How to complete Advertiser Verification for a legal entity in Google Ads?

«Подтверждение рекламодателя» для юридического лица Contextual advertising

Hello everyone. My name is Yana Lyashenko. I’m a Google logistician. I’m making updated videos about advertiser identity verification. At first I thought I’d put everything together in one place, but then I thought, you’ll get confused anyway. Someone won’t watch, they’ll skip it. In short, there will be three separate videos, short ones. Or maybe it won’t happen now until the end of filming this video. I’ll think about how to do this.

Why are new videos being made about advertiser verification in Google Ads?

In short, why am I making an updated video? Because there are a lot of requests for help regarding this story, because you have been blocked, because you cannot pass this test, and there are a lot, a thousand and one questions. In general, it seemed to me that this procedure would be the easiest for you. The easiest thing you can do in Google Ads is to verify that you are an advertiser. But still some people have difficulties.

So let’s figure it out. Let’s start, perhaps, with legal entities. They have the most trouble. The second will be sole proprietorships. And still others are just individuals. Perhaps it will even be one video, I’ll just leave the time codes. Or maybe even these will be separate videos.

Why is identity verification necessary?

So let’s start with the basics. Why is this identity verification done? For Google to see that there is, there really is someone on the other side of the screen who is funding this ad account. For what purpose is it being done? Or in order to find someone who avoids VAT or find some kind of arbitrage specialists or some kind of shahrays or something else, God himself knows. I’m already confused about clarifying some of Google’s motives. Sometimes I don’t understand them. I won’t explain them to you; most likely, you yourself can guess why this is needed.

That is, my key phrase is for Google to understand that there is a real character on the other side of the screen who replenishes the advertising account. If this is a real character, we need to confirm it somehow. How can we confirm it? That’s right, by providing the relevant documents. But you have some nuances. It doesn’t work out correctly, how to pass this test gracefully? That’s right, you always have some problems with this.

Main problems that arise during verification

What are these problems? In most cases there are two significant problems. The first is that when you set up your advertising account here, when you created your payment profile, did you choose the wrong account type, for example, individual, organization, right? Or, for example, the VAT payer was entered incorrectly. Or you entered the name of the organization incorrectly.

Who has any problems? Usually, most of those who cannot pass the test, the VAT payer is indicated here, but they are not a VAT payer and in general this company does not even exist. That is, they once indicated this erroneously for this little thing. We all understand what this is about.

Other. This is when they wrote something here, sometime there, they started some name “Karapunka”, some “Karapun”, I don’t know how it is. I don’t really know what to call any reputable organization. What can we do, “Elite” is there. “Elite”… “Elite technique”, for example.

So, for example, you once wrote the name of your company there and moved on, let’s go. And a situation arises when you seem to submit documents, but they are not accepted. The system gives a refusal, says “We were unable to match” or some other serious error.

What do I need to do to change my Google Ads client profile?

What do you need to do? You need to open your payment profile with settings and open in parallel the documents that you have that you will submit. Now let’s get to the list of documents that are needed for legal entities. And it’s easy to compare. First, check the organization that you had in your advertising account. Once done.

Defining the payment method for Google Ads services

Secondly, Google here highlights somewhat separately the mechanics of identity verification for those who pay through automatic or manual payments, this is when you link a card for payment and for monthly invoicing. But I don’t even know. Here the principle is the same as for those who receive automatic or monthly invoicing, so I don’t understand why they divided it into two blocks. But it doesn’t matter.

What is invoicing? This is when you do not select “Add a bank card”, but select the “Funds Transfer” payment method. It is in your advertising account profile that you click the “Make payment” button. Enter the amount and you will be issued an invoice. There is always VAT here.

A very popular scheme was used last year in the summer. When we had a very large commission when paying for Google services with a card. Therefore, it was so profitable for some to switch to this payment method, even with VAT, that they switched to this payment mechanics. The first is organization, there is.

