It became known about the disabling of accelerated display ads in Google Adwords

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Google’s official website has an update on Google Ads about slowing down and disabling accelerated ad delivery.

Google Ads disables accelerated ad delivery

The date of transition to uniform impressions is tentatively scheduled for October 2019. They attribute this to the low performance of accelerated delivery methods for search and shopping campaigns. The relevance of innovation for budgets is undeniable, so slowing down and disabling accelerated display in Google Ads is inevitable.

What are the disadvantages of accelerated delivery and the advantages of uniform delivery?

During the entire existence of the accelerated display, it has shown its low efficiency in comparison with the uniform one. Here are the key benefits of spreading your advertising budget evenly:

  1. Optimization of costs due to automatic distribution at the discretion of the system. The time and number of impressions depends on the specified amount, which is evenly spent throughout the day;
  2. The distribution of impressions throughout the day, allows you to reach more members of your target audience, compared to impressions in a certain time period, which meets the needs of most advertisers;
  3. Guarantees more reasonable spending of funds due to the uniformity of their distribution. Which is especially suitable when the budget is limited. Eliminates the occurrence of situations when the budget has exhausted itself, before users have shown activity;
  4. The ROI of accelerated delivery is much lower than uniform delivery. In addition, the use of machine learning with a uniform display also leads to an increase in performance.

Who will be affected by the cancellation of accelerated impressions?

Advertisers, whose bidding policy is the least conservative, expand their reach through accelerated impressions, if the budget allows them, of course.

The use of this method will be relevant in the following cases:

  • The majority of conversions occur in the first half of the day;
  • Promotion limited by time frame;
  • Low quality score requires compensation;
  • There is a list of requests for which the task is to oust competitors;

It’s worth paying attention to the fact that accelerated delivery does not have the proper impact against budget underexpenditure. For those whose advertising budgets are extremely limited, it is also ineffective.

What to expect as a result?

Google Adwords

What will be the consequences of the fact that the accelerated display will be disabled:

  • First of all, this is a reduction in the control on the part of the advertiser;
  • Secondly, GoogleAds smart algorithms will get the opportunity to develop;

Artificial intelligence considering matching the user’s ad request, as well as evaluating the rest of the campaign options, such as assigned bids, etc. will decide whether the listing is included in the auction.

Of course, now, in fact, it will not be possible to become a contender for all available shows.

Most users will probably not notice that the accelerated ad delivery method has been disabled. But this once again makes us pay attention to the fact that Google’s development vector in terms of campaign management is slowly but surely transferring rights in favor of artificial intelligence, sometimes limiting the opportunities for advertisers. There is no reason to doubt the intelligent algorithms of Google Ads, because they only get better every year.

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