Fireplace inserts on the prom: Google advertising is a way out of the situation or not?

Google ads for fireplace inserts on Prom Contextual advertising

Hello. I’m Yana Lyashenko – Google Logistician. In today’s video, there will be an analysis of trade advertising campaigns and an online store for fireplaces, stoves and fireboxes. I will try to make the video compressed. I understand that long videos are hard to watch. I’ll insert a screencast or screenshot somewhere, with the problem that the client addressed. I want it to be paused. We got acquainted, re-read.

Google Shopping Ad Request

Globally, what happened? In this advertising account, according to the client, everything was fine until the first of April. After that, the collapse began. Moreover, the collapse began even in the shows. This is an important, essential nuance. Failing in conversions is one story. The second story is when impressions collapse. When impressions collapse, it means that something more significant has happened.

Analysis of an advertising campaign

Where do we start the analysis of shopping advertising campaigns? First, you need to understand, in principle, what result these shopping advertising campaigns generated. We select some actual period of time. We take the first of April, compare it with some similar period and look. We also additionally make a segment: “Conversions” – “Actions-conversions”. For what? To understand what these shopping campaigns generated.

In short, let’s look. Remember that after April the collapse began. If we look at the most costly advertising campaign that brought the most conversions, we see that there are not so many transactions in the context of each of the shopping advertising campaigns that are ordered through the shopping cart. And the introduction to the contact phone number is a lot.

Call conversion optimization

If you have watched at least one video on trade advertising companies, and especially in a marathon, you know that I always focus on the correctness of fixing conversions in an advertising account. The only goal that carries value and a complete set of information for Smart shopping is a transaction.

Can smart shopping be optimized for calls? Yes. If you have implemented dynamic call tracking with end-to-end analytics functionality. Based on the names and goals that exist, I will assume that the platform and, on, as far as I remember, Ringostat can provide similar functionality. With the help of call tracking, if a call is made by a successful order, it is possible to send Google analytics to the income from this call. Otherwise, look, hovering over a contact phone number is not a particularly good conversion. On the contrary, it makes it difficult to understand what is happening in the ad account in a few clicks.

Hover to contact phone conversion

Why does it make it harder? Hovering over a contact phone number is not equal to calls. As you can see, the client said that after April everything started badly, then things are bad for all conversions. Hovering over a contact number is not equal to calls. From pointing to calls, statistics fluctuate in all online stores in different ways – from twenty to sixty percent of calls can be made. Everything has fallen for the client – this figure is close to zero from hovering over the contact phone number. Plus, for this niche, the generation of calls in especially large numbers is relevant. These calls are of no value. They can be in the context: “There is a physical point where I can come to see the product, feel it” or do something in a different style. To use it as a goal for optimization, you need to understand the conversion from an induction to a real call, from a real call to a sale. It will not be possible to adequately calculate the value for a given conversion.

Why? You need value for smart shopping to optimize for value. In pieces it is not optimized. We focus it only on the “Value” column. You need to calculate the average check. How do you calculate the average check if there is a rather diverse assortment? Starts from 200 hryvnia. Ends with 100 thousand.

In short, it’s practical, if you calculate something more or less average – it will not be presentable. In fact, the numbers can be beautiful, but in reality they are terrible in terms of sales. I do not recommend using such goals as an optimization. A professional, you know how to operate it – yes. If you are a business and have many other tasks, and support your ad account, don’t worry. Transactions are not being received – you need to launch some other types of advertising campaigns, try to optimize the current advertising account.

The reason for the collapse in the advertising campaign

Look, what is the task? Will I analyze these shopping campaigns to the smallest detail? No. I’ll go over the general basic concepts. Most importantly, I found the cause. Found a problem with this ad account. I will announce it later. Now let’s go over the important settings. I’ll give you this reason. The reason is: the collapse occurred in what form? By impressions and clicks. To see the collapse, I will first take the statistics for the full period.

How to detect a collapse? What is the reason? In the beginning we take “Impressions”. Blue line graph. Farther. We take CTR. If something happened to the feed or competitors re-optimized feeds, we can lose traffic and clicks on the site. Sales volumes depend on the amount of traffic and conversions of the site. We can lose traffic that can convert. First, we compare with CTR. CTR, somewhere, once sank, and then it keeps at a stable level, especially after April, there is no point in sinning on it.

