Ready Google Ads Strategies 2021 (Part 2)

Ready-made Google Ads Strategies Contextual advertising

Hello! My name is Yana Lyashenko. I am a Google Logistician. In today’s video, we analyze the following ready-made general strategy for Google advertising accounts. You can already implement today and get the appropriate result.

An important nuance of today’s analysis of the strategy is to consider, firstly, the next stage of the sales funnel, located above the purchase stage. First. We are one step away from buying a user. This is important to understand.

The second caveat is that traffic from these stages has a lower sales conversion rate. This means that you need to generate much more traffic than at the Buy stage. An important nuance is that you need to be able to correctly assign your CPC and correctly assign a budget.

Can you do without stages and stay at the Purchase stage? You need to understand that not many advertisers get to the upper stages of sales. There is a great temptation. Because of the traffic conversion, which is significantly lower than the tastiest fat one, like Buy. The temptation is to just leave. Turn off this ad. Do not advertise.

It is important to understand one thing. If the task is to approach it more systematically, to scale up your sales, then it will not be possible to do this only at the Purchase stage. First, at the Purchase stage, the set of buyers is too limited. They all go through the sales funnel. Some reach only, someone is intercepted at the initial stages. Big and tough competition. You need to understand that CPCs are higher there. I understand that conversion into sales. More sales. In other words, this is a slaughterhouse where you need to be able to survive. Survive professionally.

Few advertisers think about moving up this sales funnel. I recommend following the guidelines for starting a more systematic approach to Google Ads. And new ideas will appear on how you can reorganize the system for generating traffic and leads to the site, for simply significant scaling.

Let’s move on to the description of our strategy. What stages of the sales funnel are you talking about? We talked about two: learning to compare skills. The past was Buying. These two stages are about finding problems and options for solving them.

We will launch at least three variants of advertising campaigns. Let’s add Youtube to them. True, we will define additional nuances. If someone is interested in how to launch sales funnels for these stages in Youtube, I can directly drop the file where it is written what strategy needs to be applied. If you need – unsubscribe to me on Instagram.

Google Ads Strategies Ready

We parse the search. What do we do with search? Look, I singled out this stage: study, purchase, for work. The stage was dismantled in the last video. What should be launched? Should run keyword traits related to problems, solution options, features, comparison, ratings, best, and more. These keywords are higher in the sales funnel. They directly correspond to the search for solutions to the problem that the user has.

Searching for a solution to a problem

The user has a problem, he is aware of the problem. He uses these keywords to look for options. Take an anti-aging cream. Characteristics, from what age and so on. Choose some variations. Pay attention to the stage of comparing analogues. This means that here a person chooses between different commodity items. Choose one or the other. Or, within one brand, he chooses a set of products, take a set or a single number of commodity items, and so on. Must understand in goods what problems, solutions, characteristics, rating comparisons arise. The easiest option with sneakers. Types of soles, which sole is better to choose for a marathon, which sole to choose such and such sneakers, choose orthopedic shoes for a child or regular, etc.

It is important to consider that we run keywords in exact or wide type with a modifier. With a plus. You launch in a wide type in accordance with the pluses – then negative keywords should initially work well. How to process them? I think you will understand if you watched at least one initial video of the marathon. The video showed where to get forecast keywords and more to find a good block of negative keywords.

Keyword match type

We start exactly if the budgeting constraint is too tight. In a wide with pluses, if there is a budget for the test. It turns out with rates and with the budget. One important thing to understand is that the keywords have a lower conversion to sale than the previous Buy stage. This means that you will have to spend a lot more financial resources to attract traffic so that it is converted into an order.

The nuance of the high cost of CPC and the presence of not quite adequate advertisers, inflating CPCs in an unimaginable way for all keywords. The second component is the cost per click (CPC). It affects the high cost of the received cost per conversion. For payback, it is necessary to build a CPC in such a way that it becomes profitable for the final conversion.

How to calculate the value of a conversion? The question has been answered a hundred and fifty times. How to calculate CPC for conversion value? It is necessary to estimate an approximate conversion from traffic and, by calculating at what favorable price in the CPA of the cost per conversion, the data of the resulting conversion will be profitable. According to it, we build the CPC directly. I will put the formula for the calculation. If you need to describe in more detail how to calculate correctly, adequately CPC for various types of traffic, then unsubscribe in the comments.

Budget. Let’s ask more. So that all semantics has time to scroll. We directly calculate it according to the value of the conversion, at least under the CPA.

