How to increase sales on using shopping advertising campaigns?

How to increase sales on

What specifically needs to be done to improve the performance of a standard Shopping campaign? When to switch to smart campaigns? What is the budget for smart campaigns? What ROAS target should I set for a smart campaign? Today we will consider on a real project, on a seasonal product. Well? Let’s go.

Hello. My name is Yana Lyashenko. I am a Google Logistician. In today’s video, we will figure out what to improve on real numerical values. Then, of course, we will ask the client for feedback – whether his situation has improved or not.

Analysis of an advertising campaign for the sale of artificial Christmas trees

We are watching our advertising campaign. She is the only one. We will watch “Artificial Trees”. Now I see a notification that the balance is exhausted. Checked – there was no issue. Most likely, this is due to the reason that the advertising account is not replenished. This means that we will not be able to analyze the real advertising issue. The analysis will be approximate.

Artificial Christmas tree advertising campaign

As of yesterday, December 9, the balance was exhausted. We look – “Artificial Christmas trees.” Spent 1700 UAH in the last 14 days, 13 transactions. Average cost 131. ROAS 3.10. I note that the break-even point, according to the margin that the client gave, is approximately 3.12. This ad campaign is on edge. Now, in this period of time, she does not earn. We look at the last seven days – better, already 4.05. So she went to profit. We look at the statistics for the last seven days. I do not look at the previous week, so as not to be misleading in terms of indicators. All this is used for analysis. Cost per conversion – 115 hryvnia. The ideal conversion rate is 1.25. If we take the same 14 days – the conversion is 0.98. It can be seen that the shopping advertising campaign began to work much better.

We look at the last 7 days – plus / minus is good. You can see the top questions asked by the client. In order not to take the video by text, I will briefly retell the first three. What is the task? Why are only two products mostly pushed into the trade results? Is it possible to spam trade results specifically with your ads? Let’s start with the Answers to questions block.

Questions from a client

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Reason for lack of cumulative impressions

Let’s try to figure out the reasons leading to the lack of a heaped number of impressions. Plus to the fact that basically only 2 product issues are shown. 2 products in issue. It is necessary to note such indicators as the percentage of impressions received by the search network. He’s only 40 percent. 40 percent is very little. We’ll figure out. The reason is in the budget, in the rating. They write in the region of 30 and 35 percent. Please note that these impression percentages are estimates. In reality, they may differ. With proper management in an ad account, they can be several times better. Since the percentage of lost showing is 35 percent. Look at the size of the budget per day for an advertising campaign. It is 78 thousand. Yesterday, December 9, it was 63 thousand hryvnia. If you look at the history of changes, the person only increased the budget, and did not reduce it. The system still writes a lack of budget. Why does it do so? There is not enough money in the ad account. The account is not replenished enough.

I looked at the transaction history. Average replenishment is 500 hryvnia. Too little if several other advertising companies are working. Too little. Everything to have enough budget for all advertising campaigns. Especially on Christmas trees that are seasonal. Only in seven days – 38 thousand impressions. Now we see the status – “Balance exhausted”. This means the money is gone. Why is it important to replenish your advertising account on time? Very important. Especially important for business. If all advertising campaigns were not replenished with a sufficient amount of the daily budget, it turns out that the rest, the system begins to stretch between all possible advertising companies. She teases him. Doesn’t do it on purpose. She just allowed herself only a standard show. No more accelerated. She begins to siphon off this money with an even tougher, stretched history. And it seems that she did not spend 500 hryvnias or some amount that she replenished. She basically doesn’t waste it. She stretches it. It affects the reduction, underestimation of the rating of all advertising campaigns.

A request to most advertisers – calculate the optimal budgets – I talk about them in almost every video, do not forget to replenish advertising accounts in advance, at least two or three days in advance. If there is no money now, there are similar projects in which money comes much later. They receive real transactions. Please leave only what is actually converting now and redirect the entire budget to it. Here the Christmas trees could work better. As said, the break-even point is 3.12 according to the indicators that they said. She did a good job here. All she needs is a budget boost and she can do a better job. I answer the question. Specifically, in this situation, why do not we occupy the top of the entire issue. The rating has gone down. It’s actually lower. How to show it? See, there’s a recommendation column. These figures are not entirely accurate. We go to the recommendations of this specific shopping advertising campaign, and we will see the rating, the overall optimization indicator. Now I will say that yesterday it was 26-27 percent. Doesn’t show at all. OK. It’s just worth believing. It was around 27 percent. Too little.