Plus CTR, I will say here – good, adequate for most of the commodity items that I looked at. Another indicator we are looking at is “Average CPC”. What to find? First, you need to find the skew in the opposite direction. What’s the reverse bias? When the shows take off. Then they fall sharply. CPC, on the contrary, at the beginning, at the peak of impressions, fell, this is normal – Smart knows how to do this, and then abruptly change places. Impressions sag – clicks soar.

Found in most ad campaigns when this happened. It happened around the twenty-third of March. Here she is. In the average statistics a little earlier. Somewhere here. See the twist? CPC has dramatically changed with impressions. Moreover, before that the cost per click was 2.39. Here it is high in early March. We don’t look here. I will assume that the client often encounters similar problems. 2.19, 2.05, then 3 hryvnia. A whole hryvnia increases. Here it is higher – 3.82, if averaged over all advertising campaigns.

Average ad campaign CPC

Now we look at each of the cost advertising campaigns for a given period separately. I’ll only look at three. 300-400 hryvnias spent – not a particularly statistical sample based on other advertising campaigns.

We look. I show the principle of analysis. Many people ask how to analyze. How to find the weak link. We look. Cant. Twenty-third. An average of twenty-third warp. Twenty-fifth – 1.80. Once – it turns out back. Sharp. You see – the chain is happening. This is the highest frequency for advertising campaigns on Smart Fireplace Sets.

Analyze cost per click

The situation is similar here. Again, at the end of March, it starts already at the Electrokamenka Teplodar.

End-March Upload Prices

The latest ad campaign is smart. Launched later than the others. Roughly the same story. You see, and impressions have gone down to almost zero, in comparison with what it was. See, impressions, clicks. Cost per click, please. Was – 2.29. 4. 2.92. Now back to four hryvnia. Occurs in several cases. Now I will describe, perhaps, each case separately. Understanding.

Smart ad campaign cost

An analysis of why the efficiency has fallen. Limited budget

When does it happen? First, with a sharp reduction in the size of the budget. I looked at smart fireplace sets. On March 23, the budget was reduced from six hundred to five hundred. Prior to this, the budget is 700 hryvnia. 200 hryvnias for all Ukraine on Kaminokomplekty can be a significant adjustment.

Usually, a limited budget status is added. Look, when the status of a limited budget arises, usually the same skew happens. The skew occurs – impressions fall, cost per click grows. Start like – what to do?

We remove the status of the limited budget. First, we raise it to the desired level, which Google asks. Otherwise, in smarts, he will cut everything that is possible. And coverage.

An important point. The status may be delayed. It just doesn’t show up. At the moment when it should have arisen, the status is “Limited budget”, the client may have changed budgets. Now, recently, in Google advertising services are very buggy. Perhaps they are rolling out a new update, interface, etc. They don’t notify. They just say that the service has fallen and that’s it. We apologize for this, directly. This is what happens in some companies. Okay.

Many people may notice various glitches. Somewhere the statistics do not converge, somewhere something happens. This option is affected or that is not enough just the advertising budget. The client has automatic payments. For 2500 hryvnia credit funds. Advertised – then they are automatically withdrawn from the account as soon as they are spent.

What happened here? Just the fall occurs on these numbers 23, 25 and 26, 27. Here is 26. Look what happens? All the days of March there is a write-off, write-off, write-off of funds. Then, on March 26 – write-off. Only on the 28th is he trying to write off. The payment is rejected and on March 28 the payment to 2613 occurs.

Debit for March

This is the reason why it broke off. It will even out. The problem is global. Prior to this, the advertising campaign did not bring any transactions. You can wait, you can not wait. Let’s be more presentable. Let’s even look at “Smart Fireplace Sets” – it is more frequent. See how much the stats have been cut. Somewhere there was an increase in impressions, clicks.

Now take 27 and compare with number 20. You see, all the minuses. Straight, essential. On the 27th, there was little cash on the balances. It is presentable to show the statistics so that the impressions fall almost to zero. Google has a uniform display of ads. This means that the remainder will begin to drain to the point of impossibility. It will be distributed according to the algorithm among different advertising companies.