Checking the correct VAT payer information

Secondly, it is a VAT payer. Do you generally check whether a legal entity is a VAT payer or a non-VAT payer? If you checked “Yes”, and you actually do not have a VAT registration certificate, you are submitting a request to change your payment information. We will get to that now. That is, you will have to change. That is, it simply won’t pass the test.

Checking the EDRPOU code, IPP, phone number

Checking the EDRPOU code. Sometimes you indicate some gobbledygook there. It worked out. If a TIN is required, you must enter it. Be sure to enter the phone number that is in the statutory documents. Not Vasya, Petya, Masha, some kind of Dasha, I don’t know, mother-in-law or grandmother Nadya there, relatively speaking.

Correct telephone number indicated in the constituent documents. Well, if you are brought to the Ministry of Justice there according to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, they will check whether you are closed or closed, conditionally, as a legal entity. The phone number is also indicated there. Please indicate this.

Correct company name

Next company name. This is the most common mistake everyone makes. This is how I have, for example, “Elite Technique”. That there are two mistakes here. First, I didn’t indicate this LLC, not some kind of LLC. I don’t know, a charitable organization, a state-owned enterprise, that’s the first one. That is, there is no full name – LLC such and such.

Since the registration certificate says Vasya Pupkin LLC, she went there too. It is also written in Russian. Well, I would hardly call myself “Elite Technician,” right? Doesn’t sound. Therefore, or someone there, for example, makes an underscore, an underscore, and puts emoticons. Someone there is a plus, no matter what.

If this is also stated in your constituent documents like approx. But hardly. That is, it most likely says “Elite Technique” in Ukrainian. This includes when you write something in Latin. I don’t know there. Well, for example, there is VarinDom. In your constituent documents, at least, “VarinDom” is written in Cyrillic.

Even in Google, if you have ever seen an agreement with Google, it says Google Ukraine LLC, Google is written there. Most of me, for example, say: Why do you write Yana Google in Cyrillic? It is written well in Google type English.

Since in the statutory documents, if you, for example, choose the “Transfer of Funds” payment method, you are presented with a legal agreement with Google regarding VAT and, accordingly, you can download this agreement there. And it will indicate Google Ukraine LLC. Google in Cyrillic. Therefore, you need to write it correctly and beautifully. Since in the constituent documents.

If there are also parentheses written in the constituent documents, open it and write “Google” there. As you have written. You can even use capslock to write everything in capslock. Write as it is written on your registration certificate. It is important. The same goes for first and last names.

Feature of indicating the address for Kiev residents

The same about the address. Don’t forget that Kyiv, if you are registered in Kyiv, then do not indicate the Kyiv region. Your region is Kyiv. You can read this on Wikipedia, in the constituent documents, there. According to the administrative-territorial structure of Ukraine, Kyiv is a separate region. Kyiv and Kyiv region. Don’t forget, sometimes they indicate the Kiev region. I do not know why. And postal code. This is very important.

Which account are documents submitted for verification from?

What documents need to be submitted? I’ll put all these links at the bottom of this video. So you won’t get lost. You will have them all. If we go through, we’ll turn this block around. I’m just teaching you how to read the certificate correctly. Because some people don’t even read certificates at all.

How to pass this test? First, the form, if you confirm on your own behalf, and not on behalf of the agency, if you, like an individual entrepreneur or a legal entity, or like Vasya Pupkin, registered this advertising account, these two blocks are no longer suitable, conditionally.

It is advisable that this is done by the payment profile administrator. This is this mail, I’ll show you now, this mail, which will be the main contact person here.

That is, this is not the administrator who was added in the “Security Access” section. No, this is a direct separate mail to the payment profile. Because, that is, it’s super-duper important. Other mail is not suitable. Therefore, if you have lost your passwords, then this is generally sad. Yes, further.

What documents must be submitted when setting up Google Ads payments?

You need to submit registration documents. What documents do legal entities need to send? Here we open it. You will have this thing too. “For different countries, territories.” If it is not automatically determined for you, select Ukraine or another organization and read. Of course, they expanded this set of documents for lawyers. Because previously you only had to submit registration documents.

