How to place ads on Google Shopping for free?

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Due to the suspension of offline business and related financial difficulties around the world, Google has announced its decision to make listing on Google Shopping service free for everyone!

This innovation is already available for stores from the United States, and by the end of 2020, advertisers from any country, including Ukraine, will be able to use it. The search results in the Google Shopping tab will consist mostly of free listings. This will help sellers communicate their offer to customers, whether they advertise on Google.

How useful will free Google Shopping Ads be?

The benefits of this innovation are obvious to everyone:

  • Site owners will get millions of views for free from users who search shopping ads daily;
  • Advertisers who are already listed on the Google Merchant Center will be able to expand their reach with free listings;
  • For buyers, the range of goods and online stores presented in the search will significantly expand. This means that the choice of available products will also grow.

Features of Free Placement on Google Shopping

While most shopping ads will become free, paid listings will also remain. Advertising slots in Google search results for Shopping ads will remain paid:

Product ads in search results

But on the “Purchases” tab, only the first row of ads will remain paid. No payment will be charged for placement in the main issue:

Free placement on Google Shopping

Thus, paid placement will retain its significant advantages. But there will also be many opportunities for free advertising.

How to get to the Merchant Center free listing?

If your online store has already been added to the Google Merchant Center system, then your products can already be displayed in image search. Toward the end of 2020, goods will also appear in the free issue of Google Shopping in Ukraine.

To do this, you need to go to your Google Shopping account and register in the Surfaces across Google program:

Google platforms registration

If you have not yet created an account in the Merchant Center system, and you have not uploaded a product feed from your site, it’s time to do it. According to various data, at the moment only 25-30% of Ukrainian stores work with this service, which means you will have a great chance to gain a competitive advantage.

Connecting a site to the Merchant Center is not difficult, but it may be difficult for those who are not strong in programming to upload a product feed. If you can’t set up the integration yourself, you can simply contact the experts.

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