How to set up remarketing for online store?

Remarketing for an online store Remarketing

The next step is to parse the content block of the contextual display network, without Display Ads, the usual remarketing. What does the specialist write? “Only adaptive display ads, I see the ability to upload display ads (rather, the specialist means – HTML) I tried, it didn’t work out, I don’t know this option, some sellers give out animated remarketing ads – beautiful, attracts attention. It is important that the audience is targeted. A foreign audience will be unnerving. Set up a targeting audience recommended by Google. It turns out that the display will be for those users who were not on the site. I did not get that. “At first, audiences from site visitors were automatically configured. It can be understood that a visitor who came to see the pages of a kimono may see ads from another group. Started with sneakers or just from your area. The cost is small. How to track the effectiveness, what to do? The pool of questions is clear. Let’s see.

Google Ads Remarketing Campaign

I love remarketing. This is an interesting advertisement. I love complexity, if the search is elementary simple. Our video stretched for so many minutes, it’s still simple. You need to be able to work with remarketing, you need to include creativity, thinking, analytics, come up with some, build new hypotheses. It’s more interesting. Especially if we are technical specialists, we always sit in tables, analytics, and so on. It’s a way to get creative.

One and a half thousand hryvnias were spent. 3 conversions. I think these conversions are expensive for us, but it all depends on your margin. What confuses, I think, specialists is that the low conversion rate and suggest new ideas, what else can we do here.

Ad groups

I see that the grouping is divided into product categories, in each category there is a specific list of people who visited certain pages. “All Users”, “All Users”. There are Asics sneakers. Also “All Users”. Sporty style. Yeah, I understood what was meant when Google audiences were created. Here the audience is still by intent, we have separate remarketing lists. You can see the “site visitors” block. “Site Visitors” This is a special intent “Buy volleyball shoes”, tra-ta-ta. Remarketing list again. Again, an audience by intent. The audience is already following the interests. Intentions, intentions… This is a look-alike audience suspended and a look-alike audience.

Analysis of an advertising campaign

Let’s start with what? What to do with this advertising campaign during the crisis? In a crisis situation: First, we do the most fractional segmentation. Intentions should sit in a separate company, because this is a CCM by intentions. Remarketing to a separate, like a list of look-alike audiences, should also sit in separate ad campaigns. Why? It’s easier to manage, easier to control, easier to assign budgeting, easier to push the system later, with a clear understanding of where we are heading. Plus, as an advertiser, as a specialist, it’s easier for you to understand what works right away if you reduce it to some beautiful reporting in Data Studio or analytics, you just need to filter by the name of the same advertising campaigns.

Our 5 metrics that typically show the performance of the Display Network. Competition indicators are needed, 3-4, 5th – failure indicator. You can add this block. For now, bounce rates will suffice.

What are we watching? First, we look at the percentage of impressions received. We see a lot is lost. Relative CTR – 55 percent. Relative CTR must be one hundred percent or more. Then the rating is higher, and the cost per click is lower and the audience is better. I see that the bounce rate is about 70 percent, which means that those clicks that were generated, some from this audience are just refusers.

Causes of lost impressions

We look at the relative CTR, it shows, you can always hover over the index and study each indicator more deeply, that is, how much the ads were clickable compared to competitors’ ads. This indicator should strive higher, from a hundred or more. 100 percent is the minimum that must be achieved. If two hundred or three hundred is already good enough, it means that the ads are the coolest, the coolest. In remarketing, it is desirable, from 200 percent. This indicates that the banners themselves are not as attractive as those image ads that are shown with us. This is the first point that affects the rating.

Low site conversion

Follow up – bounce rate. We have a lot of failures in the advertising campaign. This means that we either show up in non-targeted locations, or they click, or the offer does not match the push site. Well, I think the latter does not quite converge. It is unlikely that we will lead sneakers to volleyballs. Right? So, these three parameters are suitable. First, we go to the placements, see where we show up. The task is not to drain traffic to mobile devices. We see mobile applications.

