Contextual advertising case for a branded shoe store


Service: Contextual advertising

Theme: branded shoes

Region: Ukraine

Duration: 9 months

Budget for advertising: UAH 83 thousand



– increase traffic from contextual advertising due to a new audience;

– increase the volume of transactions;

– increase market share in comparison with the main competitors.


Initial data:

Before contacting the ADWSERVICE agency, the client independently set up advertising and conducted it. The duration of self-management is 8 months. Expenses – 26 thousand UAH. Conversions – 51. Price per transaction – UAH 516 (this is taking into account conversions for 2015 and 2016, when the competition was not so high). Keys that were launched last and brought conversions are related to the sale. The results of his RC are shown in the screenshot:

The number of transactions did not exceed 15 during the months that the advertising campaign was running.


Identified issues:

  • Low conversion volume
  • Limited amount of new traffic to the site
  • High cost per conversion


The team had 3 basic goals:

  1. Increasing new traffic to the site
  2. Attracting the target audience to the site
  3. Growth in conversions


For promotion in contextual advertising, we used:

  1. Search ad campaigns
  2. Remarketing (including dynamic)
  3. Display advertising campaigns

The task in November was to maximize the reach of new users to the site, of course, not without taking into account getting more transactions

Dynamics of Google AdWords visits and transactions.


Launched in the first month:

Search advertising campaigns by brand, by targeted traffic, near-target queries in the form of related brands (in the same price segment).

The account structure was worked out in great detail, which made it possible to quickly respond to changes and make adjustments if necessary.

There are 142 total search advertising campaigns in the account. We have specialists fans of detailing J

Media – 26 pcs

20 remarketing campaigns.

A media campaign has also been launched, based on keywords, placements, topics and interests.

And also where without it – remarketing. Without stalking ads, it is impossible to run ads for an online store. In the process of accompanying remarketing campaigns, they were constantly improved. People were divided not only by age, gender and time spent on the site. A remarketing strategy was also built separately in order to divide people into hot, warm, and those to whom certain goods can be resold. Separate display ads were created for each type of audience. Most of the banners were created using Google Gallery, which allowed us to make changes and launch promotions as quickly as possible.

Created our own lists of negative keywords, which were constantly updated.

As we worked, search requests were processed daily, traffic is cleaned regularly.

There are a total of 12 minus word lists

It’s also important to always decline negative lists, as AdWords doesn’t always understand word morphology.


The structure of search advertising campaigns: 1 group – 1 key – 3 ads.

This structure allowed us to work out each keyword as accurately as possible and work constantly to improve the quality score of keywords. As a result, it allowed us to keep the average search quality in the region of 9-10.

This allowed us to get the lowest total cost per click. It can be seen from the graph that in some months the cost per click increased slightly (we added new semantics and tried new ad variations.

The difficulty of working on the project was that the shoes were branded. The site only sells one shoe brand, and people know it as one brand. It seems that everything is clear, you say, and there is no problem, but … The client has a very powerful SEO. Therefore, the decision to display ads for branded traffic was rejected. The branded one was launched for a period when competitors were actively advertising for our branded requests.


The strategy was developed as follows:

– search for new users

– converting new users to returning users

– from those who returned to loyal (loyal were determined by the general features that people who made transactions on the site had)

– transfer from loyal to purchase.


What happened in the end:

In terms of the number of transactions, at first search was the main part, then remarketing took the lead.

The share of search was gradually reduced, since media was predominant in the first interaction, it was decided to leave it as a generator of new users. Plus, it was very quickly possible to inform about the arrival of a new collection, sale, and other things with the help of a banner in an unobtrusive way.

The graph shows that there is a significant drop in conversions in May.

This is primarily due to the fact that only 10 days out of 20 working days were advertised. This is the time for holidays and recreation, and in order to save the budget, it was decided to limit the maximum expenses during this period. The table below also shows that the cost per conversion in May was also higher.

CPA has also been significantly reduced.

As a result, we have the following picture based on the results of the advertising account:

In the first month, in addition to getting conversions, the task was to attract new users.

Let’s take November 2016 and compare it with October 2016:

We see an increase in the percentage of new users.

Comparison of baseline versus previous year for 10 months:



Leads/transactions: 365

Average cost per lead or transaction 229.72 UAH

0.51% conversion rate over a 10-month period.

And since January 2017 0.63%

Ad budget UAH 83847.94

Before this, the conversion rate was only 0.20% for branded traffic and remarketing

At the same time, the number of new users has increased significantly, the bounce rate has practically remained the same, the number of pages per session has increased, and so has the duration of the session. This means that the audience we brought in was not only new, but also interested in buying this product.

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