What do we see? Submit two types of documents: organization registration documents and official authorized representative identification with photo. Well, if the registration documents plus or minus are clear, this block sometimes scares many people very much.

What are registration documents? Certificate of state registration. It’s all there. If you registered as a legal entity, you have one anyway. Give me this scan. All. Not the first page, the whole thing. Founding act or charter. You have them anyway. Please also provide a scan. VAT payer certificate, if you indicated that you are a VAT payer at this stage here, when you ticked “Yes”.

How can I request a change to my payment information?

If there is a situation where you are not a VAT payer, you have a “Yes” checkbox here, then you, accordingly, need to submit a request for change. Most likely, in your payment profile there will be something like this: “Submit, fill out a form to change payment information” or something like that. Some accounts do not have it.

So you will click this Help icon. Your case opens here, yes, there will be a little sign with the video, you look for “Contact us” and write to support, accordingly, what communication option will be available to you – chat or e-mail. Usually an email.

You write “I want to change the payment profile, because there is no button there “Submit, fill out the form to change the payment profile.” They send you a form that you fill out according to what you want. Even if it’s one checkbox, even if it’s one “Edit” checkbox, the rest is perfectly specified.

Submission of official identification of an authorized representative

Next. What is an official authorized representative photo ID? That is, you need a passport. What pages of the passport? For individuals, we look at what these passport pages are. Here it is according to your age. Next, TIN, driver’s license.

Well, if not, no one drives there, then don’t apply. Permanent residence permit, residence permit. You submit these documents.

How should scan files be signed when submitting?

I would also recommend that you sign these files and scanned copies. I don’t know, my accounting background conventionally tells me that if you communicate with any bureaucratic systems, it is advisable to sign all files. Such as? The certificate of state registration, such an OOO, is there. If this is an individual, then the last name is also indicated. In general, I would add the account number, for example conditionally.

That is, let it be long, but there is a higher probability that nothing will be forgotten. Because usually everyone is used to throwing files there called “scan014546”. What kind of scan this is is unclear. Sometimes documents get lost, like in the tax office. Well, you sent all the documents, but somehow they got lost. That is, they understood and recorded this moment. What’s in the passport? Inn is just one piece of paper in your passport. Here you go, so that you have everything. Well, that is, so that you don’t make a conditional mistake.

Nuances when indicating the official name and country

Tax, another important nuance. Your official organization name and country indicated in your payment profile must match the documents you provided. That is, when you create a payment profile, you most likely have the country of your payment address indicated here. Please, if, for example, you have Germany or some other country listed here, then you need to change this. But I’m not sure that changes here. For example, the currency cannot be changed at all; you need to submit a request.

I just rarely had the experience that the countries there were very different from what they have for Ukrainians, for example. Because you are already looking at everything for yourself. I’m filming for Ukraine, so check here to make sure this is answered. Because some people out there buy up some accounts, buy with some kind of history or something like that. Keep this in mind that you just want it to match.

Now, if the name is different there or what dot is ticked and something else, you send a request to change the name of the organization there. Here you go, there is a separate link, a form. Open here. We fill in everything everything that interests us.

Do I need to specify DUNS?

Yes, as for DUNS. Because there have been at least two requests for this DUNS in the last month. And a very surprising situation. For some people they passed without DUNS, but for others it was necessary to enter this DUNS, conditionally. If you don’t have this DUNS number, then skip it and move on. If, for example, DUNS does not let you through without this, then you need to at least write the name and address of your organization. Google will try to find an organization under this name, match your DUNS number, etc. Recorded.

Main problems with confirmation

That is, for most of you, the problem with confirming this whole story occurs at the stage when you made some mistake: you indicated the wrong EDRPOU code, the VAT payer indicated “Yes”, but you are not a payer, you indicated the name of the organization incorrectly, first name, last name, telephone number or postal code. Or something like that. You simply indicated it incorrectly and you need to adjust everything accordingly.