Significance of optimization score

Why should you look at the optimization score? To be honest, nowhere in the help, Google does not write that the indicator fundamentally affects the ad rank. But the optimization indicator is taken into account in the main MCC, when deriving an indicator of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. If I, as a manager at MCC, see in the main manager account that the ad account is suffering because it is not re-optimized. I must say right away that by correcting this indicator, you immediately improve all the statistics. This was shown at the marathon, when the percentage lost due to the rating decreased, as they began to correct the optimization score. In the marathon, quite a lot of different blocks were hooked. Perhaps she did not describe them in detail, did not focus on everything captured by attention. All this is important with elements to improve.

Actually, I understand – lost impressions due to rankings and higher, higher due to optimization. We need to fix the score. How to fix it? Not all recommendations are needed. Firstly, the system says that the account budget has been exhausted, replenish it. Secondly, attract customers on partner sites. For some people this advice works, for others it doesn’t. It goes on partner sites, quite budgetary, well-converting traffic. It happens – no. This recommendation does not fit, you can apply it now, see how it works. Not suitable – click close all. Choose a different option, write the others there, it doesn’t fit – close all the changes. Of course I won’t. We will touch on an important point further. The system says “Switch to smart shopping ad campaigns.” A person has a question – “When is it worth bringing a company to a smart one and is it worth it?” Now let’s touch on this issue. Plus, the system says, komon gais, switch to smart – I will increase productivity.

Ad campaign budget overrun

As a result, we increase. We are implementing all recommendations. We close if a specific recommendation is not relevant. You will see how the percentage drops sharply. I guarantee 100 percent. They showed it in the marathon.

The next block. When answering the first pool of questions, we show less because of the low rating. Second, because of the lack of money in the Christmas tree account. Budget 78000. Spent – 1039. Good. Let’s move on.

Search impression analysis

Let’s look at some more questions. Why are two trading positions, Elka 1 meter and 0.75 mostly shown in the search results? Let’s check if this is true. It’s cool that the person, the client, wrote that she set the same CPC for all product items. Get impressions, basically, only the first few. It can be seen that in each identifier there is a breakdown by product IDs, straight, fractional-fractional. Basically only pine, each is a separate position. For each commodity item, you see, a person got confused. Posted by myself. Same CPC. The approach is clear.

Prices by item

Why is only a part of the products shown? Well, firstly, the cost-per-conversion optimizer is connected. It can raise or lower the CPC. You see – it is completely different in different positions, depending on the likelihood of a conversion. CPA optimizer – don’t like it. It has too little effect on the overall rates. Counts when there is a high probability of a conversion, but does not take into account all the possible probabilities that a user makes when making a purchase. I don’t like it as an efficiency booster. In this case, he worked to his maximum, to his full potential.

Why are only a few products shown? We encountered something similar in our marathon. There was a mono product – diapers and mattress covers. Queries for which goods are searched are almost the same everywhere. There are people who are looking for a mattress pad with a certain dimension. These are single requests. Basically, it’s “Buy” there, “Waterproof mattress pad”, “Buy a film for dogs.” By requests, if we now look at this trade advertising campaign, by impressions – there are no sizes here. You see – there are no sizes. All requests are the same for all trading positions. In order for Google to display actively different sizes of artificial Christmas trees, it was necessary to structure this shopping advertising campaign in a different way, as, in principle, they did. Smashed inexpensive and expensive. It seems that they did it in diapers and mattress covers. Thus, we tried to equalize these impression volumes through different priorities of advertising campaigns and setting different bid levels.

This moment is possible, if important, the launch of standard shopping advertising campaigns, you can study this moment by viewing our marathon. Watch a video on the structures of shopping, simple shopping advertising campaigns. Especially in terms of levels. There, she considered cases of what priority and rates to assign in an advertising campaign.

The reason the request is the same. The product, in the eyes of the system, is the same. The request for which he is looking for is the same. Due to the optimizer, preference is given to only a part of the product. It had to be prioritized. You can translate everything into smart shopping advertising campaigns. Then the system would automatically equalize the display volumes between all product items. On smartshopping companies you can see now. You will go into the first weeks of its launch – it brought almost all the goods, with approximately the same number of impressions, to auctions. It’s with trading. Pretty hard to do with regular ones. I think I answered this question.

What can I do to fully maximize my ad’s visibility in trade results? Now I did not see it in the issue. You can modify it. This is a free issue. Shown below. Didn’t call anyone. The first ones don’t. I do not see. What to do for more frequent output in front and more advertising results occupied?