Display ads evenly over time

What does this lead to? For some breakdowns. Now the current budget is not enough in full to re-advertise it. The system cannot call it out completely in order to adequately quickly withdraw the balance from credit funds. Budgets have already been slightly reduced for all advertising campaigns. On the 23rd of Smart Fireplace Sets, the budgeting was slightly cut. For some companies, it was practically cut, reduced. We reduce the advertising budget and what do we do? Right. Statistically, we give less probability to the system for large coverage.

The system does not respond fully, more or less adequately to full full capacity. Look, I can prove it in numerical values now. It will take 20-30 minutes. I don’t see the point. If you want, I can make a separate video, where I will summarize everything on digital values and show how these dependencies are interconnected. Especially on automatic payments. Especially for 2500. They should set such budget sizes that the system had no restrictions, it adequately called them out and removed these 2500 faster. Plus, on the balance of the card from which they are withdrawn, there should be a reserve of money so that at any time it could withdraw and , respectively, spend them.

I don’t particularly like automatic payments. For them, budgets in advertising campaigns need to be higher than in ordinary standard ones, where in a regular account, where you simply work on prepaid basis, you replenish advertising accounts by a certain amount.

In short, back to the topic. The reason for this – the drop in a significant display in individual elements happened exactly coincided with the fact that the status of the still limited budget did not get out. I assume that it will climb, since the budget simulator is already active. It is active in the pre-period when there is a limited budget. All accounts are different. He’s actually here already. It is not displayed. Why? Related to the latest bugs in the system, when in Google Ads – you can simply not go to your ad account.

Ad campaign budget simulator

One more moment. There is not enough advertising budget to call out and the system simply stretches those leftovers. She spends these funds inefficiently. Ineffective. How to fix it?

How to fix ad campaign failure

In short, now to this. There are advertising campaigns that sank in impressions more significantly. This is the Smart Wood Sauna Stove. By the way, the signal that it is on the bases, the settings cannot find the conversion. Usually, this is quite colorfully seen on advertising campaigns with pay for conversions. She’s spinning, spinning. Then it starts to decrease impressions. You can immediately think about disabling this type of advertising campaign. She will not be able to find conversions for the price that was set. Good or bad? I can not tell. Everything is individual. It is observed and present.

In short, several factors coincided here – a decrease in the budget in parallel with the fact that the system would like to increase, scale, lack of money in the account. Plus the low-budget status, which isn’t showing up right now. What should I fix now to try to equalize the performance of advertising campaigns? Look, I would start from the base, with an assessment of what should be the most popular and what should, presumably, be sold to a greater extent.

I understand – these are Fireplace Sets. In Fireplace Sets, based on the product range, I would pick out Electric Fireplaces, Bio Fireplaces or something related to this. Let Electro, Bio spin in a separate advertising campaign. A person who wants a Fireplace Set, he will clog a Fireplace Set, since he is more familiar with it. With regards to “Buy a fireplace” or something in a similar format, it is better to separate Wood-burning from Electric and Bio fireplaces. The approach to searching and desire, motivation is completely different. Do not overdo it with the most detailed segmentation. This is not a way out. Doesn’t always allow scaling.

Why set profitability

What else needs to be tweaked? An important setting needs to be corrected. In assigning a conversion value. Conversion value can only work if you transfer margin to an ad account. If the margin, first, you transfer the income from the advertising transaction, which is clear that there is no margin. Secondly, if the percentage of margin is different or the margin is 20-30 percent, then you must definitely check the box for profitability. What is it for? First, the maximum conversion value works like this. I show. Consumption 350. No value. I’ll show you in another ad campaign. 33.88. In theory, the value should be higher. There has been a collapse recently. Value below.

Conversion Value

Why do I need to set profitability? Not only to limit the advertising campaign in appetite. So that the system clearly understands, based on average prices, what you set and what converts on the site, which products should be displayed more as a priority for impressions. Which can really roam in costs to get a conversion.

Specify profitability if it is limited. Margin of 75-80 percent, of course, you can dance like that. I strongly doubt that in a highly competitive niche, highly competitive, we can see how many comrades. 27 pieces. Not much. There are sixty. These comrades, especially Prom, these comrades, Rozetka, Epicenter, your Comin is incomprehensible. These comrades. They want to grab a tasty morsel.

