15 ways to drive traffic to your website

15 ways to drive traffic to your website Traffic

To successfully develop an online business, you need not only to make a good website, but also to attract visitors to it, who can become customers of the company. Let’s take a closer look at the main methods of finding and attracting the target audience to the resource pages.

1. Breadth of the semantic core

Most users learn about the project from search engines, and it is difficult to break into the TOP for high-frequency queries at the initial stage. The volume of low-frequency queries is inexhaustible, with their help you can bypass competitors, attract exactly those who really want to buy the product.

2. Omnipresent advertising

There are many ways to advertise a site on the World Wide Web: contextual and banner advertising, placing links on third-party resources, placing audio / video clips, viral marketing, etc. You should not use everything at once, it is better to choose 2-3 options that are suitable in a particular case and concentrate on their effectiveness.

3. Social Media SMM

Having a company community with active users will certainly increase brand awareness. It is important not only to create a page, but also to constantly give rise to an active discussion of company news. Social networks allow you to find potential customers who are suitable for targeting and other parameters.

4. Communication on other people’s resources

Join discussions on sites/forums on similar or more general topics, leaving a link to your project if necessary. In this method, the main thing is not to overdo it with self-promotion, so as not to get a reputation as a spammer. Leave comments on the case, be an active user, otherwise you will be banned.

5. Manual registration in search engines

You can wait a long time for a search robot out of hundreds of millions to find exactly your site. It is much more efficient to register a resource in the main search engines and draw their attention to your project.

6. Paid directories

Registration in the directories of search giants (Yandex.Catalog, DMOZ, and others), as well as on authoritative moderated resources, will make the site more popular and visited. Free directories are like a jumble of links and are unlikely to help in promotion.

7. Content, usability, design

For the profitability of a business, it is important not only to attract a user, but also to make him stay on the site, buy the offered product. Place relevant and interesting information on the pages, do not abuse keywords. Working on the resource should be intuitive, and the design should not be too bright, and advertising should be secondary (the abundance of pop-ups scares people away, forcing them to close the tab).

8. Some more content

There is a sea of information on the net, in order to attract attention, you need to be original. In the social networks and on the website, use provocative and enticing statuses/headlines. Also mention the opinions of well-known experts in your industry who are authoritative among the target audience.


Give the user the ability to get product information without registering, as well as leave comments under posts with minimal data entry, or through social media accounts. The latter will become additional advertising, because each replica of the visitor will be shown on his page.

10. Share buttons

Placing sharing buttons for most well-known services and social networks will not take a webmaster much time. But the effect of this action can be brighter than many other types of advertising on the Internet. After all, a person is more likely to buy a product recommended by a friend than one offered by a soulless search engine.

11. Newsletter

So that a person does not forget about the site, invite him to subscribe to RSS and mailing list. The latter needs to be carefully thought out so that it is not boring and looks like spam. Offer discounts and other amenities, and then the visitor is guaranteed to return.

12. Free services and courses

A brand will be remembered by many if it offers something free and useful at the same time. Create a high-quality free service (decompressing rare formats, spell checking, whatever) so that everyone can use it. A good course of study would also be appropriate in this perspective.

13. Contests, prizes, bonuses

Nothing attracts people as much as the opportunity to get something for free. Additional traffic can be obtained by creating thematic contests and distributing bonuses. The desire to get a third thing cheap can be so great that a person is ready to buy the first two, even if he did not plan such expenses.

14. Entertainment element

If you’re working in a serious or boring direction, be sure to post something entertaining to lighten the mood. In principle, an insignificant amusement factor is relevant for all industries. Tests, demotivators, memes corresponding to the theme of the site will cheer up the audience.

15. Black ways

All of the above techniques take some time to build brand awareness. There are also black ways that violate the rules of search engines, but allow you to quickly break into the TOP. Among them are spam, replacement of pages in the issue, doorways, scripts that show the search engine something completely different from what robots see, and much more. The fall of the project using such technologies will be as fast as its rise. And the eternal ban from the search giants will exclude the possibility of re-promotion of the site.

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