How to complete “Advertiser Confirmation” for individual entrepreneurs in Google Ads?

«Подтверждение рекламодателя» для ФЛП Contextual advertising

Hello. My name is Yana Lyashenko. I’m a Google logistician. And this is a continuation of a series of videos about confirming the identity of the advertiser. But now let’s talk about sole proprietorship.

Why does Google confirm the advertiser’s identity?

Yes, dear friends. Why do you receive confirmation of the advertiser’s identity? Why did it arrive so quickly from the moment I created my account? Soon? This is not a question for me. This is a question for Google, guys.

Why does he send proof of identity? He wants to understand who is sitting on this side of the screen and who presses the “Pay for advertising” button and pulls out money from there, so to speak. Why is he collecting in the end in order to find someone who is VAT or messing with something, some nuances, or to remove some gray advertisers, or scammers, etc.

We won’t go deeper into this. Because everyone will find their own reason and perhaps we will not be right in the end. Maybe he collects this data for himself and then will somehow use it. Anyway, this is a monopolist collecting data about you and, accordingly, you don’t have much choice, you need to adapt to it.

So, if you have received confirmation of the advertiser’s identity, you have already screwed up, you have been blocked, they cannot check you, you cannot enter something there, you are constantly being refused, you have been fooling around with something there for more than 30 days. Nothing works out for you. Let’s figure out where you make typical mistakes. If we expand this certificate. Here, in principle, we have a better description of the mechanics of confirming advertisers for legal entities. But the story with all of this is very similar. Now I will show you.

Where to start confirming the identity of the advertiser?

So let’s start with where? The first thing you should start with is to take your… If you want to enter yourself as a sole proprietor there. How can a sole proprietor carry out all this according to accounting or simply as a sole proprietor. I don’t know why you will do this, according to your goal. You need to open your statutory documents that you have. You have them anyway. And open your payment profile. That’s why I showed the whole story.

Indicating the country of the payment address

But first, let’s start with. First, the country of your payment address must match the registration documents. That is, it should be Ukraine. Because you are registered as an entrepreneur in Ukraine.

Indicating the account type

Second, this is mandatory. Account type – must be specified as “Individual”. Account type. There are only two fields “Individual” and “Organization”. Because one of the typical mistakes why individual entrepreneurs cannot pass, although everything is clearly indicated here, is that “Organization” is indicated in them. Organization is for legal entities. You, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, you are fundamentally different business entities. Therefore, you select “Individual”.

Indication of tax status

Next, your tax status must be “Sole Entrepreneur”. Not an “individual”. An individual is, conventionally, some Vasya Pupkin from the street or Yana Lyashenko there, walking there, walking, you were caught by the hand. It does not conduct business activities.

It’s so ugly to imagine yourself. Well, let’s say Vasya Pupkina, take him off the street, Masha Mashochkina, let’s say, doesn’t conduct any economic activity, she’s not registered in any way. This is the second type of mistake you make. If you are not a private entrepreneur, but an individual, then you need to submit a request to change payment settings.

How to request payment settings?

For this there is a direct separate block, forms. This is either in the advertising account itself, or follow this link “Request to change organization,” or you can write to them through support. Here you click on the help, look for “Contact” with them and write “I want to change the payment settings from this to that.”

They send the form. You fill it out. Accordingly, everything is edited on their part and you then submit your documents. Remember. Not an organization, an individual – a private entrepreneur.

Indicating an individual identification number

Well, here you indicate your IIN, your real IIN. Because sometimes they write in everything or anything. Indicate what you really have.

Reflection of information about the status of a VAT payer

VAT payer. Are you a VAT payer or not? If you suddenly indicated that you are a VAT payer, but in fact you are not a VAT payer, we again submit a request to change all registration data. Changing your payment profile is mandatory. Required.

Indicating a telephone number

The phone number must match your registration information. The only caveat… I don’t know, maybe someone is entering some wrong numbers there, but tell me the phone number where you can call. Because they can call you and basically ask: “But are you a real character or are you an unreal character?” Well, that is, conditionally, it is desirable that it all coincides with real data.

How do you indicate your first name, last name and address?