First. Raise rating. For what, she said. Second. Give more budget. The more budget, the more exposure, the impressions she can make. Is it worth bothering, in this case, with the title, optimization, fido? Of course you can do it now. I answer that in this niche, the peak is up to 20 – 21, maximum until the end of December. Then the recession will come, it will go down. I watched on “Christmas tree to buy” in Ukraine. Indeed, the fall begins on December 21st. See? There won’t be much to catch. If you increase your budget now, raise your rating, you will be able to make a good exhaust, bargain before December 20. After – start falling. Already on January 4, this story will become irrelevant.

Dynamics of artificial spruce requests popularity

So. Okay. Feed optimization. I don’t see the point in optimizing it. All plus or minus ok. Artificial Spruces, there is a Christmas tree there. Christmas tree, Firs are used. I would add, perhaps, the phrase “Yalinka”. I don’t know how Google will take it in context. Russian, Ukrainian – they are very fond of pushing each other. But plus or minus on Yalinka you can show up. There is a price. GTIN, MPN – not needed. Product category – you can add it now. With the help of a dopfeed. You need to go to Google Help. By Google product category. There is an excel file. Deflate. Find the most detailed product category and push. Or check which product category Google currently assigns to you in the Merch Center.

Checking the product category in Google Merchant Center

How to check it? Let’s go straight to the commodity position. At the top you will see the product category assigned to you by Google. Why do I say? Perhaps it is in the merchant. It just doesn’t always show up in Google accounts. I’m just saying roughly the wording of it. Because I can’t watch in Merchant now. No access. According to the product type – I like everything. Everything is OK. Fine. In terms of feed optimization, I don’t see the point in doing this now. These will be the percentages that you will improve. The task is to snatch a big piece due to other advertising campaigns.

Whether or not to use a price optimizer when switching to a smart campaign

Let’s get back to the questions. “Should I Use the CPA Optimizer?” Gave an answer. It is possible to target automation, target cost per conversion or target times – better choose them. The CPA Optimizer is working, but it can’t reach its full potential. There is an opportunity, like here – the system says – switch to smart shopping advertising campaigns – it’s better to switch to them.

“When to switch to smart?” If the system itself speaks, with fewer conversions. I say – you need at least 15 transactions in the last 20 days. Counts for the last 45 days. Optimal for 20 days. 14 days. When transactions – just perfect. The system before that started talking, with 13 transactions – let’s switch. It’s worth it, definitely. The niche is seasonal. Smart shopping will allow you to get the most out of this story.

There are nuances. What are the nuances? It is necessary to correctly set your target profitability and correctly assign a budget for this advertising campaign in the first few days and further increase this budgeting. What do I mean? Now I’ll tell you. Campaigns. I’ll be back. What is the correct target profitability? Over the past 7 days profitability 4.05. You can try to ask the automation, or rather not the automation, but the systems. Already she can offer you a choice. Offers 111 percent. This is 1.11. Ideal. The ideal value, suitable for you. calculated by the system itself. Minus. specific to this project. The break-even point is around 3.12. 3.12. Offers 111. Offers 1.11. Profitability point.


What’s the point? Will be able to learn correctly, then it will come out in full, maximum profitability. If now in the last 7 days they received the main share of the conversion, 9 out of 13. This is the main share. And in terms of profitability, everything suits. 4 more than our breakeven point. We can set the target profitability or the one that Google is currently offering. Give the budget a good amount. I will tell you what digital value of the budget to set. Set profitability, break-even point 3.12 and minus 20-30 percent from it, if you press-press directly. In the bench press, they are not ready to spend money on collecting statistics in the first days. Smart shopping in the early days is still more expensive. Then he straightens out. The deadline is December 20th. 10 days left. Especially here do not roam. Smartshopping needs to be launched. Here and now, it will give the main point of sales scaling.

Remember one important thing. The lower the target profitability, the more sales you can get. The higher the profitability you set, the less sales you can get. I understand that not all sales can be positive. In the first four days, you can definitely see it. You can do the following. You can leave smartshopping and a standard shopping campaign. Set a higher target profitability. Your breakeven point. The priority is high. It will be partially displayed in impressions. In smartshopping, already set such a target profitability.

Look, I can’t say for sure what effect will happen. You need to wait three or four days, when plus or minus the system is retrained. Plus, you need to replenish your account with a minimum amount of two thousand hryvnia. In this advertising campaign there was a forecast calculation for 2000 hryvnias of the balance. See how it starts to work out in the first two days. It might get more expensive. Then you can simply raise the target profitability. Plus or minus will even out.

This is the first one. What’s the budget? What did it lead to? I offer variations on how this can be solved. The decision is yours, of course. I mean the appeal of the client, to the customer, which, directly, is now being analyzed. He decides what he will do in this case. It would be possible to make a decision for him if he directly supported this advertising account.

