Popular Shopify PPC Extensions

Popular Shopify PPC Extensions Contextual advertising

You can quickly launch a full-fledged online store using the Shopify CMS content management system, which is popular in the west. It allows you to implement any modern modules on a web resource – from a slider on its home page to a basket with complex logic of work and use of international courier services. The key to the high popularity of the platform was the clear and simple integration of the site with Facebook stores.

Numerous third-party developers are developing the service, creating, for example, special Shopify extensions for PPC professionals. Such additions to the main functionality facilitate the activities of not only Internet marketers, but also simplify management processes. It should be noted that the documentation on the operation of the entire system, including the Shopify extensions for contextual advertising, can only be downloaded in English.

The Best Shopify Modules for PPC

In this article, you will find a description of popular Shopify extensions for contextual advertising.

Feed For Google Shopping Feed

Feed For Google Shopping Feed Extension

Shopify add-on for exchanging product line information with Google Merchant Center. It implements the ability to launch Smart Shopping campaigns directly from the Shopify interface. The extension also suggests which attributes of the selected product should be specified in order for it to pass GMC moderation.

Pros of using this module:

  • setting up and using it is quite simple and short;
  • there is an option to work without payment for businesses with a small turnover;
  • Integration with GMC via API ensures that information is updated within 20 minutes from the moment corrections are made on the site.

Data Feed Watch Shopping Feeds

Data Feed Watch Shopping Feeds Module

A serious tool for generating feeds for GMC and other platforms. It compares favorably with free modules in that it allows:

  • mass categorize product items in the feed;
  • massively change and add feed item attributes;
  • create feeds/lists for the most popular services: GMC, Linkshare, Facebook, Bing, Amazon, eBay, etc.;
  • generate feeds for GMC separately for any region where the Google Shopping platform operates;
  • generate feeds in a free format;
  • Perform advanced analysis of statistical data.

The most noticeable disadvantages of the module include its high cost – from $59 per month, if you have no more than a thousand product items and the number of sales channels does not exceed three.

Simprosys Google Shopping Feed

Simprosys Google Shopping Feed for Shopify

This extension is optimal for generating feeds uploaded to GMC in terms of cost, usability and quality. In the current version, it is additionally proposed to generate feeds for Bing Merchant (and for Facebook – still in the plans).

Of the pluses, we note the following:

  • massive change of item characteristics;
  • generating feed for Bing;
  • the ability to generate promotional feeds for GMC;
  • selection of the export mode – only the basic version of the product or any of its modifications (colors, etc.);
  • selecting a product photo for export;
  • manual mode for starting data exchange with Merchant.

The cost of the module depends on the number of assortment items of the store (the price is indicated per month):

  • $4.99 – 500 items or fewer;
  • $8.99 – from 501 to 1 thousand items;
  • $13.99 – from 1 to 5 thousand items, etc.

Google Ads Dynamic Remarketing

An extension for those who are too lazy to set up dynamic remarketing. Passes all matching codes from Shopify to AdWords.

Suitable for those who do not plan to spend a lot of time diving into GTM technology and do not want to manually specify variables in Google Analytics. A month of use costs $9.99, while you can test the module for free for the first three days.

Google Customer Reviews

Google Customer Reviews contextual advertising extension

An extension with an intuitive interface for advertisers participating in the Google Customer or Products Reviews programs. The module collects feedback from your customers for subsequent upload to Merchant.


  • launching the module into work is carried out in four steps;
  • the ability to display information about the rating of the online store on the pages of the website;
  • One-time payment of $25 and no monthly fee.

Suite For Google Shopping Feed

Suite For Google Shopping Feed

Allows you to independently integrate GTM directly into the Shopify code. But you should pay attention to a number of unpleasant moments – the complex process of setting up eCommerce (to implement the dataLayer on the “Thank You” page, you will need to find a programmer).

This add-on helps in solving problems with incorrect transfer of behavioral characteristics by the integrated Google Analytics block, and also allows you to quickly launch dynamic remarketing and Google ad conversion monitoring.

Stores with 500 or fewer items can use the extension for free. If there are more products, then you will have to subscribe to a paid monthly subscription, the cost of which starts at $4.

Flexify: Facebook Product Feed

Facebook Product Feed

As noted above, in the basic version of Shopify, even without the use of Shopify modules for contextual advertising, it is possible to integrate an online store with Facebook. But using such functionality is not always convenient due to several points.

For example, the basic version does not provide for the ability to make changes to product items if you plan to correct the product description or supplement the card with images that are not on the website. Registering your categories in the catalog for Facebook will also fail.

The Facebook Product Feed module helps you get around this problem and many others. With an assortment of up to a thousand items, you will not have to pay for using the extension. But for a purely symbolic amount ($29 per month) you can significantly increase the return on the module:

  • no limit on the number of titles submitted to Facebook;
  • automatically resize photos to match the formats used by Facebook;
  • seller tags in feed;
  • selection of photo options to set as the main ones in the Facebook directory;
  • the ability to set discounts, limit the period of their validity, etc.;
  • technical support.

Facebook Messenger Marketing

Shopify Facebook Messenger Marketing Module

Created to solve the problems of exchanging information with instant messengers and social networks, the use of which is so popular in the West. This multifunctional extension allows you to launch ads in Facebook Messenger.

The module helps to analyze advertising revenue and see the reaction of visitors in the process of interacting with it. In addition, it shows information about the income received from a given sales source.

The monthly fee for using the extension is $9. You can test it for free for 30 days.

Codisto Amazon, eBay & Walmart

Codisto Amazon, eBay & Walmart

An extension for exchanging information with Amazon and eBay marketplaces.

Main benefits of this extension:

  • generates listings for any region in which marketplaces operate;
  • ensures fast synchronization of order and item data;
  • Generates ASIN numbers for Amazon automatically.

Prices for using the module depend on the number of transactions in the store (the cost is indicated for 1 month):

  • Starter ($29). Minimum (no more than 50 orders), while an inexpensive package. There are no restrictions on the number of loaded product names.
  • Growth ($59). The package includes up to 250 Amazon or eBay orders per month.
  • Pro ($99). Monthly limit on the number of sales – 500 pcs.
  • Power ($249). Allows you to fulfill up to 1500 orders in 30 days.

Free testing is possible within two weeks after registration.

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