How to use competition metrics in Google Ads?

Competition metrics in Google Ads contextual advertising Contextual advertising

Google Ads competition indicators are displayed in a special reporting statistics section in your account. Using them, you can estimate what share of impressions the ads in the campaign lose and what share the advertiser loses due to insufficiently high CPC or poor campaign optimization.

Why track Google Ads competition metrics?

By setting up the display of competition indicators in Google AdWords, you can understand how many impressions your ad had in total and how much more you could get if you raised the cost per click or optimized the budget.

Important! With the help of such reports, you can significantly increase the number of ad impressions and identify possible problems in the ad settings.

It is better if the corresponding columns in your personal account are activated when registering an account:

Enable competition indicators in your AdWords account

Constant analysis of statistics will allow you to remain confident that you do not lose potential customers.

What competition metrics are tracked in Google Ads?

In order to increase the effectiveness of your marketing investments, you first need to understand what indicators of competition exist in Google advertising.

These metrics are used to analyze the performance of an advertising campaign on both search and the Display Network.

Search Network: Impression Share

Impression percentage

Reflects how many actual impressions represent in the estimated potential impression volume for a particular campaign, selected keywords, or list of ads. The display of ads is limited by the configured targeting parameters, and is determined by the status and quality characteristics of the ad. By analyzing this indicator, you can optimize the set rates, thereby increasing the reach of the target audience.

Search Network: Lost Impression Rate (Budget)

Using this parameter, you can estimate how many impressions are lost due to not always obvious budget limits.

Statistical reports are generated exclusively for data collected at the campaign level. If it has specified spending limits, then using this tool allows you to determine which user flows the advertiser is missing with the current budget limit settings.

Search Network: Lost Impression Rate (Ranking)

Lost impression percentage

Ad rank can be the cause of lost impressions if it’s not high enough. The level of potential traffic losses helps to evaluate this indicator. An ad’s ranking in Google Ads is calculated using bids, the relevance of the ad itself and the page it leads to, search parameters, add-ons and extensions, and many other factors.

Attention! The rating determines whether the ad will be displayed at all and, if so, at what position.

This metric may change over time if your CPC or average ad position changes.

Search Network: Impression Share (Exact Match)

Impressions received exactly matched

This metric measures the ratio of actual impressions to ad impressions for queries in the exact match or similar variants.

This metric can be used to adjust groups of broad match, phrase match, or broad match modifier keywords. How it works: if there were few impressions for a query, but most of them were exact matches, then it should be added to the list of exact match keywords.

GMR: share of collected impressions

Comparing the advertiser’s actual impressions collected from the display network with the potentially expected number of impressions makes it possible to evaluate this metric. As with Search Impression Rate, statistics show the amount of traffic generated by a campaign.

GMR: Lost Impression Rate (Ranking)

The metric, like the similar search metric, measures how many potential ad impressions there would be if you increased ad rank on the Display Network. It depends on several parameters: predictive CTR, ad quality and the rate per click.

GMR: Lost Impression Rate (Budget)

Statistics are generated exclusively at the campaign level and reflect the amount of traffic from Google partner sites lost by the advertiser due to budget restrictions.

The share of received impressions should be taken into account when forming a strategy for further promotion or optimization of your account. The statistics described above allow you to take actions to improve efficiency and drive more traffic to the site.

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