Google Tips: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Mobile Strategy


62% of users who experienced difficulties using mobile versions of the site are less likely to buy from this brand.

If before, everyone was talking about the importance of having a mobile version of the site, now it is important that it be fast, converting.

The marketing team SHOULD put a lot of work into optimizing the mobile version of the site. Developers need to be aware of the latest development trends and practices. Designers should be very familiar with mobile best practices UX

How to start optimizing your site?

1. Of course, with setting clear KPIs (for example, conversion, bounce rate, average session duration, etc.). For example, if 70% of visitors visit your site from the mobile version, but only 35% make the target children (order, call, purchase), then there is a problem with the mobile version.

2. Site performance.

Now, this phrase will sound trite, but the average page load time of a mobile version is 15.3 sec. According to Google data, more than half of the sessions end immediately if the speed is more than 3 seconds.

How can I test my website speed?

At least 1 way via service link TesMySite, developer’s service, will help you see which of the elements affect the speed of the site.


3. Focus on optimizing your current website platform.

There are many CMS now (modern web technologies AMP and PWA, which can create not only attractive sites, but also performant and fast).


4. Constantly test.

The only way to understand what users really want is to create multiple variations and see what works best. For example, Amazon changes prices more than 2.5 times a day.

5. Think like a customer.

Make sure you meet customer expectations and your mobile growth goals by building on these principles and investing where it matters.

Summarizing all the above points:

1. Set clear KPIs for website optimization and track them.

2. Optimize your website speed to at least 3 seconds. In order to find out the speed of your site, use the TestMySite services.

3. Use new productive platforms for websites. They will allow you to create fast and visually beautiful sites.

4. Do a/b tests. Never create the perfect boarding layout right away. Testing only.

5. Think like a customer. How can you simplify the process of buying a product/service on your site?


Remember that a site can be perfect in terms of conversion, but the whole situation can be spoiled by “poor-quality traffic”, for example, from Google Ads (contextual advertising) or Facebook advertising. The right audience from Google Ads + good landing = cheap conversions and profitable sales.

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