At the same time, you set brand keywords for negative keywords. Brands and models are included. Universal negative keywords. Free, do-it-yourself stuff. Attention! If you have products, selling some products for automatic gates, then negative keywords Do it yourself – the semantics included here. Choose your generic words carefully. Filter constantly if you run keywords in a wide type with pluses.

An important global nuance of effective development of these advertising campaigns is as follows – you need to choose the right landing page. This is the correct landing – not equal to the landing from the heading. This is the most key nuance, where everyone makes mistakes, performing all the nuances. Without the right landing page, it will not be possible to have even the slightest bit of good conversion, get good CPC and direct sales. After all, the purpose of an online store is to make, receive sales.

Correct landing page

What should be the correct landing page? Based on the requests that the person is looking for. If these are characteristics, then it is approximately possible to maintain a heading. If the rating block, search for the best products in your niche, comparison, some problems. How many inches to choose a Macbook, laptop, other. Should lead to the landing page that answers the request that the user directly enters. Why? He is currently searching. How is search different from other types of advertising campaigns? A person is looking for an answer here and now to the question posed. If you decide how many inches to choose a laptop, bring it to a Macbook, let’s say 13 inches – this is equal to leaving, increasing the bounce rate on the landing page. This doesn’t answer the question. Another advertiser will give, the CEO will give the issue. The advertiser business will benefit over you. It sounds difficult that you need some kind of landing for this whole story to cut, do and so on. Gone are the years when you put something on the site, put up commodity items, make a little bit of a description and get something from it. Due to increased competition in the market. It is not so tough in the CIS, you have to dodge. If you combine this formula correctly. Accordingly, a proportional result is obtained. We figured out the search.

Shopping Campaigns

Next type of advertising campaigns – trade advertising campaigns. We start trading at these stages. We continue to launch. They do not take part in the above stages. An important nuance. Trading, only standard ones are launched for these two stages. Ordinary, simple not smartshoping. In smartshopping, you cannot directly manage traffic. Here the correct landing is equal to the heading. In trading it will not work differently.

Grouping products in trade ads

An important nuance. Choose one of two options for product groupings. 1 advertising campaign, where one group is equal to one group of goods, headings, depending on the specifics of the product range. level organization. If you don’t know what tiered organization is, in the Google shopping marathon, watch the video on shopping ad campaign structures. I will separate them into a separate playlist to make it easier to search.

Correct landing page for Google Shopping

There is a breakdown on two or three levels, where the brand, branded models and general traffic. Take what is common. If it is combined with another advertising company – level. No – choose such a grouping. It will be easier to manage it than to build some others. At the same time – CPC. The principles for CPC and budgeting are those in the search. It is important to consider – in trading you can choose the maximum clicks strategy directly. Limit your maximum CPC based on the value of the conversion.

You also set a larger budget so that the semantics has time to scroll. At the same time, in shopping advertising campaigns, you do it even more carefully, filter traffic. Initially set negative keywords – saved money. You put them in your pocket.

Don’t forget to constantly filter traffic. Based on a correctly set list of negative keywords, the total traffic related to these two stages will go. What kind of traffic is, we analyzed it at the search stage. You can work in this context.

Does the variation of manually setting the CPC work well with these stages of the sales funnel and this structure? Not good. Sometimes too restrictive traffic. I will say initially that in trading for these two stages you set the strategy for the maximum number of clicks with a limit. Necessarily. If you do not give restrictions – Google will gobble up all the money. We are done with trading.

Display advertising campaigns

We are moving towards advertising campaigns of the Display Network. What can we launch in KMS? I do something average. That plus or minus will suit almost all niches. All variations, combinations may differ in different projects. What can be launched – I give standardized.

Display Network Audience Grouping

  • Remarketing. We select people, create lists based on the pages visited, which they were interested in, could relate to two stages.
  • Scroll percentage. Track how many percent of the page is scrolled.
  • Microconversions. You can basically focus on micro conversions when creating remarketing lists. The two above are an idea for you if there are not too many microconversions.

The next type of advertising campaign. Similar to those who achieved macro conversions. When you create a goal, a transaction has been reached in the last 30 days, in 500 days, depending on the type of product. Called directly to the company. Create a remarketing list. Then a list of “Similar” is automatically created for it. It is better to take not those similar ones that achieved micro conversion, but similar ones that achieved macro conversion. This targeting is much broader. You are more likely to land directly on those guys who are a step away from buying.

Next, there is the usual contextual media network. Geo, demographics, placements, restrictions as a choice of targeting work well if a local business is somewhere or not a local business, but you can select a point, presumably. But not a city, a district, for example, or some kilometer radii where you know that your target audience may directly be located. You can limit it to a bit of demographics, or even choose a combination with placements and directly bomb them as widely as possible, as massively as possible. Then it can directly give a good result.