Google Ads auction statistics

As if the prices would be, I suppose, plus or minus, the same. We hit the top three in reach in the last 30 days. Of course, the last 30 days, 60 percent. Inadequately, of course, shows, based on the settings. Still don’t squeeze transactions.

What needs to be revised in the approach to the advertising campaign

We need to rethink our approach. Assign profitability. Second. Perhaps limit the range of goods. Perhaps not these goods run in standard shopping. It may be worthwhile to collect statistics on transactions of some other types of advertising campaigns and have a constantly replenished stable advertising account. Plus, budgets need to be increased. As far as I can see. I don’t see it here. There is one transaction here. If it paid off somewhere, good. History is smart. 15 thousand spent. 14 thousand earned.

See Electric Fireplace. There are conversions. Corner fireplace set. Along the way, the most running. It got a lot of shows. There is Fair Place Tokyo – 8-10. It needs to be thought about and possibly re-evaluated. Pick something and drop something. Smart tries adequately – somewhere more impressions to give, somewhere less. There is one transaction here and the rest is phone views. Phone views can be associated with a physical location to visit.

First, let’s clear the conversion block. We remove duplicates. We choose what we need. We leave the most targeted actions so that it is convenient to view the reporting.

Attribution model analysis

Let’s take a look at the attribution model. To correct this situation, it will not work on its own. Before that, there were no transactions. Those goods – were shown, those not – were shown. Statistics fluctuate from month to month. You can’t fix it on your own. All the recommendations that I will give, they will partially help to improve the situation. We need a competent specialist who can fix this.

It may sound completely incorrect from my lips. I don’t see how to get out of the situation. I’ll give you a work plan, presumably. Difficult. Really difficult. There are few transactions. The number of interactions is not much. The main share of transactions in one touch. The average number of conversions is 8.

Look, there are many pointers to the contact phone number, you see, from the first touch, on the first day they point to the contact phone number. Now let’s look at viewing the contacts section. By the way, there are few contacts. calls. Look, proceeding, you need to analyze what is in the calls. What is asked the most. What they want. If they want to order a product, they simply actively order from calls. Perhaps you should reconsider towards some other types of advertising campaigns and perhaps concentrate on search, which can directly generate direct calls. Through calls, as they are somehow hollow or there are a lot of guidance. In fact, there are no calls – you need to globally remake this advertising strategy.

Work plan for setting up the campaign

If Fireplace sets, then, firstly, we set the profitability. Secondly, we clean the product range. Cleaning up the product range for what?

Electro-, bio- immediately pull out something completely different. Secondly, Fireplace sets, somehow subdivided inside. Subdivided not by price tag. The price tag is not very significantly different on the bulk of the goods. Especially, now we look at the shows – it does not differ significantly. Cost per click, conversion volumes differ for different product positions.

Try to re-optimize this a little. First, look to return the situation to what it was before. Wonderful on calls – you just need to fulfill the conditions. Increase back those advertising budgets. Always keep an adequate amount on the card, and the system would withdraw it on time. It’s quite expensive.

You can cut by the geography of impressions. What regions, areas, if not the first year already on the market. I think it’s worth reconsidering where more orders come from. limited to these areas. Initially, we can cut by geography and only then we can cut the product range. In what format to cut the product range depends on what is the most popular and what is easier for people to buy. Plus put a limit on profitability. This should give the system a guide to what to focus on when advertising. Remove all micro-conversions that do not make any sense in terms of sales. You don’t know either conversions or indicators – we leave only the transaction. It sounds sad. Not sad. Someone might say something completely different.

How to view conversions? What happened? Was there a transaction or pointing to a contact number? The same will happen in reporting. Do not blur, do not complicate the understanding of what is happening in the advertising account. I don’t know the real situation. I suppose that everything was bad before.

Next. We need to rethink our product line. It is possible, only in pieces to produce some types of certain goods. I don’t know – by the weight of the stones, by the type of what they can do, by some possible functionality of these furnaces. We need to think about how to dissegment them. Firstly, not the entire product range can be displayed in the system as an active auction. CPC plus is visible, somewhere higher, somewhere less. The system is trying to do something.

I can’t find my bearings in Teplodar’s furnaces. Usually, the fact that the projects were some kind of premium. All furnaces, furnaces were. According to Teplodar, I can’t figure out what the conversion should be approximately. Who knows – unsubscribe in the comments to the video.

