TOP-11 cases on Performance Max Google Ads 2022

Cases on Performance Max Google Ads 2022 Cases

Hello. My name is Yana Lyashenko, Google Logistician. In today’s video, I wanted to share cases on Performance Max. As fresh as possible, literally the end of June, July 2022. Why did you decide to share these cases? First, the cases will be mostly positive. Not everyone likes to watch positive cases. Therefore, there will be unsuccessful cases. Guys, it will be very interesting if the experts are watching. I will explain why it fails. Then the toad presses or, conditionally, the impostor syndrome wakes up, wild anxiety that some one is not like that. I will try to comment on a couple of cases to briefly introduce the course. Plus, why do I want to shoot these cases? Already published Google marketing live 2022 on Youtube channel. I have already expressed my personal vision of how the performance should work, what to pay attention to. Time.

Second. Already published several videos on the performance. The cases are already previous ones, about which she spoke about what needs to be observed. I took the most complex projects, where there are quite a few nuances. Review the video. Already published a video with recommendations. In shorts, see what exactly, there are three important parameters for a good performance.

Next. Already, how to switch from smart shopping to performance. I hope that by the time the video is published, a full-fledged video will already be released, the editor will finish finishing, – “How to create Performance Max”. In it I will show everything on a live project. It has a lot of blur. The video is stretched in time and will be released after this video, as quickly as possible. To avoid the impression that I’m balabol, I’m telling from a flashlight on the Youtube channel that I saw what I’m telling on the Youtube channel, there is an opportunity to take Control + C, Control + V and the video will give awesome profitability indicators, guys.

Well? Let’s get started. I will show screenshots of the cases so that it is easier for the editor to blind and mount everything. Plus, it would be quite relevant, it would be interesting to see everything and a minimum of blur. In short, let’s get started?

Case #1. 3 products. Duplication of goods. Greater output of the Ukrainian product card

First screenshot. I won’t name a niche. Burn the client right away. Then, some comrades cheat non-targeted leads, as happened with the Google shopping marathon. Niche here just miss. In short, it can be seen on the graph. Start date June 29 – July 5, 2022 guys. Result. Below the second, third and fourth line – the usual. In short, the second, third – the usual tovarka. The fourth is smart. Well, the smart was launched in parallel. Then smart started at the same time. Smart can’t squeeze anything out of itself anymore. Since the performance started. You can see the result from the performance. I even counted. ROAS=2092%. Please, 51 thousand income. A little less than seven days. On the 29th, I think they stood at zero.

 ROAS 2092% for Performance Max campaign

What is the nuance in this case? There are three items in total. Only three. Of course, here are Ukrainian and Russian product cards. Still, we started with a Ukrainian product card. The Ukrainian product card gives more output. By the way, this is a nuance that was not observed on all projects before February 24.

Another nuance. To slightly increase the issue, I will publish a video why the quantity of goods is not particularly important. Only three items. They were dubbed. In a niche, dynamic remarketing will not start anyway. This scheme works. The merchant was dubbed inside. Improved titles, names, redid the description. In short, please, the result. Of course, everything was done according to the instructions published in “How to create Performance max”. It is important that the quality of the ads be at the highest possible level, guys. High quality, the section that is in the review on Performance max.

Case #2. Big online store. Home & Garden

Next case. I will show you a large online store. You see – one, two, three, four, five performances at once. Those guys who say – everything is needed in one performance – is nonsense.

 Payback for different advertising campaigns

By the way, I wonder why I took it in a case. There are two goals here. Ringostat – all calls. The static value was set. Let’s focus on it. Plus there are transactions from the third analytics. You can immediately see – conversions, how many and the result is approximate. For the first two companies, it seems that the profitability is low, but due to calls it is normal with a payback.