You can choose “Entire country”, “Entire region”, for example, cities. Kyiv will be too expensive. Therefore, it is more suitable for local search, for too narrow geography. In Kyiv, there are sleeping areas with children, young parents, young residential complexes, and so on, where buyers of children’s products can be located. Such an idea, a hint.

The next intent audience that overlaps with these things. Create a specific intent list audience. They are now called custom audiences, custom audiences. Perhaps now a little mangled the name. Roughly speaking – the audience by intentions used to be called. You create these audiences, be sure to cross, cut by geography, demographics. Perhaps by location, if relevant to you. Trying to target, launch.

At the same time, CPC. We start from the budget. We assign a budget based on the value of the conversion or from the maximum CPA. You can set your budget much lower. You will achieve one conversion within a few days. Should calculate approximately hypothetically the conversions of the types of advertising campaigns, approximately should. Or set an average small-scale budget. The task is not in the first days, not to massively cover this traffic, but to gradually accumulate it. The task is simply to communicate correctly with the right audience.

On the Display Network, the message that is broadcast directly to the audience is very important. Remember – the correct fit for advertising campaigns is not the same as the heading. This is equal to those pages, correspondingly answering the questions of people who are at these stages. What they study, characteristics, what they care about, what they choose between. Directly all this is placed here.

Correct landing page

Let’s take tablets. The user wants to buy a tablet for a child. And there he asks for 10 inches or so many inches to choose a tablet. You can broadcast in any of these ad campaigns. If they match the tablets. If they bought sneakers here, then it makes no sense to fight with tablets on them. You can write “Size matters”, “What is the best size to choose for a child”, etc. Should come from the desire of your target audience directly. Therefore, the message, the correct landing – is of great importance.

For similar types of advertising campaigns and for this stage, standardized plus or minus for all, the following advertising campaign goals will do. When you add ad campaigns, you are offered a goal. There are potential clients. This is the strategy to achieve micro conversions. By adjusting the type of conversion in the advertising account a little, this strategy will work well for you. The cost per thousand impressions is good here. You choose the traffic, directly because you are interested in traffic to the site. Limit or maximum clicks with a bid limit, with manual bid adjustment, without a goal, choose Manual selling, I do not recommend choosing. The advertising campaign will take too long to uncover. Choose regular traffic, no goal with manual adjustment, or maximum clicks plus or minus. She works well in all types.

Ad campaign strategy

CPC. You set it based on the value of your conversion or the maximum CPA for which you want to receive direct conversions. Let me remind you that the display network is one of the most complex types of advertising campaign strategy. Ideally, consider the strategy specifically on one of the projects. Please, if you have an idea on which project to consider a strategy, write in the comments. We will analyze the strategy, test it in a specific niche or project.

This is a generalized picture. You can test it. I give in a more or less compressed form. It is more versatile.


In video advertising, he is very principled with creativity. It doesn’t need to be overly expensive. Creative video advertising is the same consumable as a display network banner. Their lifespan is quite minimal, with large-scale visits to certain geography, constant video scrolling. Banners burn out after two weeks. They need to be suspended. Then only after a few months to launch. They will have lower efficiency. The same goes for video ads.

Targetings used in one way or another, applicable to Youtube. There are two types of ad displays. There is In-stream – skipping after five seconds, and Discovery – with a video icon, you show the video.

Everything is quite individual. I cannot yet give more universal types of advertising campaigns for structuring a strategy. You can try to insert here a couple of screenshots of advertising strategies, combinations with the goal of the strategy, suitable here. We have completed the analysis of the second stages.

Does it look difficult or easy? Perhaps it looks difficult. Actually – a simple combination with advertising campaigns for these two stages of the sales funnel.

I understand that these are not the most universal formulas, those that were taken and made initially. All businesses are unique. Various nuances arise for everyone in business processes, traffic, websites, commodity items, margin, etc. It is important to understand that it is necessary to draw something that is easily applicable. It is important to understand that it is quite difficult, because all businesses are different.

I’m waiting for your feedback on this strategy. Implemented, did not implement something from the proposed. It sounds complicated, you need to clarify, or do you have any clarifications, examples, descriptions, something additional to add to the strategies presented.

Subscribe in the comments. Comments are useful to me and to those people who read them. I share my practice and experience. That which was worked out with the team. Completely different options may be in your practice. The best option is to share your experience with colleagues in the market, on the shop floor and draw some additional combinations, types, strategies, etc. If this video was helpful to you, please like it. Support. Takes less than a minute. It’s nice for my team and me. See you in new releases.

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