Not for all. Five free marketing tools


1st tool is Google Alerts.

Google has long gone beyond the usual search system, which allowed the creation of additional programs. Just one of these is Google Alerts, which is a free, simple and effective tool for obtaining information. This is an alert service that allows you to instantly track the appearance of the necessary data throughout the network or on a separate site. Thanks to this, the user will be able to receive all the latest information on the entered request. Information is delivered in the interface or to the client’s email address. You can set preferences, filters, set search options. The design of the service is improved every year, the version of applications is updated.

2nd tool – Side-by-Side SEO Comparison Tool.

The main component of the site is the text that leads the visitor to the company’s resource. Search robots determine the correspondence of the content of the page to the search queries. For SEO promotion, keywords and phrases are important, which are inserted into the text in a certain amount. The presented tool will analyze several individual pages, allow you to compare information. All data is displayed as tables, which will be convenient for every user. Working with this resource is also free and does not require registration.

The 3th tool is Hubspot Headline Generator.

In order to attract more visitors to the site, it is important to come up with an engaging title. This tool is able to generate a series of sales headlines based on three words entered the field. This results in a well-constructed structure that does not contradict the virtual content model. This service is presented only in English so far, but it helps a lot when a business goes international.

The 4th tool is Hemingway.

This service is an online editor that helps to simplify the written text and make it convenient for readers. It will allow you to correctly place all the accents, get rid of unnecessary and unnecessary pronouns and adverbs, and make it easier to read information. To conduct an assessment, you only need to copy and paste the text into the field. After editing, the site highlights complex designs, makes recommended changes. The service also has a special scale that determines and shows the complexity of the written text.

5th tool – Hootsuite.

This is a great tool for businessmen, SMM- and community-managers. It allows you to manage several profiles of any social networks at once from one interface: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and others. The free version supports connecting three profiles. The user gets the opportunity to compile data statistics, manage content, measure the interest of site visitors and evaluate the marketing strategy.


All these and many other tools allow you to promote the site, bring its appearance to the parameters of the search engine, and increase traffic. The user does not need any expenses for the use of programs and time to study them, while the high efficiency of each program is guaranteed.

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