Case: setting up Google Performance Max for France (electronics sales)

Case: setting up Google Performance Max for France Cases

Hello everyone. My name is Yana Lyashenko, Google Logistician. I am engaged in the delivery of the target audience to the business with the necessary parameters using Google advertising tools. My mission is to help businesses scale with Google’s advertising tools.

General information about the sales case for France

In today’s video I want to tell, describe the case, the results from the case, why such results. A few important nuances for those who want to launch similar products for sale on the European market are conditional. In this case, it was sold on the territory of France, which is not easy in terms of generating conversions, if you are faced with this. France is a specific country. Plus, I’ll tell you a few local nuances that are useful for the same specialists to know, so that, conditionally, the case would be useful, and not just tell what an excellent result was. To know certain nuances. Including suitable for local markets.

Account ban reason

I will consider the period July – August 31, 2022. current case. I’m just posting late. This ad account has been banned. You see the status of bypassing the system. This is a classic system, who, let’s say, from Ukraine, wants to run somewhere.

There was a period of time when Google did not adequately moderate billing information. If you remember, this situation, when the rate jumped quite strongly from credit cards, they overpaid up to 20 percent of the commission for double conversion, and advertising accounts were actively banned during this period.

If the topic of bans is relevant, share your experience on how to unban various account options – write in the comments. Because the topic is very broad. Lots of different nuances. I will tell you not from the point of view of arbitration, since I am not involved in arbitration. Conventionally, I can’t tell you any of these nuances here, but from the point of view of a white, transparent, calm business, how to advertise, I can share everything. I said goodbye to this advertising account, I can tell you why. Launched was another account. I would like to show you the results anyway. An example of how everything works and what you need to start.

Shop products that were advertised

Shop, conditionally, electronics. Dyson vacuum cleaners. You can see it by the name of the campaign. These are electric scooters. There were scooters, scooters, scooters, electric scooters. Phones, Garmin watches were. Those who are more or less familiar with fitness, I think they are familiar with the Garmin brand, this is a cool fitness watch. Probably offended them in this way. Cool story.

There are no Apple products here. From this comes the first nuance of launching such electronics on the market, conditionally, in France too. The account was launched in this case in France. It consists in the fact that if you have not watched the video on how to select goods in the Merchant Center, I will leave a hint somewhere, a pop-up menu. You can go look, it’s not too long, but useful. I have not seen analog videos on the Russian-speaking Internet, conditionally. English speakers did not google. In short, look, the nuance is that Apple products are not so popular in the French market. It could be included here as well. I can’t say for what specific reasons, it’s a long story to understand local markets. If you use the method of selecting goods that was described in the video, you can see a great demand for Apple products in the US market, it is increasing for the latest iPhones. On iPods, it’s all Apple stuff that’s on sale. In Europe, there is no crazy demand for these products. There is a demand for Xiaomi, Poco, such products. There are several different variations of price tags, conditionally, of the same products. There is a budget price tag and more expensive.

The cheapest doesn’t always sell well

By the way, I want to show that the argument that the cheapest is not always sold. There is a big misconception that, in order to get good turnover, it is necessary to sell the most budgetary products, then they will definitely buy it. Now I’ll show you on cheap phones, and cheap ones, conditionally 150, it seems, were up to 200 euros. Up to 200 euros. These were cheap phones, conditionally. Not for 700, 800, one and a half thousand, conditionally, but for a more budget option – they did not go very well. Now I’ll show you everything, I’ll tell you.

In short, this is the first nuance of the local market, conditionally. At consultations, Ukrainian entrepreneurs often ask questions about how to get there, what to get out with, how to get out. It is better to look at the demand, what niches, product categories, etc., to be sure that you are leaving with a normal turnover. Apple products, it is easier to make some kind of turnover in Ukraine than, say, in the French market. I will not say one hundred percent.

First ad campaign

The first advertising campaign you see. Here is a very different set of goals. Now I can describe why it was launched and made. Many different strategies were used in the ad account to rock the same performances. July is not the starting point for an advertising account. For ordinary goods, they practically did not receive conversions, the traffic was slow. There was a decision to build performances from scratch.