Impressions on mobile apps

Mobile apps are not a bad targeting method, more specifically the banner display location. The question is what is this application. What are the developers doing wrong? They make ad units so not very convenient, such that they are accidentally, often accidentally clicked on. And in this way, just an empty click is obtained, and the audience may not wait for the site to load.

Mobile App Impressions

Let’s analyze the Google Ads Analytics report. There is one that is convenient to view, just look at the number of clicks and the number of sessions. The number of sessions should be no less than the number of clicks, we see how much it differs. So – there are empty clicks, or sites clicked, but maybe – the guys who earn on the evaluation can simply ask to click on ads, because they earn money on it. Secondly, there may be accidental clicks, for example, on mobile applications. We see that 94 plus 61, find the words App Kick the Buddy, it is unlikely that this topic is related to us. To be shown where possible, in what applications, where the target audience can spend more often. If these are athletes, you can try to appear in some sports-related applications, with professional sports. Having to sit down and look for apps.

Advertising on specialized resources

And even then this is not quite a suitable variability, therefore, during the quarantine, the crisis, everyone rummages around news sites, forum sites related to core activities. If the athletes are professional – sports forums, for some other new tricks, workouts, home workouts, Youtube channels. The Display Network can be shown on Youtube channels – this is important! You can directly select a list of channels where you want to show or even a video, if there are a lot of views, where you can show a banner. By the way, this is a cool idea for remarketing. If you collect a list of Youtube channels where some chips are shown – serves with a volleyball or features of running shoes are told. There are YouTube channels, on such stuck. There are blogs of athletes who prepare for various ironmans, marathons, and football players’ channels. You can collect this list of Youtube channels and make banners, graphics directly under them. When a person watches this video, you can communicate with them with banners – “Watch the video, you want, you really want to run too” or “Get ready for a marathon with sneakers from our store.” Few people work on this, and even big brands don’t bother with it.

Was on the Watsons website. Bought the exact opposite. What do you think they were after me? Chased – pasta Lacalut. Well, guys, I didn’t even look at the Lacalut paste for bleeding gums. She is not needed. They’re chasing this whole story. Try to personalize. This is the format of ad personalization. They watch videos about how to run, how to place a foot, or how to do some football tricks. Say, “Do you want to become a football star or increase.” Look, everything depends on the desires, on the target audience. People are preparing for some kind of marathon or ironman. It is important to have running shoes with high wear resistance and so on. What specific audience pain? Watch the video to find out the solution to the burning issue. You can, if the presentation of the solution to the question is correct, show your product and so win. Do not make a banner – “Buy sneakers for such and such an Asics price.” Won’t work. There will be a lot of clicks – no one will buy. Directly personalize the ad – it will work more likely.

What were they leading to? About mobile applications. In this case, they must be excluded. OLX, Asics and Mizuno sneakers. The question is whether the target audience can look for a product there. Yes. Is it worth leaving OLH? Maybe yes. Somehow? Perhaps put some restrictions. Now I see one conversion for 112 hryvnias. I see more sneaker shows. Four hundred and thirty-three clicks, one hundred and fifty-two hryvnias and that’s it. On OLKh, they may accidentally click if they use a mobile application.

Search of areas

Next. The sites need to be sorted out. Rusvesna, it seems, is not our story. Globascart, Pravda, OLH, RIA, Lady Diana. Well, look, it may show, it may not. Youtube channel. Shown on Youtube channel. This is a women’s channel, so it’s not your landing page. You can try to bombard the top sites currently visited with remarketing lists. Ukrnet, Forecaster, Gismeteo, Browser and more. Just show ads on them. A trick, and few people use it. The problem is that you need to collect a lot of clicks in order to convert as soon as possible. On specialized forums, the probability of conversion is higher. If you choose the right message that you broadcast. If you look – mobile platforms must be excluded. In the first place, where there are no targeted clicks. Secondly, Russia 1 and go through all the sites. Especially those that are high CTR. Do not take one click. “Moustache paw tail” is not your channel. “Let them talk” is not your adequate target audience. They watch “Let them talk” – they will not buy your shoes. The level of content is just not bad, mobile platforms, “Kino USSR”.