I would cut them. Turned something off. Specifically, wood-fired ovens do not. They need to be re-sorted. First, the evidence was limited. OK. OK. Not enough budget. Plus the balances are adequate.

Let’s take Fireplace Sets – now I don’t see how to advertise them. I saw the site. Talk about conversion. Weak conversion.

What are conversions based on? See. Now, due to lockdowns, the customer needs to understand where to buy this marketable product, Fireplace Sets, along with the design. She said that Electrofireplaces are separate, Biofireplaces are separate. An electric fireplace means a filling, directly, which produces sound or heating without visual design.

The need to provide visual information about the product

They want to see real photos or feel. Now there is no possibility, I will have to work on photo content, perhaps real. Or shoot a video. What does it look like. The firebox is concrete, as it visually looks. To cling to each product in the cards is a video. Visually. They will not invest in 3D, as in some kind of system or furnace simulation. Not very profitable. Plus, people don’t really take 3D.

There is a warehouse of these furnaces. Take the phone. You’re filming. Tell me about this furnace. He posts them on his website. Will it not be beautiful, not presentable from the point of view of expensive and rich? Now people will not be in Fireplace Sets, especially in specific topics to understand. no. It is important for them to look at the view, dimensions, some kind of goodies.

Look, when you go to the page, we agreed that we would not show it, we see a photo, and it is of poor quality. It’s taken from a supplier. Plus – a photo can walk with many advertisers. It’s in the interior. Something is missing to understand how it will look, how it looks. You need to choose this firebox for 15 thousand hryvnias or it is worth spending 30 thousand hryvnias, etc.

We need to work on the conversion. If you take up a YouTube channel, analysis, you don’t need to invent super beautiful content. The main thing is to be clean, not tossed with various dirt, papers, and so on. This creates a feeling of untidiness. I don’t speak specifically for you. I speak for those guys who usually shoot. Feeling untidy causes an internal contradiction with the fact that you do the same in your work. I would take it if it is in stock. There are some ready-made models that are worth or can be shot. Come to the supplier to shoot. Take the phone, not necessarily with your face. You’re filming. Now on parsing such a fireplace set. This is how it looks like. You can pick up this, this and this. Show the board. Tell us what is the most popular, what they take, some functional things can be. Is it possible to integrate into modern design and some summer cottages. Roughly the same thing can be done with ovens and so on. Spread it. People will watch this story, especially on the site a good video is not beautiful, but from the point of view of conversion, it is understandable, simple – it increases the conversion of the landing page, up to eight times from the initial state. Now it is quite difficult to launch fireplace sets in the form in which they are.

Improve landing page conversion

You need to cut the product range within the trade advertising campaign or try to start from some limited geography. Try the same product range, skip, work on improving landing page conversion. There aren’t many options. Why do people buy at Rozetka? Look – an important point that affects conversions. You can return the item at Rosette. 14 days – you can return any product that you did not like, liked. Most don’t have that option. It is necessary to focus on the fact that it’s easy to make an exchange-return, that it’s fast delivery, that, if, that let a person not worry, if visually the design doesn’t suit something, you can always return this heading, choose another product range.

I will give the most elementary example. I was selling a stroller at OLKh – an old baby one. Strollers Mutsy Evo, as it is not clear what on OLH. Well, where will I sell? On OLH. It’s secondhand, used. Look, she’s sold. Sold it before. Just posted pictures. There were a lot of saves, phone numbers, stuff. No call to buy. It wasn’t about the price. Didn’t set the highest price. I set such a price in order to quickly shake it off, so as not to take up space. Then, after a period, she gave up on this matter. She put it off. Then I see that again I need to free up space. Need to get rid of. What to dust. If they don’t buy it in a month, I’ll take it to the trash and throw it away. Well, in short, I speak figuratively.

I posted a video review of the stroller. Showed all the moments, nuances. She was bought right away. Taken away immediately. There was no need to play up, call, ask questions. Is it broken? What does it look like? On the contrary, they ordered delivery from Kyiv. An example of how a video works to sell. I didn’t shoot a beautiful presentable video with the sale of a stroller. no. Pointwise filmed, revealed, those problems that people may have. Because I used a stroller.