How to calculate the budget size?

An important point. Budget size. In Smart shopping, the minus is that the smaller the budget we set at the beginning, the slower it can be pumped. Its increase, somewhere on average without any losses, in general for the advertiser, on average by position, occurs with an increase of 30 percent. Decrease in profitability, increase in profitability, increase in the budget – 30 percent.

You can make it smaller. Then increase. What is important to understand? Why such a percentage increase in the budget? The less you set it, the slower it will be. It will be possible to increase the budget every 3-4 days by 30 percent. Why? There is a certain percentage of budgeting that Google always gives to testing new hypotheses. Nobody knows what percentage. 10 percent, 20 percent, 40 percent, 50 percent. I think, with stable budgets, a 30 percent increase, it’s about 10 percent. If initially we sharply increase the budget, we set it too large, then a situation may arise, as in a marathon. Too large a percentage immediately initially gave up for retraining. That’s not bad. Normal practice. In the US market, I speak from practice, on projects consulted by me personally, or some led by my team, when in the first weeks we just collect statistics, we border on zero or a little in the red. To simply teach the system to get the correct conversions. note. Not to get conversions to an advertising account, but to train the system so that it gets the right, correct conversions.

Back to the topic. What is the budget here? First, remember that you need to replenish the advertising account openly only for this advertising campaign by two thousand. If the rest are advertised, calculate roughly the daily budgets they spend. Add this amount to two thousand. Plus, you need to assign the correct correct budget. There are 10 days of good peak demand left. It won’t make much sense to do it any further. What budget to assign?

I look for the last 7 days CPA was around 115 hryvnia. Over the past 14 days – was around 131. 15 hryvnia more. What can be done? In an ideal situation, I would set a budget of 115 times 10. Approximately a thousand hryvnias. 1115 UAH for this advertising campaign. 1200 hryvnia daily budget for smart companies. With an ROI target of 111, or make up your mind, take your breakeven point. In this case, 312 percent. Minus 20-30 percent. Set.

Set conversion cost

Why less than the breakeven point? So that the system starts collecting statistics faster. The higher you push the target profitability, especially higher than the one that our smart company has now predicted, the longer it will take to get results. Just 10 days. There is no particular time to get excited, there is no opportunity. If it is not possible to assign 1200 and especially she can spend out of 1200 per day, and especially in this seasonal niche like “Christmas Trees”, “Artificial Christmas Trees”, you can set, at least multiplied by four, three, three and a half, ideally four and a half. This is the minimum value.

Why is this the minimum value, ideally four and a half? You can start faster that way. None of these, three to four days to zoom in. December 20 – the peak, then there will be a descent and fall. Such situation. Of course, you need to watch the advertising campaign. In the early days, especially. Once again I warn you – she can go crazy. Will start learning. It will start to bring some conversions based on the minimum collected statistics.

Setting up a smart ad campaign

It’s ideal when you use this recommendation. What does she offer? Of course, everything is in a truncated mode. It offers smart companies for the whole account to do. right? Smart trading. You only need to make one trading smart for Christmas trees. We do only on Christmas trees directly. Now let’s look at the trees. What does she offer? Still 13 companies. OK. Then manually create this advertising campaign, smartshopping. How to form it? Is there a problem with it or not. Now there is no opportunity, on reading. I would show.

Smart product campaign setup

Plus sign. Sales. The goal is sales. I hope these conversions are of the Sale type. transactions. No – no purpose. Purchase. All perfect. Next, select the goal – Sales. Choose – Shopping. Choose Smart Campaign. Enter the main domain. We check. Required feed required. Bundle. Everything should happen correctly.

Next, we just add objects. We create an adaptive ad. Properly write it down, keywords. Set the target profitability, the size of which was discussed. The budget told what to set. Then we look at the work of the advertising campaign.

If you really don’t like the results. Another key point. In Analytics, in Analytics, conversions come very late. It’s not three or four hours late. Much more late. On large projects, with large statistics, the delay can go up to a day. Today, thousands of hryvnias can be spent. Look, this is a drain on the budget, you will not see the conversion. Disappointed. In a day, two or three conversions can catch up. Advertising companies can be absolutely profitable. I saw them in completely different niches, different smart shopping projects. It all depends on the attribution model and the type of conversion fixing. Here she says that everything is done in one interaction to a greater extent. There are 30 conversion paths that go beyond the second interaction and more. You can get a thousand hryvnias of expenses, but conversions will catch up much later. In terms of conversion, this is a profitable conversion. It’s because of the attribution model that’s here.