I will select – “Impressions”. “Showings”. Let’s take, say, more than a hundred. Maybe less than fifty. Over 100, under, over 100. You see, mobile ep. All high-CTR ones are Mobile App, “One for All”, there are some. High CTRs need to be sorted out.

Why did you take more than a hundred? The task is to sort out this story in as much detail as possible. I understand that seven hundred and sixty-nine thousand is very hard to sort out. If the task is to find what is mostly clicked – of course this story will help to sort through everything as fractionally as possible.

These are questions about what can be done with this ad campaign now:

  • First – went through all the placements, excluded mobile applications, compiled a list of Youtube channels or forums where my audience might be, developed personal messages.
  • Second – tested the top places to visit. When you go to Google trends, you will see that the topic of weather is one of the top topics that people visit all the time. You see, there is a stable demand all over the world. They watch the weather, top countries where the weather worries the most, weather forecast, etc. These are the top queries that are used. You can bomb on predictive sites. Requests are not always profitable. You just need to get a lot of traffic – as a strategy option.
  • Next moment. Rebuilt the structure, picked up the location. This placement principle applies to any kind of Display Network. Everything depends on creativity. If the goal is to save money, then we clearly try to test placements selectively.

Ad Analysis

Next, let’s go to the announcements. Here I see, the specialist wrote that they are adaptive, I see that there is an opportunity to upload more media ads, perhaps graphic, ordinary ones. I want to say that if we look at ordinary adaptive ads, that is, they have several critical moments. First, the correct picture is adequate. Under the correct picture adequate, it is meant that it should be simple visually perceived. The message must be clearly read. The picture should be attractive and clear, so that a person literally understands in two seconds what kind of product it is. The brain does not see purposefully, does not view the banner, if you are not a marketer. Therefore, in principle, I only look at the banner. I go to news sites, I watch advertisements. This is professional deformation, as they say.

There is a desire to eat. You sit at work – the task arises to eat. You will start to notice banners that are with food delivery. Do not pay attention to real estate if there is no need to buy an Apartment now. Just go through the real estate ads, go through the ads of some marketing agencies if they push 100,000 leads. The brain is now looking for and solving only what is close – the problem of finding food.

Literally, there are two or three seconds for the banner to simply attract attention. Then the person casually reads the banner for a few moments. I looked at the banner – enough to understand it or not. His – can click on the banner, go to the site, can buy.

Remarketing Ad Example

The picture is just visually heavy Belts. First, Belts – belts. Choose the picture as clearly as possible. Kimono belts – take the picture to show from the chest, just below the belt. A man ties a belt or how a kimono is dressed correctly for sports competitions. Add large readable text “Kimono Belts”. The first picture draws attention.

Kimonos and sashes by Mizuno. The ad will show up. We see Mizuno and judo, kimonos and belts. Competitive level. Like this ad. We leave it. Let’s just change the picture. From the title, I tested a little for the competitive level or easier. The ad will be displayed as without an image. It is very important to indicate the advantage of the product.

Don’t repeat the Mizuno judo kimono. Write “For judo” or “For judo from basic to master”. It’s a brand like Yusho, Shiai, Keiko, I just don’t understand. A good title is Mizuno, kimonos and sashes. The picture needs to be changed a bit. This is what judo is all about.

What about sneakers? There must be another picture here. Didn’t learn everything. I just looked at the information about the object, but here are a few more pictures. There are pictures of belts here. Yawara. Pictures are cool with belts. What else to do? Write in capital letters on this picture to look beautiful, stylish. People love looking at pretty pictures. Although now, during the crisis, the simplest message also works. Write – “Kimonos and Mizuno belts.” It will be perfect.

Sneakers. The situation is with regards to everyday clothing, not judo – sneakers. Most of all, the target audience is predisposed to buy on pictures where the person is fully in the image. It is important – for whom these sneakers are needed. Marathon running shoes – photo in this foot shoe. As if the leg is running, in some kind of training session.