Third, fourth advertising campaigns. You can already see, taking into account calls, profitability: in the third – 2600 percent, in the fourth – 1200. And the third advertising campaign. Relatively so-so, “primhliva lady.” Five hundred seventy one percent. Of course, conversions need to be increased. You can already see that the status is “Limited by budget”. This skews the stats a bit. More precisely, statistics on conversions, ease of scaling. We can not increase the daily advertising budget. These things will still have to be cleaned up now. As I said before, this is a death sentence for an advertising campaign. The period, as you can see above, is June 30 – July 6. Absolutely fresh case.

Case #3. Decor Products

Next. Screenshot. Decor theme. Please June 30 – July 6. See, pretty nice ROI 1073, 2420, 3710. Not a lot of conversions. How would desire fit into the maximum possible profitability. The period is actually seven days. Work continues to scale. Since the decor theme, the products are not super urgent purchase now. We are currently scaling slowly but surely. So that all advertising pays off.

 Scaling an advertising campaign in decorative products

Case #4. Linen Theme

Next. For example, the theme of underwear. Not underwear. Rather, I’ll cut it off, the subject, I’ll slam it. In order not to fill in untargeted leads. Since it is possible to calculate from this whole story. Look, in short, profitability is not particularly high. The target value is greater than four. It can be seen that the second company does 382 percent. One big nuance. Here I show an intermediate step. Why an intermediate stage? What’s the problem? Difficult to scale in budgets. The client says, let’s go negative, more. Does not work. With smart, it was impossible to do more. We switched to performance. Work continues here.

 Campaign Maximum efficiency for an online lingerie store

In short, let’s segment this first company by price tag and additional structure. How to display the most cash positions, cash cows, in separate advertising campaigns. Perhaps we will focus on potential stars of goods that can potentially go to the cash cows section. In short, one of the elements in the future, in further optimization, will be dissegmentation inward. Deeper segmentation. On smarts, a different structure was also tested. The performance has a slightly different display mechanics. The same story will be tested, in short. Not a single advertising campaign for maxes, we feed, as one might say. Tax.

Case #5. Beauty Products

I show you the following case. The subject of beauty products. I immediately blurted out the price, for the conversion of the price, so that the checks were not calculated, respectively, they did not find a client. Well, plus, so I can explain. In short, the period took a little more. May 16 – July 6. See the ROI. Performances have been around for a long time. They switched to them earlier than in other projects. Smarts began to sigh. We began to breathe very significantly. The volume of traffic has decreased, respectively, dynamic remarketing lists have lost a lot of weight. Here, the hypothesis of zpc Performance max has already begun.

 Comparison between Performance Max and Smart Shopping

For a niche like beauty, I highly recommend revisiting the Google marketing live video. They use things that I focus on in trends. Important for the entire beauty niche, folks. Niche beauty, there is a visual, well, straight, very important. Plus combinations with video. The advertiser is very tired with the video. I think we will grow up with him, we will return the same momentum that we had before February 24.

Case #6. Product Landing

Next. Showing the case is not an online store, but a product landing page. Goal for leads. Please include the company name Leads. The first goal you choose when creating a performance, if anyone remembers sales, leads, traffic, websites and off we go.

Get Leads Through Performance Max

Leads. Please, for the last 14 days, 31 conversions at 94 hryvnias, the price per lead is very attractive. The task is still to download. Perhaps it will be possible to slightly reduce the cost per conversion. I don’t say what has been done. Let’s go to the product landing page. What is the nuance here? Previously, they downloaded KMSku very well, discovery. The video went well, search. Search is the lump that brings in the bulk of the leads. You need to get into this performance. The caveat is that this is not an online store. We do not fix special transactions. By the way, we fix the loading of the CRM system statuses, which was purchased later.

There are, let’s say, several conversion commits. Conventionally, the conversion is “left a request”. After that, the status is already loaded by the CRM system into Google Analytics, which is already purchased. Purchase, final order status. We can download the search for these purposes. With an understanding of the final output in conversions. Not just, for example, we delivered a lead and we look at the quality of the leads. Additionally, we can, directly, see how many leads from this have gone into real money. This is a fairly relevant story for projects like product landing pages or services.

