How to install GA 4 on Horoshop?


Hello everyone. My name is Yana Lyashenko, and I am a Google logistics specialist. And in today’s video, we’ll start a series of videos on how to set up Performance Max so that it works right away on different website platforms. And today we will have it Horoshop.

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What to consider before launching advertising on Horoshop?

What should you consider before you launch advertising on Horoshop? You can run it thanks to three services. The first is setting up analytics. That is, the Google Analytics system is not only GA4 and Google Ads conversion, we will get to that. Secondly, be sure to register in the Merchant Center service and upload your information about your products there. That’s two. Third, be sure to launch advertising campaigns.

You need analytics so that the system understands that, firstly… Why do you need analytics? To understand what kind of results these advertising campaigns generate. Secondly, this is in order to understand, in principle, the payback of your advertising. And third, this is to give behavioral characteristics about the behavior of your customers on the site, so that the system, the intelligent intelligence of Google, can find similar audiences. This is a must.

Merchant Center needs you to pass verification as a unique online store. And with the help of this service, you can, in principle, launch Google shopping. And Google advertising itself. The Google Ads service is designed to carry out the mechanics of setting up advertising campaigns.

Today we will start with setting up analytics. I will go through this block quickly enough so as not to dwell on any nuances, conditionally, so that it is condensed. If you have any other questions, you can consider them separately.

Create a Google Analytics account

Yes. Where do we start? We start by setting up analytics. Since you first create a Google Analytics account. Well, secondly, directly, open the admin panel of Horoshop.

So, how do you create a Google Analytics account? I don’t know if anyone had problems with this or won’t have problems. Conventionally, you go to and create an account under the email directly from your Gmail.

Creating a resource in Google Analytics

Well, I’ll now go through the example of creating a resource. In fact, there is not everything here, and it will be difficult in your case. The first thing you need to do is set up information about your analytics. I will do this on my website, Let this be conditional for Horoshop. I recommend that you always use your own domain names in information, names of various resource streams, etc.

Why? Because if you have several online stores, it will be so convenient for you to find them. Well, in principle, if you are a specialist in setting up advertising, then all the more it will be much more convenient for you than when you call them there Prom make me rich or something like that. This is what I came across in terms of plan. Yes, we choose Ukraine or your country, the city where you are located. We directly select the currency – hryvnia. Let’s move on.

Next here you choose what you like, I will choose “Shopping”, “Small company”. You can mark “Large”, no problem. This is more information required by Google.

Next, select “Web”, enter your domain name, and enter it here too. I’ll call it “test is good” so that it doesn’t get lost anywhere. Click “Create stream”. In my case, it will look like this. Either installation instructions will immediately pop up or I will need to press this button directly in the tag instructions here.

Inserting analytics code on the website Horoshop

What do we need in this instruction? We need essentially this strip of code and especially this piece of code.

I will show you several formats for putting it on the site. Now I’ll show you how it can look like in your admin panel. That is, you went to your admin panel Horoshop. Be sure to find “Marketing” – “Marketing Services” here. Find this block called Google Tag. You see, it’s called UA, GA4, AW (gtag.js).

What are we going to do here? We need to put the tracking ID here first. This identifier is taken from here j, here, tra-ta-ta. Copied it and pasted it here. And another way to do this, which I highly recommend, is to put it here. Here we find a coma right here after the comma. Let’s place our cursor. Press Enter. Let’s enter our analytics code. Let’s copy this gtag. Let’s go back. We insert it. Save. This is the first thing we definitely do.

View results in analytics

What did we just do to you? We set it up very quickly and installed Google’s fourth analytics on the site. Plus, we set up expanded e-commerce at the same time. Convenient to Horoshop. Really?

Okay, I’ll reload the page now. Back. Because for some reason my Google analytics is showing an error today. “Data collection”. Oh, “Data Streams”. This is my analysis. These are the data streams. In principle, your analytics should look something like this. We definitely pay attention to data flows. Here the name should match what you entered. And here is our analytics too.

Where can I find the analytics embed code?

If you need to find this code we saw directly in the previous step. You need to go to the tag settings, “Installation Instructions” and there will be about the same plus here.

There is also a tab “Installation using integrators there, for example, but we have Shopify. Oh, Shopify. Ours is good yet, not Shopif. I hope that it will become like Shopify, then you can also find this code directly, if you are lost somewhere, lost, then here you go, the “Administrator” gear, “Data Streams”, one, two. We have this line of code. You’re welcome.