AdWords Advertising Cabinet

If the sneakers are for table tennis, then there must be legs with the same sneakers. Not completely a tennis player, of course, but in running shoes, maybe a racket and a tennis field. It’s more difficult. You need to get confused or take your own photos. Now there are separate categories of young guys who are engaged in pumping Instagram profiles. They may even come to you. Take your younger sister, cousin, any teenager, take some teenager, catch, of course, who you trust, say: I will pay you 50 bucks, I need to take a picture in such and such a field in such and such a foot image. It is not necessary to invest a lot of money in this story. In a crisis story such as this one, any photo of good, decent quality doesn’t have to be done professionally, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. This will all work just as well. The main thing to understand is that you do not need to invest a lot of money in this photo shoot. Because the pictures must constantly change. The lifetime of one banner is about two weeks of intensive display. Then he just dies, gets bored, banner blindness arises.

Take it, now young people take better pictures than any professional photographer. They can edit photos. Or go take pictures yourself, give it to freelance for processing. The guys just make candy from photos. Sneakers only work if you show this whole story in motion to the target audience.

Media banner photos

Asics Gel Beyond – They seem to be more urban style, although they may not be. “Women’s professional volleyball shoes” – show on the volleyball player. People buy clothes and everything, everything, everything, not because it is necessary, but for confidence and greater comfort. Write what the product can do, what sneakers can do. They do not slip, they increase jumping ability, comfort. What problems can volleyball players have? Perhaps the shoes are rubbing. Marathon runners can rub their shoes. Shoes rub anyway. You can tell how much it absorbs this whole story, when the foot collides with the surface, the degree of chafing of the foot decreases, about innovations and that Asics came up with the idea that Asics is the best shoe for marathon runners.

The benefits of an online store< /p>

Many stories to think about and work with. Such pictures can be used, but they are ineffective. They are in the lower price segment. The task is to sell more to the target audience, which really uses it for professional purposes. It’s better to change the picture. Don’t bother with it too much – you need a lot of them. You can get by with adaptives. Make static declarations. Pictures that are being loaded. How to do them? I can recommend the paid service Banner Bull. Is there a trial period? Everything can be done faster. Just do it in Photoshop. You can order from any freelancer. What is the task? Need a banner. What to put? Picture. In the image, in the movement of an athlete, the legs will mainly be, if we are talking about sneakers. right? Next, place the logo on the banner. It is the shader logo of the store, otherwise the banner will not pass moderation. Some minimal text, no more than five words – “Buy professional Asics sneakers”, “We sell shoes for a professional”, “Shoes for volleyball players”, etc. You need to understand your target audience in more detail. The button is required – “Buy”, “More.” Necessarily. Need a call to action.

What size should I do? There are basic sizes that are written in Google help. You can use them freely. 320 x 50 for mobile, 336 x 280, 300 x 250, 728 x 90. 720 x 90 quickly scale down to 468, by so many pixels. You can make skyscrapers. Skyscrapers, I don’t remember how many pixels. References are open, you can type them. The basic sizes of pieces are six-seven. They are enough for shows on Youtube. It is enough to show them on various sites, on Forecasters, etc.

Don’t invest a lot of money in banner ads. Banner needs to be constantly added. One worked – leave. It seems to work, work, then it starts to fall, to fall on its effectiveness. It needs to be changed, changed. What is old – to suspend, new ones to start. Then swap them. This is a permanent job. Searching is much easier with this story than with banners. This is from the practice of selling various types of shoes – cheap and branded, expensive.

Mizuno sneakers. About the same story.

Volleyball advertisement

Volleyball balls. Balls for volleyball. Pictures of volleyball balls, there are a hundred of them, a hundred tens of thousands of identical options. Think about another way to show the volleyball. With volleyballs, there can be a story when you show movement. History, movement format, knock on a volleyball. Might not work. Maybe this picture works better. Think about how easy it is to make this picture stand out from everything else. Perhaps, on graphic images, insert a ball and write a volleyball or something else to increase the degree of attractiveness of the banner.

