How do I complete Advertiser Verification for an individual in Google Ads?

«Подтверждение рекламодателя» для физического лица Contextual advertising

Hello everyone. My name is Yana Lyashenko. I’m a Google logistician. In today’s video, we’ll help you understand why you can’t pass Advertiser Identity Verification for Google Ads for Individuals. That is, I have a separate video for legal entities. Available separately for individual entrepreneurs and for individuals.

Who is an individual without registration as a sole proprietor?

What is an individual? This is not FLP. This is a subject that does not conduct economic activities. And here you are entered in the payment profile as follows as an individual. Individual. That’s it.

Indicating the account type

What will be relevant to you? First, it is desirable that the country of the billing address matches what you have in your documents. Well, if you are a citizen of Ukraine, then you understand that this should be Ukraine. Following. You must specify the account type “Individual”.

How do I request a change to my organization’s name?

I know that some people mistakenly indicated, for example, “Organization” and indicated “VAT Payer”. Guys, you need to rework your payment profile into an individual. How it’s done? In your account or the following button is available: “Submit a request to change the name of the organization.” Or you click Help. Search for “Contact Us” and submit a request. Or you find this link… Now I’ll give you the link. Here is the “Organization Name Change Request.” Click, press, say “I want to replace.” They send the form. You fill out all the items that you need to change. Even if it’s just one letter or a tick. Enter all this like this.

Indicating an individual identification number

INN. If you submit it, and most likely you will submit it in the documents, then it is better to indicate it right away. It will be faster this way.

How to fill out your first and last name correctly?

Next, first name, last name. Here it is important whether the name is not suitable or just a surname without a name. The name, for example, in English or Russian is not suitable. It is necessary as it is written in your passport. Doesn’t fit, for example, with grammatical errors or something else. Empty. Name of your organization or similar type.

If you are an individual, an individual in tax status, you submit for verification. Please, here it is necessary that your first and last name sound like it is written in your passport.

Specifying address data

Address, city, region as you have in the documents that you will submit. Those who are displaced there, have changed their place of residence and so on, remember that for you in this block of various documents there is also this block – a residence permit. Your changed permanent residence permit, documents confirming the change of registration, etc. You must also indicate them. That is, it’s all you, so that it simply coincides with the documents that you will submit. This is very important, important. Don’t forget about this.

Important information for Kiev residents when specifying the address

Information is also important for Kiev residents. If you write the city of Kyiv, then do not select Kyiv region in the region. Also choose Kyiv. Because Kyiv and the Kiev region are two separate regions. Well, the postal code must match.

Indicating a telephone number

And one more important nuance. The number or telephone number must be specified realistically. Not a mother-in-law, not a grandmother, not a godfather, not a son-in-law, not a child. Yours, so that we can call and contact you.

Since here, if you look at the confirmation, here on your own behalf, for example, an individual, you need to provide your phone number to confirm your identity. “If we don’t find a match after five attempts, we may ask for identification documents.” Well, that is, they can either call you on the phone or Google your phone number, conditionally. Usually they can call you on the phone and ask for you.

Submitting a request to verify payment information

That is, if all your data matches. If they do not match, we submit a request. Here is a name change request. All links will be below. If everything matches, your task is to open your account under the email under which you created your payment profile. This is not an email under which you give “Security in Administrator Mode” access. This is the email under which you create this payment profile. It may be different from this. Submit a request for verification. Attach documents. All. Then just wait for the information they give you.

Possibility of receiving a request for confirmation of commercial activity

The only caveat is that you may be asked to provide documents confirming your commercial activity. She can most often fly to individuals. Why does confirmation of commercial activity arrive? There are nuances either in the fact that your domain name or the tail that follows it, because there is a situation when sites are recreated, a lot of sites are being created. Maybe there is some story behind you somewhere and it is identified as the same site in different advertising accounts.

Or, for example, there are nuances to the brand that you will sell. Well, what are these nuances? They want to make sure that you are basically running a business. And that you don’t buy it somewhere on the black market. Usually they may request documents from the reseller. Who sold them to you, the ownership rights to the site, that this is really your site. They may request, for example, correspondence with suppliers, for example. Some documents, invoices, etc. Therefore, you will have to submit them.

Will Google somehow be criticized for the fact that you are an individual there, but here you submit business documents? I don’t know, to be honest. Because I practically never had such situations. There was one request from a person who matched such combinations, and still had to submit this set of documents. Although there was an individual there.

Therefore, you need to enter the data in such a way that it is convenient, respectively. It’s convenient to present and confirm this whole story. So that it goes much easier than it could, for example, in these situations when you made a mistake somewhere.

Set of documents to confirm an individual

So, again. You have a set of documents for an individual. Just for an individual, you give the maximum that you have. Now, if there is a set of these pages. Wonderful. International passport? Let’s go abroad. Identification? Get everyone there at once, and sign your files so that you don’t get rejected or that some documents don’t match. You are sure that you submitted the documents, but some file, for example, got lost. There is no idea or everything is automated there, for example, information is displayed to them, they check it. Or they just take your documents and check them with your payment profile.

I did not sit in the moderation department. But using the example of the tax office, where I worked a little, I will say that very often some documents, letters, files, etc. are lost. Simply because a person is absent-minded, it fell to him to compare this and other things. Considering Google’s attitude towards those who pay it money, I would not be surprised if this is really how it is done. Therefore, the more meaningfully you approach this, from the point of view, as such a mother accountant, everything is clear, everything was, everything coincides, the fewer problems you, in principle, will have in the future in order to confirm your some kind of identity . Google.


That’s it. In principle, according to your points and nuances, I have everything. Was it helpful? I expect a like from you. If the question remains, Welcome to the comments block. Or I always leave my Telegram link in the video description. You can always write to me.

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