Case: we promote Elf Bars through Google Performance Max

We promote Elf Bars through Google Performance Max Cases

Hello everyone. My name is Yana Lyashenko and I am a Google Logistician. I am engaged in the delivery of the target audience of the business with the necessary parameters. And in today’s video, I want to share with you the specifics of sales of prohibited goods such as elf bars through Google shopping. I do not know how long this functionality will be available, in principle, advertising these products on the Internet. I will tell you how this moderation conditionally goes, what needs to be done for this and, in principle, plus or minus what result can, for example, be pulled out of the account. Conditionally, if it runs there for a while.

Ad campaign preview

On the screen you see two advertising campaigns for elf bars, expensive and cheap. Profitability, respectively, you see: 548 for expensive and 337 for cheap. This is for you to ask whether it is profitable to sell super cheap, some budget options for goods, because you think that they will be sold super cool.

The nuances of advertising elf bars

The nuance in this store is also that since the merchant itself we unbanned before. therefore, we have removed any information about the prepayment. All elf bars were sent by subscription. Someone there ordered more, someone less, respectively. This is the period that I show you July 22 – August 7. There was generally a period of advertising, but for me this Google Ads was highlighted in the period. Therefore, I think I will no longer translate to another.

Yes, look. Why are elf bars pretty hard to sell on Google Shopping? The first important nuance is that officially this is a forbidden story on sale. Because this topic is related to smoking. All means, everything related to smoking, it is officially prohibited in advertising in Google shopping.

Passing through moderation. Editing descriptions, attributes

What can I do to pass moderation? I wrote about this in my chat in the telegram channel “Google Logistics”. But I will repeat again. In order to make it easier for you to pass moderation, you must be prepared for the fact that you need to edit positions. And second, most likely convert those positions on your site. Now I will tell.

The first thing you should do is to remove any mention of smoking, cigarettes, vaping and this other story from descriptions, titles, from any other attributes. That is, so that there is not even the slightest hint.

Passing through moderation. Image Requirements

In the pictures, you can leave the products that you want to sell. For pictures… Well, so far, I haven’t watched Google ban for pictures. Most likely, maybe there in six months, they will introduce such a story. But no, I did not follow the picture. That’s why you leave pictures. Google understands perfectly well what kind of product it is.

Benefits of using max performance

And if you’re using performance maxa with a normal product, it’s going to be very difficult to advertise it. Because it will be quite difficult for the system to understand what kind of goods they are, to whom to show them. Therefore, it is better with performance. Because it uses audience targeting.

If a person understands what kind of audience is directed to these products, he will find him without taking into account the fact that you do not have the necessary information in titles, descriptions or other attributes.

Need to check the correct product category

I can tell you that another thing you will need to do is to keep track of the Google product category that Google assigns to you directly in the Merchant Center. Because he, if you do not assign this Google product category, but you need to find it some neutral, conditionally related to this story, but more neutral.

That is, there is no need, for example, to conditionally put bed linen, but something closer to this niche, to this product conditionally. Because if he put his own, and he can automatically determine the means for smoking, and you will not be able to advertise accordingly. This is the second nuance that you should consider.

Permanent bans for certain products during moderation. Exit Methods

Third. Some of the goods will be permanently banned. And this is the reality that you have to face. What needs to be done for this? In order not to fool yourself in the merchant center. Because re-creation, re-uploading products with different IDs in the merchant center helps in part.

The simplest option is if your headings are blocked in the Merchant Center, then you recreate them on the site or change the heading id on the site. It’s just that there are some platforms in which you can change the id-shnik, and some platforms of sites in which this id-shnik does not change. Therefore, it is easier for some to simply re-produce these goods. That is, Ctrl+C Ctrl+V and they are unloaded with a new heading. This is the third nuance.

Need for moderation on neutral products

The fourth nuance. If you’re starting from scratch, you’ll need to have your site moderated on completely neutral product lines. I don’t know, some kitchen sponges or something like that.

For what? Because it’s the last quarter. I’m filming a period… What is it? November is here. November 30, 2022. Google rather actively moderates all sites in the Merchant Center. Therefore, it is desirable that at the time of the priority moderation you do not even have your vapes, vapors and other hidden ones. It’s better that your website is completely filled with, conditionally, there, I don’t know, a dozen commodity items that are not related to these goods at all.

And after that, if you go through moderation after 7, there are 14 days after, in principle, the ad was launched there, conditionally. Well, come up with some product. You can pour your own elf bars there, go through moderation. They are usually not so hard already subject to verification. But they can also put a “misrepresentation” status. Then you need to go through the same iteration again.