Who wonders whether it is necessary to launch a regular product, is this a necessary condition to launch a performance of max. Not a prerequisite, given the smart shopping of the old. In the Google shopping marathon, she showed that it is desirable to launch a regular product first. This is done so that there is a conversion base. If an ordinary friend does not conditionally convert, in the marathon she converted poorly. I need to rewatch the marathon when I shot it. You can start with performance. Smartshopping is no more. Starting from this is not critical.

You can start from the beginning with automation. It’s just easier on conversions. Without conversions, it’s a little harder, conditionally. Remember, Google’s logistics rule number one. When everything is great, in terms of the product, the ability, the procedure for buying a commodity item, the conversion of the site, but it is a classic average site, you don’t need super, some exceptional elements, then the performance will initially convert.

It was not an easy thing to sell Dyson vacuum cleaners. It can be seen that for this period – about 200 transactions. Transactions – what is paid. Now I will tell you the details. Income is about two million hryvnia. Profitability is less here. Now, if you calculate on a calculator, conditionally. 2 million divided by 362,483.28. This will turn out 5.56. Lower than 5.8 – 5.56. The clients had the task of squeezing out the six. Then the period went a little better, but I show the largest active mass, such as a swung period, so that it is more presentable, it is useful to use the case if you are thinking about launching it.

Why so many conversions in the “Conversions” column. Why did you emphasize that the transaction is paid orders? The goal is called Place Order and you can see here 1106 goal achievement. The value was one hryvnia, conditionally, and there were 195 transactions.

Now I will tell you the second local option, not an option, but a nuance when launching on European markets. It is desirable that all convenient payment formats be connected. Convenient formats for the local market that you come with.

Connecting all possible payment methods for this market

The second local nuance is to, preferably, connect all payment methods convenient for a particular local market. In this case it was… What is Place Order in this case? When a person entered all contact details, chose a payment method, clicked confirm the order, and he was redirected to the payment system. If I paid and redirected to the main page, then transactions were obtained. So far, no payment has been made. There was a huge percentage, here you will see a huge percentage. How big? Let’s say 195. That’s almost 200 pieces. Divide 195 by 1106. It turns out that 17 percent only turned into real payment. A nuance that can often be faced by those who do not have the technical ability to implement all payment formats. Someone introduces partially some part of the payment. By the way, here is the specificity that the payment system used by the client was little known to the European market, and this Spanish online bank was, conditionally. Not familiar with this payment system. This is not PayPal. This is not VIPS, not some other system, not just the introduction of a credit card, if you are familiar with the payment system of the same Shopify. Here was a completely different online system. Normal, adequate, but not familiar to end customers. Therefore, a large percentage of failures, conditionally. Such things.

If you want to enter the market – choose some kind of universal payment system – payment by credit card, which everyone is familiar with, try to adapt, immigrate to the most understandable one, or choose a local payment system. Failures were in this vein, unfortunately, alas.

Why was this goal loaded? Strategies have changed over time. For conversions and value strategy, etc. We needed to see this minimum possible funnel in a peculiar way. If you look at Added to Cart. It was excellent in relation to the conditionally total number of clicks. This is a pretty good conversion rate. Conditionally, let’s take if 2388, but in fact there were more of them. The attribution model in Added to Cart was data-driven and transactions were last click. Divide by 30910. The conversion will be 7.72. This is a good conversion with View item, conditionally. It’s all performance. The search was minimal. Let’s imagine that everyone was viewing product cards. In addition to the basket – higher than the minimum allowable values. The minimum allowable value for which it is claimed that the traffic is good or the product card is acceptable in the conversion is from 3 to 5 percent. The higher, the better of course. It’s 7.72 percent. Wonderful. We consider plus or minus a good add-to-cart ratio.

If you count, it was good here. Place Order with Add to Cart was perfect. Site licked. At the very beginning, the client additionally redid the landing board according to the template that was requested. I would say that a huge, huge block was recommendations for increasing conversion and landing. The first variations, straight, were thin on adding to the basket to achieve goals. Just awful. Well, the client agreed, finished the landing, respectively, this is a plus or minus a good result after the alterations.