Checking the attribution model

What is an attribution model? There is a period for accounting for click-through conversions. It is set automatically for 30 days. If users are more likely to convert on the first day. Well, look, I see general conversions here. I can’t speak for other advertising campaigns. If some other advertising campaigns received conversions. There is a nuance here. For different products, completely different fixation can occur. The less time spent on the conversion process, the lower this value should be. For analytics, it is absolutely irrelevant history. In order not to confuse, we will leave it in the same mode, in the same form. We must be prepared that the first few days will seem like an absolutely unprofitable story. Then it levels off and moves at a fast pace, so that you only have time to replenish the stocks of the warehouse with these goods. Such a story. An interesting review is obtained.

Should I use scripts?

A couple more questions. “Should I use scripts?” It’s important to understand. Scripts are a story that simply does some kind of operating system for you. Rules rates back and forth. The budget rules back and forth, in different directions. Unloads ads for editing according to certain parameters or downloads them. A thing that simply facilitates some operational things for a specialist. Unloading ads, adjust, go, bid and more. Choosing between scripts and proper system training, getting the right conversions – I will choose the second. Pays off with a table and really less time spent. Scripts have several disadvantages. They are simply stupid. Whatever algorithm you write, this one is executed. Never think for a person. second. It happens that after updating api, some Adwords scripts stop working.

Where can I see competitors’ bids?

Let’s move on. “Where can I see competitors’ bids?” The real bid of competitors, if we take artificial Christmas tree statistics of auctions, you will not see the size of the competitor’s bid openly anywhere. I will now show the goods, the approximate average rate of competitors. It’s not the most ideal. This is the average. Why will you never see your competitor’s bid? Is it possible to calculate approximately? It will be an unrealistic number. The auction is closed. Google writes about this – the auction is closed. You won’t be able to see upcoming bets. You won’t be able to see their rates. Note that the competition has changed. Sagging.

Competitor statistics

Where can I see the approximate average CPC paid by other advertisers? There is an indicator – the comparative maximum price. Average, if simple ordinary language is simplified to describe. Mean. I’ll check it out now. Those who are interested can read it now. The average cost per click paid plus or minus by other advertisers in a given product category. There are several nuances. The certificate says, if you see that the rate is higher than yours, then you need to increase it. If the rate is lower, then there are questions about the rating, optimization, feed and others. If you look now, it is plus or minus the same as other advertisers. Significantly sag in the statistics of auctions. If we look, you will see. The point is not globally in the size of the appointed rate. You understand that the problem is not in the rate. Raising the stake does not solve the other two problems discussed in the previous steps. Anyway, stay down. In principle, here is such a story.

View other advertisers' bids

I’ll tell you – I watched, literally, in 14 days. The situation was completely different. Here – below, they – above. average. It was worth picking up. Let’s move on.

What other indicators are important? I would take into account the comparative CTR when evaluating. Why is it needed? To understand how often clicks, how clickable, on average, ads are compared to competitors. If you compare yours. CTR is somewhere in the area … We will watch the last seven days. The last seven days are the most effective. Comparative 2.40. Now I will add your CTR. So, CTR is 1.87. Well, of course, he will not show, straight, in the context of each heading. What does it say? If everything was fine with the replenishment of the advertising account. The plus or minus rating would stay around 30 percent. The advertising budget, plus or minus, was partially spent – not so proportionally different. A week spent a thousand. Appointed – 70 thousand hryvnia. It would be necessary to think about the optimization of the feed. This is already a seasonal story. There is no point in bothering anymore. You just need to push as much as possible into advertising, replenish your advertising budget as often as possible, and monitor it regularly. These are important indicators – pay attention to them. At the rate of competitors, in principle. An important client has a significant problem. Looking at the detail, looking at the price, as they say. Approximately, such a story, a situation. Action plan? Wrote what needs to be done. A person just needs to decide what to do with this information. The balance has been exhausted, due to the unprofitability and the simple lack of free resources now to allocate to this advertisement. There are completely different situations, in completely different businesses.

What do I see now? Now I see an opportunity to make a good exhaust before December 20. To what extent it will be possible to make an exhaust – I can not say. He rises. It will fall soon. Everything depends only on you. There are statistics. There was a little. Almost top. This is where it starts to sag a little. There is little time left for advertising. I take it on request “Christmas tree to buy.” Some other requests can be taken. The statistics are completely different. There is an option to look at the search, on the goods this story. Statistics are always smaller. Shopping not so much. Shopping has recently appeared.

Query popularity dynamics

That’s all I wanted to say. If the video was helpful – put like for the efforts, for the time spent. With you less than a minute – I will be pleased. Comments – what you agree with, disagree with, what options for this promotion project you see even now. See you in the next issue.

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