If everything is fine with you, you immediately entered the elf bars – your task is only to re-create commodity items in order for them to be activated. They may not be activated in dynamic remarketing for free ads, but for paid ads they are quite actively advertised accordingly.

Clarification when sending by prepayment

There is one more nuance. If you have a very important task to fundamentally write to people that you are sending commodity items only on prepayment, then you can try adding pictures on some commodity items, which will show that you are sending such categories of goods only on prepayment. Because in this case, this was voiced to customers over the phone.

Campaign Results Overview

Yes, what result can be squeezed out? I will not say that you will see a very cool result here. Most likely, someone can show much better results. But given the constant deviations and the fact that the FID is essentially naked, we remove some conditionally important guidelines for the system to whom to show it, so this is a plus or minus pretty good result. There are 137 transactions for this period, from July 22 to August 7. That’s not long enough if you count the days. 96,000 UAH, profitability 548.

It is very important to take into account that some of these called orders, perhaps, someone ordered more, someone less, someone refused, having heard after prepayment. But there are more failures when a client built a table of leads for us, when we equalized, which in fact went in, didn’t go in, because there is an overlay, for example, well, it’s not a fact that the money will come in at all. So in our team, in general, we still ask the client to reduce the table of conditionally leads or orders. This is done even for those clients who accept an order only through a conversion, because we never know if the payment went through, if there was a refusal, or if we just had a conversion. It all comes down to the client all the time.

Comparison of advertising campaigns of cheap and expensive goods

So, I can tell you that the cheapest one in the elf bars was just this advertising campaign that was suspended earlier because it had a lot of rejections. Especially when paying replenishment by subscription. Well, profitability in general here would seem to be a budget product, but it was quite difficult to fish out at least some more or less sensible profitability. Trades went pretty well. There were still periods, I will not click, show you. There were periods of better profitability, there were periods slightly worse in terms of profitability. But these are the main nuances of the fact that you have to mess with it, with these elf bars. Because there are many advertisers who are now trying to keep selling it. Therefore, a good landing page in this case, when in the feed we cannot indicate the main components that can identify our product as prohibited.

Therefore, look, if you want to sell something cheap, then set the minimum amount from which it will be profitable. Because there are fewer refusals from orders for more expensive ones. As you can see, the profitability of expensive ones is much higher, not just because they are more expensive.

Well, also in this regard, but also fundamentally because the audience that will order more expensive is more solvent. In this niche, this is a very relevant story. If in other niches you can look at it, look from the other side, then here is such a fact.

Call tracking

Therefore, there were approximately such numbers, for example, in this advertising account. There were still incoming calls, but Call tracking was not fully recorded. Therefore, I cannot show you that the number of calls there, callback requests are not a very popular thing in most stores. Yes, you see, in principle, that there were only 5.6 callback requests in 137 transactions. That is, there were incoming calls, but callback requests to “drop the bum” as they are called. There were very few of them.

Add to cart

There was also an add to cart to see analytics. Pumping is by no means another strategy for this performance. Therefore, you also see these three hundred and three things. In general, you see 12 for cheap transactions, 137 for transactions of a more expensive format. Both ad campaigns used target ROI respectively.


Here’s a mini-case. I hope it has been helpful to most of those who wish to sell this product through Google Shopping. I hope Googlers don’t watch these videos and then analyze them and impose additional restrictions. But, in principle, I would like to share with you the result that you can achieve.

The only nuances are that you need to pick up enough statistics for the system to understand the audience and adapt to it. Retrained for this correct audience. It will bring more conversions. The profitability will be good. It’s just that a lot of changes were made to these advertising campaigns. Well, you also need to take into account that you will have to mess around with re-moderations, and it’s better when you re-create headings on the site itself. This will be the best option.

Because, firstly, this item will be tracked in the lists of dynamic remarketing events. Yes, your remarketing lists may be rejected in these types of advertising products, but events are collected. And it is these events, these events, these lists of dynamic remarketing, Google Ads, not analytics, but Google Ads, they allow you to use performance audience targeting.

Therefore, recreating product cards on the site is the best option. Because events will be tracked according to the best quality. And plus, it is less likely that a new heading with a new ID, but with the same URL. Because, as a specialist, I can conditionally convert these commodity items to you with new IDs in the Merchant Center itself. Conditionally, for example, with the help of some rule or with the help of some additional feed or the main parallel feed.

But the nuance is that the landing page remains in fact the same one and there is a higher probability that this position will be banned, and turning it into a new one is less likely that it will be banned just like that by Google. And, in principle, that’s all.

Was it helpful? I expect a like from you. Less than a minute from you, and for YouTube, the video is more useful for me and the editor, because we try. See you in new releases.

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