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Selling keyword supplements allow you to highlight the most targeted in the general mass of users. If a search engine visitor enters a phrase that includes selling prefixes, it is highly likely that he has a need to purchase a product. Indeed, in this case, he does not just study its characteristics, but is ready to buy and seeks to find a seller.

Information! The list of selling keywords is of interest primarily to those advertisers who have a small initial budget.

On the one hand, such prefixes in search queries allow you to attract the most interested visitors, which means that they are the most fiercely contested in the Google AdWords auction, and the rates for them are the highest. But the game is worth the candle, because actually such phrases form 99% of the revenue.

Keyword Selling Example

As an example of how keyword prefixes change the essence of a user’s need, consider the simple keyword “renovation of apartments”.

In this case, it is almost impossible to understand what exactly a person is looking for. Perhaps he needs a team of craftsmen right now, or maybe he just wants to ask the price so that, having accumulated the required amount, he can place an order later. In addition, he may be busy looking for information to write an article or want to watch thematic videos and photos to perform repairs on his own.

And here is an example of a key with selling additives: “order a turnkey apartment renovation.” It is the “order” and “turnkey” additives that tell us that the client is “hot” and is ready to order the services of a construction team in the near future.

Why is it important to use sales addons for queries?

Often, those who have a small advertising budget try to fill the campaign with inexpensive keywords around the topic. Such a strategy is ineffective.

Let’s say the search term “build cottages” costs an average of $1 per visitor while maintaining a conversion rate of 1%. The same parameters for the phrase “order the construction of a turnkey cottage” – $3 and 5%, respectively. Thus, by investing $300, in the first case we will receive 3 orders, and in the second – all 5.

The numbers in this example are taken at random, but this situation happens quite often. This means that when advertising funds are limited, you should use the selling additives for requests and strive to get clicks from a hot audience, and include warm and cold phrases already in the process of increasing the advertising campaign. After all, as you can see from the example, the conversions of hot and warm queries can differ by several times.

List of sellers of keyword supplements

Let’s move on to the main thing – the list of selling additives for keywords. In different areas, they correspond to different levels of the sales funnel, but the very presence of such a prefix in a search query makes it commercial.

All supplements that sell can be combined into groups depending on the user’s intent:


First, you should consider phrases that demonstrate an urgent need for an order or purchase:

  • Buy
  • Order
  • Purchase
  • Services
  • Sale
  • Rent
  • Rental
  • Rental
  • Development
  • Delivery
  • On credit
  • In installments
  • Book
  • Call
  • Installation


These additives are used by users who are interested in buying, choosing the optimal price range:

  • Price
  • Cost
  • Prices
  • How much
  • Estimate
  • Turnkey
  • Tariff
  • Premium
  • Lux
  • VIP
  • Discount
  • Promotion
  • Sale
  • Discount
  • Inexpensive


  • Wholesale
  • Wholesale
  • Purchase
  • Manufacturer
  • From manufacturer
  • Supplier
  • In stock
  • Plant
  • Factory
  • Price


Mentioning the name of a settlement or city district in a search phrase often indicates that the user is ready to place an order. For example, if those who enter the query “peperoni pizza” probably want to find a recipe, then the key “peperoni pizza Kyiv” indicates a desire to order a dish with delivery.

Delivery/Completion Times

Especially important for services of immediate demand (such as calling a tow truck or emergency opening of locks):

  • Urgent
  • Emergency
  • Timing
  • Today
  • 24/7
  • In an hour
  • In 1 day

Where the product is sold/service is performed

  • Online marketplace
  • Online store
  • Workshop
  • Agency
  • Salon
  • Studio
  • Studio
  • Bureau

Marketplace name

The fact that the name of a marketplace or message board appears in a search query usually demonstrates an intent to make a purchase. But you should carefully include such additives, because most often they are used by those who want to find something cheaper or used.

  • OLX
  • Rozetka
  • Bigl
  • Epicenter

How to effectively use selling prefixes for key phrases?

Simply adding sales prefixes to key phrases allows you to quickly create lists of hot search queries. This method is suitable for the mass market – services and consumer goods. Use it if you know for sure that users in your niche quite often (frequency should not be less than ten impressions per month) request phrases with target additives in different variations.

Advice! To simplify the process of compiling a list of selling keys, special services help – combinators of search queries. With their help, you can also multiply several prefixes with each other.

Bukvarix is an example of such a tool. In the first block, you must specify the desired keyword, in the next block – prefixes that characterize the need for a purchase or order, and in the last block – price supplements:

Keyword combinator

Use the Get button to see the result. You can download the final list:

List of selling prefixes for queries

Finally, you should control the frequency of received phrases and exclude from the list those that are requested less than 10 times a month.

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