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Hello everybody. My name is Yana Lyashenko and I am a Google logistician. I am engaged in the delivery of the target business audience with the necessary parameters. And in today’s video, we will talk, or rather, I will tell you the answer to one rather interesting question. This question concerns exactly how to add these present stars in product advertising to your products. I will attach a screenshot of what it looks like somewhere here. Is it possible to wind them somehow, or is it not possible to wind them somehow. What to do when, in principle, you have a brand new product, but you wanted to add these stars.

Two available Google Merchant Center star programs

So usually Google has two programs available in the merchant center for product ads that allow you to attach such stars. One of these programs is called Product Reviews, and the other is called Seller Reviews. That is, on the one hand, you can collect reviews about your favorite, beautiful, and give this analytics to Google or collect reviews for these products. These stars are usually quite useful for your issue because they increase the clickability of that issue. Why are they raising? Because the more stars there are, the more the association is with you, that you are a very cool store.

Stars as feedback about the seller

That is, for the end user, these stars are not associated with the goods, but more with you personally as a seller. So they add more clicks. In your issue, more loyalty to your advertising and more. Of course, they are radically different in essence. It’s one thing to collect reviews of your favorite and here, watching how the situation will develop, whether you will have any competitive wars and not generate a bunch of inadequate reviews on you. But, usually, they are collected after the purchase is made, that is, after payment. Therefore, in principle, this is such a nuance. It can be bypassed, conditionally, if you do not give the opportunity to complete this review without payment or collect them separately only from your own customers who have actually purchased these products from you.

Stars as product reviews

As for product reviews, here it is a little easier and more difficult at the same time. What is more difficult? If, for example, there is a negative review about this product somewhere, then you will have three stars displayed and this will have a more negative effect on your issue. Even when there are two identical product positions – one with asterisks, with three stars, the other – without asterisks, they will most likely click on the one without asterisks. Although this one catches the eye, there are only three stars. That is, the question may be – there is something there, there is some certain negative. In order for you to have… We will now talk specifically about stars, which relate to product reviews. This is the most optimal option, the easiest for most stores.

How to get stars for products?

How to get them, these stars and how can these stars be improved over time? Is it even possible how to generate these stars for completely new products that have not yet been analyzed by reviews anywhere? These stars can be attached, or rather, Google has the opportunity to attach them to your advertising output for two reasons.

1. Google’s own initiative

First, if he wants to do it, that is, these stars, various icons, Google sticks at his “own discretion”, if he thinks it is necessary, respectively.

2. If the specified GTIN is available

Secondly, in order for these stars to be displayed, the presence of one mandatory attribute is required in your advertisement. And this attribute is called GTIN. This is a GTIN, barcode, international manufacturer identifier, etc. and other. Without this GTIN, the probability of these stars being hooked is very, very low. There, Google says in its help that it can associate them with your product there, if you use some of the same code, articles, if the URL matches there, if you have an MPN code of the manufacturer, and so on. But usually the guarantee that these stars will appear more often is the presence of this GTIN.

Why this particular GTIN? Well, first of all, this is an international classification. That is, this one. That is, conditionally, this identifier of your position is valid everywhere in the world. Because this is the international classification of this item. And, accordingly, if you know how any electronic system works, conditionally, yes, it is much easier to understand not our words, conditionally, Cyrillic and other, but some digital values. They have a 1 0 1 0 system. Therefore, when the system has the ability to identify by some specific number, it is most convenient to compare all other data. That’s why GTIN is such a priority. This is, conditionally, the identifier under which the system will understand to whom this or that feedback, pictures, etc., etc. belong. That’s why the GTIN is such a priority to pull those stars.

Sources of stars for Google

1. Feedback aggregators

Where does he get these stars from? These stars are generally submitted to Google separately. This can be done through feedback aggregators. I’ll leave it somewhere, the Google Help has a whole list of different systems that can automatically feed feedback into the Google system. Because Google still requires you to give it reviews about your products, whether they’re one-star, bad, or pretty good.

2. Manual submission of feedback

And there is also an opportunity to manually transfer them. That is, if you have a situation where you have a brand new item, but it has a GTIN and it doesn’t have these reviews yet, but you wanted to work on it. Because if you’re running a startup or a product for sale or whatever, you’d definitely want to control the process of collecting those reviews. So that there was no such situation that somewhere with a competitor they entered into a conflict. He gave you three or two stars there, and it went, went. You are upset, in tears, crying. I’m joking, of course. If you want to control this moment, you can upload these reviews manually through the same Merchant Center.

That is, hypothetically, hypothetically theoretically, you can partially screw up these reviews, but we must understand that Google, it is not a fool, it will check everything. Therefore, if you decide to screw them up there, it needs to be done through some specific services or, well, at least the people you asked to do it. And it wasn’t obvious that it was screwed up. There not in one second, not in one hour there, during some long time. It is better to collect them there in 2-3 months and then conditionally upload them there so that they are associated in Google with something more real.

Uploading reviews manually in the Merchant Center

How can I download these reviews manually? To do this, you have a separate function for downloading this feed manually in the Merchant Center. You will select this evaluation of goods by creating an xml file, not a csv, from your website or from where you will download it. It is desirable for you to have at least 50 product reviews. And upload it to the Merchant Center. That is, it is not very difficult. There, in the marketing section, there will be product reviews. You add a new feed there. Create a feed. Go through all the stages. It is not difficult enough. You have already downloaded a regular feed.

Remember that Merchant centers, all Google services, they do more for ordinary simple advertisers. Therefore, I think, it is unlikely that you will make a super-duper mistake there. This is not the fourth analysis where you can break your leg, conditionally. But nevertheless. That is, you will not confuse anything there.

Google review of feedback feed

After that, the feed will be checked. There will be some, initially some errors in it. The system will immediately write to you about this and the type of errors that you will need to correct. For example, something was mixed up, it is in the wrong place. But, usually, they are still moderated on, for example, the reality of these reviews. That is, it will be compared, for example, with your site, where you collected these reviews, with products, etc. That is, the Google system still makes sure that one of the principles of Google advertising (it has principles, if you didn’t know), one of the principles is the relevance of advertising. Relevance, so that it is adequate to the needs of the consumer, so that it is real. Well, let’s face it, you personally would also like to receive more reliable information from Google, and not be constantly on the lookout, because they can screw something up there. Like, for example, I already have a draft of information when they tell me: “Read, Google something.” And that’s what I’m saying, maybe it’s better for me to go to some club for my interests, maybe I’ll learn something there. Because what is written on Google is not always true. Because I roughly understand how it is written and now I am not talking about GPT chat in general.

Comparison: manual/automatic feedback. Warning about cheating reviews

That is, if you have a desire, you have a new product position, then you can transmit these reviews manually. But then you have to transfer them manually. Or you can use some aggregators. There are a huge number of aggregators, you can even write to the support of these aggregators so that they transfer there separately. Is there any way to agree on all these stories. But the majority, for example, of foreign stores use these automatic aggregators and even at the expense of this they do not sweat much, conditionally. That is, if you have the opportunity to transfer – you can transfer. It is desirable that, if you are going to cheat, do it somehow so that Google does not burn you. Because you will do the work, spend time and money on it, and Google will not accept it, conditionally. He may even threaten you with his finger in the Merchant Center that you are doing something wrong with the Google system, and he would like you to adhere to his principles and values.

Therefore, in principle, this is a small story. Below the video, I will give a link to the help, so that you, if necessary, could read more relevant information on this issue. Well, I wish you all 5 stars on your product advertisement.

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