Checking the set of mandatory events to be captured

What did we do to you directly in this way? Now our task is to check the set of recording mandatory events for advanced e-commerce, so that they come with the filling. This definitely needs to be checked so that you are sure that everything is recorded correctly and everything has been worked out.

To do this, we need to go to “Administrator” – “DebugView” and open one of the “Debug Mode” services on our website. This debug mode can come in several formats. Firstly, this can be done, for example, by an extension called Google Analytics debugger. Or it can be done by the same extension, which, so interrupts it, is called Tag Assistant Companion. This is a type of replacement for this plugin. If anyone is already in the course, which is called Google Tag Assistant Legacy, conditionally.

What do we need to do, directly? This is to open our website. Here I will reload the page for myself, directly. Press this thing. Click “Add domain”. Copy my domain name. Move here. Click “Connect”. This will be the debugger mode, in which we should soon see a set of events in the analytics here. In principle, there may be some kind of delay in transmitting data directly. There may be an interruption in this, in the data. Not an interruption, but a little late.

Therefore, just in case, so that you can be sure that everything is ok, you can go to the Report in real time. And if you are on the site… I am the only person here. Here I sit. I have a set of events. Everything is wonderful. This means that we have recorded here that I am present on my website, here, directly, I exist. Well, because the fourth analytics is not super ideal in terms of the speed of reaction to what is happening on your site directly.

In short, this circle should be filled completely. You are on the site. And then such a picture, a story, will begin. Something will begin here, some events.

Your task is what to do? Your task is to visit the product card, click “Buy” there, click here, “Checkout”, make a test order. For what? In order to see a set of relevant events here. What should we see? Because we just did this fourth analysis. I don’t know, today she wants me a little. I don’t record everything. Therefore, I am now reloading the pages in order to clarify this point for myself, that everything is being recorded okay.

Verifying a commit set using Google Tag Assistant Legacy

Another option, or you can check the analytics that you have installed on the site, you can also download, if Google Tag Assistant Legacy extension allows you to download. It is already old and will not be supported by Google. But you can definitely find your own analytics here. So I put analytics under this code. And if you copy from here, go, for example, to analytics. So I opened it. This one is still on my website for sure, but this one needs to wait a little longer.

Checking the “View item” event set

What am I doing? I went to the main page. I want to select some product item. I choose him. These shelves. On this page, on the product card, I must record an event called View item. I’m waiting for this circle to load here. I’ll just explain this to you. Perhaps in analytics courses they will tell you something super cool. I’m waiting for my events to load directly, especially on the View item. Now this view item has finally arrived. That is, the first thing I start with is the View item.

What do I want to see here? We are looking for a value so that it matches what I looked at on the site. Curency, necessarily with the fact that there were also “elements”, so that they were necessary. You must have them. Price here is always displayed in such an inadequate format. It’s OK. Check that all the filling is there.

Checking the “Add to cart” event set

Next. I have View item. Then I click “Buy”. I’ve already written a lot here. “Buy”. The add to cart event must go into analytics. I’m checking on her. Keep in mind that once you install the analytics, it may be a little confusing in terms of displaying information if you do this through Google Tag Manager. This is already for advanced, conditionally, users. This comes more clearly through Google Tag Manager. We are waiting for our add to cart.

He’s not here. So we have to wait. Find another product item. “Add”. But we should receive an add to cart. Let’s wait. Is not coming. We are looking for another product item. Click “Buy” because we have a complete “add to cart” here. Now I’ll show you. In this service, if we select our fourth analytics, there is definitely an “add to cart” event here, you see, then you should definitely go into this analytics.

That is, this is how you can see it, if you, for example, are not very good with analytics, here you can get scared and lose yourself in these codes, conditionally. But, conditionally, here I am sure that this “add to cart” exists. It’s just that the fourth analyst is a little wishy-washy. Finally, the “add to cart” has arrived. It’s the same story here, we’re looking for value, currency, we’re looking for “Elements.”

Checking the “Begin checkout” event set

Next. Following. What should we do? Well, I’ll put away all these goods here now. I do not need them. You need to make a test order. That is, you place your entire test order. Click “Place an order”. By the way, here in Khoroshop, which is cool, they even transmit information that something was conditionally deleted there.

