advance, conditionally, and the blind date turned out to be not what was expected.

A similar story with paid advertising. The advertisement is your self-presentation. The more beautifully you present, the more people go to the site. Already on the site, on the base, what is shown, written, how they introduced themselves, described, etc., it depends whether a person orders or does not order.

Look, take the place of the buyer. Try, conditionally, car repair. Car repairs. Conditionally, what to find here? Try to remember your last online purchase. You understand that the sample is large, there are many offers. You need to decide from whom, why to buy. I got to the site – does not mean that I did not open 3-4 sites in a row, maybe more. There is no guarantee that YouTube did not go google, watch or read reviews on you or on competitors.

Always in the moment you are in competition with other online businesses, unless of course there are two or three for this location, conditionally. And then you compete with them. The whole result depends on the quality of the information the offer that you broadcast on the boarding site. It’s like a blind date. The ad is possibly awesome. If a person visits the site and sees that the buyer does not understand what you are selling, what is the benefit of working with you, and competitor Michael wrote it all down: departure, departure speed, repair time, approximately how much it costs, examples of clients, wrote about reviews, told about himself, how cool everything he does. It is more likely that Michael will be chosen, and not you, conditionally. This is important to remember. Boarding – this is when they came on a blind date. This is fundamentally important. The final result depends on the landing page, or rather on what you write.

If the landing paper is of a good enough level, at least describes what it said. Least. And the best thing is to always analyze in analytics, finish the comparison with competitors, then approximately the result for one application will be somewhere around $ 15. The worse the landing page, the better the competitors in terms of describing themselves, self-presentation, the price per application will tend to be somewhere around 60 dollars. To be evaluated. If the average check is in the region of $200, then accordingly you estimate the effectiveness of the whole story. This is a set of those basic things that you need.

Another nuance. Why is it important to keep track of the landing page and constantly improve it? For the American market, perhaps this is not a super important moment. There is a landing. As if it is not clear what to finish in it. You must be prepared that the site needs to be completed constantly. It’s an endless routine that you just have to put up with. Landing needs to be finished. Just because you don’t do something like that doesn’t mean others don’t do it. Sometimes they launch two or three sites in advertising, in order to understand which of the subspecies of landing sites works better in order to occupy the search results.

Reasons to improve landing pages

The auction you participate in is always alive. It’s like an anthill. There are always some changes going on, life. You need to be ready to get involved. Landing passes affect performance. If you want to scale further, you want to run the same performance max. I remind you that it gives more results than the classic search due to machine learning. It already knows for what request it is possible to catch the client. Search doesn’t work that way. Even if you want to test. It is very important for automation to understand that it brings conversion.

Automation can potentially be shown by the desired client portrait. The one that, for example, from a neighboring store, a store, the local business buys quite actively. This is a direct target hot client, direct money is now spreading on the table. If he sees that he falls off your site, does nothing, does not achieve conversions, then automation will begin to deteriorate. Minimize impressions. This is with the best deals. In the worst case, it will start sorting through a variety of portraits, avatars of the client. You will only have a consumable part. The amount spent on the ad account, which will result in zero. The argument that working with a landing page is an important element.

What to improve on the landing page?

How to work with it? How to understand what to improve? First, everything should be clearly spelled out, digitized on the first, on the second screen for the target client, the benefits of cooperation with you. Usually: what to buy, why to buy, why here, why now. Everyone sews up a variety of requests: speed of work, repair time, speed of departure, the price for someone is an advantage. Everyone has their own chips. You see competitors, you can compare how you can compete. Perhaps big ones. Perhaps a group of professionals is working, there are already cool reviews – use it.

Using Behavior Tracking Services

I also recommend installing some services for tracking the behavior of analytics, behavior on the site, like Microsoft Clarity or Hotjar, it is of course paid. Clarity is free from Microsoft. Install and periodically, at least once a quarter, if there are no specialists already, you do it yourself, analyze the behavior of customers on the site.

Of course, the more traffic on the site, the more often this should be done. In any case, at least once a quarter to look at where they fall off. Perhaps those elements on the site that are not clickable are clicked on, but they are clicked on. See how much the site, landing page is being scraped by customers. If 80 percent of customers are on the first two screens and then there is already a dump of people, then, at a minimum, you need to concentrate all the chips on the first two screens. This is a signal that perhaps the landing page has a rather low conversion rate.


More important. The higher the conversion. Conversion – the ratio of received orders to the total volume of traffic. The higher the conversion, the more, in principle, orders you can receive for the same amount of traffic that you receive. Traffic can be quite expensive and will not be disadvantaged in terms of conversion.

So, this is the whole set of strategic, technical recommendations for an advertising account that you can already apply. You understand the sequence, where to start, in order to then reinforce it. You understand what is needed for further switching to machine learning, to automation. What is needed for this. You also understand how important it is to work with a landing page.

That’s all. If you have any questions – I’m waiting in the comments section below.

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