How to become a Google AdWords partner?

How to become a member of the Google Partners program? Contextual advertising

A partner of the Googles Partners program can become both an Internet marketing agency and independent contextologists whose main area of activity is the provision of services for supporting advertising campaigns in AdWords.

Google partners can count on additional bonuses and benefits not available to other partners of the platform. For example, they have the opportunity to place a partner sign on their website or receive extensive advice from service specialists.

Attention! As of 2021, the rules for joining the program have changed. Compliance is now a little more difficult than before.

In this article, we will tell you how to become a Google Ads partner and what prospects this status opens up.

Google Partner Key Benefits

Confirmed partner status allows us to say with confidence that the Google counterparty that has it, whether it is an independent PPC specialist or an entire company, has confirmed its professionalism in terms of interaction with the advertising services of the platform. Those who are ready to strictly follow all the rules of the system can count on certain privileges, including:

  1. The legal right to publish the Google partner mark on your web property, in a quotation, presentation, resume, etc.
  2. Google Partners Rewards members earn points for completing certain outcomes. Points can be used to receive special branded gifts.
  3. The opportunity to participate in private training sessions and access exclusive materials.
  4. Gift vouchers that allow you to pay for ads in new advertising accounts.
  5. Direct interaction with Google specialists for those who have reached the rank of Lead Partner.

And this is not a complete list of the benefits of Google Partners. In addition to the new rules, the list of bonuses has also been updated in the system in 2021. Now all privileges are combined into several groups: access and support, education and statistics, promotion and prizes.

What should Google partners not do?

  • Publicate the affiliate sign on web resources that are in conflict with the legislation of Ukraine, in materials aged 18+ or related to gambling, the sale of alcohol or tobacco products. Google Partners also may not place the mark on properties that contain information about the provision of search engine optimization services, unless the screen clearly indicates that Google did not provide a recommendation for this service.
  • Change the appearance of the partner sign in whole or in some part of it, as well as translate the text into foreign languages.
  • Supplement your own logo with elements of the partner mark, or publish it less prominently than the Google partner mark.
  • Place the mark on the company’s products.
  • Explicitly or implicitly indicate that Google sponsors the partner agency, recommends using its services, or is related to the content.

Google Partners Icon Types

Partner signs are of two types:

  1. Dynamic. If you move the mouse cursor over the ellipsis depicted on the sign, the name of the agency will pop up. Previously, information about the specialization of the agency was additionally displayed, but this functionality does not work after updating the terms of participation in the program. This type of marks is placed on the main web resource or subdomains of the company, entered in the appropriate fields in the Google Partners account.
  2. Static. The name of the partner and his specialization are immediately indicated on this type of sign. It is usually placed on printed promotional items or social media of a marketing agency.

How do I become a member of the Google Partners program?

Becoming a member of the Google Partners program and receiving the corresponding badge is a great competitive advantage if you are focused on long-term development, increasing profits and improving the quality of the service provided. It will also help you keep up with existing customers and find new ones.

Create an account with Google Partners using your AdWords account manager. Open the program website and select “Become a Google Partner”:

Join the Google Partners Program

Then, log in to your AdWords account and verify your account. She must be a manager. At the same time, if you do not have rights for administration, you will not be able to register. Read the rules of work in the system and mark your agreement with them. Next, specify the control account and enter the necessary data: the name of the agency, the address of the company’s domain and the central representative office.

In addition, you need to enter the number of employees involved in strategic planning and management of the client’s AC. Save the entered data, after which you will have access to the program’s capabilities, provided that you meet all the requirements presented.

What are Google’s requirements for partners?

Affiliate statuses are not lifetime. The rules must be strictly observed throughout the entire period of the activity. The service has three types of requirements: “Efficiency”, “Certification” and “Expenses”. Let’s reveal their essence in more detail:

Google Partner Requirements


According to the innovations, the partner must ensure that their manager account has an optimization score of at least 70%. This ensures that he is an expert in Google advertising services and knows how to optimize client campaigns in the best possible way.

Advice! You will find the value of the optimization score in the “Recommendations” block. There are also published tips, following which you can increase the effectiveness of advertising. Each of them you have the right to accept or reject at your own discretion. How you react will not affect your partner status in the future.


According to changes announced in February 2020, an account’s total ad budget over the past 90 days could not fall below the $20,000 partner mark. However, Google later restored the previous restrictions and now requires $10,000 for accreditation over a three-month period.


Required for any Google partner:

  1. At least 50% of strategic planners have Google Ads certificates issued by Skillshop. At the same time, the number of such specialists cannot exceed a hundred.
  2. At least one certificate must correspond to each type of marketing activity that the agency carries out for its clients.
  3. Only those specialists who have the opportunity to enter the manager’s office or an account associated with it with standard access or administrator rights are taken into account.

How to get the status of a lead partner?

Important! Only 3% of the total number of companies participating in the program can become a Lead Partner in 2022. This is in the new rules. To rise to this level, you must have the status of a Partner.

What do I need to get the Lead Partner badge?

In addition, as criteria, the system will evaluate the cash flow that has passed through managed advertising accounts for the year, the “churn” of customers and the dynamics of increasing their number, as well as many other parameters.

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