Banners for mobile contextual advertising. “Cooking” Tips

Contextual advertising

A smartphone is a gadget that has become an integral part of a person. Agree that he is always with us: at home, at work, in transport. This is not just another Internet portal, it is a special environment that has its own rules and laws. In order to properly sell using smartphone ads, you need to come to terms with the truth: the phone screen is not a desktop. If you are ready to create mobile advertising, this article is for you.

Special banners – but why?

Google reports that the lowest CPI (app install cost) is demonstrated by the Search (+Play) campaign type. Unfortunately, the coverage of these campaigns is the lowest. To help search campaigns, we turn to display ads, which have a higher CPI but also more reach. Display advertising entails the need for the marketer to create banners that, in a second of exposure to the user, will hook them.

What should the image look like?

The answer is bright. Do not forget that you have very little time to communicate with a potential client. The picture should attract attention, intrigue, and encourage follow-up actions.

The target audience is our everything

Never forget who your customers are, what they love and how they live. Advertising systems Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram, VKontakte generate a large amount of data about users, so they allow you to segment the audience. Use interest-based targeting, don’t forget about gender, geographic and age segmentation.

Be trendy

A year ago, everyone was waiting for a new episode of Star Wars, then they sang about Louboutins and caught Pokemon.

Study your competitors

You must always be aware of the activity of competitors. You can take part in the brand battle. Also, knowing the advertising activities of competitors will help you learn from the mistakes of others. After all, not always what competitors use is right for you.

Pictures, yes pictures, but what about text?

Text on banners for mobile advertising should be concise and as simple as possible. At the same time, it should complement the image and be one with it.

Explain product benefits

Don’t forget to mention your product’s USP. After all, there are many competitors in the market. Stand out from competitors in the market!

Analyze user interests

Did you think that the audience of the product is serious men, but it is interesting for children? Well then, study your customer, use analytics and special applications to study the target audience. Then, by implementing this information in the AC, you will avoid mistakes when communicating with a new audience.

The font is our everything

Use only readable fonts. Standard options are Arial, Verdana, Tahoma. It is recommended to use sans-serif fonts. After all, the user’s contact with the banner is only a few seconds. So let it be effective.


When creating banners for mobile advertising, follow these tips:

1. Choose an image taking into account the specifics of the target audience;

2. Do not be afraid of creativity and experimentation;

3. Explain the benefits of the product or service;

4. Analyze audience preferences;

5. Use only readable fonts;

6. Test ad campaigns.

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