Futsal balls

“Football balls”. We definitely make footballs in images. It works well. Especially if we sell professional balls. Especially for some football clubs, children’s, not children’s, etc. Such is the picture. You can try, but it’s better to take personalized photos. With volleyballs, this story will work, because we have high CTRs. We figured out that CTRs are mostly high due to the fact that they accidentally clicked. This can be seen in the analytics from the context of a small difference in sessions and clicks. This is what concerns the organization, the organization of advertising campaigns, the choice of placement and advertisements.

Setting up audiences

Which audiences to use? “At first, audiences were automatically configured. A visitor who visits the kimono pages can see an ad from another group later? Ball, sneakers? Or just from your area? We take the list “All users” from the advertising campaign – they will see ads. The man went to Asics sneakers, then went to volleyballs, somewhere even further – we’ll show him. Because it belongs to the “All Users” audience. Is it worth it to cross them rigidly? We collect the audience of the remarketing list of users who visited only sneakers and that’s it. It doesn’t make much sense. In remarketing, you need to act a little differently.

Standard and dynamic remarketing

What is the task? The task is to find presumably the audience that can convert. How to do it? The easiest way is to take all the traffic, all of it, not just Google. Because you also need to take into account the behavior in associated conversions. There is a goal to complete the conversion. Select “Goal Achieved”. We look at the segment “Achieved the goal.” What is the task? Understand the general characteristics of these people. We see that the bounce rate is 0.3%. They flipped through pages per session – as many as nine and spent almost 9 minutes on the site. User conversion 4.57%.

Ad campaign conversion

We can go to the audience with the same interest and watch this story. We saw that people who made, achieved conversions spent 9 minutes on the site. There is no need to limit too hard, because perhaps the audience will begin to gather very slowly. We can create a list of people who visited the site for 15 seconds or 30 seconds. We can exclude them in almost all advertising campaigns so as not to be shown to the audience. Just randomly walked in and left. Right?

Site visitors

It turns out that we can create remarketing lists that visited 10 pages, those that they saw. 5 pages or more. We see that “Reached the goal” – also returned users or who made a certain number of sessions on the site.

Now let’s look. Options that we can try to customize as separate lists, and combine them with each other. Let’s see who it is. “Men and women”. Can be done by men and women. Who reached the goal?

Separation of users by gender attribute

First, cut off people, from 18 to 45. Basically categories 25-34, 35-44. male, female. Mostly men. OK. We can separately create a list of men 25-45, separately – women 25-45, who spent more, for example, 15 or 30 seconds on the site. This is one remarketing list.

Standard and dynamic remarketing

You can deepen the collection of statistics by audience. You collect an audience that visited the page with Asics sneakers, which flipped through all kinds of products. Add audience restrictions to it. There is one small life hack. I share it.

It is not necessary to make a sharp narrowing in one audience, as the audience can gather for too long. You can create a separate audience of people who visited the page with Asics sneakers, were on the page for more than 30 seconds, or just visited this page. Separately, create lists of those who visited for 15 seconds or less – as a separate audience. Separate audience – men 25-45, separately – women 25-45. Then you simply cross them inside each group. This gives more flexibility in audience settings.

Supposedly this may provide some targeting ideas. We can create lists of the audience that visited the Asics sneaker page and these are men 25-45. So we can set up a remarketing list or make it for women.

We create a remarketing list in parallel, excluding the audience that visited less than 15 seconds and excluding refusers. We will not advertise on them. Save money.

What other targeting options should I use? Try taking the page of people who have visited Asics sneakers. Asics sneakers are an example. You can use a different kind of audience. Add more, exclude the audience that visited the page for less than 15 seconds. You create an audience of those who visited the page, plus flipped more than such and such number of pages and spent such and such amount of time on the site. Narrow the audience a little, select a more targeted one. Through “Achieved the goal” it will become easier to search for your more targeted audience that has already converted.