The ratio from added to the cart to the perfect order, also consider half – a good, excellent percentage, I think. Well, of course, the fact that the payment did not reach much. But, she explained the reason – an absolutely unfamiliar payment system. We saw how it was Googled in France, conditionally. Found reviews on this platform. People asked: normal, not normal, they wrote. They wrote: she is normal. In France, there are geeks who bother, some kind of ratings, they quickly build certain sites. Everything was fine with this payment system.

She is unfamiliar. When you come across an unfamiliar system, for example, it is not Wayforpay or LiqPay, which is common in Ukraine, not PayPal or some kind of One to click per system. She is not familiar, and it is not known to give credit card details or not to give, given that there is a huge piece of various frauds, fraud, etc. on the market.

Analysis of used attributions

This Place Order was the fourth analyst. There is a Place Order All Web Site, but it was later turned off from the conversion column. This is a Purchase – it was disabled as transactions are fixed.

In short, what are the other conversions for? To help the system to swing on them. Different goals on… Let’s say another nuance is technically that transactions on the last click attribution model conditionally sit, and Add to Cart on the data-based attribution model. In this case, how is it useful specifically for automation? The last click attribution model means what the system needs when it determines the chain, sequence in impressions or catch-ups of a certain client, giving preference to people who are closest to taking a certain action. In this case, to transactions.

If we set a data-driven attribution model, then the coverage is much wider. The nuance lies in the small number of analytics on the target actions that you want to achieve and nothing much will happen from the breadth of the data. It was decided, conditionally, to generate, focus on Added to Cart. So that in the future this map descends well to Place Order. Place Order through the funnel turned into transactions. After all, someone will still trust this payment system and buy, conditionally, what has been advertised for several months, conditionally, on the French market. next campaign. Almost to the six in the period we are considering, it has grown.

Scooter advertising campaign

Let’s move on. Scooters. Spent 91, 407 is in the black. Profitability is low. Scooters were tight on the French market. I can’t understand why. specific story. Anyway. They suggest – there were useless GTINs taken from the client. One of the resources for improving the quality of the feed is adding all the attributes to the maximum. The feed was also redrawn for the scooter, unfortunately, the client took GTINs from somewhere, I don’t understand where he took them from. Such a story. So, this is the next one.

Ad campaign remarketing

By the way, about remarketing. See. What… Do I need to run? Look, there are strategies for launching a complex audience in performance max. There, on the recommendation of Google, you can add a manual segment and a special one that you create based on search queries. You can add some kind of demographic or interest audience and data, in fact. Often, Google recommends that everything be combined into one conditionally, into one big signal, and run this story.

If the account is, conditionally, zero, and there are insufficient audience volumes, which are currently in the remarketing lists, then, on the contrary, it can narrow audience targeting. I won’t say it’s super bad. When the client’s task is bigger, bigger, bigger, it was a minus. Therefore, remarketing is usually allocated to a separate campaign. Here different remarketing lists can be used. There are universal ones. There are not universal ones. I will say separately that dynamic remarketing, set up correctly and working correctly, is one of the points that are important points for the success of any performance max or the same smart shopping.

Here in remarketing 45. Place order 301 is also visible. 760 was an addition to the cart. 45 per order. Here the ratio is quite good. Go on.

Advertising campaign for cheap phones

The company is called Phones cheap – cheap phones. By the way, one of the nuances that almost no one thinks about. Cheap items are usually harder to sell than expensive ones. Cheap, of course, the concept of cheapness is relative. 60 dollars, 50-60 dollars for the American market, this can, conditionally, be considered the maximum bar in the budget check, let’s say from 15, let’s say, up to 50, up to 60 dollars. Let’s say for the Ukrainian market – 60 bucks. A significant amount. Considering that cheap is a relatively cheap product. This is not 20, 30, conventionally, euros. Of course, relatively cheap also affects certain values in the conversion.

