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10 Quick Ways to Increase the CTR of Your Google Ads Traffic

A person always strives to develop and expand the boundaries of his business, while for this he uses many marketing methods to increase brand or trademark recognition. One of these advertising moves include the creation of an Internet site with a list of products and loyalty programs to attract the target audience. However, any service should be developed to be profitable and relevant over time. The subtleties of free traffic today are considered the most popular, because they do not have to pay a monthly fee, and visitors to the web page are constantly increasing. How does free traffic work, and what are the features of such advertising?

Industry blog and marketing commentary

The most common way to inform the target audience is to post comments on your blog about your topic. Thus, a person, getting to the page of a particular top, is already interested in the information posted on the blog in advance. You can publish a link to go to the site page with an attractive title or slogan (thanks to it, the user will pay attention to the comment). Before placing your advertising link, you should familiarize yourself with the blog, the subject and direction of user notes, since the interests of the audience depend on this, with the help of which you can attract more visitors to the site page. When a person follows a link to your site, he should get answers to his questions or learn interesting information for him. In this case, you, as the owner of the service, receive a positive response and recommendations for third-party users, which will also affect traffic.

Hashtags in networks or how to attract the public

One of the ways to attract customers to your page is to create hashtags on social media platforms. Today’s world is hard to imagine without virtual communication, which indicates a wide audience and promising opportunities for business development. Many users are guided by hashtags in their individual search for services or goods, which indicates the reality of attracting new visitors and potential customers to your web service.

Niche Leaders and Interviews

Attracting the target audience can be done by publishing an interview with a successful representative of your niche on your page. The peculiarity of this traffic is that by placing on your website the subtleties of doing business in the face of a person who has succeeded in this direction, it increases the rating and inspires confidence among third-party users. At the same time, the target audience and the circle of potential consumers are expanding.

Post-response and collaborating with third-party resources

You should first familiarize yourself with the interests of the target audience and select the concerns of the potential consumer. After that, you should conduct a social survey and publish it on your home page. A mandatory factor will be the involvement of the participants in the discussion, as they will confirm their presence in the discussion, which will attract the attention of their friends. Your target audience will expand, because users will want to get acquainted with the interests of their friend. Third-party resources need to constantly supplement the content of their pages, which can be beneficial for your promotion. By offering to fill the service with interesting facts or statistical observations on their subject, you will receive copyright and the ability to place your links on other web pages. Thus, the rating and prestige in the eyes of the target audience increase and a new flow of users is attracted.

Key information and video posts

Key phrases will help to fill your text with meaning, by which the user is looking for the information he needs. It is important in this case not to overspam, since the material is primarily addressed to people, not robots. A person should get answers to his questions that he asked in the search bar, and not a text stuffed with dry phrases. Exceptional usefulness guarantees the owner of such a post an expansion of the audience. You can attract a potential client through high-quality YouTube videos, since this platform is in demand and is the second-largest search engine.

Page optimization

A significant criterion for search engines is well-optimized text using accent headings, key phrases and Alt attributes. This should be taken into account and not neglected, since no one has canceled organic traffic, and ranking positions on the start page of search engines are based on SEO principles. Speaking about the internal content of your service, it should be noted the points that are important to consider:

•regular addition of fresh and interesting information;

•saturation of the text with links and additional summaries on the topic;

•placement of links to third-party services with posts on topics of interest to your target audience (this way you achieve cooperation with third-party resources and increase the number of users);

•attractive and rich headlines with bright advertising that catches the eye not only with colors, but also with semantic load;

•outsourcing with related activities;

•use of questionnaires for the target audience (allows you to determine essential questions for users and expands the specifics of your content).

Using the above tips, you can increase your recognition rating, achieve prestige and profitability of your business.

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