If you look at the history, there is even something that was removed remove_from_cart and it can also be transmitted in analytics, but conditionally. Here we have begin_checkout. “Begin checkout” is the beginning of placing an order. It’s the same, maybe I’m jumping somewhere, well, for example, here, when two windows open, we look. At first we looked at the same “add to cart”. I’ll find “add to cart” now.

We have chosen our fourth analytics. There absolutely must be a hit here. You may have two or three “add to cart”. Doesn’t matter. Here is “add to cart”. If we open it, we will definitely find our analytics. You see, even through Ctrl+F, Ctrl+V I can find, “Search”, this analytics that I set. Next I search. You can find the same “remove from cart” in the same way. So he definitely went to the fourth analytics. Next, you definitely need to find “begin checkout”. Because it’s still on the product in Khoroshop. “Begin checkout”. Here is the second “begin checkout”. Here he is, he went here.

Unfortunately, for some reason he may arrive very late. You see, “remove from cart” works here. After all, I deleted it several times. You can use it for some optimization actions for yourself. I’m now waiting for “begin checkout” because it’s loading late.

Checking the “Purchase” event set

And we also have the task of making a complete test order. For what? In order to check whether the purchase. I will go through the same thing with you. E. Click “Place an order”. Oh, I’m missing something here. Tag assistant has gone astray. Let’s look just in case. This is where something took off for me. We look at whether there was a purchase or not. Something here took off for me. I have analytics here.

Most likely this purchase is gone, but something took off for me. Well, unfortunately, this is the fourth analysis. Our task is to see the same purchase. If not, then make the request again. In order to make this test order and track it so that you have it, this purchase. Unforeseen events happened to me. And for now it’s not clear to me what happened, why it went astray. But now I will make a test order again. So my Tag assistant gets lost again. Therefore, I guess this is an unreliable plugin…

Therefore, I will probably show you how else you can track conversions so that they actually go into the necessary analytics. To do this you will need to install this Google analytics debugger. Place an order. Now I’ll click on additional taxes, developer tools, console and I need to find that purchase. We just click on the button. Purchase. Yes. I won’t be able to do it well.

Therefore, we will do the following. You either wait for your purchase. This is where it will load. Yes, it loaded late, but it will. Here you need to check the value, the income for which you ordered. And be sure to check the transaction ID.

Well, taxes are not transferred here. Currency so that she responds. “Elements” is mandatory if there are several positions here so that everything matches. This is a must. Or if it doesn’t load for you for a very long time. Because I’m having trouble with this Tag assistant in this story. For some reason I have a lot of glitches today, but it doesn’t matter.

Real-time event monitoring

I’m showing an option on how you can still control this. “Report in real time”, find “Event names”. Let’s scroll here. We find purchase, open it and there should be complete information here. Here is the transaction_id, it should match what you got.

Definitely 267 in my case. I definitely check the currency so that the currency matches. By the way, if you didn’t know, previously in the third analytics, currency, currency, was transferred in dollars from Prom. I haven’t seen anything like this on Khoroshop. 2100 here you go, the amount of my order, if it completely matches yours. Everything is wonderful. Everything is OK. This means everything works as it should.

And then your task is only to control whether it works or not. That is, you have now set up the main conversion in this way, which simply corresponds to a purchase. It is always automatically enabled here as the main conversion. She will work it out. We have received a test order. Everything is fine, everything is okay. We have a tool that fixes this with a few bugs right now.

Oh, unfortunately, this is our situation. We can’t do anything. The main thing is that he came here, we saw him. You can also find it here in this purchase. And be sure to check that it is still in Real-time mode, since you checked it and made a test order. You absolutely must have it. That is, here our registration is, in principle, ideal from the point of view of the fact that our conversion has been recorded.

Announcement of the next video by inserting Tag purchase

The next thing we need to do is what I recommend everyone do. You did this in order to see a picture of behavior on the site and somewhere else. And now regarding those conversions that you will really need for and are currently available for your Google Ads advertising account. What do we need to do for this? We need to deliver several codes to you.

But I think that I will highlight this, perhaps, in a separate video on how to put the Google ADS purchases tag. Because it will be more important for sites well than what we set up. We need this. This is our backup option. We leave it. It works for us, but in addition, we will put the Google Ads purchase tag with you. This will be in the next video.

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