The scroll generation mechanics were the same. Generate Added to Cart, Place order follows Added to Cart, transaction follows Place order, conditionally. Taking into account that the client made separate calls from the playorders, contacted the clients, which was not up to date, they did not pay for the order, but they confirmed it. Clicked to place an order, conditionally. They are not stupid, they understand that you need to pay for the order accordingly. Profitability is certainly low. Cheap, cheap products, conditionally, in phones, are hard to sell. The same is true with vacuum cleaners, robotic vacuum cleaners, more budget segment. Not Dyson. The brand is known, conditionally, in certain local European markets, but not very popular in France. It was hard to sell it, in terms of reaching fairly good profitability volumes.

Garmin ad

Next. Garmin. Have fun here. 45 transactions. 375 thousand. Spent 61. As you can see, Added to Cart was pulling Place Order. Great value for Added to Cart at Place Order. If you look at the ratio of landing conversions. 557 divided by 7029 clicks. The conversion is 100. Also 7.9. Almost 8 percent. Excellent ratio. Landing page View item – page view in Added to Cart was, straight, perfect. What am I leading to? Units in Ukraine draws attention to such indicators, but it is worth paying attention to. The ratio of adding to the cart and viewing the product card is of great importance. Conventionally, if we generate plus or minus good traffic, then we must add a basket. Sometimes a lot depends and not on traffic, conditionally. Let’s say we collect Garmin requests, “Garmin buy” “Garmin Phoenix” some, conditionally. All the same, people clog targeted traffic. Not added to the cart – the product card has a low conversion, unfortunately, alas.

This is a very good profitability. If now we take without taking into account leftist values. If you pay attention, let’s say, Added to Cart is not so, conditionally, and high value, conditionally. There’s a lot of her here. The prices for one conversion of 34 hryvnias are conditionally assigned. Still, it was taken into account. In short, it was done with a strategy, conditionally, deliberately.

375 divided by 61429.62. Not to forget a penny. Cost effective 6.11. Everything was fine with the client. He had only the task of doing more, more, more.

Advertising campaign for phones without objects

Let’s move on. By the way, phones. It doesn’t seem to be cheap anymore. Campaign without objects. It is possible to launch let’s say performances without an object, without a signal, it is possible with signals, with objects. In this advertising account, large volumes in pieces were given by a performance with a signal. There were objects. Objects have already partially influenced this situation. The signal took precedence. By the way, the nuances, those who asked the question, is it necessary to add an object to performances, as Google recommends. In the recommendations block, it will still give an error that the quality of the ad is average. Not necessary. This is not required for a trader. The presence of a signal in different situations can give better or worse results. In this case, without objects, the result was worse, conditionally. Worse. 102. 22. Well, six, it was not enough.

Advertising campaign Performance Phone conversion

Next. Phone conversion performance. Those phones that converted. What was sold, the profitability was … the smallest phone and tight. Brands of phones that were sold were a little slow. In this case, through performance.

Advertising campaign Scooters with interests, no objects

Next. Scooters again with interests, without objects. 5, low profitability.

Smart shopping phones advertising campaign

Smart Phones. This, by the way, is smartshopping, which is the last survivor of the Mohicans. Hooked this period. 5.27, good profitability, taking into account that it swung, gave. Then the performances took their toll.

Advertising campaign for Dyson Air dryers

Dyson Air had hair dryers. They walked hard. Dyson hair dryers didn’t make it into France at all. An example, conditionally, of a case with some local nuances.

For what the client received the “Bypass” ban

What about bypassing the system? Why did the client receive a system bypass? I’m telling. The period, summer, when there were nuances with double conversion and you had to overpay, conditionally, an additional 20 percent of the commission for this story, for replenishing your advertising account. Many different payment options were picked up, others were tested. It affected the bypass of the system. You can also get a bypass of the system when you are not on the territory of Ukraine, but you want to replenish your Ukrainian advertising account, if you have a fresh advertising account, such systems can occur with it. Since the system is buggy, it perceives it as, conditionally, some kind of gray affiliate using a bunch of cards.

