How to search for hot products through the Merchant Center service?

Как искать ходовые товары через сервис Merchant Center Google Shopping

Hello everyone. My name is Yana Lyashenko. I am a Google Logistician. I am engaged in the delivery of the target audience to the business with the necessary parameters using Google advertising tools. In today’s video I would like to share a very cool tool for finding promising products for sale.

Who will benefit from the functionality of searching for promising products?

You can find a product with a very fresh demand, in a good check, with a good margin and receive, accordingly, very good income. This tool, of course, is more relevant for some foreign countries, conditionally. For example, you are engaged in dropshipping or selling these products, that is, any. Approach how fantasy will play. Even in the vastness of Ukraine, you can find some of these products.

Especially relevant for those who are trying to sell any product, their own, someone else’s, conditionally, via dropshipping, etc., abroad. These are America market, Canada market, EU market, Australia, New Zealand. You can certainly find them. Israel only falls out, conditionally. You won’t find it here.

How to access the report?

In short, to get access to the report, the service needs, of course, to go through whole iterations of certain actions. You need to register in the Merchant Center, confirm the rights to the site, upload some kind of feed to show that you are a real store. Then it will be possible to access the service.

What does the Top Sellers report show?

What does it let you see? Allows you to see, straight, weekly growing demand for certain products. It also allows you to segment products by certain checks, look at these products in different niches, in different categories. If you sell some of your personal products that you produce, ideas for optimization will appear. Where, which competitor, conditionally, suck on its traffic or something like that. As fantasy dances, so you can conditionally use these reports. To be honest, it’s a treasure trove of information about what’s for sale, why it’s for sale, I find websites, I find concepts, GTINs. In short, everything you need to work is conditional, as a marketer, not to mention a business.

In short, where is the report? It is necessary, when you register at the Merchant Center, conditionally, go through registration, verification, etc. In fact, it is not difficult, in principle. There will be such an account development block. There will be a report “Leaders of sales”. To gain access, you need … Your window will look a little different, you will need to click the “Accept” button. Nothing critical, just take part in a certain program. Share your information, Google shares information with other advertisers who have done the same. There is nothing critical, conditionally.

What does the report let you see? Initially, I singled out those filters that I like very much. Budget filters in the budget price tag and in the more expensive price tag. Find great products with growing demand, with different margins, conditionally.

Select by country

What is there? Possibility to find the corresponding country in which you want to view. There is Ukraine, guys, who are interested. The only sad thing is the absence of Israel. There are clients from Israel and there is no way to view. This, of course, is sad. There is a lot for most countries.

Select by product category

There are categories, that is, you can find the relevant categories for yourself, “Products for newborn babies”, there. The filter is worth it. Let’s go back to Beauty and Health. There are many usual products here. You will immediately see a huge list.

Filter “Relative demand”

I also recommend choosing the “Relative Demand” filter. Usually I take a very high and high percentage. You can climb, say, the average percentage without asking, how the fantasy works.

Filter “Change in relative demand compared to the previous week”

Another filter called “Change in Relative Demand from the previous week”.

Filtering by price range

In short, look, the check is $60 or less. I would recommend taking a check from and putting an additional filter on the price range greater than/equal to at least $15.

Why $15 and not $10? To be honest, at 12, 11 dollars there is not always a good margin that will allow you to actively advertise in Google shopping. I understand that you can use this part of the product to sell on Amazon, eBay, or wherever you want to sell, on which marketplace, conditionally.

If we take Google shopping, I recommend setting additional filters. On average, 15 dollars is taken. When there is a great supplier who gives a great price, you can take a lower price tag. Usually taken 15, 16 dollars. Goes up to 60 bucks. Up to 60 bucks is a great average check. You can make cool turns on it, if, conditionally, we take the United States.

This is a set of filters. Another average set of filters goes, conditionally, from the same $ 60 to $ 200. You can see which products are selling cool. Selling goods of a more expensive segment, please use it.

Analysis of returned results by filter

What can we see here? In the “Beauty and Health” section, I can see the price range. Set a competitive price or roughly estimate. Remember, a budget price is not always good. People don’t want to buy the cheapest. They want to make a good deal. Allegedly, they saved money and at the same time bought a very cool thing. It is not always the cheapest check that you get the maximum turnover. This must be taken into account.

Next. We can see changes in demand compared to the previous week. Ranking by popularity guys. You can see the top positions, for example, this is in descending order, there are top positions in ascending order. The names of these positions. You can take GTINs if, conditionally, you sell the same products. Here took a high percentage of demand compared to the previous week. For what is now in demand.

