What product photos to add to the site to increase conversion?

What product photos to add to the site to increase conversion? Usability

Hello everyone. My name is Yana Lyashenko, Google Logistician. I am engaged in the delivery of the target audience to the business with the necessary parameters. In today’s video, I would like to talk about six or seven mandatory pictures that should be present on your landing page. To ensure that the product page has the highest possible conversion. Interesting? Let’s watch.

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Classic e-commerce image

Let’s start with these obligatory pictures. Well, of course, the first picture that should be is a classic e-commerce picture showing the product.

Look, if the commodity item is intended to be worn in the ear, hand, body, leg, head, it is desirable that the e-commerce picture is on the person, in the hand or on the body. Especially when it comes to clothing. Do not insert just some kind of jacket visually. Add how it looks on some person. It is advisable to do this.

Background. Which one to choose? Preferably neutral. Google recommends light. White, light gray or similar. The main thing is what? Observe if the commodity items are expensive so that the picture looks stylish. Stylishly beautiful is immediately associated with expensive. So that there is not a crimson or orange color against the background of the picture of incompatible colors. It happens that they want to stand out very actively in Google shopping. Remember that the picture should not have watermarks, inscriptions. If you want to add something – do anti-aliasing as a production element. Conditionally, if the chair is some kind of wheelchair, then, like an inscription on the chair. The jacket is like the inscription on the jacket. It is less likely that the image, heading will be rejected by Google.

Product type in use

The second type of picture is how the product looks like in use. As a person drinks, but hardly smokes, you can use it – it is officially prohibited. Drinks, wears, dresses, holds in hand, sits on it, is in it.

How the product is used. This picture should also be included. If you add happy faces at the same time – even more pluses. Especially if you sell to the American market. A smile is like breathing in the American market. Often, photos of Instagram content of the CIS space with a sad pensive face, with a comprehension of the meaning of life from a purely American smile, when joyful, anywhere, in whatever format, are strikingly different.

Pictures how to use – required. You sell garlands, you already tortured New Year’s garlands on the YouTube channel. Show how it hangs on the curtain at night, not during the day, in the light. Can be shown during the day. Some leather seat covers. Show how it looks in a real car, with a real person in the car. Painting? Show how it looks on the wall. What it looks like in reality, directly commodity item.

Pictures for different skin colors, volumes, sizes, height

Next. Necessarily. I am 100% sure that the majority of e-commerce projects on the territory of Ukraine do not use it much. It is popular, for example, in foreign markets and is little used in Europe. If you are selling a product where it adapts to different skin colors, if it is tolerant on YouTube to say different formats, volumes, height, size, leg sizes, etc. If it is fundamentally important for your niche.

Be sure to add photos in different formats. Usually, many projects come to the consultation for the sale of plus size clothing. You have no idea how highly profitable this niche is if you approach it more intelligently. How is it usually? We add a picture of pajamas or some kind of dress to the site. There is a thin, slender girl standing there, but the selection in the menu is XXL or 10L sizes. How does it look on a girl of this size, these parameters?

Actually, the clothing niche is for plus sizes – they don’t have a ceiling of some kind. Nobody does. Just take, copy the format, as the Americans do. The young lady is worth XS, M and L or, XL or 3XL and, please, three sizes of clothing. How it looks on different parameters.

The same with shoes. Everyone is wondering what shoes look like in size 36. What it looks like at forty-one. Especially, in images, sneakers, sneakers concerns. As for some shoes and stuff. This is important.

It’s not easy to depict a shoe or sneakers on the foot. To see that 45 or another size, conditionally. Directly sizes and formats.

If you are promoting cosmetics suitable, conditionally, for women over 50, then please add a photo of a woman over 50. Do not add a girl of 25 years old. The same goes for videos on the landing page. For example, foundation, CC cream, BB cream has different textures, adapts to skin color. Take several formats of women with different skin types, with different color types. Well, by color type, I mean tone, darker, lighter. Show me what it looks like. Why are Chinese videos with pats of various foundations on TikTok, trash – they sell. Show the effect how it will look. The task is to add the same pictures.

Photo showing what is important in the product

Next, it’s a photo with a trade item and a lot of icons or how to decorate, where the ingredients will be displayed, the composition, what it’s made from, the main products or safety, quality certificates. Everything that is important directly in your product.

In cosmetics, when selling to the American market, it is especially important that these are vegan cosmetics, that they are eco-friendly, and the box can, in short, be recycled, which is then biodegradable and the composition of all products, which is not one hundred percent glycerin, which is then vaseline, conditionally, or something else that is added.

Add this whole story. Of course, take Instagram photos as an example. If you keep Instagram, where there is a photo, conditionally banks of some kind of funds. Oranges or whatever you sell, conditionally, vitamin C serum and a bunch of oranges. Add this photo directly to the site. Looks too fancy. The brain associates what surrounds, this heading with its composition. Maybe vitamin c in this Deshman serum is at the very end, and then they rinsed this orange. Add. This affects the conversion. Especially, people, people are more actively perceived in association.

If the fabric – add the composition of the fabric, what it is made of, polyester, viscose, which is your chip directly. If, conditionally, this is some kind of coffee grinder, add a meat grinder, something about metal. You sell pans of some kind, there are a bunch of varieties of Teflon, not Teflon coatings. Pull everything out and add it straight. A kind of infographic will turn out if you can’t take some beautiful photo. It’s hard to make, decorate in pans. There will be infographics with various elements on the site.