Roughly the same story should be done on the site and focus on the convenience of interaction and communication. The fastest exchange, return, selection, etc. What is in the first place, on the product card is not thrown. Everything in the description says what a fireplace set is. Beautiful, good, in terms of SEO optimization, but in terms of conversion, practically, who reads. If he reads, they usually go to YouTube and look, as you can see visually, how it looks in the interior. Furniture comrades – factories, etc., are now developing applications. Especially Ikea even makes VR visualization of certain furniture in the interior design of your apartment. This is done in order to qualitatively stand out from the competition. Highlight the product. Approximately the same approach should be used.

Work plan for setting up individual types of products

With Fireplace Sets, if we take it, try to cut the product range or geography. If it does not bring results in a week, a week or two, repeat the same procedures again, focus on conversion optimization. Now Kaminokomplektami is followed by statistics in volumes that have been sagging over the past year. Not zero. Yes, there will be sales. For these sales, you will have to fight with other large advertisers who can win according to different criteria.

We take Wood-burning stoves for saunas and baths, I think it’s the other way around. The story can go well, but it needs to be redone a bit. In what context? First, increase her budget. It is clearly not enough for 500 hryvnia. Secondly, if the budget is limited – reconsider the geography, and, possibly, reconsider the product range.

In what context should the product range be reviewed? It is necessary, of course, to evaluate from the point of view what is the most popular. Doesn’t squeeze out enough full coverage. I think there is an opportunity to roll out. Fireplace, this one is smart. I will assume that there were no valuables in the last 14 days. Spent 733.

 Product campaign total costs

You can twist. Still deplex. It is necessary to revise the product range or what I said earlier in terms of budgets.

Royal flame is simple. Cut in cost per click. Limit her CPC. 4 hryvnias at the current site conversion is an unaffordable luxury. Limit.

CPC doesn’t show up for impressions, but the one you set, how to set CPC? At a break-even cost per click, based on the average conversion of the site, evaluate it. Separate video on YouTube channel. Maximum CPC as calculated. It is calculated in the context of each of the commodity items.

Plus, I would also recommend watching videos from the latest Simple Trading Analysis. There will be a sign on the screen saver. For each product group, calculate the break-even cost per click. CPC is calculated on the basis of the margin in hryvnia equivalent.

The conversion will be quite low per transaction. CPC is clearly not 4 hryvnia. By the way, can you try to navigate in standard shopping advertising campaigns – will it give you maximum clicks now? – gives. With a comparative maximum CPC. In different periods of time, it can fluctuate up and down. At least – says that you overpay at least twice as compared to what tax competitors pay.

 Compare CPC

What to do with Fireplace Sets? Already voiced. Electric heaters. The bidding strategy is already limited. Maximum clicks, but with a limiter worth it. 15 hryvnia is a lot.


You see that the comparative maximum CPC does not work well and the status is “Limited” – switch to manual bid adjustment and manually adjust the CPC for each product line. Here you pay a lot more. See, the lower the site conversion, the lower the cost per click. law. If you leave the cost per click high, you will simply go into the red. This will not increase conversion. You can partially increase the rating of the ad. Basically, in the main beat – this will not help.

92 percent of the reach you get from this ad campaign. Has it brought results in sales? Well, let’s look at the value. 12160 spent, 12939 earned. Terrible. 100% profitability. It can be seen with the naked eye – this is a negative advertising campaign, in principle.

By fireplace sets, by conversions divides. Everything needs to be rebuilt. I think you can handle this on your own. It is necessary, I would recommend contacting some specialist who could correct it. There’s a lot of work here. Someone at work has a couple of things to fix. Here you need to just boil, work for several weeks. On the basis of what I know in this niche – it just might not work. Everything should be in the complex here.

I think it upset or encouraged. I’m talking about what I see. See if the conversions were on the surface. On the surface – easily obtained. I mean transactions. They would have been received from each advertising campaign, not three pieces. In half of the cases, from the volume of clicks that we see. Do not lie on the surface.

Conversions for period

From March 1, three, there, one each. Not enough. Considering the amount of traffic that you generate to the site. That’s all I want to say. There will be questions – I will listen, of course. So far, approximately, such a chain, a picture.

Not the most positive analysis, as it seems, on my channel, in terms of perspective. There is room to dig. You can take your piece. It is necessary to work with everything in a complex.

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