You can get confused with this – it will be great, just the task of fixing, or rather, editing in the future of the advertising campaign, will be easier. Here, in short, performance max. So far, we are only relatively swinging it. Here is an attractive CPC.

Not a lot of conversions. From the search, of course, a little more. I think we’ll push it. Not active in conversion. By the way, the nuance is that performance is not a panacea. Doesn’t make a million turns, literally, in seconds, minutes. You need to jump up.

What does it mean to jump up? The task is to smoothly increase advertising budgets in order to increase in conversions and duplicate advertising campaigns in time with a test for different audiences. These signals are audiences. This is a signal and the audience is watching a video how to create a performance max. By the way, based on audience signals, I recommend watching a video on how to make audience managers, create custom segments. True, I’m telling you for KMS, but the mechanics are similar for performance. Review to understand which audiences can be tested.

Case #7. Home electronics

Next case. I think I’ll show you. Here I pulled out four screenshots from one project. See one day of work performance max. Why did you want to show one day? The day the screenshot was taken, of course. Plus, look, here are pmaxs that are obtained by converting from smartshopping to pmaxes. More or less they started to launch and got the first, I think, the first sales. It can be seen that the company is 200, 200 times 100. How much is it? 1000 profitability. It turned out not enough, of course, conversion. Only 27 hryvnia. By the way, this project is advertised abroad. The result obtained is not in the spaces of Ukraine.

 Case for advertising to foreign markets

The first two performances are aimed at sales. Here for sale. Sales target specified. As you can see, the result is 1238, 2135 percent profitability. While the advertising account is swinging. I would also like to show in it a comparison, in short, of the work of smartshopping and performance, in short. I will say that from the very beginning, ads were launched in the account for a completely different country. Also foreign. She didn’t go at all. Didn’t go at all. Only smarts at the end, when the client began to follow the recommendations on the site, this is what they began to ask the client on their knees to do, to do, in short, to make changes to the landing page. She was in a terrible state. Only at the end of the testing period for this country did smart begin to find these microconversions of adding to the cart, and these nuances. Smart, not an ordinary tovarka. The performance leaked, a little bit of money wasted, and it was very unattractive. There was a smell left, the sediment from the performance is not very positive.

In short, what do I want to show? Where is it? Let’s say, look, this is Performance max. In short, here are two screenshots. One is smart shopping and the other is performance. Smartshopping is at the top, but in performance you will see. The icon is different there. Such a schedule. Look, in short, smartshopping in the period from 20 to 26. It’s a completely different country. By the way, they worked in parallel, but, at the end, smart was already turned off, they gave all the benefits of performance. Run them in parallel. Please, spend on smart, conversion volume, ROI 521 percent.

Smart Shopping Conversion Cost

Performance Max conversion cost

Performance for the last seven days, when smarts were turned off, internal competition was already removed. By the way, about the moment when you conditionally try to advertise the same goods. The same goods under different IDs, under different GTINs, in fact, the same heading. Trying to advertise them in parallel. The result will not be very good. Take away. Leave what works. Smart removed. Leave the performance. Works great now. Two thousand one hundred percent. It seems to be quite a beautiful story as a result. What else did you want?

By the way, look, the project has the biggest difficulty with adequate GTINs and MPNs. The products started getting traffic. At first I went very slowly to the shows. The clicks are weird. The traffic is incomprehensible. Until we started to figure out what the problem was. It turned out, the client at the start. Look, in short, the titles are excellent for headings. Better not wish. On cases from this heading with smart. Now I’ll tell you separately. In short, there are many groups of goods that are launched in the project, which are advertised abroad. In it… Now I will show the general result. showed the overall result. Yes? For the fourth number. across different product categories. What is the nuance? We couldn’t understand why it doesn’t show well or the CTR is rather low. Couldn’t get there. What they just didn’t do. The titles were excellent on the headings. The most beautiful.