Before/After Pictures

Another image format – before/after. Before/After – a practically applicable story for all products that can be imagined. Starting from cosmetics and ending with the same favorite Christmas garlands, Christmas trees, guys. Show before/after. How the room looked without a garland, split the picture before / after. Makeup before/after. Some compositions are therapeutic or what is before / after. If vitamins before / after. Show the person effect. Let’s say before – he looked sour. After taking vitamins – blooming, smelling. In such a context. Cleaning. Pots. Anything. Applicable to virtually any, virtually any product. If you approach more pragmatically.

Good quality product detail pictures

Add product detail frames. Detailed product shots. This is especially true for those products that are accepted based on the visual.

Selling a dress – show pictures of the dress, show the seams, some details, nuances. Come show me the same garlands, favorites, notepads. What else? Let’s take a niche, let’s say, vacuum cleaners. Show the vacuum cleaner closer. Everyone takes template pictures that everyone has. Show the phone from a different angle. Phone cases please, same story. Please, same story for thermos comrades. Anything. Headphones. Here is the problem. Google AirPods or whatever, bought wired for a microphone, directly to record a webinar, please, nothing. Everyone has bad pictures. You buy – officially, unofficially – these products. It’s hard to see anything in the pictures. Add more detailed photos. I understand on repair kits, as it were, you won’t play too much. If in auto parts or some other parts it is important for a person to look closer, then do it.

A big problem with many online stores is that they add low quality photos. Trying to expand. See some details. But you don’t see anything. Especially on the subject of restored, after repair, etc. Who sells Apple products will understand.

Photos how to use

It is important to immediately answer how the product looks, looked or what we sell directly. I would recommend adding pictures of this nature – how to use, how to use. How to use is a tautology. What it looks like, guarantees, a return is possible if this is your thing.

There are some network products sold via the Internet and there is a guarantee of 90 days or some other. If you sell abroad, then, naturally, let’s say a 14-day guarantee looks less competitive than a guarantee, say, 30 days, 45 days. Sometimes they give a guarantee for 90 days.

If you pull out, you can add, you can add pictures. This is working positively. Free shipping. Delivery from such and such amount, cash on delivery. If you add pictures – it will be super. This really affects the conversion.

It’s easier for people to see in the visual. This machine with zero hryvnia, zero dollars, or this machine with a certain order value. The same, for example, prepaid. If the overlay is prepaid, you can add, conditionally, a picture with information about this. Can Google ban for certain things. You have to try and test. To understand suitable, not suitable.

Photos of users of the product or service

Another recommendation – add photos of users. If they are happy next to the repaired car, but they sold the hood to him, ask the client for this photo. Trust me, it works great. The same works in cosmetics.

Ask for user-content, user content. It works best. Everyone is tired of blurry perfect photos from photoshopped. Everyone would like to see how it looks in reality. Why is the section of photos, reviews with photos and videos on Rozetka actively visited? People are interested to see what it looks like in reality. What does a vacuum cleaner look like? What does the phone look like? What does a TV, thermos, kettle, spare parts, etc. look like.

You sell, conditionally, a hydraulic cylinder and it is placed directly somewhere. Well, sorry, please, not a mechanic, a Google Ads specialist. I can help find someone who can buy this hydraulic cylinder. You can take a picture of a happy person. Be surprised how the most seemingly funny moments can become really conversion things. No one takes a picture with a hydraulic cylinder smiling, happy. It can work with a sofa, a bed, a closet, a Christmas tree. This applies to almost every product. If the user can be asked to take photo content. It works. Really works.

Adding a video or gif

Another recommendation. Hate her the most. Some of her personal clients hate her, squeak, squeal when I say this.

We add the video right away too. Video. The GIF or video must be attached to the picture carousel set. Video how to use, what it looks like, purely promotional video. Never mind. It doesn’t matter, especially. By the way, especially if you are selling dietary supplements, something for health, etc. Add video. You can take pictures on your phone, what it looks like, a jar, a compiler. How the pills rumble, if you can see it – a translucent jar, take a picture of how it looks. If there are samples, a probe, or what the protein looks like, can, stingy. In short, whatever. Show everything right on the video.

Sell auto parts, guys, go to the warehouse or look for a supplier. Come and take pictures. Look, guys, there is everything you want, I will pick up as much as you want, at what price you want. This will be enough. The roller will. This affects the conversion. You can argue with me or tell me something. My client makes a decision in a completely different way, in terms of the visual component. When a client needs fancy design or fancy photo content. It is especially important for products that are more emotional to buy or are very expensive – for them it is preferable to make more solid photo content, stylish, fit organically into the whole picture. Immediately with the word expensive. Be sure to bother.

Take these recommendations and add them to your site. Just try to be more creative. If it is possible to apply this, try to test it. If the product is budget or a niche where pretentiousness is not required. Well, in auto parts, no one will believe a well-groomed manager selling in our market. Maybe a simple ordinary one, Vasily Petrovich, well, he is engaged in auto parts. If he can become and just shoot it with his phone, as they say, a video made on his knee is the best solution for such a niche.

If a person’s clothes are average, average plus. You have to worry about taking pictures. If something budget, conditionally, underpants for 100 hryvnia. The more stylish you make a photo, the more repulsive it will become. It will immediately become associated with high cost. Simple ordinary underpants on an ordinary young lady or on an ordinary man is the best option for everyone. Add these pictures and get landing page conversion.

See you in the next releases.

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