How to find win-win keywords in 5 steps?

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Keywords are the backbone of any successful Adwords campaign. You can spend hours rewriting the title, changing the description, choosing the benefits of the product – and get a cool ad that does not work. It’s simple: even the most creative text won’t work with the wrong audience.


How to find effective keywords in 5 easy steps? Let’s figure it out.


Step 1: Introduce your ideal customer.

Who is he – a person who is ready to buy your product right now? How old is he? Where does he live? What is his profession? Does he already know about your product? Get inside your client’s head (be careful, people don’t like it for some reason). Take just 10 minutes, and you will be pleasantly surprised.

The image is ready, now let’s use the power of Google – the keyword selection tool.

Step 2: Define queries

From the Tools menu in the AdWords panel, open Keyword Planner. Select “Search for new keywords by phrase, site, or category”.


Did it work? Next, enter data on the product: name, category, landing page. Do not forget to indicate the country of residence of potential customers, and what languages they speak. This is important.
As you can see, today I have “curtains for gazebos.” I’ve added the negative keyword “PVC” to make the queries more specific.

One of the most commonly used e-commerce negative keywords is everyone’s favorite “download, free, torrent”. On the other hand, who is this person who introduces “curtains download”? Better save ourselves from it.


After the settings, click “get options”. Good Google AdWords gives the following:

In addition to keyword suggestions, you can see their level of competition and estimated bid. So, let’s move on to the next step?

Step 3: Screening

In the list, we select words close to our subject. A bonus for those who have reached this step is a secret switch. If you don’t like the Scheduler for the abundance of “junk” keys, try our life hack. Under “Keyword Filters”, enable “Show only variations closely related to your keywords”.

The result in my case: goodbye, Roman blinds!


Step 4: Selection

Remember where we started? Portrait of an ideal client. Think about what words he will use to search for your product. Use this information when selecting keys. Just add the highest quality ones to the plan, and then upload them in the format that suits you.

Step 5: Test


Initially, no one knows which ad will convert the most. With time and testing different options, you will find the most effective keywords. I swear by Google.

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