Next is the first and last name. If you are a sole proprietor, then you write your name in accordance with the registration certificate. As you write there as a sole proprietor, that’s how it is. There, without quotes or something else. Indicate as indicated on your certificate of registration. This is mandatory.

Address as indicated on the registration certificate. City, remember that Kyiv is not the Kiev region. This is Kyiv. This is a separate region. Here you go, Kyiv. Kyiv. Kyiv. Even if it happens again. Postal code and telephone number are required. Please provide real data.

That is, you check all this at home, if here, for example, in the title it was indicated, for example, there, Alexander was once there, and you are Alexander Nikolaevich on your passport or, for example, Alexander Pupkin, then it is necessary, accordingly, to indicate and last name, first name in accordance with passport or registration documents. This is very important.

That is, simply Alexander will not be enough, even if Alexander were written here, the Russian language too. Everything must match. No good. Everything must correspond to the documents that you will provide right down to the last letter. If you wrote yourself there to Ksyushka. And you are Oksana Olegovna or Ksenia, then accordingly, everything here should be renamed the same. Not Vanka, not a stand-up, not the Google type or anything like that. If you have this written, again submit a request to change the organization, make the changes.

After that, submit the documents again. This is super-duper important. Alexander just doesn’t fit either. The first and last name is also written here. Alexander Pupkin is there. Pukin. Pupkin. Pukin. Pukin. Let it be in Ukrainian.

Everything must be as it is in accordance with the documents. Here, if you are a sole proprietor, then we indicate that. Individual entrepreneur there Alexander Pukin, tra-ta-ta. As your registration documents say. That’s how you start it. Don’t invent something there, but just start it.

What documents will need to be submitted?

What do you need to submit besides this? Look, if we just take legal entities, what do they ask for, a certificate, a constituent act, a VAT payer certificate. You definitely need to provide a certificate of state registration. You don’t have a charter, an act. And at least this data set. You see: submit your passport, TIN. Because you already enter the TIN. Please attach your driver’s license if you have one. Permanent residence permit. Residence permit. Here you go.

Which pages from the passport to take? At the very least, here is a breakdown of which cases to take. But I would do anything. If you have reached 45 years old there, knock down all the pages so that they have everything.

Because I’m not surprised that they don’t take military IDs at all and don’t take a general detailed blood test. I don’t know why, but most likely this is a large set of documents related to the fact that someone somewhere has become involved in some kind of history with accounts. For all subsequent ones, more stringent nuances are simply introduced for confirmation. Yes, we recorded it.

Submitting a request with completed data and scanned documents

What do we do next? Be sure to submit your request from an email address that has admin access to your payment profile. Non-administrator access simply to the account that you give in “Security Access”. And this is the email under which you create this payment profile. It is very important. This is one of the most fundamental nuances and moments. Otherwise, you won’t be able to do anything, basically. You attach the registration documents.

Advice on what names to give files with scanned documents

I have already said that it is better to sign your documents if you split them into different files. For example, this is a certificate of registration of a sole proprietor and an account number, for example an advertising account. Or, for example, that this is a passport there, yes, yes, yes, to such and such an account. The last name there is an individual entrepreneur or who you will be there, according to the documents that you will present.

You can put them directly into one file. But whoever is comfortable, for example. Why do I recommend signing? There is less chance that something will get lost somewhere, it will be rubbed accidentally. Because usually everyone submits “scan014544”. And this is not correct enough, in principle. Could be an easily lost file. They will tell you that your data does not match. And you will sit there and think, what doesn’t match, when everything already matches with me. Remember, these are like tax authorities. These are the guys who are not playing on your side.

Tax, the name of the organization, well, that is, the name of your individual entrepreneur, the country coincides with the registration documents. That is, if you are registered somewhere as a sole proprietor. I don’t know in another country, so you in Ukraine, most likely, will not be able to confirm the data. You don’t need DUNS. Submit the document and wait for feedback.

Business verification by Google

The only nuance that may come up for you is checking commercial activities. There are such nuances here. They need to be considered separately. This is where you most likely need to submit your contracts with suppliers. Possibly submit some certificates, documents indicating that you have the right to sell these products or that you have ownership rights to the site. And something like that.