Setting up an advertising campaign by device type

Look at the device type. Where is the most conversion? I see that the mobile version has the highest conversion rate. Emphasize right in the banners what is convenient to buy in one click from mobile, somehow else, some combination of actions.

See how different it is on desktops? People on desktops scroll through 10, 9.86 pages, here – 12 minutes, and here they spend seven minutes. You see, the conversion rate from mobile is high – 5.18%. These are all ideas for targeting.

More settings

Line up in a chain. For example, people visited a certain page and added a product to their shopping cart. Or added certain product categories to the shopping cart. Ideally, add dynamic remarketing to your ad account. How is it done? You can, if you don’t know how to use a non-Google tag manager, you don’t have programming skills, you don’t know what piece of code to put in this story at the creation stage, everything is painted in the classrooms. You can add dynamic remarketing, thus close the moment with showing regular pictures to the audience if they visited certain product items.

One of the moments. You can advertise volleyball shoes to the audience of those people who attended volleyballs. Also with football players. It is not necessary to focus only on a certain category of goods. Audiences may overlap. The idea for testing – there is some top product, a hit, the best-selling commodity item. You can push it according to those lists, for those groups of goods that may possibly be needed. Also an idea to run in regular remarketing.

Add dynamic remarketing. There are five basic lists. In one – the people who made orders. Collect in parallel the list “Achieved goals”. Why is it important? In the future, you can simply resell these goods in a few months – for example, sneakers wear out. Runners say that when shoes get worn out, they are changed. You can do it periodically, again push the sneakers are already worn out or it’s time to change the sneakers. In this way, in this style.

People who threw in the trash. Ideally, be sure to create abandoned cart remarketing lists. People who added an item to their cart and didn’t finish, didn’t complete their order. They must be collected, because for them it is necessary to push – “There is a product in the basket”, “There is a product in the basket. Try to complete. We’ll give you this, that, that, that…” Done. Ordered. Watched certain categories and so on. Well, add dynamics. This should work. This is what you need to do now for the period of quarantine with an ad account.

Gave all recommendations for remarketing. If we take our contextual media network, we have audiences by intent and by interests. What do I see? For example, Asics sneakers. CTR was 0.27.

Firstly, it is difficult to determine the effectiveness of the audience right away, because the banners are specific. If they were made more, then the indicators would be a little better. These intentions need to be tested. The intent is to exclude audiences that have visited the site. For what? So that KMSka is aimed at finding a new audience, and it does not overlap with the audience. First of all, give preference to a look-alike audience. Visitors have never placed an order in 30 days. Controversial audience. Therefore, it is necessary to create audiences that have made an order. Because, on its basis, it is really possible to create a look-alike list. If the audience who made an order or visited nine pages, but did not complete the order. Spent more than one minute on the site, but did not place an order. The case when you can push them. Got the trick?

First, as the next step, we launch a look-alike audience in the KMS and only then we try out intentions and interests. In intentions and interests, be sure to exclude the audience that was on the site so that they are not bombed again. Look for completely new audiences. Choose clearly where you want to show up and try sports style, fitness, running, joggers. Too many miscellaneous keywords.

Think about who you sell your sneakers to, who the target audience is, what they are interested in. Perhaps these are some fans of ironman, marathon. It is then necessary to include keywords not just with fitness and running shoes and other things. It is necessary to push “marathons”, “marathon schedule”, “marathon mail”, “marathon Chestnut Run”, ironman marathon, etc. People who are interested in such specific topics push the offer. “Run a marathon or an ironman with our running shoes.” In this context, it should work.

Narrow audience ads

Recommendation – keep a close eye on CPA. When you clearly know on which placements you are shown, you understand that there are no extra clicks, the ad is not bad, good and does not work – turn it off. It means that the combinations were not quite right, the target audience was selected, with incorrect positioning. Everything needs to be redone. This is the whole pool that I wanted to tell in this particular video.

I hope this video was helpful. I hope I shared many tricks, life hacks especially on banners and remarketing lists. If the video was helpful, please put like, do not forget to subscribe, hit the bell so as not to miss new videos. And see you soon.

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