They can still get “for bypassing the system”… Strange story. From practice, I notice that each of the advertising accounts by geography, location, IPs, hardware, which is created, is moderated according to some local requirements. This is a personal observation. I’m not 100% sure that this is happening, conditionally. They often come, for example, for advice on unblocking Google Ads with the reason for bypassing the system is a classic situation. There is a company in America, but the ad account was created here. All billing information entered. Everything is transparent and white. Everything is paper. They provide for an appeal, but there is a refusal.

Firstly, there is a refusal, because a manual person does not look, conditionally, but a robot checks this whole story. People don’t want to check. They must understand that they are alone at home as a business, alone with their own problems. Googlers… Look, at Google it’s not really a dream job to work in Google Ads support. Google Ads is the most feeding, relatively speaking, company in the Google Corporation. She feeds everything. Google it, 70-80 percent of Google’s revenue comes from Google Ads. They don’t really care about the people who work for them. The volumes of bans are incredible. To understand, these are large volumes, accounts. It is clear that a person needs to reconsider everything, and especially when there are a lot of gray niches, arbitrage, gambling that wants to slip through, scammers. Well, you become a cold, gray, conditionally, impersonal part of the system, which just bans you. If, conditionally, pure white. Such realities.

It is desirable, when creating an advertising account in Ukraine, to have card payment data, Ukrainian banks, preferably. This is not a rule. If you want, conditionally, to pick up an American company, then it would be advisable to ask a client, an acquaintance of Vasya, an aunt, an uncle who is physically sitting. Who in Europe sits to create advertising accounts, start all the payment details, launch an advertising campaign of some kind at the minimum speed, so that it sits for at least 7 days. Conditionally on some, conditionally, one dollar of the budget and the cost per click, conditionally, 10 cents, will not receive impressions – it will still start. It is desirable that the advertising campaign be with the geography, location where the account was created.

Conditionally, if you have a relative in the UK, create an account with US data, then let it be an advertising campaign in the UK, conditionally. You can USA, but not the USA is better. I speak from practice. In short, you need to play around, consider each case, of course, individually. Such nuances to obtain a “system bypass”. Here, of course, a game with a volume of cards to save, save. It led to the results of “bypassing the system”.

Recommendations on the number of bans allowed

More recommendations. If the ad account is banned for the third time, let’s say “suspicious payments”. Before that, the status was “suspicious payments”. It is advisable not to hold on to such an advertising account, but to close it and move to a new one. It was a pity for statistics and analytics here. While you shake this whole story for some speed, conditionally. If it’s already the second ban, you’ve been unbanned and it’s already the third one, then it’s better to unban, close your account and that’s it.

If for the Merchant Center it’s not really important yet, at the moment, the number of bans is not very important, then for Google Ads – yes. Subsequent bans, for those who got unbanned, are not an additional tick in the plus, which they proved, showed that they are really honest and awesome, cool, prince, conditionally. On the contrary, the tick goes to the minus. In the future, more strictly will be considered. On some accounts, the system cannot withdraw money on automatic payments, 15 times the money and nothing happens to the account, then on others, where they received a regular ban and once accidentally forgot to top up the card for a certain amount, where they grew up in credit on automatic payments. Immediately in the ban.

There is no chance, they did not have time to replenish. It is always recommended to have a separate card for automatic payments. The rule that secures the consumable part, etc. Suddenly Google went crazy or something. There is simply no draining money from a regular card. This is fine. Someone forgot, did not have time to replenish the amount, Google often removes this entire amount because the expenses have gone. You can’t do it. They can block. There were bans for suspicious payments. Now this account is bypassing the system. The other was active. In short, the situation.


I hope that this format of case studies is not boring, but interesting. I know that both business and technical specialists will watch, for whom they will watch cases so as not to be killed that something does not work out. I remember myself as a beginner. To understand the logic of action in certain nuances, some things that happen in accounts. It seems that the case that is published is more useful than empty in the publication.

Helpful – thumbs up. Write in the comments what you liked, what you didn’t like, what you would like to see in the next analysis. See you in new releases.

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