Bloggers could advertise these products. Who, brands spent money on this ad. The challenge is to meet this demand. Perhaps you will see some correlation with the commodity item. You can, conditionally, take, directly, respectively, let’s say, categories of goods or, conditionally, the names of goods. In performance max, conditionally, we can set a set of semantics for search queries, conditionally.

You can collect this hot demand, literally, here and now. If I want to sell, let’s say, Gucci flora perfume, it’s Gorgeous, then, conditionally, there are perfumes that are similar to them or better than these, I can not take it, but play with the meanings on the landing page. This works too. Well, in short, there is a cool cool thing directly in the Merchant Center. I don’t know why so few people talk about it, conditionally. It’s really cool.

Filter by electronics

Let’s take $200 and look at something in electronics, conditionally.

Let’s take, for example, as we analyzed for some online stores, which products can go on sale better, conditionally. Let us suppose. Demand, for example, for iPhones is quite high, conditionally, in some countries. There are countries in which, on the contrary, Xiaomi is in demand. It makes little sense to push some brands, models on the market, if there is no demand for them, conditionally.

The most popular products can be selected weekly, monthly. You see, if I choose monthly, then, say, Microsoft Xbox changes. I choose weekly – these filters are higher than the previous week for Xbox Series X.

If I remove the filter, then naturally I will see a little more goods, respectively, with a high percentage weekly, conditionally. I can thus find certain categories. Plus, we must remember that there are underlays.

You can find, for example, the same GPS trackers, computers, speed radars. There are many things! Please fantasy, your choice. Wood stoves, please, have them, no. See.

Filter for wood stoves

You can, by the way, see if the demand for approximately wood-burning stoves in the UK has increased, given that the UK has lost its way here. For items of clothing. Let’s say “House and Garden” was taking into account the ongoing events in the economy, in the entire heating history, to see if demand has increased yet or not, there are some commodity items that are starting to grow conditionally.

An endless stream. You don’t know what to sell, or, conditionally, you would like to understand why, how to strengthen marketable products, if it fits with history. Please, ideas how to understand quickly, find a well-requested item. All statistics, it is registered here. To understand, statistics are taken on the basis of demand. The search queries that are driven in are the interests of people. Takes into account free issuance and paid issuance. You can estimate, but, remember, what is determined on the basis of approximate data, so that you do not think that, straight, it fits exactly.

Filter by brands

You can view the same for brands. Let’s go back to the United States. Very voluminous, conditionally. You can see which, conditionally, brands in the “Clothes and accessories” theme are doing very well. In “Items” you can only choose clothes, conditionally. Nike, SHEIN, Banana Republic is coming. Let’s go, let’s go.

If we add, let’s say, the changes are relatively higher than in the previous week, we will see similar analytics. You see, Banana republic is higher than Nike compared to last week. Nike is a never ending story. which are not in stock. Here you can see these products.

An endless stream of ideas, please. How, why, why, how to draw up, what is requested, sold, categories, etc. Please, take it, use it – ready information.

Filtering by period

Some guys like this pick up goods that can have a cool demand in the December, November periods. Use the same filters, conditionally. You can choose a period.

Let’s say last year we take December 21, conditionally. According to the monthly block, you can see which products were in the tops, conditionally. We had, let’s say, a high, let’s say, percentage and high demand. Let’s say the theme of clothes or take shoes or something completely different. Let’s say electronics. What was bought quite actively, for example, in the United States. Please.

Let’s take, say, Turkey. The price tag is high. I wonder what was sold in Turkey. Please, there are no special Apples here. Here are clothes and accessories. Let’s choose electronics. iPhone 11, Xiaomi, 12. Please, you can already see what, why, what, why, how much, at what price and other things were sold. Please, an endless set of analysis. Estimate what is, what was sold, why it was sold, and some other stories. Take the same UK which is highly competitive please in Nike Kids Air Force, UGG, Nike React Vision, Apple Watch Series.

Let’s see what was sold among electronics in the UK. AirPods and iPads. You see, Iphons, as one of my friends joked, are not in tops. Not high demand. And in America there is a very high demand.

By the way, we can see what happened in Ukraine. It became interesting, and I did not watch this story for November of the twenty-first year. We have a rich country, iPhones are very good, also Kingston, Galaxy 52. You can immediately see what went well. Let’s say it’s December 21. Things changed a bit in December. Please, endless streams of information that you can use. Take, analyze and find very important things.

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