In short, I finished it. We found out that the GTINs that the client put down are not suitable for these headings. In short, they asked the client to change them. The client changed, but again put the wrong ones. Look, I will not delve into the moments where, why I took the wrong ones. Lots of different nuances. Vendors don’t give the right GTINs. In short, they were parsed off the Internet. Found by hand, to understand, a lot of manual labor. There is no parser for these GTINs.

We found them manually and added them. Finally things got going. An immediate increase in clicks. Immediately the increase in traffic and profitability, by the way, went very, very well. I think, I am sinning, that, perhaps, in that country, the first one we entered, the reason was the same. The landing there was really terrible. Until the client started to redo it. Landing – base. Without a normal, more or less adequate landing. Well, a bad landing page, to be understood, does not mean that something is not completed in terms of conversion. Let’s just say that the text has gone, the pictures are somehow inadequate, let’s say it occupies, the main conversions come from a mobile device. One picture, cropped somehow. The entire space takes up several screens.

Then the official from this product is advertised. Official, I mean, a store that produces goods, an official dealer. We are now eating up these conversions at the official dealer. The official is fine with the pictures. All OK. Work has been done. Again it is said what to fix, painted with screenshots, examples of how to do everything are given. In short, the client fulfilled some of these recommendations only. Everything is great. Immediately this country began to convert. But, the customer said let’s cancel. Let’s go to a proven market.

So far. In comparison, where I show a screenshot of smartshopping in comparison with performance for one group of goods. Let me tell you what we did. There were short titles here. GTINs were handpicked again. The client put absolutely not that. Plus, there were duplicate GTINs for several product items, which is natural, the system cannot actively skip impressions.

Only one of these products can be shown. Manually found GTINs. Affixed. Titles are manually optimized. They made a normal full-fledged title out of two words, which began to convert. By the way, the titles in the performance started to give a good result due to the changes made. Why the changes made? As I already said, Google starts to take more actively in targeting everything that you make after seven days after making any global changes to the feed. This must be taken into account. Once a week you can see, approximately, the final result.

Case #8. Home decor. US market (Bad case)

Next. I’ll show you a bad performance case. Let’s start with the light version. No, not from the light version. Look, the worst performance case. Sales market – USA. Just hug and cry guys. 9600 in total spent. Tested with different structures. I’m just showing the performance. Smarts, ordinary tovarka with different structure, type, inserts. I say that performance is not a panacea. What is planned to be done? Remodeled and completed.


In short, we started with some titles. Now completely different titles, so that they understand, the titles have been radically altered. By the way, this is a nuance when you noticed that at first they fought on cheap traffic. They fought with state employees for a lead. No matter how paradoxical, but, state employees could not continue to fight with us. As you can see, the cost per click bites.

By the way, in the Google project, the price was displayed inadequately in the reach planner. In reality, the cost per click turned out to be much more expensive. In a regular tovarka it turns out much cheaper. Performances do not want, with a sufficiently high profitability of 4.5 thousand percent, to give a rate below the values that you see. At first, we had to completely redo the titles in order to leave the segment where we are fighting only with state employees. A plus. second. State employees sold some goods, and people are looking for a completely different plan. Even more affordable than what we offer. In short, the titles were redone. once. second. Now, practically, the statistics of the auction has changed significantly. Competitors have changed a lot in the auction. Now they tried to abandon all budget goods. Switched to more expensive items. We will advertise, see if it will be possible to pull sales from the performance at this price per click.

In markets like USA, Canada, UK – automation works better. It’s pretty hard to sell from an ordinary tovarka. I don’t know why, most specialists, for example in the UK, pray for this ordinary commodity. Let’s say the previous case that we looked at, from the usual goods, there is only a little bit of sales. The performance immediately began to beat normally.

Case #9. home decor. Market Ukraine (Bad case)

Let’s look at a bad case. Please, another bad case. Relatively bad case. Here the client agrees. While we’re rolling. This is the Ukrainian market. The niche is the same. Please, there are conversions. price. The client is ready to go to the buildup. Profitability, as you can see, is not very good.