But this needs to be considered individually, because it usually comes up in situations where the site is already featured in several advertising accounts and there is some kind of complaint about the product range. Perhaps there are some scammers somewhere, or there are some nuances about trademarks, or something like that. Or you, as a specialist, clip these accounts, and such a story may also come to the client.

Time for processing data and filing a complaint for exceeding deadlines

Tax, according to private entrepreneurs. What else? I said this for lawyers, one of the nuances that may be is the speed of feedback from them. The custom here is written, it occurs within 5-7 business days. Working days, not just days. So if this stretches out for you over a very long period of time, I have a separate link, what do you need to do? This is to open it and file a complaint about the speed of service. That is, for customer service. But don’t write in the context: “Hey, when will my answer be there?” or “well, we can wait for the juice” or something like that. No. Write structuredly, competently and consistently:

“That is, I am in mourning for the speed of service, because I submitted the documents to such and such. Your certificate (screenshot) says that feedback will be provided within 5-7 business days. Today, for example, is the 15th or 20th day there. I don’t know my real status, what is going on or not. I am now losing profit at this moment. Both you and I are losing profits. Your company is losing because it doesn’t make money from me. Accordingly, I am also idle. I consider this sabotage. Please give me feedback as soon as possible.”

That is, you see, it’s a little different than “Guys, when will the answer be there, because you’re already all standing here.” On the one hand, you can understand them because they have a lot of tickets. Just so you understand, this corporation is a vast Google.

Do you know how often businesses are riveted by everyone, why don’t you have an automated business? Why do you have something manual and something not automated? And that this type of management accounting is not automated and hiring of employees, etc. And the large Google Corporation with billions of dollars in turnover, guys, just a minute, they earn 100 yards of money a year just from Google advertising. No business brings them so many dragonflies. And you see how good investors are.

They have the only issue that they decided to close, all these issues with checks – this is hiring simple labor on an hourly basis. Guys, that Merchant centers, that your eyes are hourly, this is stupid primitive work. People there are not valued. Don’t think Google is a dream. This is a dream for some programmers, developers abroad, VR or AI.

And for such ordinary guys, this is hard labor, with time tracking and something like that. There’s a lot of work, but they pay like that. The Ukrainian symbol is like this. There’s a lot of demand too. And you also demand from them. You don’t know them. They don’t know you and that’s why conflicts arise. They have a lot of tickets. Some of them approach their work responsibly, others irresponsibly.

But by writing such mourning, you will stimulate them a little. And do not hesitate to write mourning if they are specific. They got angry by draining money to Google or something else, they earn a lot of money so that they can return it to you, recalculate it or invest it in response to your request. Moreover, it is not because of you that this whole check is stuck, but on their part. Therefore, if you write these requests in a structured and reasoned manner, you will get an answer very quickly.

Well, I hope so, if everyone starts writing, then of course it may also be delayed. But I hardly think that there will be a situation where no replies are sent for two or three months.


This is basically all you need to pass moderation without a hitch. First, check if the data matches your registration documents. Is the country converging? It fits. Did you indicate an individual or organization? We need an individual. I’ll open my profile now. Individual. Definitely a private entrepreneur. TIN is required. VAT payer: yes/no. Phone number. Individual entrepreneur.

Accordingly, the name is all in accordance with the statutory documents. Because sometimes, for example, you are an individual entrepreneur, and for example they write there, I don’t know, “Elite House”, “Epil House” or something like that, even in Latin. Even for OOOok there are no such names. Even Google writes “Google Ukraine LLC” in its registration documents. Therefore, according to the registration documents, you must also register everything. The address must match, city, region, postal code.

Don’t forget about this set of documents. The more you give at once, the more daughters you will have. You name the files correctly. Try it. Give in. Most likely, you won’t have any problems if you do everything correctly. They passed the test once or twice. You will also be surprised that someone out there will ever have problems when everything is elementary and simple.

Tax. Phew. If you have any questions, welcome to comments. Or I’ll leave the contacts to myself. You can always write to me. Just write to Telegram. I will respond there more quickly than on Instagram.

That’s it, see you in new releases!

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