Hints for Monthly Billing Advertisers

For those people who have monthly billing specified as their payment method. Everything is as simple as possible here. It shows here in the most simplified way that you just need to submit, start and more. But still, if your registration documents are indicated incorrectly somewhere, then it is better to submit a request to have them replaced so that everything is fine. You pay VAT anyway, so in principle it is advisable…

Well, most likely, if you set up such a payment method for a legal entity in order to receive the same tax invoices, then most likely you have already set up everything beautifully, if you need tax invoices and your confirmation will be as easy as possible. If, nevertheless, you forgot somewhere, something was incorrectly indicated or something else, then you do everything according to the preliminary plan. Do not forget. It is very important. Understood, recorded.

What should you pay attention to when filling out data to confirm the advertiser?

For legal entities, your account type must be specified as “Organization”, because there is “Individual” here. An individual is a different story, guys. It’s a very, very different story. So don’t confuse her. Because an individual there is also a section “Private Entrepreneur” and “Individual”. This is a separate situation, that is, we must check: Country, Currency, Organization, EDRPOU matches.

VAT payer certificate – yes, no, meets your statutory documents. Necessarily the name of the organization as in the authorized documents. Surname, name as in the authorized documents. The address since in the authorized documents, the city is the region since in the authorized documents, the mail is. Everything is beautiful with us, good. Then we are without a bitch, without a bitch, just once or twice submitted documents, we were checked. All. We are being advertised further. And you will not have any nuances, problems and other things.

If you have something, some point does not converge. Even if you were blocked, submit a request for a change to the payer. They usually send you a beautiful shape. You fill out which point you need to put. Even if it’s just for the sake of this checkpoint “VAT payer”, even if for it. Change, after that you submit documents again. They check again.

Everything, you are clean, whitky go further for yourself advertising. That is, the nuance is only in this. If something does not match, somewhere plugged, mistakes made-we submit a request. Changes. Accordingly, again submit the same documents.

What to do if there is no answer from Google more than the declared deadline?

The only nuance that you may encounter is that. What can be a fidbek for a very long time, you have a feedback for a very long time. What are you doing in this case? I will leave the link. You complain about service there. But take into account that at least 5-7 days you will watch. 5-7 days. Therefore, it is somehow in a hurry there, for example, it is written: “Experts will consider the request, send a notification, confirmation status within five to seven business days.”

That is, to write there on the third or fourth day there is no much sense. If this is stretched for 20 days there. Already in the 10th, 15th, it went further, then you follow my link and leave a negative response. But leave it subject. That is, to the speed of response to your requests, for example.

You describe what situation, problem, account number, circulation number, if you wrote before this, you must indicate. What is there in your certificate five to seven working days, take a screenshot from this certificate. Be sure to make such proofs, because if you write “e! Where’s my answer? So the answer will be too.

If you put everything in objectively and then wrote a cap of a cap without a mat, of course, “please give a feedback, because because of your long feedback I lose money and I can’t pay you money, then, in principle, they are very adequate, very They react quickly. Even on the appeal of unlocking any accounts not related to checking the personality of the advertiser, they reacted very quickly.

If you argue this explanation reasonably, and not just “Hey! Finded and let’s quickly solve my question! ” No. If you argue reasonably when you submitted what date you were. That seven business days have passed, I do not see the Fidbek, I do not understand what is happening next. Either yes or no. Well, give everything reasonably, beautifully and, accordingly, Timlid or who is standing above them, he knocks them on the head. They will give a feedback very quickly.


That’s all you need to do for legal entities to confirm. All. There is such a nuance that it can still be requested by confirmation of commercial activities. But rather, this can arise if someone else submits for you in confirmation of the personality of the advertiser or your site has flickered in several advertising accounts, or there are complaints about your product assortment. But this is the second story. If someone is faced with this, we can shoot a separate video about these all stories.

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