 Home decor conversions

Depends on the product and the demand for the product. More from the price tag and some additional nuances. These products are more emotional decision to purchase. Moreover, that landing licked well enough and acceptable to what is on the market. These are strong landings. There is something that we do not catch from the market. As I said, there is the first law of Google logistics, if everything is good in terms of demand, in terms of supply, then no matter how badly the advertising campaign is set up, sales will be rowed with a shovel.

It’s not a problem that the performance doesn’t convert – very strange. I focus on this. There are niches, projects where everything is complicated. Of course, I understand that my team is designed to solve such complex projects. Sometimes psychologically it is very difficult to pull it out.

Case #10. Smart shopping

Next. One more case. This is smartshopping. I think, look, I don’t remember why I took this case. Only smarts work here. They will switch over, completely transfer everything gradually to performances. The site did not work very well in the search. As far as I understand, maybe he worked in search. They want to move carefully. You see, profitability from smartshopping.

 Profitability for Smart Shopping campaign

Case #11. Smart shopping, transition to Performance max

We look at the following. Please compare. By the way, another project comparing smart shopping and performance. Smartshopping was taken for 20 – 26. And on July 1 – 7, literally the work of Performance Max. Smart phones will be completely cut down now.

Case study for switching from Smart Shopping to Google Performance Max

Conversion Value

The goods are the same. It makes no sense. The same, conditionally, the same heading. Thermos there, thermos there. There is no point in advertising. The result will be. See. It depends on what is considered a bad result. You see here, for example, from 20 to 26 smartshopping. The first gave 7600 percent. The second is almost 5000. Second. The third and fourth – 2300-2200 profitability. Last 838. Many people only dream of this. Performance max began to give 8840, 8400, 2600. Multiply 217 already. how? 21 thousand percent profitability. Please. Please do not create additional hemorrhoids when you duplicate, you create a shitty cloud of goods. There was a client who made hundreds of products, made I don’t know how many thousands of products and can’t handle it.

It’s not the quantity of products that makes the magic, but the right analysis, the right setup and the right tracking of results along with further edits. Which will give roughly the same results. Not the volume of goods. Not 500 products, not thousands of products, not a hundred thousand products, directly in the ad account.

Recommendations for Successful Performance Max

In short, I won’t drag out any more videos. Some of the cases that I showed for performance. Naturally, these complex cases that were in my first performance case, where I spoke, I will still look closely. We need to look at the performance. There are projects where performances do not want to go below a certain cost per click and are not particularly profitable, or there is some problem with the product in the context of the three components of the law of Google Logistics.

In short, there are nuances. As with a friend, where she talked for a long time about GTINs, MPNs. One market, well, does not enter. You need to hard edit this landing page. It needs to be redone, adding those elements that other advertisers use. By the way, this project is quite colorful, in the context of the fact that it doesn’t matter if the official on the market is not official. Amazon, E-bay in the market can also receive block sales, directly in the market. Also okay. You can’t squeeze sales like Walmart or, relatively speaking, like Amazon. The budget, respectively, is not like that of Amazon and Walmart.

 Performance Max compared to regular product campaign

One of the basic recommendations. Here, most of the customers sat on automatic payments. Please, replenish the card from which the system withdraws automatic payment in time. To be on the card on time, there was a reserve. And then, the guys began to swing, swing. The money is over, he can’t withdraw from the card, until he replenished, until then and there – a lot of time passes.

That’s all I wanted to show. In short, guys, watch the video “How to create a performance.” We repeat. We get happiness directly. Of course, you need to follow this. One setting won’t do wonders. On many projects, I had to work very hard and actively in order to… There is a lot of manual work in projects to collect simple data, optimize the feed. By the way, without feed optimization, any performance will always work poorly. An important nuance. Everything goes together here.

It was helpful – looking forward to like. In the comments if you have any questions. See you in new releases.

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